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Outside the Silver Stone Fort. The group of six, including Cao Zhi Lan, Zou Yue Feng, Zhong Li Dun and Situ Jie were waiting in silence.

Two Spirit Realm hotshots, two Sky Realm warriors, plus the outstanding talents whose cultivation base was a little bit lower, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe, this powerful group could silence many warriors in the Endless Sea and make them not dare to go against their wishes.

Although they were waiting for Shi Yan, this group of six didn’t look relaxed at all, wearing a serious face like they were going to encounter their archenemy.

The name Shi Yan had soon been spread through the Endless Sea. His brutal fight against Mo Qi Ta, Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven and the Emperor of Earth, and all the other types of experience made those people recognize that even if Shi Yan’s realm weren’t high, he was really dangerous. Without the a.s.sistance of Zou Yue Feng and Situ Jie, they wouldn’t have the guts to stay there.

"We should be careful later on." Cao Zhi Lan said with a low voice and a serious face. "Seems like his realm's been increasing every day very fast. Last time when he was in the Endless Sea, he was at the Nirvana Realm. But now, he's gone straight up to the Sky Realm. At that time, he had caused a lot of trouble to Qing Ming and the other two. As he's at the Sky Realm now, it should be really tough to deal with him."

"Don’t worry, Miss," Zou Yue Feng arched his eyebrows and smiled coldly. "The Queen of Heaven and the Emperor of Earth are also in the Spirit Realm, but they only have the power of the Spirit Realm warriors when they fight together. Situ-ge here and I have our powers from ascetic cultivation. We’re different from the Queen of Heaven and the Emperor of Earth. If we join our force to attack him, even if that kid has some secret method to increase his ability, we still can make him die in this seabed."

Situ Jie smiled. "When we were on the Sun Island, I had tried. Although that kid can borrow external force, it's hard to change his real realm. The soul in his Sea of Consciousness is estimated to be one level lower than ours. If we launch attacks in that aspect, we'll surely trouble him and not let him escape."

"Right," Zhong Li Dun nodded. "It's hard to change the Sea of Consciousness. If we use soul attacks and intrude his Sea of Consciousness instantly, he absolutely won’t be able to bear it. If we can attack fast enough, I think he wouldn't have time to borrow external force. We can then break his Sea of Consciousness, and that will destroy his soul."

"His skills in using soul power aren’t typical. We still need to be very careful."

Pan Zhe shook his head and forced a smile. "That year when we were in the Chasm Battlefield, he had learned many secret soul techniques from the Demonic Sound Clan. His understanding towards the soul aspect is much more profound than that of normal people. Sigh, I was a victim. His knowledge in soul power is really mysterious. You shouldn’t be careless."

"The six of us are waiting for him here. I think he doesn't dare to get out of the Silver Stone Fort." Zhong Li Dun sneered, "If he isn't an idiot, he'll stay inside the Silver Stone Fort. As we have to give the Silver Shark Clan face, we won't touch him. I believe he won't go out."

"Not sure."

Cao Zhi Lan’s beautiful eyes twinkled as she let out a light sigh. "This man has more guts than anyone else. I guess he will go out for sure."

"You guys have overestimated him," disdained Zhong Li Dun.

"Here he comes!"

Situ Jie’s eyes flared up with cold intent. He couldn't help but shout. "He even comes from the main gate! This brat's extremely arrogant! Seems like he doesn't put us in his eyes. He knows we would wait for him here, but he still dares to come. Well, this person doesn't care about death or life."

"He isn’t scared. Perhaps…" Pan Zhe’s face also looked odd.

From the main gate of the Silver Stone Fort came a young man strolling through the empty area. It looked like he didn't know that some persons were waiting for him.

Behind him, some strong warriors of the Sea Tribes were watching the situation there. Everyone knew there would be a great fight. Even the two Spirit Realm of the Silver Shark Clan Yin Hui and Cru were standing on a high building in the fort, watching in that general direction.

Hai Luo was standing next to Cru, listening to her precursors’ discussion. Her beautiful eyes were twinkling like shiny pearls, and her succulent lips were moving emotionally.

Members of the Sea Tribes were observing them both publicly and privately from a distance.

"This kid's haughty." Cru shook his head and frowned. "This is the first time I’ve met such an extremely arrogant fellow. We will have a good show to watch for sure."

"If he can breezily go out, I think he’ll have his part in the future of the Endless Sea." Yin Hui appraised with a serious face. "The future of this young fellow can't be foreseen. If he has enough time, he will be like Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Tian Emperor or Yang Yi Tian. Perhaps, he will be even more excellent than those people."

"Patriarch. I didn’t think that you’ve estimated him that highly." Cru was surprised.

"According to the information I have, when Yang Tian Emperor was at his age, he had only the cultivation base at Earth Realm. Even when Yang Tian Emperor was at his Sky Realm, I don’t think he could be that arrogant under the attentive watch of two Spirit Realm warriors." Yin Hui face was solemn. "Wait and see. If he can get out of here safely, the future era will belong to him!"

Cru’s and Hai Luo’s eyes suddenly brightened.

"It’s my bad I let you wait for so long." Outside the Silver Stone Fort, Shi Yan smiled then sighed. "Unfortunately, you just wasted your time. If you want to deal with me, I think you should let Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian do it themselves. Zou Yen Feng and Situ Jie aren’t enough."

"This boy talks big!"

Zou Yue Feng snorted and gave a cold smile. "What kind of calculation you've done? You're just a Sky Realm warrior. Do you think that’s enough to ask our masters to play with you? Today, I’ll show you that the real situation of the Endless Sea isn’t what you’ve seen. Even if you have infinite potential, you can’t do much."


Shi Yan wore a mocking face, shook his head and said coldly, "I’m waiting to see what you can do to me."

The three strange energies of the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame had mixed together in the Profound Qi vortex, creating a torrential power, as strong as a river. A chain of bloodthirsty thoughts couldn't help rising up in his heart.

Milky fog emitted from the pores in his entire body, forming something like a thick coc.o.o.n covering his body completely.

A brutal and evil aura, as cold as ice, silently permeated the area. The sea water around him was like it was forced to stay away from him by an invisible force.

"Come out!"

He called out to the Blood Vein Ring, and a mysterious giant sword flew out. At the same time, the King of Demon Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm also turned into two different beams of light and parked on his shoulders separately. They opened their small eyes wider to watch the group of Zou Yue Feng.

As the people of the Sea Tribes sensed the evil power that burst out from Shi Yan, they had their faces changed in awe. In front of the main gate of the Silver Stone Fort, a young girl from the Jade Clam Clan covered her mouth in shock, as her eyes were panic-stricken.

Previously, she had taunted Shi Yan. She wasn’t eligible to join Cru’s banquet, so after the party was over, she found someone she knew at the gate on the way home.

However, she didn't have time to think much as she suddenly found an earth-shaking energy burst out from Shi Yan.

Under that formidable fluctuating energy, she found herself so small, feeling frustrated even with a single glance at Shi Yan. The difference between their realms was too vast.

At this moment, she knew how subtle Shi Yan was. Such a dangerous hotshot, he just needed to use a finger to savage her. She recalled the time she had disrespected him and felt scared, silently retreating into the city, as she worried that Shi Yan would find her.

"His name isn’t in vain!"

Inside the Silver Stone Fort, Cru’s pupils shrank. He suddenly nodded with a surprised face.

"So, you know why I’ve appreciated him, right?" Yin Hui smiled.

Cru nodded. "If this young man keeps growing up this way, he will be a peerless warrior in the Endless Sea! Sigh, I finally know why the patriarch has valued him that much. Yang Tian Emperor has good fortune as the Yang Family can have such an outstanding fellow."

"Never underestimate the Yangs."

Yin Hui face became somber. "Nu Lang used to say that in the Endless Sea, Yang Tian Emperor's the toughest. If you haven't seen him die with your own eyes, he will live forever. Our Sea Tribes are staying calm because we're afraid that Yang Tian Emperor will come back at some point."

"The Yangs are really extreme," exclaimed Cru. "Don’t give him the chance to prepare!" Zhong Li Duns suddenly shouted.

Numerous Soul Consciousness strands spread out from Situ Jie’s head like tentacles, directly aiming for Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness.

Zou Yue Feng didn’t dare to hesitate and also condensed his Soul Consciousness into a silver beam that naked eye could observe, slashing down at Shi Yan from the sky.

They could vaguely see a tiny electric current inside the silver beam.

Soul Consciousness substantializing!

Moreover, there was the lightning power inside his Soul Consciousness. This was clearly a sophisticated soul technique.

Zou Yue Feng’s eyes were as bright as stars when his vitality, Qi, and spirit became one. He had gathered and condensed numerous beams of Soul Consciousness, controlled an Executing G.o.d Electric Spear that had the lightning power to destroy Shi Yan’s soul within this attack.

The Nine Firmament Lightning was the nemesis of all souls. Once the lightning power struck the Sea of Consciousness, touching the soul, even Spirit Realm warriors wouldn't be able to bear it.

This Executing G.o.d Lightning Spear was Zou Yue Feng’s strongest killing skill. With this skill, he had been swaggering in the Endless Sear for many years. Even Cao Qiu Dao had once said to have gotten hurt by the Executing G.o.d Lightning Spear.

When the strike was struck out, strong warriors from the Sea Tribes in the Silver Stone Fort, who could use their Soul Consciousness to sense, had their faces discolored.

Shi Yan was the target. All of a sudden, under the attentive eyes, he closed his eyes.

Inside his Sea of Consciousness, the host soul opened its third eye. The Nine Serenities Devouring Soul Flame released bizarre flames, spreading out in his Sea of Consciousness while Situ Jie’s and Zou Yue Feng’s soul strikes were attacking his Sea of Consciousness vehemently.

Bunches of flame stormed over just like they could sense the smell of blood, burning off the soul energy that had just intruded Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness.


Under the burning flame of the Nine Serenities Devouring Soul Flame, the soul tentacles from Situ Jie and the Executing G.o.d Lightning Spear of Zou Yue Feng had turned into nothingness.

Situ Jie and Zou Yue Feng paled as blood gushed out from their mouth because their Soul Consciousness had been hurt severely.

"I told you. You’re not strong enough."

Shi Yan grinned then said, "Situ Jie, I know who you are. Your soul had intruded our place in the Sun Island. I remembered it when you just released your Soul Consciousness. Haha. Good, good enough. It's time to take revenge."

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