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After the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had merged with his host soul, he was able to detect the real realm of the others on seeing them. G.o.d Realm warriors were no exception, as even they couldn't avoid his sensing.

Zou Yue Feng and Situ Jie were covered in the bamboo hat with a veil. This made the others focus on Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe. Anyway, no one was too attentive. Currently, those two had taken off their hats and revealed their appearance. When they came in Shi Yan's line of sight, he knew their real realms at once.

Zuo Yue Feng and Situ Jie looked quite thin with dark faces, which gave people the impression that their schemes were really heavy.

Especially Situ Jie, and Shi Yan didn't know when he saw this man, yet he felt familiar as if he had met him before. But then, he recognized that he had never contacted this person before, and had no impression of his face.

Cang Lan from Penglai Holy Land had the cultivation base of Third Sky of Sky Realm. Shi Yan didn’t even consider this person.

From this point, the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace were one level stronger than Penglai Holy Land. This time, the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace had sent Spirit Realm warriors, but the Penglai Holy Land had just a Sky Realm warrior. Obviously, they were lower than the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace.

Shi Yan also knew that the three strongest forces of the Endless Sea were the Caos, the Yangs, and the Martial Spirit Palace, and they didn’t have only one Spirit Realm warrior. The Yang Family was the same. He had heard from Yang Zhuo that besides Yang Tian Emperor, the Yangs had two other Spirit Realm warriors. However, only Yang Qingdi knew where they were.

Yang Zhuo guessed that the two Spirit Realm warriors of the Yang Family were still in the Fourth Demon Area.

Situ Jie looked at him with a cold, dark face, then gave him a fiendish grin.

Shi Yan’s eyebrows slammed together, as he felt this guy was somehow familiar, and he had sensed his aura from somewhere before.

But at this moment, he couldn’t figure it out. "As you are all the warriors from the Endless Sea, I suppose you’ve known each other, right? Do you want me to introduce a little bit here?" Yin Hui smiled, shifted his look between them and continued coldly, "People that come here from the other places are our guests. If you guys have any resentment, you shouldn't resolve it within the Silver Stone Fort. I don't care if you deal with each other outside the Silver Stone Fort. You should solve your human race's matters somewhere else."

Hotshots from the Sea Tribes burst out laughing as they heard that.

Yin Hui knew the situation that happened above the water surface. He seemed to know that the other forces from everywhere didn’t get along well with the Yang Family. Now, he had called for Cao Zhi Lan’s group, and Shi Yan understood his purpose.

Yin Hui regretted that he couldn't make the two sides battle against each other. It'd be better if one of them lost.

"Hope you are well."

Shi Yan sneered inside, but his face was still calm. He nodded to Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe. "Long time no see."

Cao Zhi Lan curled her lips with a cold face. "Yeah, long time no see. You're undersea… No wonder why people up there have to search for you with great efforts."

"It’s my bad I’ve made you guys worried," Shi Yan said, "Unfortunately, you’ve put forth many things, but I’ve survived well. As long as I’m alive, we will have chances to solve this grudge in the future."

Something flared up in Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful eyes as she nodded deliberately.

Pan Zhe also felt embarra.s.sed. He forced a smile to Shi Yan and clasped his hands. "We've met again. Seeing you are still alive, I think many people feel worried. Sigh. Honestly, I don't want to be your enemy. Too bad it's the situation, and I have no choice."

Shi Yan was dazed, and didn't understand his att.i.tude.

"No matter what happened, you saved me in the Chasm Battlefield. Although your deeds were despicable when you confined our souls, we got out of there alive." Pan Zhe sighed. "I can’t control the situation of the Endless Sea. Here's my advice for you. Leave. Otherwise, you won't have a day living in peace."

Shi Yan frowned, but he didn’t say anything.

The Sea Tribes’ warriors, Yin Hui and Cru kept a smiling face, watching them without saying anything. It was just like they were watching a play, waiting for the two sides to start the war.

Zhong Li Dun of the Martial Spirit Palace wore an arrogant face. "You are that Shi Yan? With the difficult situation of your Yang Family, do you still think that you can borrow the force from the Sea Tribes to do something up there? Do you think it’s possible?"

Zhong Li Dun always looked down on Shi Yan.

Before Shi Yan had arrived the Endless Sea, he had been the top warrior on the combat list, and everybody from every force admired him.

However, after Shi Yan got back from the Chasm Battlefield, he had subdued Man Gu, showing his tremendous cultivation base and that he had also hurt Mo Qi Ta severely.

So many rumors about Shi Yan were spread out. Anyone who knew Shi Yan’s stories considered him a new generation hero that no one could deny. He would oppress all the young ages of the Endless Sea, including the one who had topped the combat list, Zhong Li Dun.

Shi Yan appeared across the sky and had covered his presence, as the other had become the peerless young warrior that many people from the Endless Sea had to recognize. This man even had the competence to provoke the previous generations. This was a hard hit to Zhong Li Dun.

At this moment, as he was meeting Shi Yan undersea, Zhong Li Dun’s att.i.tude couldn't be better.

"Although the Yang Family doesn’t appear in the Endless Sea, they do live well, and the competence of the family is well preserved." Of course, Shi Yan wouldn't give him face. He sneered. "Well, we aren't like some other forces. First, they would take the chance to collaborate with every force they could reach. Well, they thought they could satisfy their long-cherished wishes, but the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers had spanked their b.u.t.ts. Their power is draining, and the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers are torturing them every day."

A brutal look shot out from Zhong Li Dun's eyes. He coldly looked at Shi Yan and said, "Nonsense! The Demon Dwellers in the Demon Area had eradicated the Yang Family. You really think that people would believe in your lies?"

Shi Yan burst out laughing. He shook his head, wore a disdainful look on his face, but didn't regard the other.

"Forgive me for speaking frankly," Zhong Li Dun clasped his hands, looking at Yin Hui. "If you guys cooperate with the Yang Family, I think the human race will not approve it. It could be said that the Yang Family is the common enemy of the whole Endless Sea. They aren't on the same side with the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers either. Once you choose to collaborate with the Yangs, you'll face a formidable pressure you have never had."

"Our Sea Tribes only love the beauty of the ocean; we don’t like killing." Yin Hui laughed. "Today is the banquet of Cru. If you guys want to drink, we'll welcome you. But if you want to discuss things we aren't interested in, please cut it off. Come, come, come... Let's toast!"

Yin Hui didn't want to expose his real purpose.

No matter it was the Caos, the Martial Spirit Palace or the Yangs, he pretended that he wasn’t interested in anyone. Having heard Yin Hui say that, Zhong Li Dun and Cao Zhi Lan were disappointed. However, they didn't continue the talk, as they wanted to wait until the party finished. They would find Yin Hui to talk him into this.

As Shi Yan didn't come here to create the relationship with the Silver Shark Clan, he didn't bother with Yin Hui’s words, just relaxed and drank. He looked breezily, as if he didn't want to discuss any important matter.

"This man's free and easy." Hai Luo chuckled, then picked up her jade gla.s.s, walking over to Shi Yan like a beautiful siren. "I can see you don't really want to work with the Silver Shark Clan. I also heard that the Yang Family doesn't live well on land. What do you want?"

"I don't want anything. I’m okay with my life now." Shi Yan smiled, not intending to discuss any business with Hai Luo, as he was drinking and chatting about some interesting rumors in the Endless Sea.

Hai Luo had heard a lot about Shi Yan. With her curiosity about his personality, she stayed close to him and asked him many questions.

Shi Yan then talked about the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, the powers of the earth and firmament, the beasts, the exotic land of the place and the floating island and mountain.

Hai Luo was amazed. She asked more questions as her curiosity was growing. The two were talking with low tone. Shi Yan did it on purpose so the other Sea Tribes member surrounding them couldn't hear the content of his story.

Cao Zhi Lan pouted her lips while wearing a bitter face. As she was watching Hai Luo and Shi Yan, her beautiful eyes flared up with jealousy. She felt annoyed seeing Shi Yan and Hai Luo close to each other.

Yin Hui’s look was faint. Sometimes, he shifted to Shi Yan just like he was watching over something silently.

This was a big feast, and most of the Sea Tribes members had grown their interest in Shi Yan. Sometimes, some hotshots of the Sea Tribes would come over and have a toast with him. In the recent years, the Yang Family had helped the Sea Tribes. If the strong warriors from the Sea Tribes had any good feeling towards the humans, it would be only for the members of the Yang Family. Previously, Shi Yan had performed his invincible power in the barren city, which raised the curiosity among the Sea Tribes members. Moreover, he was one of the Yangs; that’s why, the Sea Tribes members would proactively come and offer him drinks.

No one cared about Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, and Zhong Li Dun. Although these three people represented the influential forces in the Endless Sea, the Sea Tribes members didn't give them any face by drinking with them.

Cao Zhi Lan’s group was as if they were sitting on pins and needles. They suddenly felt that they somehow were inharmonious with the rest of the people enjoying the banquet. Many members of the Sea Tribes acted like they didn't see this group of people.

Quite on the contrary, Shi Yan’s table was bustling with noise and excitement. Not only the beauties, but also the hotshots from the Sea Tribes came there. The party was finally coming to an end, but no member of the Sea Tribes visited Cao Zhi Lan’s table.

The banquet ended.

Six people of Cao Zhi Lan’s group stood up, looking at Yin Hui with expectation. They seemed to want to say something but still hesitated.

Yin Hui smiled, waving his hand. "Come here."

The faces of Cao Zhi Lan's group brightened. They hurried to go with Yin Hui to a secret chamber behind the stage to discuss something important.

"Shi Yan, hang in there. We’ll talk later." Yin Hui regarded him, smiled then led the group of six to another place. The six people of Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe’s group followed Yin Hui. However, after half an hour, they all came out of the place.

They were frowning, not looking happy at all. It seemed they didn't have a good discussion with Yin Hui. After the six of them had gotten out of the place, they regarded Shi Yan coldly and left Cru’s house. They seemed to leave the Silver Stone Castle, too.

Yin Hui called out for Shi Yan, who then finally got up. A guard of the Silver Shark Clan led him to another secret chamber.

Only Yin Hui was in the room.

"Do you know what they asked us?" Yin Hui smiled, but it didn’t look like a smile.

"No, I don’t." Shi Yan shook his head and gave the other a cold answer. "I don’t care, either."

"It’s related to your Yang Family a bit." Yin Hui proactively explained. "They are willing to give up the Kyara Sea. As long as our Sea Tribes agree to deal with the Dark Dwellers, the Kyara Sea will belong to us. Ha ha... Seems like the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers have subdued people of the Endless Sea quite badly. It's been many years, and the human race hasn't had a good relationship with our Sea Tribes. They don't even want us to come up to the surface. This time will become a precedence. They are even prepared to give us the Kyara Sea. Don't you think it's interesting?"

Shi Yan’s face was stiff.

The Kyara Sea used to belong to the Yang Family. After the Yangs had left that sea area, the Demon Dwellers had taken over the area and then handed over to the Dark Dwellers. It could be said that the area had undergone strenuous events with bleeding wounds. Unexpectedly, the Caos, the Martial Spirit Palace, and the Penglai Holy Land came here this time to offer the Yang Family's territory to the Sea Tribes. Basically, they didn't care about the Yang Family.

"Seems like their situation is not really optimistic." Shi Yan frowned, snorted and said, "Nevertheless, Kyara Sea belongs to the Yangs, even if it's controlled by the Dark Dwellers now. In the future, we, the Yang Family will take it back. Whoever claims the Kyara Sea will become the Yang Family's enemy!"

"As I heard from the Black Flood Dragon Clan, you wanted the Yangs to cooperate with the Sea Tribes?" Yin Hui said with a solemn face.

"I had that thought, but it would be impossible with precursor Nu Lang’s att.i.tude." Shi Yan didn't want to conceal. "What your Sea Tribes want is not to join the battle. You're waiting for the war to come to the most brutal point, in which, both sides have to be wounded. And then, you will take over the Endless Sea, the Demon Area, and the Underworld at once. This is your true great plan."

Yin Hui's eyes suddenly brightened.

"Since you just want to sit there and watch the fight, no matter how much that group of six tries to persuade you, it's useless. I don't have to worry at all." Shi Yan smiled. "Precursor Nu Lang's a man who embraces ambitions. As the opportunity that happens once in a thousand years is in front of your eyes, n.o.body will believe that you won't take the chance."

"So why did you come here?" Yin Hui contemplated for a while before frowning and asking him. "Seems like you are not here to persuade me, right?"

"Of course not," Shi Yan shook his head. "I want to ask for the location of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard. You're the patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan, so you should know where it is, right?"

"You want the treasure of the lofty dragon?" Yin Hui sneered all of a sudden. "Over thousands of years, countless strong warriors from amongst us have intruded that place, but no one could get out alive. Even Nu Lang doesn't dare to get in because he couldn't be sure. You brat really think that using external forces to defeat Bao Wen is enough for you to enter the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard?"

"If you know the place, just tell me. You don’t need to care about the other stuff." Shi Yan didn't put his ridicule in mind. "Even if there's no one to show me the way, it's just a matter of time before I find out that dragon graveyard. Don't you agree?"

"If you want to die, I don't care." Yin Hui mused for a while then threw him a crystal. "This crystal can show you the way to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard. Just follow the crystal's guidance, and you can get to that forbidden area at the bottom of the sea. Anyway, I don't think you can get out of here alive."


"Those six people are waiting for you outside the Silver Stone Fort perhaps. I don't know if you can escape their hands. Even if you can leave this place safely, it's your dead end entering the forbidden area of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon. As an appreciation to the Yang Family's att.i.tude toward our Sea Tribes throughout many years, I'll give you a piece of advice. Stay away from that graveyard. It's not the place you human can dig for benefits."

"Thanks in advance."

Shi Yan ignored Yin Hui’s advice, clasped his hands to greet, then left Cru’s house.


Cru regarded his leader after Shi Yan had left.

"I denied the offer from those six people," said Yin Hui coldly.

Cru nodded. "I know patriarch will not appreciate the small benefit. I heard that Shi Yan had visited the Black Flood Dragon Clan. Then, precursor Nu Lang declared that the Black Flood Dragon Clan would not interfere with the Yang's business in the barren city. Everything stays the same. So, does Shi Yan have… with precursor Nu Lang?"

"Do you think it’s possible?" laughed Yin Hui.

Cru was dazed, but then he also smiled. "Impossible."

"I also feel confused. Why does this brat want to visit the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard? It's the forbidden area of the seabed. Thousands of years have pa.s.sed by, but no one ever came out of there alive. Even I just dare to stay outside. I have never actually entered the center of the tomb."

Yin Hui frowned. "That kid isn't stupid. It's obvious that he knows how dangerous that place is, but he still wants to get in there. Why? Is he confident that he can get out of there alive?"

"How could it be!"

Cru let out a light sigh and shook his head continuously. "Even precursor Nu Lang, who has already entered the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, doesn't dare to enter the place. He's just a junior at the Sky Realm. What skills does he have?"

"I overheard from his talk to Hai Luo that he has visited the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. It's also a mystery, and we can't measure it. He has survived that place. Does it mean he has something special?"

"Did he just boast it?"

"I doubt that," Yin Hui shook his head. "He confirmed that he did visit the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. We have no doubt about this point. The Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist is really mysterious, and we don't know what it's like if we haven't been there. He's able to get out from there, which means he should have something great. This kid isn't an ordinary young man. He has the power of a warrior at the Spirit Realm when he's just at the Sky Realm. We can't consider him with common sense."

"So, what do you mean?"

"I will go to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard to see if he does enter that place. I do want to know whether or not this brat was just boasting about himself.

"Well, we don’t know if he could survive the other six people waiting for him out there."

"They can’t challenge him. Anyway, even Bao Ke and Bao Wen have to be afraid of him. I think if this kid put forth all of his abilities, he could escape from that group of six. Yeah, I think it shouldn't be a problem. This man is more excellent than Yang Tian Emperor that year. We should treat him with care. It would be better."

"Such good ideas from our patriarch!"

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