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Shi Yan suddenly felt embarra.s.sed.

He and Yin Hui had just met once. Moreover, the distance between them was too far away. He thought that even when they had a chance to meet up again, Yin Hui wouldn't recognize him. Thus, he decided to visit Cru’s banquet deliberately.

Unexpectedly, Yin Hui was excellent as he was able to recognize him with just a glance from such a distance.

As Yin Hui voiced up, warriors of the Sea Tribes had their eyes gaze Shi Yan with great surprise.

Even the hotshots from human race Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhi were looking at him after Yin Hui’s recognition. However, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe didn't have a strong cultivation base like Yin Hui, and Shi Yan had disguised himself, so those two people couldn't recognize Shi Yan’s real ident.i.ty.

Cru was surprised for a while before he said with a low tone. "Patriarch, is this young man a great warrior of our Silver Shark Clan? Why doesn’t he look familiar at all?"

"He’s not one of us," Yin Hui smiled coldly then said, "I do hope that our Silver Shark Clan could have an outstanding young warrior like him. Too bad, the Silver Shark Clan doesn’t have that luck."

Having heard Yin Hui say so, the hotshots from the Sea Tribes were more shocked. They eyed Shi Yan with strange faces.

"Come sit here," Yin Hui ignored the others’ suspicions. He didn't reveal Shi Yan’s ident.i.ty right away as he beamed a smile while looking at the group of Cao Zhi Lan standing behind him. As if he thought this case was interesting, he couldn't help but wave at Shi Yan.

As he got exposed, Shi Yan didn't continue to hide. Besides, he wasn't afraid of Yin Hui. Thus, he deliberately walked over, entering the center of the stage and clasped his fist, talking to Cru. "Congratulations for entering the Spirit Realm. You’re one step closer to the Great Way."

Cru didn't understand the situation, so he just furrowed, nodded and said, "Thank you."

"We met half a month ago at Barren City. We were far away at that time, so I didn't have the chance to chat with you." Yin Hui curled his lips to form a smile, nodded to Cru then continued, "He's our guest from far away. Make a seat for him. This little brother is so outstanding that he could make the Bao Wen brothers bow to him. He deserves our respect."

Yin Hui succinctly pointed out his real ident.i.ty.

The warriors from the Sea Tribes couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

"Shi Yan from the Yang Family!"

The Silver Shark mild-mannered maiden sitting next to Cru cheered softly as her beautiful eyes brightened up.

Standing behind Yin Hui, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhi, who were wearing the bamboo hat with a long veil, were shaking in shock.

"It’s him!"

Cao Zhi Lan gritted her teeth. At this moment, she felt the five flavors were all flooding her heart. (Sour, sweet, spicy, salty, bitter; means her feeling was mixed up – TL)

The last time they met was at the Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect in the Yuan Luo Sea. After she knew that the pagans Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan had turned to the Demon Dwellers and cut off the relation with Shi Yan, she determinedly gave Shi Yan up. Now, when she looked back, she thought her decision at that time was so wrong.

Not long after Shi Yan had left the island, he had raised waves in the Endless Sea, fought against Mo Qi Ta, Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven and the Emperor of Earth. He also caused a significant trauma for the Corpse G.o.d Sect, as he had made the King Corpse revive his consciousness. This series of his deeds had shaken all the strong warriors of the Endless Sea.

She thought that Shi Yan would barely be able to struggle, but in fact, he had used his deeds to make all the warriors of the Endless Sea remember his name.

Shi Yan had disappeared for one year. Anyway, whenever the leaders of the forces in Endless Sea mentioned his name, they all wore a serious face as if his name were a taboo matter.

Cao Zhi Lan knew that she had made a wrong a.s.sumption that underestimated Shi Yan’s profound potential. Too bad, it was too late. Under her suggestion, the Cao Family had joined the game to chase and kill Shi Yan, which meant they had cut off the relationship with him.

Due to this one mistake, she had lost the close relationship with Shi Yan forever. At the moment, as they saw Shi Yan, who had gone missing for a year, Cao Zhi Lan suddenly felt her heart was constantly moved, as the image in her mind had flooded her heart once again.

The face under the bamboo hat was filled with remorse. Cao Zhi Lan bowed and sighed begrudgingly.

The Endless Sea was vast, but she had only met one man who could touch her heart. This man had used his domineering power and mysteriously left a bold brush stroke in her soul. However, due to the complexity of the situation, she had chosen to be on the opposite side of his.

This was hard to recover.

Cao Zhi Lan shook her head as her eyes revealed her sorrow. She beamed a self-ridiculing smile.

Under Yin Hui’s reminder, all the warriors of the Sea Tribes present at the banquet held an amazed countenance. They all gazed at Shi Yan, who was standing unyieldingly.

During this period, the name Shi Yan was the most resounding name in the ocean. He was the one who used a Sky Realm cultivation base to defeat Bao Ke and Bao Wen, who received both Yin Hui’s and Li Sha’s praises. He was such a legend!

Even if they were living undersea, members of the Sea Tribes were also interested in strong warriors. From the misfortune at Barren City to Shi Yan stopping the furious wave, all kinds of rumors had been spread out on the ocean floor. All warriors of the Sea Tribes knew that the Yang Family had a tough character. That kid's potential was even more dangerous than Yang Tian Emperor's that year.

As of now, they could see the hotshot in the rumor, and strong warriors from the Sea Tribes were all showing their interests. Cru’s eyes brightened up as he suddenly laughed and pitched his voice. "Come, bring up a table with fine wine and food."

Some guards of the Silver Shark Clan immediately received the order. Not long after that, they presented a table with good wine and good food.

Shi Yan clasped his fist to thank him, then sat down at his table. He was wearing a cold face without any sign of anxiety. He picked up his gla.s.s, took some sips and said heroically, "Good wine."

The beautiful maiden of the Silver Shark Clan sitting next to Cru had her eyes sparkling. As she seemed to be interested in the man, she giggled. "Rumors say that you look extraordinarily ferocious, as if you want to swallow up our Sea Tribes members. But, I think you look normal."

Shi Yan beamed a wry smile. Under the watchful eyes, he started to transform. Within just three seconds, the fin on his back disappeared, and his face had recovered to its original form.

The beautiful eyes of the maiden brightened up as she chuckled. "Is that your real appearance?"

Shi Yan nodded.

"A lot better now," The young girl smiled, holding her gla.s.s. "My name’s Hai Luo. Thanks for coming to celebrate with my father."

Shi Yan drank up his gla.s.s, smiled and said, "Hai Luo, the beautiful pearl of the sea. Truly worthy of the name."

Hai Luo smiled, and it made her eyes as narrow as a line. She wiped off the wine on her lips and said, "You know how to say sweet words."

Cao Zhi Lan standing behind suddenly felt irritated. She couldn’t help but hum quietly.

"Jealous?" Pan Zhe said with a low tone. "Previously, you had a close relationship with Shi Yan. I used to think that with your charm, you could subdue him under your dress. How could it turn to this? So, now you feel regret when you see him flirting with others?"

"Even if I made a wrong decision, I will not regret it!" Cao Zhi Lan clenched her teeth and snorted coldly. "You shouldn't be wordy. Think about how to deal with this sudden situation."

"There’s no solution. Even if Shi Yan didn't come here, the Silver Shark Clan wouldn’t still cooperate with us." Pan Zhe shook his head. "People from the Sea Tribes are discreetly watching the situation up there, waiting for us to engage in the war. I don't think they will form a relationship with us."

"As long as the benefit's big enough, nothing's impossible." Another young man smiled behind the veil of his bamboo hat. "What a pity that Nu Lang didn't come here. If not, we just need to talk to him. As long as Nu Lang nods his head, the Water Scorpion Tribe, the Naga Tribe and the Silver Shark Clan will agree with his opinions."

"Nu Lang has never talked to humans. In the recent years, there’s only Yang Tian Emperor who has come to the Black Flood Dragon Clan to talk to him once. We shouldn't lay hopes on this person. Unless our seniors come here directly, he won't meet any guests."

Cao Zhi Lan couldn't help but sigh.

As they were whispering to each other on this side, on the other side, Shi Yan was drinking with the hotshots of the Sea Tribes. He drank one gla.s.s with each of them, including Cru and Yin Hui. It looked like he didn't know that this was a celebration of the Silver Shark Clan, and he was rather a guest that somewhat overwhelmed the host.

He was feasting with other people, drinking happily with the members of the Sea Tribes. Cao Zhi Lan was a guest, but she could only stand aside and watch, as she wasn’t eligible to join the banquet.

Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe felt really annoyed seeing Shi Yan seem to have a good relationship with the Silver Shark Clan.

"Oh, right!" Yin Hui took a gla.s.s of wine then acted as if he suddenly remembered his guests. He patted his head then turned around, smiled and said, "Seems we still have some guests here."

Cru also looked around.

"Perhaps you guys have known each other." Yin Hui’s smile hid something behind as he suddenly said, "Bring up another table. Friends, please come forward. Ah, please take off your bamboo hats. Don't worry, although our Sea Tribes don't get along well with your human race, as you come here with good will, of course, we will treat you well." Cao Zhi Lan’s group was like they are riding a tiger and it was now hard to get off.

"Let’s go. It’s only Shi Yan, we don’t need to be afraid of him." The young man standing next to Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe had taken off his bamboo hat, revealing a handsome face. He was Zhong Li Dun of the Martial Spirit Palace.

The number one warrior of the combat list, Zhong Li Dun was walking forward from the spot of Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe with a natural expression. Pan Zhe and Cao Zhi Lan were hesitant for a while before following him.

Yin Hui’s smile became more radiant. He extended his arm to introduce them. "These are the young hotshot of the Cao Family, the Martial Spirit Palace, and the Penglai Holy Land. Yeah, the three behind them are the consecrator Zuo Yue Feng of the Cao Family, Situ Jie from the Martial Spirit Palace and Cang Lan from Penglai Holy Land. They are all famous in the Endless Sea. I guess you guys know each other well."

Zou Yue Feng and Situ Jie from the Martial Spirit Palace were the kind of people with deep thoughts and wild schemes. They were standing behind Cao Zhi Lan and Zhong Li Dun, frowning at Shi Yan. Shi Yan couldn't help but shrink his pupils.

Those were the two First Sky of Spirit Realm warriors!

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