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"The most fearful thing… is still to happen."

Yang Zhuo's face darkened and stiffened. He breathed out cold air and then shook his head. "The Sea Tribes always had their dark ambitions towards the Endless Sea. However, the warriors above the Endless Sea always stood guarding against them. Moreover, thanks to Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Yi Tian, and your Great Grandfather, the Sea Tribes haven't done anything just yet. But at present, since the Endless Sea's in chaos, Nu Lang has seen the opportunity once in a lifetime. Of course, he would try to stir everything up."

"Big Uncle, you've already known that the Sea Tribes wouldn't be content with their lot, right?"

"Of course, they won’t be content with their lots." Yang Zhuo’s face was solemn. "Thousands of years ago, the Sea Tribes had taken actions, but stopped after that big loss. That was a big and painful lesson to them. It made them know the big price to be paid to get to the land above the sea. After that battle, more than half of the elite force of the Sea Tribes was lost. Some small tribes even got extinguished. Afterward, they decided to withdraw completely. Thousands of years have gone, but they hadn’t rebelled even once."

"But it’s different now."

"Yes, it's different now. The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers have come to the Endless Sea, and your Great Grandfather's imprisoned in the Demon Area. At this moment, if the Sea Tribes have ambitions, they would try to fulfill the goal their ancestors had set thousands of years ago." Yang Zhuo sighed grudgingly. "It’s a general trend. Seems like no force can stop the Sea Tribes. Thus, if we continue staying in Barren City, it’s not good at all."


"I'll arrange it like this. In the coming time, the Yangs will revive. We will leave a part here on the seabed, and the others will come up to the sea in groups. Xia Qing Hou soon sent some messenger here. He said that if the Yang Family comes to the sea, we can ask for help from the Xia Family. Currently, Xia Qing Hou is the overlord of a part of the Endless Sea. If we have a good relationship with them, even if we have to deal with the Martial Spirit Palace or the Penglai Holy Land, we still have time to solve the dispute."

Yang Zhuo thought for a while then spoke to him, "Don't overthink. You should rest for some days. I'll arrange this. Then, we're going back to Endless Sea."


Shi Yan went to the vault.

Looking at that radiant piles of materials in front of him, he felt grudging and tired all of a sudden. Although he had progressed fast in cultivating, he was still far behind the strong warriors like Cao Qiu Dao or Yang Yi Tian. Chi Yan, Bo Xun, and the Yama Kings were all earth-shaking warriors. Currently, he couldn't fight with them. And now came Nu Lang, an ambitious and tyrannically strong warrior.

In front of them, he could see his power was much weaker.

‘I have to reach a higher level as soon as possible.’ Taking a deep breath, he sat down neatly in the vault and started to think about how to increase his power faster.

However, it was tough for any warrior in Sky Realm to thrive more. Each time the cultivation base leaped up, it required abundant Profound Qi and a flash of realization of the realm.

He didn't need to worry about the Profound Qi. With the mysterious martial spirit, it was simple to have more Profound Qi.

Killing more people, and absorbing the negative energies from the fiercest battlefield, it was easy to get more Profound Qi. However, gaining realization regarding the realm had no way to be found. He had to experience and observer the powers of earth and firmament to have a chance for a good grasp of the mystical features of the most inner essence in there.

No one could help him with this requirement.

If he couldn't comprehend his realm, no matter how much Profound Qi he could acc.u.mulate, it was useless, and couldn't help him to increase his strength.

Shi Yan frowned, looking at the cultivating materials on the ground and the two rings on his fingers. Light sparkled from his eyes as his mind flickered fast.

He eyed the Blood Vein Ring.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened.

It’d been long since he had last attacked the wall of force inside the Blood Vein Ring. The ways to use the two most evil, eccentric powers were the Rampage and the Life and Death Seal. He got them from the Blood Vein Ring when he had broken through new realms. When his power had reached a certain level, if he used all of his power to attack the wall inside the Blood Vein Ring, it could work. At present, he had actually entered the Sky Realm, which meant his cultivation base wasn't bad. It was time to attack the Blood Vein Ring again.

Making up his mind, he didn't hesitate. He quieted down his mind and then started to gather the power of the entire body.

Profound Qi in the Qi ancient tree at his lower abdomen was urged, moving rapidly in his veins and tendons. Wherever the Profound Qi traveled through under his urge, it brought together the energy of that organ to mix with it and help him increase his power.

Gradually, the Profound Qi was like a torrential stream running in his body. He felt a pain in his meridians, as he could feel his Profound Qi accelerating to a terrifying level.

Complete focus.

His Qi condensed into a bunch of light beams, guiding the enormous energy in his body to turn into a column of fierce light, banging hard on the energy wall inside the Blood Vein Ring.


An odd echo resounded from the energy barrier inside the Blood Vein Ring. It seemed a layer or membrane had been poked through.

A strange memory electric current stormed out, flooding his brain.

The red halo of the Blood Vein Ring covered the entire vault. Bizarre, vague scenes were projected inside the red halo.

It was some area on the seabed, covered with bones of beasts. Five-colored seawater was rumbling. The beast skeletons there were all dozens of meters tall, even taller than the main building of the Yang Family. This was the first time he had ever seen such giant beast skeletons.

Even the Black Flood Dragon he saw in the Black Flood Dragon Clan was one grade smaller than the beasts in this scene.

There was a three-hundred-meter dragon skeleton. The bones were numerous, and dense like a small mountain. This was really dreadful to watch for ordinary people.

A strange halo was twinkling inside that ma.s.sive skeleton. In the vague halo, he could see a coffin.

Lao Luo's Dark Body, one of the Bloodthirsty's Entourage of Eight… A stirring thought shot out, flooding his brain.

From the Blood Vein Ring, a current of strange memory electric had ambushed him, unceasingly sending him thoughts along with the scenes appearing in the Blood Vein Ring. That bizarre memory electric current seemed to have a close relationship with the scene projected in the Blood Vein Ring. As the Blood Vein Ring was continually blinking, that electric current was gradually releasing the miraculous description of these scenes.

Lao Luo’s Dark Body.

Shi Yan discolored, watching the scene with a dumbfounded face. His heart was filled with surprise, not knowing what was going on as he was gazing at the three-hundred-meter dragon skeleton and the coffin lying within it.

"The Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard, one of Bloodthirsty’s Entourage of Eight – the Dark Body of Lao Luo!"

The thought in his head described the scene one more time. The immense light from the Blood Vein Ring started to cease, and the scenes inside its red halo were fading away.

Everything restored to the normal states.

The strange light sparkled on the Blood Vein Ring for a short while and then stopped. The Blood Vein Ring became normal.

"The shocking energy waves are really strong." The Ice Cold Flame sent him a message from the Blood Vein Ring. "It looks like the skeleton of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon in the scene. What happened? The Antiquity Lofty Dragons had been vanished for a long time ago, hadn't they? What kind of ring is your ring?"

"Antiquity Lofty Dragons?" Shi Yan was startled, and couldn't help but probe, "Do you know the Antiquity Lofty Dragons?"

"Yeah, the Antiquity Lofty Dragon was the royal family of the Dragon Tribe in the ancient time. As the Black Flood Dragons were a kind of dragon beasts, according to the legends, they were the descendants of the Antiquity Lofty Dragons. In the ancient times, the size of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon was extraordinarily enormous, like hundreds of meters. They were terrifyingly strong, the royals of the Dragon Tribe. Each Lofty Dragon was astoundingly mighty, as they had the cultivation base of a Spirit Realm warrior. Extreme Lofty Dragon could have the competence of a True G.o.d Realm warrior.

"I heard that the Lofty Dragons in the ancient time were the overlords of the Grace Mainland’s sea areas. They even occupied many caves or big rivers on the land over the sea. In their prosperous time, their overall competence could be compared with other strong alien tribes. Later on, in the great war between tribes, the Lofty Dragon Tribe was sealed in some area. All of them withered, and no one has seen them ever since."

"Anything else you know about the Lofty Dragons?"

"I’m not a human. During the antiquity time, I was still dormant deep inside the glacier. I don't know much of the events during that period. However, at that time, the Lofty Dragons were truly a tyrannical tribe. They were the royals of the Dragon Tribe. I also heard that they had ruled most of the beasts. Super strong for sure."

Shi Yan’s countenance changed slightly, as the pictures he had just seen popped up in his mind. The Dark Body of Lao Luo, what is it?

Lao Lou was one of Bloodthirsty’s Entourage of Eight. What is Bloodthirsty? Apparently, Entourage of Eight is the group of eight servants. As Lao Luo was one of them, were there seven more?

Is that Bloodthirsty-something the previous master of the Blood Vein Ring?

If so, what were the cultivation realms of these eight servants?

Dark Body? Is it just a clone of Lao Luo, just like the White Bones clone of Demon King Bo Xun? If Lao Luo were a Dark Body hidden inside a coffin under the skeleton of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon, would his still be useful in that coffin?

Suspicions arose continuously in his head, making Shi Yan confused. Since he had had the Blood Vein Ring, he always paid attention to it. Yet, apparently, he couldn't know the subtle features of the ring.

Since the Blood Vein Ring could store creatures with mysterious lives like the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Earth Flame, the King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm, it was much more mysterious than any kinds of Storage Ring. The giant mystical sword was related to the Blood Vein Ring, too. That sword could destroy the hardest defense with its tremendous fluctuating evil energy. Seemed like it was a Sacred Level treasure.

All sorts of signs proved that this Blood Vein Ring was obviously something extremely mysterious. Perhaps, it had some connection with the Bloodthirsty indeed. There was a clone of a servant of the Bloodthirsty hidden under the skeleton of the Lofty Dragon, and the Lofty Dragons of the Dragon Tribe lived in the antiquity time. Was it true that Bloodthirsty came from the antiquity time?

It took him half a day for figuring out nothing about the reasons. He only felt that every detail related to it was doubtful.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan was utterly confused. He didn't want to think about it more, came out from the vault and found Yang Zhuo. "Big Uncle, do you know the graveyard of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon on the seabed?"

Yang Zhuo discolored, trembling. He asked Shi Yan with fear, "How do you know about the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard? Did Nu Lang tell you that?"

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