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He was a middle-aged man, around two meters tall. The man had a dark skin and chiseled face, accompanied by a divine light shooting out of his eyes. He wasn’t angry but still looked full of prestige.

He came to Shi Yan, threw him a look and asked, "Are you Shi Yan?"


"Not bad," Nu Lang nodded then snorted, "You could defeat the brothers Bao Wen and Bao Ke with your Sky Realm cultivation base. Seems the Yang Family has another dangerous warrior. Yang Tian Emperor has a good destiny that he has a brat like you to fill his slot when he is being confined in the Demon Area."

Shi Yan smiled and didn't say anything.

"You came here to help me refine treasures, which will make me approve the overlord position of the Yang Family in Barren City, right?"


"It’s not a big deal. As long as you can please me, I can promise you that."

"Thank you."

"I don't like people watching me when I'm refining treasures. You tell your heaven flame, and then I'll imprison you for the time being." His visage slightly changed, but eventually, Shi Yan agreed, "Alright."

Then, he contacted the Earth Flame, asking it to pay attention to Nu Lang and help him to refine treasures.

The Earth Flame answered that it understood the matter.

As Nu Lang saw the heaven flame floating above the scarlet flame crystals, releasing the burning fiery flame, he suddenly s.n.a.t.c.hed it.

Dark halo rippled out from above and covered Shi Yan in a flash. Inside the dark light sh.e.l.l, Shi Yan couldn't see anything out there, and his Soul Conscious couldn't see through that dark light. It was like he was being restrained in a pitch-black prison.

His sight, sense of hearing and touch, and his Soul Consciousness were all covered.

Just with his first move, the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior could frighten Shi Yan. Now he knew that he couldn't deal with a character at such level at the moment.

Anyway, he had thought that Nu Lang would have confined him before he had come here, so he wasn't surprised.

Staying inside this black halo, he sat down cross-legged, concentrated his mind and let his thoughts sink into the halo of memories.

It was the entire life experience of a Spirit level blacksmith.

During this time, whenever he had free time, he would sink his mind into it, trying his best to comprehend the refining methods. Flows of thought moved in there, projecting some scenes of the precious refining process. He was making progress quietly, as he had a deeper knowledge about refining treasures method and techniques day by day.

Time flew.

It was unknown how long he had been in there. All of a sudden, he realized that the dark halo covering him had disappeared.

Light shone again.

Shi Yan opened his eyes looking forward. He found that all the scarlet flame crystals inside the magma pond had been burnt into ashes.

The heaven flame bobbing above the magma pond sent him a message. "He has refined a trident by melting precious metals and ores. Although he didn't use any formations or spells, it's c.u.mbersome. Such a weapon is very extraordinary."

Shi Yan nodded slightly.

The Earth Flame turned into a bunch of flames and disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring. He nosed out some signs then shifted his gaze at Nu Lang, who was sitting above the magma pond. He smiled, "Congratulations!"

Nu Lang pouted his lips, then waved his hand and said, "Go. The Black Flood Dragon Clan won’t interfere the business in Barren City. All stays the same."

"Precursor Nu Lang," Shi Yan took a deep breath, didn't leave but smiled and asked, "At present, the Endless Sea's a big mess. The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers are swaggering across the Yuan Luo and Kyara Sea Areas, fighting against human warriors of the Endless Sea. The current situation's nothing but a deadlock. What do you think about it?"

"What does it matter to me?" Nu Lang gave him a supercilious look and answered him impatiently.

" Who do you think will win at the end? The Dark Dwellers, the Demon Dwellers or the warriors of the Endless Sea?" Shi Yan was patient. "Your cultivation base's exquisite, and your vision's wide. I guess you would have a thorough a.n.a.lysis of this case. Would you mind sharing it with me?"

"I don't care who will win. As long as they are not going to stir up my seabed, I don’t care."

Nu Lang snorted. As if he wasn’t interested in the activities above the sea, he coldly looked at Shi Yan. "Kid, you’ve been probing. What do you want?"

"Do you have the intention to go up there?" Shi Yan darkened his face and asked him coldly.

Light sparked and vanished in Nu Lang’s eyes. He sneered, shook his head but didn’t say anything.

"If I were you, the moment when the Endless's in chaos, I wouldn't be content with my lot on the seabed." Shi Yan said, "I would keep close track of the situation up there, and wait for the best chance to come. When the two tigers are biting each other, I could launch my attack, or I could always join one side and destroy the other to take the upper hand."

Cruel light flared up from Nu Lang’s eyes. "You little brat, do you think I would do that?"

Shaking his head, Shi Yan said, "I don't know. But if I were you, I couldn't rest my mind with the current situation. Anyway, the Endless Sea's still a big mess, while the seabed is steadily peaceful. As the once in a blue moon chance is right in front of you, If I were you, my mind couldn't help but be moved."

Nu Lang stayed calm, didn’t say anything.

"Goodbye," Shi Yan clasped his fist, greeted him, "If you want to join any side, I hope you will consider the Yang Family. Currently, although we are still weak, I think you'll soon see our Yang Family's real competence." Then, he left following the way he had come without waiting for Nu Lang’s answer.

Nu Lang’s eyes sparked an ominous light, coldly looking at Shi Yan who was fading away. All of a sudden, he burst out laughing. "This kid has big guts and great ambition. Unfortunately, his power's still small. If Yang Tian Emperor came himself, I would still consider, but you, you aren’t eligible, kid."

Of course, Shi Yan couldn't hear his words.

Three Spirit Realm warriors of the Black Flood Dragon Clan came out from the dark. They were looking at Shi Yan disappearing with astounded faces.

"Patriarch, this kid does have big guts. He dared to come here alone and even probe us to ask for joining us. Later on, he would become a character in the Endless Sea. Perhaps he could be like Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Tian Emperor, who could rule his own territory with force." A fat man from the Black Flood Dragon Clan mused and said.

Nu Lang nodded. "He has wild schemes, and he seems not to care about the others. He doesn't respect the rules or care about races. This kid isn't afraid of receiving insults from others when he proposed to join with the Sea Tribes. In the eyes of people on the sea, the ones who join with other races are the ones who dare to do any cruel things. I didn't expect that he has this thought and came here himself. I'm surprised."

"When Yang Tian Emperor went to meet you that year, you wanted to join up with the Yang Family and plan something toward the Endless Sea. Yang Tian Emperor had denied your proposal. He said that the two races couldn’t get along well and that they couldn't exist in the same sea area. Yang Tian Emperor is racist. He believes that besides humanity, the other races are all aliens, and they're not eligible to live with humans."

The short, fat man of the Black Flood Dragon Clan had his eyebrows slammed together as he snorted. "Yang Tian Emperor was so stubborn when he said that ‘as long as he's still in the Endless Sea, the Sea Tribes won't have a chance to leave the seabed and earn a living on the sea.’ Now that he's confined in the Demon Area, he can't even protect himself. And, the Yangs suddenly have a brat that doesn't care about common sense. It's strange. But it's a pity that he isn't the head of the Yang Family. His cultivation base's also weak. Otherwise, our patriarch could consider this business."

"Right," said another Spirit Realm warrior of the Black Flood Dragon Clan. "Human race doesn't want us. They think that we should live in the seabed. Anyway, they don’t know that the Sea Tribes have many tribes. In fact, we also aim at the rich lands on the sea and we do want to reside there. No matter it’s Cao Qiudao, Yang Yi Tian or the leaders of other forces, they are all affected by this preconception. They all consider our Sea Tribes aliens, so it’s hard for them to befriend with us."

"This kid is somehow special, indeed." Nu Lang mused then talked, "Too bad his realm isn’t high enough. Meanwhile, the Yang Family is not as strong as it used to be. We will just ignore him then."

"Patriarch, he said that the Yang Family would come back to the Endless Sea. I think there’s some information we haven’t gotten to know yet."

"Yes, this brat is that arrogant, so maybe he has some backup. Has Yang Tian Emperor escaped his restraint in Demon Area?" Nu Lang's pupils shrank. He frowned. "Why do we have to care about them that much? Just stay here, and we aren't going to interfere their business. Wait until they all engage in war and then we will see what we can do. This is once in a blue moon chance. Although our ancestors couldn't achieve big in their lives, perhaps we can!"

The other three strong warriors also got incited, as their eyes brightened.

"The Sea Tribes will not be content with their lots. Seems like we have to make our decision soon."

After Shi Yan got out of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, he looked at Li Feng with a stiff face and said, "Nu Lang has big ambition. He will definitely not want to stay on the seabed and watch the fun. He's waiting for the chance to take the strong warriors of the Sea Tribes to attack the Endless Sea."

"Maybe he’s waiting for both sides to engage in war," said Li Feng.

"Possibly," Shi Yan wore a solemn face, looking at the territory of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, then sighed. "The Black Flood Dragon Clan is really intimidating. Added with the Water Scorpion Tribe, the Silver Shark Clan, and the Naga Tribe, this force isn't weaker than the Dark Dwellers or the Demon Dwellers. They even have more advantages than the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers. They can attack or withdraw at ease. If the situation is not going on the desired track, they can always hide in the seabed. It’s tough for us to deal with them undersea."

"Seems like the situation of the Endless Sea is getting more complicated." Li Feng beamed a wry smile. "We can't stay on the seabed for long. Intelligence sent to Barren City is too slow. We're almost isolated, and we can't get a good grasp of the Endless Sea's situation as fast as we want." Shi Yan contemplated for a while then spoke up again with serious visage. "We have to go back to the Endless Sea earlier. Just let some stay at Barren City to control the place. Only if we go to the Endless Sea can we have chances to talk to the members of the Demon Area."

"I’m not able to make this decision," Li Feng shook her head.

"I’m going to talk to Big Uncle."

Three days later, Shi Yan came back to Barren City. When he saw Yang Zhuo, he said immediately, "We can’t always stay in Barren City. We need to go out."


"Nu Lang has the wild schemes to invade the Endless Sea. He's waiting for a good chance. If we can't join Nu Lang, we can only spread this news as soon as possible. Some people will pay attention to him then."

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