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The eyes of the man from the Black Flood Dragon Clan brightened.

Even Yin Hui and Li Sha knew that Nu Lang wanted to refine something; as a member of the tribe, of course, he knew it.

The seabed didn’t have a fiery Mount of Flames. As Nu Lang had been worrying about the fiery flame, he was really hot-tempered recently. Since he had failed in refining many times, many clansmen of the Black Flood Dragon Clan had received lessons from him.

Seeing the fiery flame on Shi Yan’s palm, this man was moved. He then changed his att.i.tude.

"Is that a real heaven flame?"

He looked at the Earth Flame on Shi Yan's palm and opened his mind to sense, and was scared as a result. The Heaven Flames were the most mysterious fiery flames in the world. They had their own consciousness and lives. As their heat was much hotter than the earth flame’s, they were the best flames to refine treasures. A warrior who had the firmament flame, if he wanted, could become an excellent blacksmith, and earn respect from all other warriors.

The high-temperature fiery flame that Shi Yan was showing off couldn't be hidden. Although he was hundreds of meters away from Shi Yan, he could still feel dry and hot.

"I think you have the answer whether or not it’s the heaven flame."

Shi Yan calmly retrieved the Earth Flame and grinned. "Your patriarch needs guys like me the most at this moment. If I help him, it will be no problem for him to refine rare treasures. Yeah, I think you can go and report now, right?" Many members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan were poking out from the sharp buildings one after another, looking at Shi Yan with a surprised face.

Although Shi Yan’s countenance was indifferent, he was shocked inside.

There were around seventy or eighty members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan revealing themselves from the extinct volcanoes; each of them had the ma.s.sive aura. The worst of them were at the Earth Realm or the Nirvana Realm, while Sky Realm warriors were everywhere.

Everybody said that the Black Flood Dragon Clan was the strongest tribe among the tribes living on the seabed. Each member of this clan had a remarkable power with exquisite cultivation base. Their reputation was true indeed.

"Sure, I'm going to report now." That man didn’t dare to hesitate more, patting his Black Flood Dragon and then turned into a black light, flying away. From the extinct volcanoes, the people of the Black Flood Dragon Clan were gazing at Shi Yan and Li Feng with cold eyes, silently a.s.sessing them.

"You are Shi Yan?"

A thin Black Flood Dragon Clan man with pockmarked face eyed him for a while then raised his voice to ask.

Shi Yan smiled and nodded.

The members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan looked shaken as the light in their eyes got more intense. During this time, among the tribes living in the sea, Shi Yan’s reputation was spread far and wide. He had used his Sky Realm cultivation base to hurt Bao Wen and make Bao Ke approve his ident.i.ty in Barren City. Even Yin Hui and Li Sha agreed not to interfere with the business in Barren City anymore. As he got the approval from the leaders of the three clans, his name was pushed to an outstanding position. All the Sea Tribes members knew that besides Yang Tian Emperor, the Yangs had another new prominent young man, who was even more arrogant than Yang Tian Emperor, with an even better natural endowment.

The name of Shi Yan had spread everywhere on the seabed. They didn't expect that the visitor would be this kid. The Black Flood Dragon Clan’s members were shaken as they were a.s.sessing him in silence to see which dangerous features he had.

Li Feng felt quite uncomfortable under the eyes of the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s members. "Shi Yan, you should be careful. Although Nu Lang’s reputation isn’t bad, you still have to pay attention. If Nu Lang wants to attack you after you have helped him refine treasures, I think it’s hard for you to escape."

"Yes. I’ll be careful." As Nu Lang was the patriarch of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, the number one warrior of the Sea Tribes, he held the highest position in the eyes of the Sea Tribes’ members. People had appraised Nu Lang to be good and sincere, and that he wasn’t deceitful or a sinister person. Usually, his conduct was straightforward and upright. He wouldn't do anything unacceptable. But still, he was a member of the Sea Tribes.

The Sea Tribes members had always been guarding against the warriors on the sea. If Nu Lang considered him a future harm to the Sea Tribes, he would kill Shi Yan first. It wasn't impossible strangling Shi Yan when he was still in his cradle to solve the big trouble for the Sea Tribes.

Also, if Nu Lang really did that, the members of the Sea Tribes would never spread any bad things about him.

"Well, in short, everything should be done with care. I’m afraid Nu Lang would do that." Li Feng was worried. "That year, our House Master had come here and created an intense situation with Nu Lang. I’m afraid Nu Lang still holds that grudge. Don’t provoke him. Just get things done and leave."

"I know how to do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Still, I need to take a little risk here."

The Black Flood Dragon Clan’s man who had just left returned quickly. He gestured Shi Yan to follow him.

"Don’t enter the Black Flood Dragon Clan, just stay out there." Shi Yan told Li Feng and stepped in the territory of the Black Flood Dragon Clan. Under the guidance of the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s man, he flew to the mountain pa.s.s of the extinct volcano where Nu Lang dwelled.

Extinct volcanoes glided one by one under his body. Each of them was an imposing existence that frightened people. Although he couldn’t use Soul Consciousness to sense, Shi Yan knew that there would be dormant Black Flood Dragon beasts inside those volcanoes.

Only the giant demonic beasts like the Black Flood Dragons could emit such a tremendous aura.

There were at least ten Black Flood Dragons standing on the extinct volcano beneath him. The worst of them was the level six Black Flood Dragon. Most of them were at level seven.

The level seven Black Flood Dragons were much stronger than human Sky Realm warriors. Especially when they were in the water, they had the ability to control the water currents. Sharp mouths with brute force, they were the most formidable beasts in the seabed.

Having sensed for a while, Shi Yan was frightened as he had a deeper knowledge about the Black Flood Dragon Clan. The power of this clan was more intimidating than that of the Cao Family or the Martial Spirit Palace in Endless Sea. Moreover, there were the other tribes undersea like the Silver Shark Clan, the Water Scorpion Tribe, and the Naga Tribe. Once they got out of the water and launched their attack on the human warriors, the result of this war could be seen even before it started.

All of a sudden, he was worrying whether or not his decision to help Nu Lang refine treasures was a correct move.

"Here we are. The patriarch asked you to go there alone." The man of the Black Flood Dragon Clan took Shi Yan to the cone of an extinct volcano, pointed down to gesture that Shi Yan should descend and meet Nu Lang alone.

"Thank you."

Putting aside the worries in his mind, Shi Yan held his breath and concentrated his mind, discretely alert while slowly lowering down the mountain pa.s.s.

Around fifteen minutes later, he landed at the foot of the extinct volcano. Unexpectedly, this area was lit up brightly. Countless shining crystals were inlaid on the mountain flank to illuminate the area. Those crystals could even light up the darkest areas of this mountain.

Lying in the middle of the area was a ma.s.sive scorching magma pond. However, there was no magma, but piles of scarlet flame crystals inside it. The scarlet flame crystal was the most scorching ore. With the urge from energy, it could burst out a blazing flame. Each piece of the scarlet flame crystal could provide an enormous amount of energy from flame.

Numerous scarlet flame crystals filled the magma pond. While there was no urge from any energy, those crystals just radiated a red, hot light.

Next to the magma pond were all kinds of materials to refine treasures. There were some diamonds, cold iron, Flowing Gold Sand and Star Jades.

Shi Yan was startled at first glance.

There were many materials for refining treasures, and each of them was precious. They were piled around the magma pond. Some of them were so scarce that even the Yang Family couldn't collect them. The other Sky Realm warriors could go crazy seeing those materials.

Even on the Endless Sea, there were many materials that they could only see by chance once in hundreds of years.

Those materials filled the pond, and under the shining light of the bright crystals, were reflecting charming halo.

"Precursor Nu Lang does have a lot of raw materials. You've been storing a lot of materials like these; I wonder what kind of rare, earth-shaking treasures you want to refine."

Shi Yan took a deep breath while observing here and there, smiled and said.

Nu Lang hadn’t shown himself yet.

However, Shi Yan knew that Nu Lang was right here, but he had hidden his aura to seclude his whereabouts. This made Shi Yan unable to find him.

Since he had arrived the mountain foot, even if he didn't see Nu Lang, he could sense someone watching him.

While he was eyeing the refining materials, Nu Lang should be staying somewhere secretly, watching each move of his to guess his realm and characteristics. "Kid, you have big guts. As you dare to come here alone, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?"

A boorish voice came from the mountain foot then reverberated unceasingly between the rocky walls, shattering some pieces of rock.

Shi Yan could only feel the rumbling sound in his ears. It had even entered his brain and affected his Sea of Consciousness, as it was shaken all of a sudden.

His mind shivered. He immediately retrieved his Soul Consciousness to ensure that it wouldn't get affected. The five dormant Devils in the Sea of Consciousness seemed to tremble due to this noise before they could gradually calm down.

In the swamp area of that exotic land, the Five Devils had devoured many hollow spirits. Since then, they had started to evolve. This process had been started for a long time. However, it seemed not to be finished yet.

Shi Yan was a little bit disappointed as he found the Five Devils didn’t wake up.

"What should I fear?" Shi Yan smiled, looking at the scarlet flame crystals in the magma pond. "With precursor Nu Lang’s moral standing, you’ll not take action against a junior like me. Furthermore, I came with good will this time. I think precursor Nu Lang should be treating me well."

"Kid, do you really have the heaven flame?" Nu Lang’s voice arose again.

"If I didn’t have the heaven flame, I’d definitely not dare to come here." He extended his arms, and the Earth Flame burst out. As the fiery flame came out, the scarlet flame crystals in the magma pond were ignited, releasing the furious flame up to the sky. The flame immediately covered the whole mountain foot.

When the scarlet flame crystals met the fiery flame energy, they could blaze up better. As a type of heaven flame, the Earth Flame could incite the potential of the scarlet flame crystals.

The temperature at the mountain foot had rocketed to an extreme level in just a flash.

"It’s really the heaven flame."

Nu Lang shouted, showed himself and arrived in front of Shi Yan.

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