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Deep inside the seabed of the Dark Water Territory stood the black extinct volcano ranges. Each extinct volcano colossally towered the seabed, just like rows of sharp swords jutted up to the sea surface.

It was where the Black Flood Dragon Clan dwelled.

It was unknown why the extinct volcano ranges had sunk deep into the ground. Each volcano was thousands of meters high.

Situated on the mountainsides and the summits of those volcanoes were buildings constructed from some kind of ink-black stone. At first glance, it looked like those buildings were made from black iron, very sharp with distinguishing features.

"Rumors said that the ancestor of the Black Flood Dragon Clan was a level ten black flood dragon, whose supernatural power could penetrate the sky and destroy the earth. Very terrifying! That level ten demonic beast black flood dragon had mated with human females and bred many human-beast hybrids. They are the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s members. The Black Flood Dragon Clan has the black flood dragon and human bloodline. They have dark, sharp horns on their heads, and have the ability to transform into the half-monster shape."

In the seawater, Li Feng pointed at the place in front of them and explained to Shi Yan.

"Since the Black Flood Dragon Clan members aren’t the real black flood dragons, they don’t have the st.u.r.dy physique of the dragon, but they have the intellect that the black flood dragons lack. Members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan get along well with the real Black Flood Dragons and consider them their best allies. See, we can find the Black Flood Dragon beasts inside those extinct volcanoes."


"Yeah, the Black Flood Dragon Clan and the Black Flood Dragons can live in harmony because they share the same bloodlines. Usually, the average level of the Black Flood Dragons is level six. Although they’re small in number, they’re the overlords of the beasts undersea. They aren’t afraid of anything. In the middle of the extinct volcanoes, I think there are even level eight Black Flood Dragons. A level eight Black Flood Dragon’s as strong as a Spirit Realm warrior. Nu Lang’s a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. So, who’s stronger, the level eight Black Flood Dragon or him?"

"Nu Lang. That level eight Black Flood Dragon is Nu Lang’s a.s.sociated beast. Since Nu Lang was born, he has had his blood interlinked with it." Li Feng frowned and explained to him with a soft tone. "A part of the Black Flood Dragon Clan's population would interlink their blood with the Black Flood Dragons. Once they could form the soul and blood connection with the beast, they can become its master. Then, they can thrive together, humans and beasts. In this a.s.sociation, they have been living together from birth, and their lives are connected by a subtly mysterious connection that we can't explain."

"So, what makes it different from the beasts we have tamed?"

"Of course, it’s different. This a.s.sociation is formed with lives. If the Black Flood Dragon dies, the clansman who’s its master will die, too. Correspondingly, if the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s member, who is the beast’s master, dies, the beast interlinked with him will die together." Li Feng held a serious face. "This a.s.sociation’s really magical. I heard that it could fuse the master and the beast into one to promote their best combined power. There aren’t many members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan can connect with the Black Flood Dragons. However, they are all the key members of the clan. Among the Sea Tribes, the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s small. In Endless Sea, I heard that there are just some members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan living there. However, each clansman of the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s more excellent than the other Sea Tribes members at the same realm. With the aid of the Black Flood Dragon beasts, they become even more intimidating!"

Shi Yan was dumbstruck for a while before he could speak up again. "So, the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s members with the Black Flood Dragon beasts can have the superior power over the other warriors?"

"It’s true," Li Feng nodded solemnly. "So, you have to think it over again. Nu Lang has the cultivation base at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, and he also has a level eight Black Flood Dragon beast. Can you imagine how formidable his real competence is?" Shi Yan was shocked. "So, Nu Lang’s even more dangerous than Chi Yan and Bo Xun?

"It’s hard to tell before engaging in a fight with him." Li Feng still wore a serious complexion, mused, then spoke again. "I think, if Nu Lang fights with Chi Yan and Bo Xun, his chance to win will be a little bit higher. The reason why Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian didn’t want to provoke the Sea Tribes even when they were at their peak state was because of Nu Lang."

"According to you, Nu Lang’s the strongest warrior both undersea and on the sea of the Endless Sea, isn’t he?"

"People living on the seabed think so. No matter it be the Sea Tribes dwelling on the seabed or humans living in Barren City, they all think that Nu Lang’s the best warrior with real fame and competence, and Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian aren't his matches. Fortunately, the Sea Tribes don't have good secret treasures. Otherwise, I think even people on the sea would consider him the strongest warrior of the entire Endless Sea," said Li Feng.

Shi Yan’s face slightly changed.

"My Great Grandfather was really brave that year." He talked again after a long while of silence. "As he dared to provoke a man like that, I think my Great Grandfather has the biggest guts in the Endless Sea. Haha, can’t believe his real competence is at the True G.o.d Realm. Nu Lang’s really intimidating. No wonder why the unruly Yin Hui has to bow to him."

"Of course! If Nu Lang voices his opinions, the members of the Silver Shark Clan, the Naga Tribe, and the Water Scorpion Tribe have to obey his words. All members of the Sea Tribes acknowledge Nu Lang’s existence as what guarantees the peace for the Sea Tribes. As long as Nu Lang stays well, the Endless Sea’s warriors won’t have the courage to plan anything on the Sea Tribes."

Li Feng giggled while looking at him. "Now you know how imposing Nu Lang is? Later on, when you meet Nu Lang, you should behave. He isn’t Bao Wen or Bao Ke. Even if you can use the external force to reach the Spirit Realm cultivation base, you’re no match for him."

"Okay, I will be more careful," Shi Yan caressed his nose and nodded reluctantly.

Before they had got here, he actually didn’t overestimate Nu Lang, as he thought that he would have the power as strong as Chi Yan or Bo Xun at most. However, from Li Feng’s explanation, he knew that Nu Lang perhaps was more dangerous than the other two. This made him more cautious.

Since his debut, the strongest warrior he had ever encountered was the Demon King Chi Yan.

In Yuan Lou Sea Area, when Chi Yan had struck out, he had revealed his imposing power, which made Shi Yan remember him for a long time.

Even now, when he recalled the heaven-shaking deeds of Chi Yan, he still felt cold inside, as he knew that even if he could borrow all the energies, he couldn't gain the upper hand against Chi Yan.

Due to his clear recognition of this, after he had entered his Sky Realm, and when the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d had all recovered, he still didn't dare to go to Huan Luo Sea Area to find Chi Yan and take revenge.

He wasn’t an impulsive person.

If he weren’t sure about something, he wouldn't do it recklessly. Compared to the peak warriors, he still lacked something, but he also had some advantages.

His mysterious martial spirit!

The martial spirit he got when he had first entered this strange world had an immense ability, which could greatly boost his speed to break the bottleneck while entering a new realm. He knew what he lacked now was time and practice.

If he had more time, he could enter a brand new realm in just a short while.

One day, he would be stronger than Chi Yan, and he could finish that grudge.

He had this confidence.

"Well, Nu Lang's really dangerous. If you help him refine rare treasures this time, he will become the overlord of the entire world." Li Feng held a wry smile. "No one knows if Nu Lang would stay still undersea. Currently, the situation of the Endless Sea is too complicated. If he wants to stir up the Endless Sea, not many people can stop him."

Shi Yan arched his brow.

This was also a problem.

Not only the Black Flood Dragon Clan could live undersea, if there was a suitable place on the sea, they could also live there as well.

Nu Lang had the absolute ruling position in the Sea Tribes. If he had dark ambitions towards the Endless Sea, he could directly lead the hotshots of the Sea Tribes to enter the sea area, taking the chance while the Endless Sea was currently in chaos. This would be an immense advantage to the Sea Tribes.

It’d happened before.

Legend said that the Sea Tribes had united and had a great war with the warriors of the Endless Sea in an attempt to take a sea area in the Endless Sea thousands of years ago. Although they lost that war under the union of the human warriors, they had caused a great loss to the elite force of the warriors in the Endless Sea.

After that war, the Sea Tribes had got back to the seabed and stayed there for several thousands of years without provoking people on the sea anymore.

But now, the Sea Tribes had an earth-shaking character like Nu Lang, who could make all of the tribes undersea believe in him. If he rose his hand and planned something to make use of the chaotic situation in the Endless Sea for the benefit of all Sea Tribes, Yin Hui, Li Sha, and Bao Ke would be willing to go and fight together with him.

"Forget it. The Endless Sea’s messed up enough. Moreover, it’s not sure that the Sea Tribes would be our misery." Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan comforted himself. "Up there, we have Chi Yan, Bo Xun, Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian. Perhaps my Great Grandfather would return soon. We have so many strong warriors up there. Even if Nu Lang goes up to the sea, it's difficult for him to control the situation. At most, he could only make the Endless Sea more disorderly." Having heard that, Li Feng could only agree with him.

They were talking along the way. Not long after that, they showed themselves in front of the extinct volcanoes.

"Members of the Yang Family from Barren City would like to meet patriarch Nu Lang." Li Feng slightly bowed then pitched her voice. A thirty-meter-tall Black Flood Dragon came out of an extinct volcano. Its whole body was covered in black iron scales. The dragon had big horns on its head, with the eyes as big as a fist, flaring up with a horrendous light.

That Black Flood Dragon was a level seven beast. After it came out from the extinct volcano, its giant red pupils gazed at Shi Yan and Li Feng cruelly.

There seated a Sky Realm member of the Black Flood Dragon Clan on the head of that Black Flood Dragon.

He had humanoid form accompanied with a half –a- meter black horn on his head. This dark skinned man looked at Shi Yan’s group coldly and then mocked, "Juniors from the Yangs, what kind of qualification you have to ask for meeting up with our patriarch? Even if Yang Tian Emperor came here himself, I’m not sure our patriarch would like to meet him. What do you depend on for your request?"

"Depends on my Heaven Flame." Shi Yan grinned then extended his arm. The Earth Flame burst out. Its flame was flickering mystically in the water. The seawater had constantly been evaporated but the flame was still increasing in ferocity, not even affected a bit by the water.

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