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It was the whole life experience of a Spirit level blacksmith.

His host soul turned into a beam of light, entering the halo of the memories. It was like he had just visited a whole new earth and firmament!

Scenes of treasure refining process appeared in that light of memory. It told the story of that Spirit level Blacksmith from the time he had known nothing about refining. He then tried to practice the refining method. Step by step, he gradually held a good grasp of the secret techniques in refining treasures. His experience had been built up through thousands of times of refining treasures. The scenes of his progress were shown one by one inside the halo of memory.

His host soul sank into it, watching countless scenes moving quickly in front of his eyes. It was like he was visiting a museum. All of a sudden, he felt helpless as he didn’t know where to start.

He found the scene in which the blacksmith had started his training in refining treasures, calmed down and started to perceive the practice.

This Spirit level blacksmith used to know nothing about refining, and his knowledge of the subtle features of refining was just a white blank.

The blacksmith used a human flame. The first time he refined something, he had used various metals and crystals to forge a rough ring. A simple Spirit Gathering Array was carved on the ring to absorb the energy from the crystals. This ring was the simplest secret treasure with minor functions. It could absorb the Profound Qi and release it inside with just a flicker of thought from its master. But it could burst out only once.

The energy a simple Spirit Gathering Array could absorb was limited. Perhaps it wasn't even as strong as a full-force strike from a Disaster Realm warrior.

However, to Shi Yan, it was really tough to forge just a small treasure like that.

He lingered on that scene, quieted down his mind to grasp the knowledge. It was an unknown period of time until he could remember all the details.

He then left the halo of memory, wandering around the vault in search for the necessary materials to fabricate this Spirit Gathering Ring.

His thought fluttered as he was urging the power of the Earth Flame in his body. A small flame emerged from his palm while his finger was continually pointing at the metals in front of him. The three types of black metals, jade crystals, and flint flew out one by one, falling into his small flame.

Those three materials were being refined in the flame. He didn't know how long it had been until he was finally done. He then sent his Soul Consciousness into the flame. Inside the liquid that resulted from the three materials’ complete smelting, he saw numerous impurities. Controlling the fiery flame, he started to melt these impurities down.

However, when he had just enhanced the fiery flame, the liquid from the materials smelting evaporated directly.

Shi Yan frowned. He knew his first time refining something had failed.

Apparently, he hadn’t mastered his control over the fiery flame. When he wanted to use the flame to melt the impurities, he had pushed it a little too much and had accidentally evaporated the materials he had been refining.

He hadn’t even combined the materials completely, no need to mention embedding the Spirit Gathering Array in it. If he couldn't carve the Spirit Gathering Array, he couldn't even form the initial shape of the treasure.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan didn't feel angry. He didn't hurry to start it all over again but tried to control the flame, using his soul and mind to control it. Gradually, he got used to the degree of the flame when he adjusted it, trying to feel it every time he increased the heat. This helped him have a more accurate heat control.

This process took him a lot of time. Waiting until he realized that he could control the fiery flame well enough to refine the impurities, he took out a new set of the three materials and continued to forge the Spirit Gathering Ring.

When the three materials were gradually being melted in the flame, he was able to control the flame well to increase or decrease the power in time.

He was extremely careful this time.

The fiery flame was increasing little by little. After it reached the right degree, the liquid from the material's melting didn't evaporate while the impurities had been turning into smoke, burning down inside the flame.

He felt joy. However, when he continued to increase the heat, the three materials continued to be melted. He immediately knew that the temperature was over the three materials yielding limit.

He tried doing it again.

The cultivating materials in this vault were really rich, enough for him to waste. In this vault, he didn't care about his meals or sleep, and wholly focused on his first treasure refining.

The Spirit Gathering Ring was one of the simplest secret treasures, as it required only three kinds of materials. He had tried eight times before he could finally have it done.

Eventually, he could eliminate the impurities. After he had fused the three materials, he used the cold air from the Ice Cold Flame.

As the cold ice was released, the three materials which had been combined in one chunk suddenly condensed.


Due to the intense cold air, the three materials cracked down into pieces of brown stone.

He failed again.

Shi Yan took a deep breath, rubbed his temples and beamed a forced smile.

The simplest procedure of refining treasure had wasted much of his energy. Not only did he need to precisely control the heat of the Earth Flame, but also needed to be patient when he condensed the material, as it required to be carried out in an orderly way, and couldn't be finished in a rush.

The more impatient he was, the faster he would fail. This was like the cultivation process of a warrior. Calming down his mind, he proceeded to a new round of refining process.

Time flew.

After nine times of failure, inside the vault, he had an absolutely new realization in using cold air to condense the melted materials. Finally, he had successfully refined the three materials into the initial shape of the ring. The jade-like transparent ring had undergone so many failures to have this primary shape of a ring.

Inscribing the Spirit Gathering Array!

His intention changed. He concentrated attentively on refining the Profound Qi in his body, turning it into a beam of light pouring into the Spirit Gathering Ring.

Guiding the strange energy of the materials inside the Spirit Gathering Ring, he started to work like he was painting. Under the guidance of the Soul Consciousness, he engraved the Spirit Gathering Array on the Spirit Gathering Ring.

Beams of Soul Consciousness attached to the Spirit Gathering Ring. His Soul Consciousness was moving at extremely fast speed. Each time he had urged this strange energy, his own energy was consumed much. Only a small mistake would chaotically disrupt the path creating by the strange energies.

Strange energies in the Spirit Gathering Ring suddenly ran disorderly like a group of mad horses. A crack echoed from the Spirit Gathering Ring, and it exploded.

Shi Yan had a headache, shaking his head while looking at the broken ring. He mused for a while before starting all over again.

He had failed twelve times already.

When carving the Spirit Gathering Array, the energy to be spent would be enormous, which would cause some minor mistake midway. After each mistake, the Spirit Gathering Array would change accordingly, leading to the explosion of the ring.

To portray the array, he had to do it coherently without any interruption in the middle of the process. Also, he must not distract himself to lead to any mistakes, even the tiny ones.

Only when he had done everything accurately in carving the complete Spirit Gathering Array on the ring could he retrieve his Soul Consciousness.

It was simple to say, but really tough to do.

He had done the trials continuously, and his failures also came successively. This attack almost had him collapsed, giving him a dispirited feeling as if he could never see the hope of success.

The simplest refining had unexpectedly wasted a lot of his energy and will. But, he still hadn’t succeeded. He now realized that the blacksmith stuff was even more strenuous than warriors’ cultivating process! In the past, he had progressed quickly from the Nascent Realm, and none of the difficulties he had met were as tough and complicated as this refining.

Sitting neatly in the vault, he frowned while looking at the materials he had trashed. Shi Yan then held his breath to concentrate and restore his mind.

After adjusting his breath for a while, he felt his mind and Qi had been recovered to the peak, and attempted one more time.

This time, the embryonic form of the Spirit Gathering Ring had been created several times faster than his previous trials. Practice made a man perfect, that was surely true. After many times of refining, he didn't fail to make the embryonic form of the ring.

Afterward, the Spirit Gathering Ring was finished. He then used his Soul Consciousness to urge the strange energies of the three materials themselves and guide them to draft the Spirit Gathering Array.

He was completely concentrating this time. He didn’t even blink, just kept gazing at the Spirit Gathering Ring.

The thoughts from his Soul Consciousness turned into light beams, guiding the strange energies running inside the Spirit Gathering Ring. He was using his Soul Consciousness to carve the simple array. Moreover, he was receiving constant feedback from the mystical essence of this array.

Due to his extreme focus, sweat had covered his entire body not long after he had started. Beads of sweat were rolling down his face from his forehead.

He didn't dare get distracted. As if he were entering the bedevilment phase, his mind was wandering in some mysterious realm while his Soul Consciousness was traveling through the ring. He carefully controlled the strange energies and drew the simple Spirit Gathering Array. This step was to complete the ring.

Drawing it at one go!


A tinkling sound echoed from the Spirit Gathering Ring as the ring was radiating an immense silver halo. Inside the ring was a weak suction force that ordinary people couldn't sense.

Shi Yan was drenched in sweat, smilingly looking at the silvery Spirit Gathering Ring.

He then took out a medium quality Profound Qi crystal and put it in the ring. The Spirit Gathering Array on the ring was invisible at first, but after the Profound Qi started to pour into the ring, it gradually appeared, as the small ring had activated its magical suction force to draw the energy.

The Spirit Gathering Spell on the ring had been activated.

The ring started to absorb beams of energy inside the Profound Qi crystal as the Spirit Gathering Array guided them into the ring.

Roughly one hour later, a medium quality Profound Qi crystal had turned into stone. The energy inside had been absorbed completely.

After the ring had absorbed energy from a medium quality Profound Qi crystal, it became translucent. Moreover, the silver halo was getting brighter, and could light up the area ten meters around it.

Shi Yan took out a high-quality Profound Qi crystal and put it in the Spirit Gathering Ring. He then observed the process where the ring was taking in the energy.

Soon, that crystal was drained. Shi Yan smiled, as he felt he had achieved something really good. He put another high-quality Profound Qi crystal inside the ring.

One day had pa.s.sed, and the Spirit Gathering Ring had absorbed five Profound Qi crystals

The ring became dazzling. Inside the ring, vehement surging energy was rippling. If he released the energy at once, it would be equal to a full force strike of a Disaster Realm warrior.

Shi Yan felt content.

At his first time in refining treasures, after so many failures, he aced it in the end.

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