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Shi Yan was also dazed. He looked at Li Sha, bowed down to give her respect and said, "Precursor Li Sha, it’s too much you’ve done for the Yang Family. On behalf of the Yang Family, I thank you a lot."

There were many tribes among the Sea Tribes. However, the Black Flood Dragon Clan, the Silver Shark Clan, the Naga Tribe and the Water Scorpion Tribe were the four biggest tribes with the largest number of strong warriors.

The Naga Tribe was placed behind the Black Flood Dragon Clan and the Silver Shark Clan. Also, Li Sha’s cultivation base wasn’t as strong as Nu Lang’s and Yin Hui’s. However, she had come when the Yang Family was in danger, and she had done her best to save the lives of the Yangs. Obviously, she didn’t need to aid the Yangs.

As she didn’t throw a stone at them when they fell down the well, and was prepared to help them at the crucial time, if what Li Sha said was true, the Yang Family had to thank her.

"The reason why I stay is to explain something. In fact, members of the Sea Tribes aren’t all bad as you’ve imagined."

Li Sha was hesitant before she watched here and there, then said, "When I proposed to protect the Yang Family’s members, Nu Lang and Yin Hui agreed immediately. Even Bao Ke, whom Yang Tian Emperor had hurt before, was hesitant for a while and then agreed. No one wanted to exterminate the Yangs."

"What?" Shi Yan grinned, "So, the four great leaders of the Sea Tribes had a meeting to deal with our Yang Family?"

"I don't want to keep it from you," nodded Li Sha. "We did negotiate."

Shi Yan laughed but didn’t say anything.

"We’d discussed that if the Yang Family could continue to benefit the Sea Tribes, I think no leader would have different thoughts." Li Sha beamed a forced smile. "But since Yang Tian Emperor’s been confined in the Demon Area and the Yang Family’s lost the control in Kyara Sea, it's been four years since you stopped transported rare cultivating materials for the Sea Tribes. This makes many members of the Sea Tribes who depend on the Yang Family uncomfortable."

Yang Zhuo sighed begrudgingly. "We have no choice."

"I know," Li Sha smiled. "It would be alright if we had never taken it for granted. But it's been years. When a Sea Tribe member needs materials for his cultivation, we have your Yang Family to exchange for it. We've formed that habit. But then, you've stopped the supply. Many people who don't have the materials to cultivate turn to bear the grudge with you guys. Right at this moment, Ming Hai and Fu Hao stood up and committed that they could replace the Yang Family to provide the materials for our cultivation. You say should we be moved?"

"Ming Hai and Fu Hao?"

Yang Zhuo beamed a cold smile, sneered and said disdainfully, "With only the two of them?"

"Of course, they can’t." Li Sha continued, "But they got the connection with the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace."

Finally, Yang Zhuo had to change his face. "How could it be!"

"Nothing’s impossible." Li Sha arched her brow then smiled. "The Yang Family has earned a fortune on the seabed through Barren City. Do you think the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace wouldn't be jealous? If the Yangs could do it, the Caos and the Martial Spirit Palace could do it, too. Ming Hai and Fu Hao had come to these two forces. With this situation, shouldn’t they be moved?"

Shi Yan frowned, then sighed, "I got it."

Yang Zhuo also nodded. "If it’s so, I think the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace wouldn't turn them away. Indeed, they would help them discretely."

"That’s the truth," Li Sha smiled. "Although the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace can’t take care of themselves at this moment and couldn't send strong warriors to the Barren City, when they heard about the situation, they did show their interest. Ming Hai and Fu Hao told them that they could persuade the Sea Tribes. With this win-win solution, it had been settled like that."

Even though people from the Yang Family didn't want to accept it, they recognized that the situation was exactly like what Li Sha had shared.

"No wonder why Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and their allies had such guts. Hmph… Turns out they had the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace as their backing." Yang Zhuo gritted his teeth, smiling coldly. "Right now, the Endless Sea is a chaotic mess, but the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace still have their wild schemes to poke their noses in Barren City’s business. They’re really ambitious."

"Everyone has ambitions." Li Sha nodded. "It’s the real situation. However, the four clans, we remember the favors the Yang Family has done to us. So, we all agreed to secure the Yang’s generations and keep you away from extinguishing. Yin Hui, Bao Ke and me would come and observe the four of Ming Hai’s group in case they push things too far."

"So, I’ve misunderstood you guys." Shi Yan furrowed his eyebrows. "If I were you, I would do the same. For the future of the clan, letting go of an ally who's not useful anymore is a normal sense. As you’ve remembered the favor by the Yangs and left us an exit, it's our friendship."

"We aren’t like your mankind," laughed Li Sha.

The complexions of Yang Zhuo’s group were a little bit embarra.s.sed.

"I'm just honest, don't be angry." Li Sha smiled. "The Yang Family had done many good things for the Endless Sea. If the Yangs didn’t subdue the Fourth Demon Area, I think the Endless Sea’s warriors wouldn’t have had these many years living in peace. However, when they saw the Yang Family was about to be defeated, no force in the Endless Sea wanted to give you a hand. Ironically, they thought about how to share the Kyara Sea first. Those people didn't want to give you guys a way out. They even wanted to uproot your whole family. Isn’t it true?"

Shi Yan’s, Yang Zhuo’s and the others’ faces became more grimaced.

"Although we, the Sea Tribes, have some selfish members who always think about them first, we still know how to maintain friendships." Li Sha laughed arrogantly. "I’ve just told you that our Sea Tribes are better than humans in this aspect. In this regard, no matter it be the Sea Tribes, the Dark Dwellers or the Demon Dwellers, none of us are as cruel as humans, who can do anything to earn benefits."


Yang Zhuo sighed and nodded begrudgingly.

Mankind was famous for their influence and heartlessness among the other great species. Even if they didn't say anything, they couldn't change that fact.

That was why when the other great species doing business with mankind always kept their conservative att.i.tude. Many species didn’t like humans, as they thought that humanity was the wickedest in the world. They were cunning; they didn’t play by the rules, and could do anything to earn profits. There were numerous shortcomings to count.

"I said this in the hope that you would understand. Although what our Sea Tribes did this time was atypical, it wasn't really ruthless." Li Sha had mused for a while before speaking up again. "This matter’s solved today. I hope that the Yang Family wouldn't have a grudge with the Sea Tribes. Otherwise, it doesn't benefit any of us. If we can maintain the original relation, I think for the benefit we are about to receive, we will stand by the Yang Family's side. But if you hold grudge and do something disadvantageous to our Sea Tribes, I think it's not what we want to see."

"It’s too soon to talk about that." Shi Yan contemplated and smiled. "The patriarch Nu Lang of the Black Flood Dragon Clan hasn't expressed himself yet. As the strongest warrior of the Sea Tribes, if he doesn't recognize our Yang Family's position, we can't live in peace in the Barren City. If it happens that way, the Yang Family will leave Barren City. At that time, perhaps you guys can cooperate with the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace. Haha. Anyway, allow me to remind you one thing. Currently, the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace can’t take care of themselves. It's unknown if they could solely rule the whole sea area in the future like they are doing now."

Divine light sparkled from Li Sha’s gorgeous eyes.

Shi Yan smiled deliberately. "One day, I’m afraid there will be a bigger event happening in the Endless Sea. After that event, I’m not sure the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace could stand still. If you have a connection with the Caos and the Martial Spirit Palace now, I don't know whether you can have the same relationship with the Yang Family as what you currently have."

"Kid, you’re so haughty. You’re stinkier than Yang Tian Emperor that year."

Li Sha understood his thought, eyeing him. "Why do you a.s.sume that the Yangs can prevent the Caos and the Martial Spirit Palace from becoming the sole overlord of the Endless Sea? With only you? Although you’re extraordinary, you’re far behind Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian. Do you really think that borrowing external force could make you stronger than them?"

Shi Yan smiled and didn’t answer her.

Li Sha gently frowned. "Kid, are you just spouting or you really have that confidence?"

"No," Shi Yan shook his head, "But I have to do that. Perhaps, it couldn't be done in just a short time. But I will consider it my goal. Maybe ten years or even twenty years later… Anyway, I think it would be thirty years max, and I can certainly do that."

People of the Yang Family were shaken. Their eyes all brightened up.

Members of the Yang Family all wore excited faces, as they were incited by the future he described, as if they were watching a picture being unfolded by Shi Yan.

This was the picture of the Yang Family holding the overlordship all over the Endless Sea, and every force had to bow to them.

"Your wild schemes are much bigger than your competence." Li Sha gazed at him for a long while before she nodded her head. "First, I wish you could fulfill your goal soon. If so, I will give you a big applause, and I will also be happy for Yang Tian Emperor."

She paused for a second then grinned. "Anyway, first, you have to persuade Nu Lang."

"Nu Lang?"

"Yeah. Now he’s busy with refining a Spirit level treasure, so he hasn’t come to Barren City yet. However, Nu Lang seems to tilt towards the collaboration with the Cao Family and the Spirit Martial Palace. He thinks that it would be more beneficial for the Sea Tribes if the Caos and the Martial Spirit Palace control Barren City together, more than your Yang Family doing that."

"Where’s Nu Lang?"

"Of course, in the Black Flood Dragon Clan. He wants to refine Spirit level treasures, but too bad he couldn't find the flame that was scorching enough. He has tried to do it many times, but he’s failed since he couldn't melt the materials. He has quite a headache now, so I guess he’s not in a good mood. If you want to find him at this time, I don’t think he would give you a good face."

"Fiery flame with a high temperature?" Shi Yan’s eyes brightened up, laughing out loud.

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