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Chapter 45 The Change
As soon as Xiao Feng Xian left, Han Zhong became more relaxed right away.
After briefly dressing himself, Han Zhong sat down at the table in front of Shi Yan, made a cup of tea and sipped it, “Young Master Yan, where are your escorts?”
“All dead.” Shi Yan looked calm as he explained casually, “The demon beasts in the Dark Forest went insane when hunting the warriors. In order to protect me, they all sacrificed themselves.”
Han Zhong was rather shocked as he looked at Shi Yan in confusion, “I was more or less aware of the situation. It’s so lucky of you to have escaped from it.”
He had heard the news long ago that the Silver Thunder Wolf had gone on a rampage, so he planned to go back to Shi Family in half a month since he a.s.sumed that he wouldn’t be able to find Shi Yan alive. He couldn’t believe that Shi Yan walked out of the Dark Forest unscathced.
It was so intense in the Dark Forest that even experienced warriors had been killed. But Shi Yan, who was a nerd, had somehow managed to survive. This completely surprised Han Zhong.
Han Zhong didn’t really like the former master of Shi Yan’s body.
That guy didn’t train in martial arts and was very old-fashioned; he loved to look into things that no one else in the Shi Family liked. Han Zhong couldn’t understand that.
Now, if it weren’t for Shi Jian’s order and the fact that he happened to be in Silent Town, he wouldn’t have been here waiting for Shi Yan.
“Yes, you certainly did have good luck.”
Shi Yan nodded as he smiled naturally, then he asked indifferently, “Uncle Han, when are we returning home?”
“It’s up to you, Young Master Yan. Actually I’m desperate to leave, for I have something to report to the family head. I would have returned days ago if it weren’t for you.” Han Zhong paused and answered boldly.
While he was talking, Han Zhong couldn’t help but begin to examine Shi Yan. He didn’t notice it at first, but after a careful examination, he realized something was different about him...
Shi Yan was much skinnier than before, and his round face had become angular and more masculine.
Sitting there naturally, Shi Yan’s kept his back upright and his body was like a sharp sword which made him seem quite hard-edged.
That wasn’t the only change in his appearance.
The former Shi Yan only lit up when he was researching historic relics. He was often listless on an average day.
But now, the guy before Han Zhong had deep bright eyes and seemed to be deep in thought all the time, sending out the impression that he knew everything.
“Uncle Han, may I ask you something?” Under Han Zhong’s gaze, Shi Yan continued easily, “It is surprisingly quiet in the Stone Woods these days, do you know what’s happening?”
“Well, the Beiming Family sent people there. It is said that they were meeting someone in the Stone Woods, therefore the warriors who were wandering in the Stone Woods all left upon hearing that.”
“The Beiming Family! Who was in the lead?” Shi Yan realized something.
“Beiming Ce.”
Han Zhong began to curse after he answered Shi Yan, “That guy is said to have reached Disaster Level half a year ago. d.a.m.n! He is only twenty seven years old! And he has twin Martial Spirits! Madness! I’m already forty five and still at The Second Sky of Disaster Level! It’s unfair!”
Twenty five years old, First Sky of Disaster Level, twin Martial Spirits...
Shi Yan stiffened as he suddenly realized that Beiming Ce was the person Mu Yu Die had planned to introduce him to.
That man has a rare talent and reached that level at such a young age. In addition, he came from the number one family in the Merchant Union - the Beiming Family. No wonder Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan chose him.
Silently, Shi Yan smirked to himself and an icy glint could be seen in his eyes: twenty five years old, Disaster Level, twin Martial Spirits, that’s very unbelievable?
Not exactly!
He was someone who had reached The Third Sky of Nascent Level from the First Sky of Elementary Level in mere two months!
Despite the Petrification and Immortal Martial Spirits, he also possessed another vicious and mysterious Martial Spirit. In comparison, he had much more potential than Beiming Ce!
“Time! I only need some time to surpa.s.s Beiming Ce!” Shi Yan thought to himself.
“Young Master Yan, you, you’ve got Profound Qi in your body?”
Han Zhong’s eyes lit up and he gazed at Shi Yan seriously, “I can feel that there is Profound Qi flowing in your body, and it is incredibly dense! Young Master Yan, what on earth happened to you?”
Shi Yan took a deep breath, trying to suppress his indignation, “Yes, I’ve got Profound Qi, so I’m a warrior now.”
“Which Level?” Han Zhong couldn’t wait.
“Nascent Level.”
The Merchant Union. Tianyun City. The Shi Family. The training field.
The training field of Shi Family extended tens of miles and was covered with ancient trees and odd rocks...
There were also water pools, sand fields, earth fields and wooden rooms within the training field...
With complicated refuges and barriers everywhere,the members of Shi Family were able to conduct live combat exercises.
And they could also learn to adjust and fight in all sorts of topographies.
At the time being, in the center of the training field, stood a huge, diamond shaped testing jade. The third generation of Shi Family were in a queue, walking towards the jade. They put their hand on the testing jade and sent out Profound Qi to test their level.
“Shi Tianluo, twenty-one, the Second Sky of Nascent Level!”
“Shi Tianxiao, twenty-five, the First Sky of Nascent Level!”
“Shi Tianling, twenty-seven, the Third Sky of Elementary Level!”

“Shi Tianke, twenty, the Second Sky of Nascent Level!”
“Shi Tianyun, nineteen, the Third Sky of Nascent Level!”

Han Feng, who was standing beside the testing jade with his eyes narrowed, yelled out after every young member finished his test.
Everytime Han Feng announced the result, the members of the first and second generations changed their expression accordingly; either happy or disappointed.
“Second Brother, your Tianyun is really something! He managed to advance to a higher stage!” Shi Kuo was a little angry as he grunted, “Tianke has been too lazy recently! I have to do something!”
“Third Brother, Tianke trains really hard. I saw him training in the Gravitational Room at midnight. Don’t pressure him too much, or it could go the opposite way.” Shi Gang comforted him.
“Tianyun, work harder. Advance to Human Level as soon as possible.” Shi Tie’s sound was like a great bell as he said proudly.
Shi Tie was Shi Jian’s brother, and Shi Gang and Shi Kuo were his sons. Shi Tianyun was Shi Gang’s son and thus Shi Tie’s grandson. Shi Tie was delighted as he saw that Shi Tianyun had advanced.
The position of family head was decided by one’s Martial level. Many years ago Shi Tie lost to his brother, so he was rather unhappy and hoped that his grandson, Shi Tianyun, could transcend Shi Jian’s grandson, Shi Tianxiao.
The Petrification Martial Spirit was very special and only went to the first two children of a couple.
The third child would rarely have the chance to inherit it.
That’s why every small family of Shi would generally only have two children.
Even the head of the Shi Family, Shi Jian, only had two children: Shi Yang and Shi Qing.
Shi Yang had a daughter - Shi Tianling, and a son - Shi Tianxiao.
Shi Qing and Yang Hai only had one son and that was Shi Yan.
Thus, Shi Tianling, Shi Tianxiao and Shi Yan were Shi Jian’s grandchildren, while Shi Tianyun, Shi Tianluo and Shi Tianke were Shi Tie’s grandchildren.
The members of Shi Family all got along well with each other. They stuck together and worked hard to increase the influence of their family.
But no matter how close they were, they still competed with each other. Such as Shi Tie, he always wanted to surpa.s.s Shi Jian through his grandson.
As his sons, Shi Gang and Shi Kuo, were not comparable to Shi Jian’s son, Shi Yang, he had given up pa.s.sing his dream onto them.
Luckily, his grandsons, Shi Tianyun and Shi Tianke, were more talented than Shi Tianxiao. He was rather proud every time they did the test, although it was without any bad intentions.
Yang Hai was standing next to Shi Yang, as he was explaining the state of their quarry to the latter. Hearing Shi Tie’s yell, Shi Yang got serious, “Well, second uncle is about to show off again.” After a pause, he glanced at Shi Tianxiao who was standing beside him and scolded, “You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You only cause me to lose face!”
“Er...I’m not that bad...” Shi Tianxiao drew his head back and looked miserable.
Yang Hai’s face became bitter as he sighed, “You should be satisfied. Think about my Shi Yan. At least Tianxiao is a warrior. But that b.a.s.t.a.r.d fools around all day and hasn’t come back yet. Who knows how much trouble he will bring back this time.”
“Ha, that’s true.” Shi Yang laughed.

The descendants of Shi Family were all gathered together on the training field and were discussing lively.
Just then, an eagle appeared in the sky and settled down on Shi Jian’s shoulder.
Shi Jian picked up a little gray bag from the eagle’s claw and took out a letter. Opening the letter casually, he began to read and he frowned.
They were all his relatives, so he didn’t intend to hide anything.
After merely one glance, Shi Jian couldn’t help but cry out with an amazed look on his face.
The people on the field were surprised and became quiet. They looked at Shi Jian and wondered why he was acting so weird.
“Big Brother, what’s up?” Shi Tie frowned and asked loudly, “Is the Mo Family making a fuss again? d.a.m.n! They won’t quiet down if we don’t give them a good kick!”
“Nope.” Shi Jian put down the letter excitedly as he said in surprise, “Han Zhong found Shi Yan!”
“How is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?” Upon hearing that, Yang Hai finally settled down. He asked with an annoyed face, seemingly planning on giving Shi Yan a lesson when he returned.
“That kid, is a warrior now...” Shi Jian looked shocked as his mouth trembled. He was trying to hide his excitement.
“What?” Shi Tie couldn’t help but cry out, “He is seventeen! Why did he begin to train at such an old age!”
After thinking, he sighed lightly as he really felt sorry for Shi Yan, “It’s too late, starting at seventeen. I guess he won’t achieve anything in his life. What was that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d doing before now! If he had been training since he was born, he could have reached the Second or Third Sky of Nascent Level, even if he doesn’t possesses the Martial Spirit of Shi Family.”
“That kid, is now at the Third Sky of Nascent Level!” Shi Jian answered firmly with sharp eyes.

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