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After Yin Hui had left, Bao Ke and Bao Wen brothers from the Water Scorpion Clan didn’t linger; they looked at Shi Yan once and then left.

Many warriors gathering in the Yang Family to see today's events knew that nothing was exciting enough to see anymore, and hence gradually left. Not long after that, hotshots from Human Race and Sea Tribes in the Yang Family also left in silence. Shi Yan walked to Yang Mu and the others, then looked at the people leaving, smiled and spoke up to Yang Zhuo. "Big Uncle, are you satisfied now? The four people who had come to mess with us have been eradicated. As for those who followed them, I think it isn’t necessary to chase and kill them all. Anyway, the future of Barren City still depends on them." Yang Zhuo felt content, nodding his head constantly. "Kid, you aren’t ordinary at all. I didn't think that you could force Bao Ke and Bao Wen to nod their heads. Haha, seems your Great Grandfather’s calculation is flawless. With you here in the Yang Family, Barren City won’t have any other unexpected events." Yang Mu, Yang Zhuo and the other disciples of Yang Family also smiled and praised his uncommon methods.

"The Black Flood Dragon Clan?" Shi Yan frowned, thought for a while then continued, "I heard that the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s the strongest clan among the Sea Tribes. They’re much more intimidating than the Silver Shark Clan, the Naga Tribe, and the Water Scorpion Tribe. The Black Flood Dragon's patriarch Nu Lang is at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, and he's addressed as the peerless warrior in the seabed. Is it true?"

Yang Zhuo couldn't help but change his face on hearing him talking about the Black Flood Dragon Clan. He nodded his head and sighed. "It’s true."

"How about their att.i.tude towards us? Is the Black Flood Dragon Clan not very friendly with the Yang Family?"

"Yes, it’s also true."


"That year when your Great Grandpa had come to the seabed and wanted to rule Barren City, the Silver Shark Clan, the Water Scorpion Tribe and the Naga Tribe agreed, but Nu Lang from the Black Flood Dragon Clan didn’t. Yin Hui and Li Sha couldn't help with that. To get the approval from Nu Lang, your Great Grandpa had personally visited the Black Flood Dragon Clan. Rumors say that he had a tense situation with Nu Lang. But then, don't know why but Nu Lang agreed at the end. However, they aren’t so friendly with the Yang Family. I think something was wrong with your Great Grandpa’s deeds that year." Shi Yan was startled. "Nu Lang said he would give the Yangs time to prove that we are able to control Barren City. If we could benefit the Sea Tribes, he would approve of the Yang Family’s position in Barren City. Although your Great Grandpa had sharp tricks, he had put the Barren City under control. After Yang Family had taken control of Barren City, we had transported a great deal of cultivating materials to Barren City. This benefited all tribes. Afterward, Nu Lang reluctantly approved of the overlord position of the Yang Family in Barren City."

"But now, it seems Nu Lang isn’t satisfied?"

"Yeah, after your Great Grandpa had been confined in the Demon Area, we’ve lost the control of the Kyara Sea. Afterward, the Yang Family had no way to supply enough cultivating materials for Barren City. This made Nu Lang very discontented. Maybe that’s why he wants the Yangs to lose our control to Barren City." Yang Zhuo’s face darkened. He mused for a while before speaking up again, "If Nu Lang didn’t keep this att.i.tude, I think Ming Hai, Yan Feng, and Fu Hao wouldn’t have dared to provoke the Yang Family. Even though Nu Lang didn’t come out personally, his att.i.tude was enough to let those people act carelessly."

"No wonder." It was easy for Shi Yan to understand. Nu Lang had approved of the overlord position of Yang Family that year purely because of benefits. As Nu Lang had seen more benefits for the members of Sea Tribes when the Yang took control of Barren City, even if he didn't want to admit it, he knew how to make decisions as the patriarch for the benefits his tribe would receive.

As things had been escalated, the Yang Family was declining, and they hadn't been able to supply most of the cultivating materials for Barren City for three or five years. Of course, Nu Lang’s veiled disapproval would arise. It was obvious why he had made such decision.

If he saw from Nu Lang’s standpoint, who didn't really like Yang Tian Emperor, when he found that the Yang Family couldn't continue bringing benefits to him, he would have done the same.

"Seems like I have to think about the method to handle Nu Lang. As he’s the strongest warrior of the Sea Tribes, if he doesn’t say anything, it means he wants to wait and see." Shi Yan mused for a while, then frowned as he was somewhat worried. "If the Yang Family can show its previous power and continue to supply cultivating materials for the Sea Tribes, I think even if Nu Lang’s discontented, he won’t say anything. But…"

The Endless Sea was in a special situation at present. The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers had invaded Kyara Sea and Yuan Luo Sea. Big fights happened continuously in the sea. Maintaining trade under such circ.u.mstances was really difficult. The main point here was that the Yang Family couldn't control the Kyara Sea, and they weren’t brave enough to work there. Thus, it was much difficult now to collect the cultivating materials there.

If he could solve this issue, Nu Lang would agree. But solving this problem wasn’t easy at all. "Due to the complicated situation, we couldn't transport the materials for cultivation to the Sea Tribes in Barren City. That caused a grudge between the Sea Tribes and us, the main reason for this great move." Yang Zhuo sighed, "I know the problem, but what to do about it? Your Great Grandpa is still in the Demon Area. He can’t come back within a short time. Up there, forces from everywhere are keeping an eye on us. It’s good that they didn't come here to kill us. And it’s impossible to do business with them."

The group of Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Li Feng and the others also shook their heads with a helpless expression. Shi Yan let out a sigh then looked at the group of warriors from the Naga Tribe. He said in surprise, "Why haven’t they left yet?" Yang Mu’s group also paid attention, looking at them. They saw the group of Fei Ya not leave, but walk towards them. Li Sha, the matriarch of the Naga Tribe, was wearing a bamboo hat accompanied with a loose black robe, swaying her snake tail to move to the main building of the Yang Family with a delicate deportment. She looked at Yang Zhuo then said softly, "Can I get over there for a chat?" Yang Zhuo was surprised. After a long while, he nodded and replied with serious manner. "Precursor Li Sha’s humbled yourself to come here, it’s our honor. Please come!" As the guard standing down there heard his a.s.signment, he quickly opened the stone gate and crossed his arms, bowing down. Li Sha smiled and said to Fei Ya, "Come with me." The two female Nagas mounted up the building. Not long after that, they approached the group of Yang Zhuo. When Li Sha arrived, she took off her bamboo-veiled hat, and her long, silky hair cascaded down like a waterfall. That was a charming, s.e.xy face with vermillion lips, bright-colored eyes and a jade-like skin tone. Li Sha was worth the t.i.tle of the most famous beauty among the Sea Tribes. She was delightful and ample, naturally exuding a breathtaking charm that could take people’s hearts and souls. She was like a succulent ripe peach that people regretted they couldn't bite even once, extremely beautiful.

As she had taken off her bamboo hat, the whole stage suddenly brightened up. All males of the Yang Family, including Yang Zhuo, were shaken, unable to help but throw her admired looks. Shi Yan also complimented her in his mind, as he was amazed at her astonishing gorgeous beauty. She was a beautiful mature woman, whose level was as high as Yu Rou of the White Wing Clan. s.e.xy appeal emitted from her entire body. She was really the enemy of all men, who could enchant all kinds of people, making them want to put her on the ground and begin to caress her.

"Matriarch Li Sha." Yang Zhuo bowed to her with a somber countenance. "Precursor Li Sha." Yang Mu, Zang Zhou, and the others held their breaths, staring at her without blinking even once. However, they all conducted the respect they should offer her. Legends said that Li Sha and Yang Tian Emperor had had an ambiguous time together. Although Yang Tian Emperor had never admitted it, members of the Yang Family didn’t dare to neglect this woman.

Li Sha only glared at Yang Zhuo, then shifted her eyes to Shi Yan, speaking up with a soft tone. "Hero among the youth. When Yang Tian Emperor was at your age, even he wasn’t as dangerous as you are. The Yang Family is always the Yang Family, where the next generation is stronger than the previous ones. I’ve come to finally know it."

Shi Yan smiled, "Thanks for your compliment." Li Sha nodded, pointed at Fei Ya next to her and said, "Thanks for giving them a hand. Without you, perhaps the Silver-horned Electric Eels would have killed them."

"The Yang Family and the Naga Tribe are good friends. I should be helping them. Precursor Li Sha, you don’t need to be too polite." Shi Yan smiled and nodded at Fei Ya. Fei Ya’s pretty eyes sparked with a strange light. She smiled, "Kid, you’ve surprised people. I have looked down on you before. Yeah, I didn’t believe that you could save Barren City. Unexpectedly, you killed Ming Hai, Fu Hao, Yan Feng and Jiu Lan Xin. You also made Bao Ke and Bao Wen admit the Yangs’ overlord power. It’s me who has underestimated you." 

Shi Yan shook his head and burst out laughing. "You don’t need to explain. I should thank you, too. Along the way, if you didn’t give me the information of Ming Hai and his allies, I couldn't be sure about it. Yeah, it's you who helped me make the decision. I should say thank you." 

"You’re polite," Fei Ya giggled. "Don’t be too polite like that," Li Sha said tenderly. "The Yang Family and our Naga Tribe have a close relationship. I did want to stand up for your Yang Family in this event. I want to make it clear that this time I came here not to take responsibility for the Yangs, but I would have interfered to save your lives when Ming Hai’s group became excessive. I’ve talked to the other tribes. I have no voice if they don’t want the Yang Family anymore, but I said I wanted to save your lives, and that’s all I could have done for you guys."

Yang Zhuo was shaken. His eyes brightened up.

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