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Shi Yan was happy. Since his petrification hadn't approached the peak of mutation yet, the last time he had borrowed the powers of the three living beings, his flesh body couldn't endure it. When the vehement energy flowed into his body, he felt like his tendons and meridians were all ripped apart. As his body was too stiff at that time, his spirit, will, and fleshy body were all affected when moving. Using the power that didn’t belong to him was like using a double-bladed sword. His body would bear the pain ordinary people couldn’t even withstand. Even he himself couldn't bear that pain before his martial spirit hadn’t been mutated.

But this time, it was different. As he had entered the Sky Realm, the mutation of his martial spirit had reached the peak, and his physique had gotten beyond his imagination. Unexpectedly, it had totally adapted with the power he had poured into it this time. Besides a little tingling in the tendons and meridians, he didn't have any other strange feelings. When the earth-shaking energy was running fast in his body, and he could feel the power overflowing his body; this made him want to cheer loudly.

He enjoyed the pleasure from the intimidating, wild power. Using his soul to communicate with the mystical giant sword, he found that this sword could absorb more of his energies. Only if it could gather enough power, it could generate a formidable force strong enough to destroy both the earth and the firmament. Bao Wen was like Mo Qi Ta; he had the cultivation base of First Sky of Spirit Realm. However, when he faced the attack from the mystical sword, he had no way to dodge. When the Sacred-level treasure and the mysterious giant sword collided, the spiritual Qi of the treasure vanished, as it had been directly turned into trash. From this minor detail, Shi Yan could confirm that the level of his mystical giant sword should be the G.o.d level! A G.o.d level treasure!

There was never a G.o.d level treasure in the entire Endless Sea. But he got one in his hands now. What concept was this? G.o.d-level rare treasures could enhance the warriors’ competencies thoroughly. Perhaps, it could help a warrior bring out abilities much stronger than his own realm. He clearly recognized how terrifying a G.o.d-level rare treasure was. "Bao Wen, didn’t you want me to take one punch of yours?" Shi Yan faced up, laughing out loud. His aura was constantly increasing, torrentially emitting out like multi-ranged mountains. This gave people a helpless feeling that they couldn't cross it. Many warriors staying hidden in the dark also felt the increasing power from Shi Yan, causing fear to swell in their hearts. The Yang Family’s new generation was even more intimidating than Yang Tian Emperor’s generation. Everybody started to be concerned about the Yangs again. They now felt that even if Yang Tian Emperor died, the Yang Family wouldn't decline. The tremendous power Shi Yan was releasing had shaken everyone on the scene. All human and Sea Tribes warriors in Barren City would remember Shi Yan, and they would never forget him for the rest of their lives.

"Enough!" A cold voice arose from the crowd of the Sea Tribes as a member of the Water Scorpion Clan flying out. In just a blink of an eye, he had shielded in front of Bao Wen. The man frowned and spread both his hands. Numerous green patterned-light beams emitted from his palms, darting towards the mystical giant sword. In those green patterned beams appeared the illusions of thousands of toxic scorpions. Each scorpion was releasing a cold aura, aiming at the bloodshot eyes on the sword. "Da-ge!" Bao Wen shouted in excitement. He hurried to sway his scorpion tail to release the same green patterned light, blending with the other's light. More illusions of poisonous scorpions appeared inside the green light. This green light somehow had a miraculous effect, as if it was like a muddy puddle that could slow down the giant sword hacking down on Bao Wen. "You are the patriarch Bao Ke of the Water Scorpion Clan?" Shi Yan smiled as he was still floating in the sky. He nodded to the man and pointed at the mystical giant sword.

Refined lights shot out one by one from his finger, entering the giant sword. As the giant sword was receiving his energy, it suddenly flickered and turned into a blood-like light, falling onto Shi Yan’s palm. Holding the sword in his hand, Shi Yan looked at Bao Wen and Bao Ke, revealing a faint smile. He said deliberately, "Patriarch Bao Ke, will you be like your brother, wanting to battle with the Yang Family?" Bao Ke and Bao Wen looked pretty similar. They both had cold, dark, and thin faces. Cold light flared up from their eyes as they looked at Shi Yan, who was hovering arrogantly in the sky, snorted and said, "Until now, my Water Scorpion Clan has had no grudges with the Yangs. This event is unexpected, and Bao Wen has caused it himself alone. It isn’t related to our Water Scorpion Clan." 

"What?" Shi Yan grinned, then shook his head. "You’re saying that the fact that Bao Wen triggered Jiu Lan Xin to mess with our Yang Family isn’t related to your Water Scorpion Clan?"

"Yes!" Bao Ke said resolutely. Shi Yan was stunned.


"Shut up!" The boisterous scene suddenly calmed down, as many members of the Sea Tribes looked at the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan.

"So, what manners does your Water Scorpion Clan have?" Shi Yan frowned; his words weren’t friendly at all. "Are you going to retreat and wait to see the Yang Family’s situation and then decide how to deal with the Yangs?"

"I told you, Bao Wen’s stuff isn’t related to the Water Scorpion Clan." Bao Ke snorted, coldly glared at his brother and shouted at him. "Just because of a girl, you’re fighting against our ally. Your discretion’s getting worse." Unexpectedly, he gave Bao Wen a lesson. Bao Wen paled, wanted to say something, but finally kept his mouth shut under the warning eye of his brother.

"Bao Wen got his lesson. I think we should stop here. Anyway, you’ve killed that woman. I think you’ve already vented your anger, haven’t you?" The patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan mused, then faced up to talk to Shi Yan. Shi Yan smiled, nodded and said naturally, "Our Yang Family’s been your good friend. Although we have some problems this time, it will not affect the relationship between us. Yeah, the Yang Family will still watch over Barren City. Nothing will change. What do you think?"

"Of course," nodded Bao Ke.

Shi Yan laughed, "Good then." Yang Zhuo and the others also felt happy, nodding at each other.

Bao Ke meant that his Water Scorpion Clan wouldn't have any different thoughts anymore. He seemed to know Shi Yan was really tough to go against, and he also knew that if he turned his back on the Yang Family this time, it wouldn't bring any benefits to the Water Scorpion Clan in the future. So, he had expressed his att.i.tude and thoughts to Shi Yan in front of everybody.

"Our Naga Tribe’s always maintained a good relationship with the Yangs. We always favor the Yang Family’s position in Barren City. No matter what, as long as members of the Yangs stay in Barren City, the order in the city will still be under the family’s control. As the head of the Naga Tribe, I want to express myself here, too." A soft voice arose among the people of the Sea Tribes. A beautiful female Naga wearing a bamboo veiled hat slowly walked forward.

"Matriarch of the Nagas!"

"She has also come here?"

"I can believe this woman’s here." Many of the Sea Tribes couldn't help but sigh. They were discussing with low voices and strange looks.

"We, the Silver Shark Clan, also want to express our ideas." A tenor came from a tall building on the south of Barren City. People then saw a man wearing a silver robe coming towards Shi Yan from the top of that building. His face was vague from a distance.

"Ah, the patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan!"

"Is it true that all heads of the tribes have come to Barren City today? They do appreciate the Yang Family."

"Wow! I didn't think that even the patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan has come here personally. It really surprises people." Warriors from the Sea Tribes and the human race suddenly burst out in discussion with surprised eyes. The Silver Shark Clan was the strongest among the other clans of the Sea Tribes. Yin Hui, the patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan, had the cultivation base of Second Sky of Spirit Realm, whose intimidating name was famous among the Sea Tribes, as he had used his arrogance and coldness to swagger undersea for years. Apparently, he had never been defeated. That year, when Yang Tian Emperor had entered the Spirit Realm and gone to the seabed, because of his arrogance, he had some dispute with Yin Hui. It was said that the two of them had a great fight undersea, but it wasn't clear who won. After that fight, the Silver Shark Clan approved the overlord position of the Yang Family in Barren City. As Yin Hui was as powerful as Yang Tian Emperor, and he was also the Spirit Realm warrior of the previous generation, he had a n.o.ble position among the Sea Tribes members. Many young Sea Tribe men idolized him. When this man was young, he had come to the Endless Sea and provoked many Spirit Realm warriors to engage in battles with him. And, they had rarely received news of him being defeated.

No one had expected that Yin Hui would be at Barren City today. Moreover, he had reaffirmed the overlord position of the Yang Family in Barren City. The Silver Shark Clan was stronger than the Naga and the Water Scorpion Tribes. Also, Yin Hui was personally stronger than Li Sha and Bao Ke. It made his words heavier than theirs.

"Yeah, everything stays the same. It benefits everybody. Our Yang Family only wishes for peace in Barren City. As long as we can maintain the original state of Barren City, we can attract more human warriors here for trading. This is also the best situation to your Sea Tribes." Shi Yan was still floating in the air, looking at Yin Hui and said with cold tone.

"Boy, you’re more rampant and arrogant than Yang Tian Emperor that year. But, I like it." Yin Hui smiled, then said mildly, "No matter it’s on the seabed or on the Endless Sea, the stronger ones have the voice. As you have demonstrated your sufficient capacity, we feel relieved to leave Barren City in your hands."

Shi Yan’s brows slammed together. "One day, if you and Yang Tian Emperor both fall, my promise today will be invalid." Yin Hui snorted. "If you want to receive respect from others, you have to be strong enough. Currently, you’ve shown that you are strong enough; that’s why I’ve given you my approval." After Yin Hui had spoken, he didn’t want to linger. He just smiled and continued, "Don't be so arrogant. The power you have now isn’t completely belonging to you. Without borrowing the external forces, you’re just a Sky Realm warrior. Kid, put your best into it. Although the Silver Shark Clan won’t bother with your stuff, you have to deal with the Black Flood Dragon Clan yourself. Haha, This time, the ones who want your Yang Family to doom the most isn't us the Silver Shark Clan, or the Naga and the Water Scorpion Tribes. If you could earn the approval from that fella of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, then you can be considered to hold the whole Barren City in your hands." Yin Hui laughed coldly as he was moving further and further. In just a short time, he had disappeared from the Barren City.

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