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In the Barren City center…

Many hotshots of the Sea Tribes gathered, as well as human warriors. They were all watching the battle, which was worth being written in the Sea Tribes’ history.

Almost two-thirds of the Barren City’s warriors were here. They either came before the fight, or after hearing the news. They were all gathering outside the Yang family’s walls, looking at a strange, young man.

The young man stood proudly on the platform with a calm appearance. Under the crowd’s attention, he was not distressed but very relaxed. He had released the demonic insect to hinder Bao Wen of the Water Scorpion Clan, preventing Bao Wen from coming close to him.

A First Sky of Spirit Realm warrior was blocked by a level eight beast. He couldn’t chop off that demonic insect; on the contrary, he kept retreating. Eventually, Bao Wen showed a sign of not being able to resist any longer.

This change terrified many Sea Tribes members, which changed their att.i.tude towards the Yangs.

Even if a dominant force had declined, its intimidation would exist for life.

They thought that as Yang Tian Emperor was in confinement of the Demon Kings, it would lead to a major change for the Yang family. However, in the most difficult time, a young man appeared from nowhere. As soon as he launched his blow, he immediately caused the tragic deaths of Ming Hai, Yan Feng, and Fu Hao. Moreover, he released a level eight demonic beast that brought Bao Wen a miserable time.

This huge contrast frightened all the warriors who thought that the Yang family would be removed from the Barren City today.

Those who stayed hidden in the dark with the intention of having a share of the cultivating materials didn’t want to show up now, as they continued to hide their auras, waiting to see the situation before making their decision.

"As I said, whoever comes here today should die."

On the platform, Shi Yan suddenly became impatient, thundering with cold eyes.

Jiu Lan Xin’s graceful body trembled. She suddenly had a feeling of insecurity and moved back subconsciously, looking for protection.

Unfortunately, even Bao Wen was blocked by the King of Demonic Insects this time. Basically, he couldn’t provide her any protection. Hearing Shi Yan’s shout, it was the first time she had a bad feeling.

Shi Yan’s performance was completely beyond her expectation. How could she expect that Shi Yan had the King of Demonic Insects, that was able to suppress even Bao Wen!

"Don’t you dare make any moves against me, or you will regret it afterward." Jiu Lan Xin gritted and shouted crazily, trying to show her toughness which was contrary to what she felt inside.

"You said that before," Shi Yan spouted, "The reason why I had been waiting that long was for Bao Wen to show himself. I want to let you know that after betraying the Yang family, even if you have someone’s protection, you can’t escape death." After pausing for a moment, Shi Yan suddenly smiled. "Now, it’s time for your death."

Right after Shi Yan finished his words, a small gravitational field hovering above Jiu Lan Xin was activated all of a sudden.

Jiu Lan Xin’s body shot straight up to the sky. The gravitational field stirred up her Profound Qi, preventing her from activating the defensive barrier.

Seeing the fatal end results of the others, she immediately cried in fear. "Save me! Save me!"

She was calling for Bao Wen.

Unfortunately, Bao Wen heard it but couldn’t save her. The King of Demonic Insects had urged its force, as numerous silver light beams showered him. Each dot of light contained rich demonic power, along with the spirit of the King of Demonic Insects. Hence, although Bao Wen could see Jiu Lan Xin screaming for help, he didn’t have enough energy to give her a hand.

"That’s your end." Shi Yan burst into laughter, revealing a happy face. "An end by dismemberment."

Many beams of golden light shot out around Jiu Lan Xin. The moment the golden silky fibers appeared, they immediately cut Jiu Lan Xin’s delicate body off.

There was no surprise. Jiu Lan Xin’s plump and mesmerizing body was cut into countless small pieces by the golden silk, and then fell into the gravitational field.

Jiu Lan Xi was dismembered thoroughly.

The Sea Tribes and human warriors around all felt chilled to the bone. They were mute instantly.

The Sea Tribes members who shouted the loudest just now were frightened to death. They didn’t dare to even look at Shi Yan. They were afraid that Shi Yan would suddenly take action and chop them off.

"As I said, no one can save you today." Shi Yan shook his head tenderly, as if he had just done some trivial stuff. He still kept calm.

"That Bao Wen…" Yang Zhuo muttered with a solemn face. "Anyway, he’s Bao Ke’s brother, with fame and a high status in the Water Scorpion Clan. If you fight Bao Wen, the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan will not let you go. The Yang family’s manpower in Barren City isn’t enough to cope with the Water Scorpion Clan. Shi Yan, isn’t it a little too much if you do that?"

"If the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan wants to fight with us just because of a b*tch. I think he should step down from his position." Shi Yan smiled and a.s.sured softly. "Uncle, no worries. I know the limit. The Sea Tribes look down on the Yangs and secretly oppresses us when we are in a hard situation. I do this because I want to let them know that although our Great Grandpa hasn’t come back yet, I still can cause them an unimaginable disaster."

Yang Zhuo looked startled.

Yang Mu, Yang Xue, and the others felt motivated. Everyone clenched their fists, and felt a pride they hadn’t felt in quite a while.

"This fella really makes people…" Li Feng’s eyes sparkled, looking at Shi Yan. She chuckled, as she felt that Shi Yan’s charm could actually mesmerize her mind now.

Men in their powerful times naturally had a unique charm. Li Feng had lived in the Yang family for a long time. She always advocated force, and also worked hard on this aspect herself.

Shi Yan’s performance today impressed her deeply, making her realize Shi Yan’s charm.

"Little Feng, your heart’s rippling with love. Hahaha." Yang Xue laughed and said gently, "Little Yan belongs to the Yang family. If you’re attracted to him, I’m sure I’ll help you. Hmm, with his charm, he can mesmerize all the girls in the Endless Sea in the future. You need to work hard on it, don’t let the outsiders seduce him."

"Talking nonsense." Li Feng blushed, aggressively looked at her close friend and said softly, "If you keep talking nonsense, I will have no mercy for you."

Yang Xue smiled, not being afraid of Li Feng's threat, continuing to tease her.

Shi Yan’s face remained unchanged. He just beamed a smile, pretending not to overhear these women’s conversation. He just looked down and secretly released his soul consciousness to observe around.

"Not only has Bao Wen come here today," Shi Yan turned around, looking at Yang Zhuo and said, "It seems I don’t have to go anywhere else. For the Yang family to continue its dominance in Barren City or not, we have to see whether those people have the courage and power."

Yang Zhuo’s eyes lit up. He said pleasedly, "What do you mean?"

"I think that many Sea Tribes hotshots will use their secret ways to observe us. Perhaps, the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan might be present among them."

"If these people are hostile and take action together, we…" Yang Zhuo was worried.

"I don’t think they will," Shi Yan frowned.

"It’s a little risky."

"We can take risk one time. At most, we will just need to leave Barren City."

"Kid, you dare to kill my woman? I’m going to kill you!" Seeing Jiu Lan Xin’s death, Bao Wen was enraged and roared. 

"She’s just a b*tch. I already killed her, so what can you do?" Shi Yan stopped talking to Yang Zhuo, beamed a smile and lifted his hand to summon the King of Demonic Insects. "Get back here."

The King of Demonic Insects turned into a beam of silver light, leaving Bao Wen, and then reappeared on the platform of the Yang family’s building.

At the same time, Shi Yan didn’t take action personally. He took a deep breath while his eyes became dark red, looking at the Sea Tribes and human warriors down there. His line of sight shifted to Bao Wen. "Even if I don’t have the King of Demonic Insects and still want to fight with you, do you think you can stop me?"

These words were very arrogant.

All of Sea Tribes and human warriors were stunned, wearing a strange expression on their faces, as they wondered if this kid were insane or not.

He didn’t know life or death indeed.

He was only at the First Sky of Sky Realm, but dared to say those arrogant words. Did he really want to challenge Bao Wen?

Was he crazy?

Everyone had an odd feeling about it.

"Without the King of Demonic Insects, you cannot even fart. I will kill you with my own hands."

Bao Wen was so indignant that he wanted to vomit blood. He went ballistic. "Kid, come down here if you dare to see how I finish you."

"I’m coming."

Shi Yan suddenly flew up from the platform of the Yang family’s building, and then proudly paced in the void towards Bao Wen.

"Shi Yan, don’t act recklessly."

All the Yangs couldn’t help but scream in fear, as they didn’t believe that he could fight one-on-one with Bao Wen without the King of Demonic Insects.

A Sky Realm warrior confronting a Spirit Realm warrior?

How could he win?

He was overreaching himself.

"It’s alright," Shi Yan turned his head and smiled with full of confidence. "Uncle, I’ll let you see how powerful the ability to fight against the higher level of the Yang family is."

Yang Zhuo looked dulled.

Yang Mu and the others were also stunned.

"Well," Bao Wen grinned and shouted, "If you can use your Sky Realm cultivation base to take one shot of mine, I will ignore the animosity of you killing my woman. Moreover, I will continue to recognize the hegemony of the Yang family in Barren City. As long as I’m still here, I can a.s.sure that all of the Sea Tribes members will agree with this."



"That’s settled then."

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