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Yang Zhuo was stunned, wearing a disbelieving look. He looked at Shi Yan and said, "Little Yan, you aren’t joking, are you?"

Yang Mu and the others also looked surprised and dumbstruck. They all realized that Shi Yan had a cultivation base of Sky Realm, and even Shi Yan had admitted it.

With the cultivation base of Sky Ream, together with the power of the demonic insects, it was more than enough to handle a warrior like Jiu Lan Xin. However, if it were against Bao Wen, it seemed he might overestimate his strength.

Sky Realm and Spirit Realm were considerably different. The gap could hardly be measured.

It was extremely easy for a Spirit Realm warrior to cope with or even kill a Sky Realm warrior. Only if a Sky Realm warrior who wanted to confront a Spirit Realm warrior had the peak of his Sky Realm cultivation base, perhaps it could be a trace of possibility.

However, it was almost impossible for a First Sky of Sky Realm warrior to confront a Spirit Realm warrior.

It was not that Yang Zhuo and his people didn’t have confidence in Shi Yan, but the way he said it was really appalling. They couldn’t believe that Shi Yan was able to deal with Bao Wen given his current realm, let alone the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan.

"We can’t joke about this kind of matter." Shi Yan smiled and a.s.sured Yang Zhuo and the others. "Uncle, don’t be worried. I obviously have a good backup when I say this. Jiu Lan Xin surely has to die today. It’s fine if Bao Wen doesn’t come. But if he comes, I will kill him as well."

As soon as Shi Yan finished his words, everyone’s faces immediately changed.

On the platform, Shi Yan beamed a gentle smile and kept his relaxed look. It seemed like he did not care about the famous Bao Wen. He watched Jiu Lan Xin down there, quietly waiting.

The warriors in Barren City had surrounded Jiu Lan Xin, but they were all hesitating. Under Jiu Lan Xin’s threat, no one dared to take the first move. The fame of the Spirit Realm warrior, Bao Wen, was enough to deter everyone.

Shi Yan was not anxious, but deliberately standing on the platform. After waiting for a while, seeing none of those warriors dare to take action, he thundered. "Hurry up. Time is almost up. If Jiu Lan Xin is not dead, hahaha, you guys will die before her."

Everyone down there all felt chilled in their hearts.

"I gave you time. As long as you take action, Jiu Lan Xin will certainly die. I’ll wait a little more. Let’s see what you guys will do." Shi Yan smiled. "Although Bao Wen is powerful, he isn’t here anyway. If you’re scared of him, after killing Jiu Lan Xin, you can leave Barren City right away. I don’t think that Bao Wen dares to chase after you to the Endless Sea."

"Little brat, don’t bully me," Jiu Lan Xin wore a cold face while looking at him. "If you dare to do anything to me, Bao Wen will definitely not forgive you. If you care for the Yang family, you’d better let me go soon. Let me tell you this, Bao Wen stays near Barren City. I have sent the message; he will be here shortly. You should be obedient, and I will ensure everyone is safe later."

Yang Zhuo’s face changed.

The other Yangs were also frightened, subconsciously looking here and there towards Barren City. They felt that Bao Wen was hiding in the crowd and could show himself at any time.

They knew that Bao Wen was wicked and cruel, and that once he came here and got indignant, he would slaughter everyone. The Yang family’s situation now was not as good as before. If they still had Yang Tian Emperor here, they wouldn’t be afraid of Bao Wen. However, the news that Yang Tian Emperor was imprisoned in the Demon Area had been spread out throughout the Endless Sea. Even those tribes on the seabed also knew it. If Bao Wen were still afraid of the Yang family, he would not secretly support Jiu Lan Xin.

Apparently, they had to be careful with a Spirit Realm warrior who could turn Heaven and Earth upside down and determine the world’s situation.

"Oh?" Shi Yan burst out laughing. He looked around and spoke up loudly, "Where is Bao Wen? If you’re here, show yourself. If you come late, you can only pick up this woman’s dead body." Everyone was startled in fear because of his arrogance.

This man was only at the Sky Realm, and under the other warriors’ attention, he dared to call Bao Wen by his name, also saying such outrageous words. Although his strength might be not as powerful as Bao Wen, his guts were big enough to make everyone admire him.

"Shi Yan, don’t act recklessly. If you do so, the Water Scorpion Clan will not let it go. We know the Water Scorpion Clan’s spleen; they are extremely vengeful. If you’re too provocative like this, the Yang family will not get anything good. Listen to me. Let it go, let that woman go. It’s the best for you." A cold and clear voice suddenly came up from behind the crowd. Fei Ya of the Naga Tribe slowly appeared together with another five male Nagas.

Farther away, some other Sea Tribes members from various races with different appearances also exposed themselves quietly.

The Sea Tribes masters who did business in Barren City had known that the Yang family would have a big change today. They used to have a neglectful att.i.tude, as they thought that the Yang family would be removed from the city today. They eagerly waited for the situation to be steadied before coming and cleaning up the Yang family’s belongings.

However, Shi Yan’s clamor that came from the Yangs’ complex was really arrogant, which surprised some Sea Tribes members who were secretly gathering, as they didn’t know what was really happening. With their curiosity, they all came closer to have a better look and realized the situation here was not going as they had imagined.

The dead bodies of Ming Hai, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng lay at the most eye-catching place in the crowd. The Sea Tribes masters came over to see, and their looks immediately changed just after a quick glance. They subconsciously looked at Shi Yan on the platform with batting eyes and astonishment.

"Is that kid who killed Ming Hai and the others? It’s impossible. This guy’s still young. How can he be the opponent of the three of them? What happened?" More than ten Sea Tribes' men were very confused, curiously a.s.suming the situation.

"I don’t need the Naga Tribe to be involved in my business." Shi Yan laughed unruly and declared loudly. "I’ll be here today to see how many Sea Tribes members have wicked intentions towards the Yang family. I’ll put those evil thoughts down."

"You’re too arrogant."

"Brat, you dare to provoke our Sea Tribes? Do you think you are Yang Tian Emperor? I can see that you don’t want to live anymore."

"Even when Yan Tian Emperor was still powerful, he still had to be polite when facing us. And what are you to be impudent?"

"Do you want to die?"

"Brat, get out of Barren City. This place doesn’t welcome you."

"Get out of Barren City!"

For the time being, the Sea Tribes members were full of rage. They scolded and shouted at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan sneered the grunted. "You guys don’t deserve to talk to me. I’m too lazy to care about you."

When the Yang family was still strong, they had done many things for the Sea Tribes members on the ocean floor. All the materials that the Sea Tribes lacked came from the Yang family.

It could be said that the Yang family’s existence was beneficial to the Sea Tribes, and that the submarine members got a lot of benefits.

Right now, when the Yang family had declined, the Sea Tribes no longer remember the favors they had and even manipulated puppets like Jiu Lan Xin, seeking the Yang family’s cultivating materials. They bluntly suppressed and tried to occupy the Yangs’. That made Shi Yan hate them, having an unfriendly impression toward the Sea Tribes.

He also figured out that it was not a big deal to evacuate from Barren City, or at most destroying the whole city if he was so irritated. He could temporarily take the Yangs to the Divine Great Land to avoid the current wars in the Endless Sea.

Anyway, he was not scared of them turning their back to the Sea Tribes. That was why he was that arrogant and impudent.

"Shi Yan, you’re too arrogant. What you’re doing just makes the situation worse." Fei Ya showed a cold face, shook her head, and stopped persuading him.

"Time’s running out. If Jiu Lan Xin’s not dead, you guys will die before her." Shi Yan’s face darkened when he spoke.

"Who dares to kill Bao Wen’s woman?" A voice arose from the southeast of Barren City. A gray figure quickly flew over from the clouds. The water steam above Barren City rapidly condensed, and in the middle of the mist appeared gray shadow.

A harsh and cold atmosphere enveloped Barren City entirely, agitating everyone’s soul. It was producing an uncomfortable feeling like being watched by a scorpion.

As soon as the voice faded, the warriors who were hesitant to take action, changed their facial expression instantly and quickly moved away from Jiu Lan Xin.

Jiu Lan Xin, who was in panic and fright, immediately relaxed as soon as she heard that voice, as if she just took a tranquilizer. She smiled and flashed her enchanting figure, meandering her body and then shouted prettily, "I’m here."

"Hahaha. I didn’t expect the Yangs to have such an arrogant kid. Really interesting!" The gray shadow in the mist grinned and released a cold aura. A strong surging spirit suddenly shrouded all the Yangs.

The complexions of Yang Zhuo and other Yang warriors immediately changed right at the moment they heard his voice, revealing a panicked look.

"Precursor Bao Wen, this kid is harsh-spoken. He despises our Sea Tribes. He deserves to die thousands of times."

"Kill this kid so these people would know who have the voice here, on the seabed." 

"Kill him! Kill him!" As soon as those Sea Tribes members saw Bao Wen of the Water Scorpion Clan, they all got excited and shouted out loud.

"Hahaha. You rest a.s.sured that since I come here today, I will crush this kid to death."

Bao Wen burst into laughter, despising Shi Yan and then ridiculing him. "It’s unexpected that the Yang family can have such a good seedling. Unfortunately, he’s going to be destroyed in my hands. Hahaha. Eradicating the Yang family’s hope of revitalizing in the future’s also a big pleasure."

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