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Those who came close to Shi Yan were crushed to death eventually. Hundreds of torn bodes proved that cruel fact. Everyone was petrified. They didn’t dare to escape or take action against Shi Yan.

They tried to calm down in this suffocating atmosphere.

The scent of blood was everywhere.

Under this situation, Yang Xue, Li Feng, and the other female warriors all had to turn their heads away and take out their handkerchiefs to cover their mouths. They squatted down and puked out continually.

Although the way Shi Yan had treated Ming Hai earlier was b.l.o.o.d.y cruel, the scene was not terrifying though, and the shock was still limited.

However, this large-scale slaughter instantly made flesh and blood of fifty warriors splatter everywhere. Their stumps scattered, and their organs were strewed on the ground. This scene could not just be described as a b.l.o.o.d.y one.

"I said earlier that if you want to live, kill Yan Feng, Fu Hao, and Jiu Lan Xin for me. As long as these three people die, you can leave safe and sound. Otherwise, you and the three of them will have the same consequence, turning into a pile of crumbled flesh at this place." Shi Yan was emotionless, beamed a gentle smile and said softly. "I’ll give you half an hour. After that, if the three of them are still alive, hahaha, you know what is waiting for you."

"Kill Yan Feng!"

"Kill Fu Hao!"

"Kill Jiu Lan Xin!"

After being silent for half a minute, someone suddenly shouted.

And many others responded.

All of the warriors were in extreme panic and fear. They no longer cared about the rhetoric of the other three. Under Shi Yan’s th.o.r.n.y pressure, they finally collapsed.

More than seven hundred warriors got crazy all of a sudden, shouting and attacking Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin.

No matter what the three of them said, they could not control the situation anymore. Under Shi Yan’s horrifying influence, the warriors just wanted to live, just wanted to use the lives and blood of those three people to preserve their lives.

Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin all had Sky Realm cultivation bases, but facing the warriors who were storming over like a surging tide, they were completely powerless, revealing a trace of bitter sadness.

The three of them had spent four or five years to create this force. However, in the most difficult time, their men were uniting to deal with them, which was even harder for them to accept than being killed by Shi Yan.

When Fu Hao and the other two looked at those warriors with red eyes, who used to be their henchmen, their faces looked tragic, and their resistance was not as sharp as before.

Shi Yan stood up, ignoring the crazy crowd, walking straight to the main building of the Yang family. When he came to the gate, someone bent down and opened the door for him.

A Yang warrior bowed his head with a respectful and frightened face. "Young master Yan."

Shi Yan smiled and nodded at him. With the warrior leading the way, Shi Yan calmly mounted to the platform on the top of the building.

Earth-shaking screams arose behind him, but he pretended to not hear them. He still looked calm, not showing any of his thoughts except his usual smile.

Not long afterward, Shi Yan went to the place where all the Yang warriors were gathering. Yang Zhuo was waiting with a cheerful face.

Bending down to him, Shi Yan softly called, "Uncle."

Yang Zhuo continually nodded, laughed, and said, "Good boy! People say that a person will change after being gone for only three days. You didn’t just change that simply. Hahaha. One cannot believe it indeed. Hahaha. The Yang family finally has a successor. Even if Great Grandpa doesn’t come out from the Demon Area, this kid can still keep Barren City safe and stable as a rock table."

Shi Yan smiled, looked at Yang Xue, Li Feng, and Yang Meng, and said kindly, "Don’t rush."

Li Feng’s slanted eyes were shining, glancing at him. She then rebuked, "Is that you? Why did you need to be so b.l.o.o.d.y while killing people like that? You can kill, but could you just make it not too terrible and disgusting?"

Yang Xue and Yang Meng also nodded in agreement with Li Feng. They showed their bitter faces while blaming Shi Yan for being so brutal.

Shi Yan burst out laughing. "Sometimes, when we deal with some people, we need to give them unforgettable excitement, so that they will be honestly obedient. We still need to make a living in Barren City. If one day, the Yang family loses ground and those people have wicked intentions, it is not good. I do this so that they will remember the consequences of betraying the Yang family. This will give them nightmares every night. Hence, even if the Yang family declines one day, they will not dare to have any wicked intentions."

Yang Zhuo’s face was full of appreciation. He nodded, "Makes sense."

Yang Mu, Yang Zhu, and others stepped forward and hugged him warmly.

"It’s good to see you come back." Yang Mu patted Shi Yan’s shoulder and said loudly, "You should have come earlier; we were almost unable to resist. If you were a little bit later, you would probably have seen your big brother’s dead body."

Shi Yan’s eyes batted. He gently shook his head, "Big brother, do not say these unlucky words. Aren’t we still living well? Although the Kyara Sea doesn’t belong to us now, I still think that it will fall into our hands again in the future. Furthermore, our future won’t have only the Endless Sea."

Everyone was startled.

"Are you sure?" Yang Zhuo was stunned and asked with a soft voice. "Have you heard any news related to our Great Grandpa? Shi Yan, tell me, do you know anything? Honestly, since we’ve come to Barren City, we lost connection with the family. Although we got some news about Great Grandpa before, we still worry."

All of the Yangs looked at him with expectation.

Shi Yan sighed inside, knowing that everyone was holding the feeling for too long. Because they were continuously defeated in Barren City, and in the meanwhile, the situation in Endless Sea was complicated, they couldn’t see any hope for the future. They thus started to have doubts about Yang Tian Emperor’s instructions, wondering if his words were true or not in the end.

He needed to rea.s.sure everyone.

"I did receive some news." Under everyone’s scrutinizing gaze, he gently shook his head and said with certainty, "I got news from a friend from the Fourth Demon Area, saying that Great Grandpa has escaped the Demon King’s confinement. But he still has something to do in the Demon Area. I think that the two Demon Kings are having a headache now."

As soon as he finished his words, all the Yangs cheered up, revealing an extreme joy on their faces.

They just needed a confirmation.

Shi Yan just gave it to them.

"You should not be too worried. Based on the current situation, our Great Grandpa probably will not return soon from the Demon Area in a short time." After pausing for a moment, Shi Yan continued. "However, once Great Grandpa comes back from the Demon Area, the situation of the Endless Sea will be in the hands of the Yang family. Hmm, I think we can recreate the order in the Endless Sea, clean up the mess, and recapture the things that belong to us."

Everyone put on the happy face again and nodded continually.

Especially Yang Zhuo, he was totally overjoyed. "Boy, you’re worth the trust of our Great Grandpa. That year, when Great Grandpa let Jiao Han Yi go to the Quiet Cloud Place to pick you up, we didn’t understand it. But now, we realize Great Grandpa’s sharp eyes. How could he see your potential? We greatly admire Great Grandpa’s vision."

Shi Yan smiled, came to Yang Zhuo, and looked down at the crazy fighting below. "Fu Hao and Yan Feng are over."

Sure enough, right after his words came out, under the attack of hundreds of warriors, the minds of the two of them collapsed, and their defensive halo directly blasted.

The group of warriors swarmed and instantly submerged Fu Hao and Yan Feng. All kinds of secret treasures bombarded the two of them until even their bones were crushed. They tragically died on the spot in the end.

What about a Sky Realm warrior?

When hundreds of warriors with different levels launched the attacks together, releasing the combined powers, it was arduous for even Spirit Realm warriors to resist, let alone Yan Feng and Fu Hao.

After Yan Feng’s and Fu Hao’s deaths, there was only Jiu Lan Xin left.

"This woman…." Yang Zhuo frowned and shook his head. "It’s not easy to deal with her. Do you see that those people are afraid of dealing with her first? This woman is very good at taking advantage of any connections she has. This time, she depends on Bao Wen of the Water Scorpion Clan, who has the cultivation base of First Sky of Spirit Realm. As those warriors know it, they don’t dare to attack her right away."

Shi Yan looked down.

It was exactly as what Yang Zhuo said.

The warriors surrounded Jiu Lan Xin like surging tides, but no one dared to start attacking her yet.

Jiu Lan Xin’s face was completely pale. She constantly moved backward and cried, "If you guys dare to deal with me, Bao Wen will not forgive you. You all know my relationship with Bao Wen as well as his cultivation base and means. If something happens to me, don’t ever think you can leave Barren City alive."

Her threat was effective indeed.

The warriors around her hesitated. They looked at Shi Yan, who was standing on the platform while staring at Jiu Lan Xin. He was considering and hesitating.

Although Shi Yan was strong and cruel, Bao Wen’s reputation was popular in Barren City for a long time.

Any of the warriors who came to Barren City all knew that the Water Scorpion Clan would definitely take vengeance on those they begrudged. They knew how powerful and cruel Bao Wen, the brother of the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan, was. If it weren’t for Bao Wen to act as her backing, she would have died soon.

Thus, when she said the name Bao Wen, everyone had to be careful. Although many people were afraid of Shi Yan, more people were much scared of Bao Wen.

Therefore, even though Jiu Lan Xin was surrounded by many, no one dared to make the first move.

The intimidation of a Spirit Realm warrior was really effective.

"Bao Wen has a Spirit Realm cultivation base," Yang Zhuo pondered for a moment, smiled and said, "Otherwise, Jiu Lan Xin would have been already over. You showed up in time to help us. If you kill this merciless chic Jiu Lan Xin, Bao Wen will certainly be enraged, and we will have to deal with his anger. Hmm, if Great Grandpa were here, we would not be scared. However, we do not have Spirit Realm warriors in Barren City."

After listening to Yang Zhuo, although other people of the Yang family didn’t really understand much about the meaning of the Spirit Realm warriors, they hesitated and helplessly nodded, indicating that they also agreed with Yang Zhuo’s words.

"That’s right. Bao Wen’s a Spirit Realm warrior; he has great power in the Water Scorpion Clan. Offending Bao Wen means offending the Water Scorpion Clan. If so, setting the foothold in Barren City will be unfavorable. If we can go back to the Endless Sea, we don’t need to be afraid of him. But now…" Yang Zhuo sighed.

"No need to mention Bao Wen, even if the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan personally comes here, I can make him obedient." Shi Yan sneered.

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