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Shi Yan stood in front of the Yang family’s building, freely and vigorously taking action, immediately suppressing the aura of Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin.

At his side, a dozen warriors were kneeling with frightened faces, as they were afraid that he would be enraged all of a sudden.

He had just launched a few strikes with some b.l.o.o.d.y means, and had already made two Nirvana Realm warriors perish. He had also released the demonic insect that directly drilled in Ming Hai’s body. It was still eating his internal organs.

That sound was creepy and hair-raising, and it still hadn’t stopped yet. Everyone’s scalps tingled, and they couldn’t even stand still.

Yang Zhuo and other Yangs were standing on the platform, blankly staring at what was happening down there. They became excited.

At this time, Yang Mu, Yang Xue, and Li Feng, who were the masters of the Yang family’s new generation, couldn’t help but recall Yang Zhuo’s words earlier. "Your Great Grandpa said that in the most difficult time, Shi Yan would appear and help us reverse the situation, giving all the offenders a bitter end."

Previously, Yang Mu, Yang Zhu, and the others still had a doubtful att.i.tude about these words, not daring to lay their hopes on him. However, in the most difficult time, Shi Yan, who had disappeared four or five years ago, appeared.

He had used some thunderbolt like means to swoop over everyone, threatening and making dozens of warriors kneel on the ground. With what just happened, the Yang family suddenly thrived from desperation.

"Shi Yan." Yang Mu was overjoyed while shouting. "Kid, why did you disappear for so long? In the Chasm Battlefield, what did you encounter in the end? How come you have such a terrific cultivation base?"

Yang Zhu, Yang Xue, Li Feng, and the others also had a curious complexion, looking at him with astonishment.

Lifting his head up and revealing a smile, Shi Yan didn’t reply. He then glared at the warriors who were kneeling on the ground. "Let see if you guys can grasp the opportunity that I give you. It depends on you. Hahaha. Yan Feng, Fu Hao, and Jiu Lan Xin, these three, although they have the Sky Realm cultivation base, there are nearly eight hundred of you. If you unite to deal with only three of them, you can kill them in a short time. I’m waiting for your action."

Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin were shocked. Their eyes flickered with light, vigilantly looking around.

"We can give you benefits, but this kid cannot. Instead of joining hands to deal with us, you guys better work together to deal with that brat. And, together with the three of us, it’s easy to kill that kid. As soon as this kid dies, our agreement will be honored. After having the Yang family’s materials, all of you will have a part of it."

 Jiu Lan Xin gritted her teeth, expressing a cold face and talking to those who were kneeling on the ground.

Fu Hao and Yan Feng were also in shock. They then hastily promised the benefits as well in the hope that their followers would agree to join forces with them to deal with Shi Yan.

"Even if you listen to this kid and kill the three of us, you have nothing afterward. And, are you sure what this kid said is true? After killing the three of us, you are gra.s.s without roots. This kid can do whatever he wants to you. You should think carefully." Fu Hao smiled and said.

Yan Feng constantly nodded and said, "Brothers, I, Yan Feng, didn’t treat you bad. I also give you a lot of benefits. What can this kid give you? Once he wins, the Yang family will continue to rule Barren City, and your fate will be unchanged. Why? Being friends with him will only lead you to a tragic end, like Ming Hai."

Jiu Lan Xin, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng showed a sincere expression and persuaded their warriors earnestly.

These three people's words were very sharp and sweet, pointing out the benefits and harms. They actually could convince many people. Even the warriors who were kneeling down on the ground also thought about it, realizing what the three of them said might be more reasonable.

Those who were kneeling regained their cold faces and stood up. Their eyes flashed with cold lights.

The warriors who were standing further away moved forward together quietly. They surrounded Shi Yan, submerging him and waiting for the orders from Jiu Lan Xin and the other two.

The situation was reversed again.

Yang Zhuo and the other Yang family masters looked at the repelling waves, and the smiles on their faces gradually faded. They put on a solemn look again. Yang Zhuo lowered his voice, instructing Yang Mu and the others to be more cautious and be ready to help Shi Yan when the situation was not good.

Shi Yan, who was now the focus of everyone's attention, on the other hand, remained unchanged, and did not react to the reversal of the situation. The smile was still on his calm and cold face.

He looked around, slowly nodded, revealing cold eyes, and then softly said, "You think that all of you together can kill me? Hahaha, seems like you will not shed tears without seeing a coffin. Hmm, who wants to try first?"

After saying that, he used his mind to urge the King of Demonic Insects, making it speed up immediately.

Screech screech.

Abnormal sounds echoed faster and clearer from Ming Hai’s body. Everyone could see the King of Demonic Insects slowly crawling from his neck into his brain.

Ming Hai’s eyes bulged. He fearfully held his throat, which was producing terrible whining sounds.

"This brat’s heart is cruel. Making friends with him will give you nothing good." Jiu Lan Xin continued to convince the others. "You guys can see Ming Hai’s outcome. Once this brat wins and has a firm foothold in Barren City, everyone will have bad karma."

Everyone’s face changed dramatically.

Thinking about Shi Yan’s deeds, these people were shivering. They subconsciously looked at Ming Hai, and all felt that it was difficult to get along with Shi Yan, who was even more terrible than all the Yangs combined.

Thinking about the relationship that they might have with this kind of person, these warriors were all frightened. They restlessly hesitated for a while before becoming determined.

"Kill him!"

"Kill that imp!"

"Only after killing him will the Barren City be in peace. If he is not dead, no one could ever have a good day."

 For the time being, the clamoring came and went. All the warriors who followed Yan Feng, Fu Hao, and Jiu Lan Xin became fierce and furious.

Shi Yan’s smile was unchanged. He stood in the middle of the siege without fear or saying anything. He seemed to wait for these people to take action first.

"Kill!" Jiu Lan Xin shouted as she was the first one who fiercely stormed towards Shi Yan like a crazy tigress, wanting to break the layer of the ice barrier.

Shi Yan smiled and opened his left hand. A bunch of splendid rippling ice suddenly spread out.

Ice flowed out from his palm and once again increased that ice’s defensive barrier, preventing Jiu Lan Xin’s jade ornamental hairpin from performing its real effect. Thus, the ice barrier couldn’t be broken either.

"Kill him!" Yan Feng and Fu Hao waved their hands at the same time.

Dozens of warriors who had kneeled down to show their loyalty earlier also rushed to Shi Yan this time.

Many silhouettes were moving. Dozens of them revealed ferocious faces and ruthless smiles. Their bodies’ energies increased to the peak, turning into many beams of light violently striking at Shi Yan.

In the crowd, Shi Yan stayed motionlessly like a rock. His smile became cold.

"It’s good that you’re coming."

He still didn’t move and even revealed a gentle smile. He just said one sentence, and then sat down as if he was meditating.

Everyone looked excited as the warriors thought that he was scared. They got even more courageous and clamorous, launching all kinds of martial techniques.

Dozens of colorful columns of light like a rainbow suddenly zoomed over from everywhere, all aimed at Shi Yan.

Like stones being thrown into the sea, many beams of energy light that were shot over suddenly disappeared, leaving no ripple just around ten meters away from Shi Yan.

Dozens of warriors came ten meters away from him before their entire bodies suddenly flew up and got suspended in the air.

There seemed to be an invisible hand that caught all these ten warriors. Their bodies quickly circled, and their energy started to get turbulent. They were not able to gather their powers to protect their bodies.

"How could it be?"

"I can’t move!"

"My Profound Qi doesn’t follow my order."

Those warriors suddenly screamed in panic; their faces were full of fear, they didn’t know what was going on.

"Don’t shout. You will die soon. It’s useless to shout." Shi Yan gently shook his head and said regretfully, "I wanted to spare your lives. Unfortunately, you can’t see the situation clear enough. I can only send you off first."

Many beams of golden light suddenly flew out from the Blood Vein Ring.

Golden silky fibers were extremely sharp, scattering in the sky and twisting. Once those golden fibers touched the warriors in the sky, their bodies were like soft tofu, directly being cut into pieces with blood dripping down ma.s.sively.

It happened the same as what happened to those people who had fled away earlier. More than ten warriors had been smashed down even before they could know what was happening.

Shi Yan cracked a smile from the corner of his mouth and started to come towards the warriors who were more distant.

For the time being, with Shi Yan as the center, the warriors in the range of ten meters screamed and cried in fear, desperately wishing to escape.

It seemed like a demon was there that could tear people’s bodies, secretly hiding and taking lives away. No one knew what happened; they just knew that more and more warriors’ bodies were minced into pieces by that invisible demon.

The sky was flooded with splashing blood and flesh, as if there was a colossal cutting machine operating. No matter what realms the warriors were at, as long as they were in a specific range, they were all affected. And once their bodies were circled, it meant their lives were coming to an end.

In just half a minute, nearly fifty warriors had been minced without any known reasons. Their bodies turned into different crumbled blocks of flesh. Blood splattered in the sky and then dripped down like trickles of water.

Not to mention the warriors outside, even Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin were so petrified that they didn’t dare to move. Not daring to escape or coming close, they could just stand still on the spot with pale faces.

Shi Yan once said that without his permission, anyone who dared to leave would have his flesh and bone crushed instantly.

His words were still there, and no one would dare to escape.

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