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The Yang family, in the city center.

Four forces from all directions started to bombard the Yang family’s buildings together. Many energy light curtains expanded on the walls of the buildings, shrouding a majority of warriors and blocking the way down. Ming Hai, Fu Hao, Yan Feng and Jiu Lan Xin, the four Sky Realm warriors, were not in a hurry. They didn’t proactively take action right away, just coldly watching their people attacking.

Behind the walls, Yang Zhuo and the others stood atop the tallest building with solemn faces, watching the enemies storming over like surging tides.

The situation was dangerous.

The battle was boiling. When Ming Hai realized that the layers of the defensive barrier were gradually weakened, he couldn’t help but shout, " Brother Yang, you are too stubborn! You don’t want to understand anything, but just persistently keep some materials. It will lead the Yang family to suffer a disaster."

Yang Zhuo’s countenance was cold. He didn’t utter a word.

Ming Hai stood outside the walls, clasping his hands while looking at Yang Zhuo, who was standing up there, from a distance. His face chilled down.

After half a day, he finally couldn’t wait any longer. He suddenly hauled out a square stone seal, poured his Profound Qi into it, and then fiercely threw it out

As soon as the stone seal flew out, a strange Intent Domain suddenly spread out of it.

The stone seal gradually enlarged as big as a mountain, fiercely a.s.sailing the layers of barrier enveloping the gate.

The Stone Seal above the Intent Domain became prominent. That small mountain slowly pressed down, bringing along an extremely heavy force.

The ten layers of barriers directly burst out just under the pressure of one strike.

Ming Hai burst out laughing; his left and right hands joined, launching an energetic Seal. A strange halo flickered in his palms, as the energy was continually pouring into the center. The stone seal, which was like a small mountain, absorbed more and more powerful energy. Halos kept spreading out and scattering from the impact. Seemed the protective halo couldn’t resist any longer.

At the same time, Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin also took action together.

Fu Hao shouted. His body was like a sharp sword that shot directly to those energy light curtains, piercing through ten layers at once.

Yan Feng sneered coldly and condensed the Fierce Wind Power. Hundreds of wind blades flew out shiningly, tearing down the layers of barrier one by one.

Jiu Lan Xin smiled and shouted, "Yang big brother, why do you need to do it? What you are doing now is just useless and can’t change anything. You better make peace, giving up your benefits, and we won’t need to spend too much effort. All of us will then be happy. Isn’t it good?"

After talking, Jiu Lan Xin opened her mouth and spewed out a bunch of icy lights. Inside the icy light, a jade ornamental hairpin shone and pulled out a dozen ice square beams, looking like beams of lights aggressively striking those barriers.

Four Sky Realm warriors were launching their powers together, destroying more than half of the defensive barriers surrounding the Yang family’s walls.

Seeing those barriers be ripped off, the warriors of the four forces around were surprised and clamorously drilled in.

For the time being, hundreds of warriors aggressively rushed into the Yang family’s courtyard, laughing loudly and storming towards Yang Zhuo and the others.

Ming Hai looked cold, clasping his hands behind his back while walking in, strolling without any trace of guilt.

These buildings were built by the Yangs. Jiao Han Yi had set up these layers of barrier himself. Today, under Ming Hai’s leadership, these barriers were destroyed.

Looking at the Yang family warriors who were continuously retreating, Ming Hai was happy. He murmured, "Jiao big brother, don’t blame me. Although you were attached to the Yang family’s forces, they are not yours. You are dead, and I can’t stop my steps of progress because of you. If there’s one day Ming Hai can reach Yang Tian Emperor’s level, I will definitely remember the past favor of yours and find the opportunities to take revenge for you. I’m doing this so that in the future, I can repay your favor of saving my life that year."

Ming Hai comforted himself. His footsteps didn’t stop, sauntering towards the building where Yang Zhuo and others are staying. 

Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin boisterously utilized their Sky Realm powers, killing those who blocked their way. They were constantly laughing, and also moved towards Yang Zhuo and the others.

All the Yang family warriors temporarily stayed in Yang Zhuo’s building. There were approximately only a hundred of them. It was not enough to deal with such a fierce force.

In the complex, there was the last layer of defense that focused all the powers. However, it just begrudgingly coped with the impact of the four mighty forces.

Gradually, under the leadership of Ming Hai and the other three, hundreds of warriors gathered and surrounded Yang Zhuo’s group in the tallest building.

These people tried not to destroy everything. They even told their men to be careful.

Especially Jiu Lan Xin, she constantly scolded and came to the people of Ming Hai, Yan Feng, and Fu Hao to instruct them. "Be careful. Don’t destroy this building. We have a prior agreement that this building belongs to me. Do not damage any gra.s.s or trees. They are mine."

Ming Hai and the others sneered as they knew that this woman was greedy for the Yang family’s gorgeous courtyard. At the time she decided to join them, she relied on Bao Wen to make the Water Scorpion Clan take action to seize this building for her and then she would turn it into a perfect palace for her and Bao Wen.

Ming Hai, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng also dreamed about this place. But after receiving the message from her man, the three of them had no choice but to agree.

Although the Water Scorpion Clan was not the most influential clan among those of the Sea Tribes, they were ruthless and vicious. The way they dealt with their enemies were always merciless. Unless people had any other choices, they would never want to offend the Water Scorpion Clan.

Hearing Jiu Lan Xin’s shout, Ming Hai flashed a trace of disdain. However, as they already had the prior agreement, he didn’t say anything, and also instructed his people to be careful, so that Bao Wen would not cause them troubles in the future.

Jiu Lan Xin was overjoyed with a broad smile. Holding a jade ornamental hairpin in her hand, she gently walked towards the people of Yang Zhuo’s group. She raised her head, looking up at Yang Zhuo on the high platform, grinned and said sweetly, "Yang big brother, come down here. As the master of this gorgeous building, if it’s damaged, I will be upset."

Yang Zhuo's face was as cold as ice. He said with hatred, "B*tch, when you just came to Barren City, you were penniless and didn’t even have a crystal to pay tax. If it weren’t me who forgave you sometimes, you would not have even had a foothold in Barren City. Today, you’re having the upper hand and plotting to take over the Yang family’s fortune. Such a person like you will have a tragic end sooner or later."

Jiu Lan Xin became cold as she grunted coldly. "When I entered Barren City, I didn’t have money indeed. However, if it weren’t for the Yang family’s dominating power at that time, with my cultivation base, I could have soon built up my own force. Yang Zhuo, weren’t you arrogant? You ignored me, looked down on me, and now, are you regretting it?"

"What?" Hearing these words, Ming Hai suddenly laughed, shook his head, and said, "So, the rumor’s true."

Fu Hao and Yan Feng also cracked an interested smile, looking at Jiu Lan Xin with a weird visage.

In Barren City, the comments about Jiu Lan Xin’s relationship were never good.

It was said that when this woman first came to Barren City, she was only at the Nirvana Realm. She was a concubine in the Endless Sea. However, the First Lady (the first wife apart from the other wives or concubines in polygyny - TL) sent some people to kill her, continuously chasing after her so that she couldn’t stay in the Endless Sea anymore and eventually had to take refuge in Barren City.

When she arrived at Barren City, she was severely injured and penniless. She couldn’t even afford the cost of living.

At that time, this woman had nothing except for her weak body. It was said that she came to the Yang family alone, wanting to use her beauty in exchange for the status in Barren City in the hope that Yang Zhuo would marry her, as she wanted to rely on the Yang family's power to avenge and get a particular position in Barren City.

Unfortunately, Yang Zhuo seemed to know that she was not honest. He directly refused her, just gave her some crystals and sent her away.

This woman didn’t say anything and seemed to be grateful to him. She even told people that she had a relationship with Yang Zhuo, making them mistakenly think that Yang Zhuo and her really had an ambiguous relationship.

Many of the Yang family warriors also heard the news that she had made up herself. Although Yang Zhuo denied it, they still didn’t dare to take her tax, which allowed her to gain a foothold in Barren City.

With the ambiguous rumor, Jiu Lan Xin gained a status in Barren City. She often took the Yang family’s fame for granted, doing business in Barren City, helping her reinforce her foothold.

"Regret?" Yang Zhuo looked cold. He grinned and said contemptuously. "The fact that such a B*tch like you didn’t join the Yang family is actually our big luck. I will never fancy such an incestuous woman like you, who I call a sl*t. You were never regretful, and it’s the same even now. B*tch, in another one hundred years, don’t ever expect to catch my eyes."

"Yang Zhuo, such a fickle, scant and righteous man! Since you don’t like me, I will ruin you." Jiu Lan Xin was enraged. Her eyes were full of hatred and viciousness. She said with a cold voice, "I will destroy all of you today, letting you wish to die than to live. Yang Zhuo, Yang Zhuo, I will make you regret the whole life."

"Hahaha," Ming Hai suddenly burst into laughter, clapped his hands and said, "Love gives birth to hatred. Very interesting, very interesting! I even thought that it was just a rumor and nothing that could be true."

Fu Hao and YanF eng also wore an odd face.

Yang Zhuo coldly gazed down with an unchanged look. He said emotionlessly, "Since you all come here, the purpose is clear. You want to get the cultivating materials of the Yang family. Are you ready to bear a severe loss?"

"It’s obvious to pay a little higher to have a big harvest." Fu Hao burst into laughter, looking at Ming Hai and Jiu Lan Xin and then ridiculed. "Vicious woman Jiu, won’t you feel bad if this building is broken? If you want to kill Yang Zhuo, this building must be destroyed."

Jiu Lan Xin looked ferocious and snarled, "Destroy everything."

"It should be." Fu Hao laughed loudly and then shouted, "Brothers, do it. The more Yangs you kill, the bigger money you can get."

"Kill the Yangs?" A cold voice suddenly arose behind them.

A young man with a red face and carrying a jug of wine in his hand sneered coldly while sauntering.

His eyes and manner were arrogant and domineering. He drank and strutted over at the same time, laughed and then said, "I would like to see who can kill a Yang today."

"Shi Yan!" On the platform, Yang Zhuo and the others suddenly shouted, revealing surprised faces.

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