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"Elder, bring two jugs of wine, please. The strongest ones."

A clear voice suddenly arose from a distance. A grand figure of a young man with bright eyes, black shoulder-length hair, and black clothes came over.

Behind him, six Nagas followed step by step with strange faces.

The shopkeeper showed a surprised face, looking around at the deserted streets, seeing no shop open this time. This young man seemed to be an outsider and didn’t seem to have heard the rumors, not knowing that Barren City was about to have a significant change today. 

"Little brother, have you just come to Barren City?" The shopkeeper looked around and quickly said with a low voice without waiting for him to come closer. "You should leave soon. This place is too close to the Yang family. You should not stay here too long."

He was afraid of the six Nagas and thus lowered his voice, as he didn’t want to let the six of them hear what he said.

The young man grinned and seemed to know what the shopkeeper was scared of. He came over and sat at the table that Ming Hai, Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin had perched on earlier. After seating himself, he waved his hand, signaling the six Nagas not to come and said with a smile, "I just heard you were talking about the Yang family. Can you tell me more about it?"

The shopkeeper’s face froze, and he quickly shook his head. "No, no. I didn’t say anything. You must have misheard it."

"I’m one of the Yangs."

The faces of the shopkeeper and his waiter both changed into a shocked look.

"Don’t be nervous. I will not disclose anything." The young man smiled and said to the waiter, "Bring me two jugs of strong wine."

The waiter looked at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper flashed a hesitant look, thought for a while and then nodded towards the waiter.

The waiter turned around and quickly brought over two jugs of wine, respectfully putting them on the table. He also brought a dish of beef and said, "No one would want to pretend to be the Yangs this time. Hmm, this dish is complimentary. I don’t think the shopkeeper will blame me for this."

The shopkeeper sighed and nodded without saying anything further.

"You don’t seem to like Ming Hai and the other people. Is it true that a lot of people in here all hope that the Yang family will take over the control of Barren City in the future? Elder, don’t worry. Just tell me what you know. I will not spread it out, so you can just say it." The young man smiled, hauled out a piece of crystal and threw it to the waiter. He then sat straight, lifted the jug of wine and drank it.

The shopkeeper was surprised.

The waiter was shocked as well.

"This is too precious." The shopkeeper hurriedly came forward, wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h the crystal from the waiter’s hand. He said anxiously, "These two jugs of wine are not worth this piece of crystal. Little brother, would you like to buy my barrelhouse?"

The young man burst out laughing and waved his hand. "Elder, you don’t need to be too concerned. You just tell me about the situation of Barren City. I have many crystals like that. You can keep it."

The shopkeeper looked surprised, looked at him for a while, wanting to say something.

"Alright, alright. Although I’m one of the Yangs, I still care about life and death." The young man meant that the shopkeeper should not be too cautious. "You said that when the Yang family took control of Barren City, the merchants all trusted and respected them. They even helped you deal with the Sea Tribes people. Is it true?"

The shopkeeper nodded and then said, "Those four people have already occupied the four major areas of the city, doing foolish things and helping the Sea Tribes members deal with our people. Many merchants are indignant but don’t dare to say anything. They are considering to leave this place. Hmm, if it weren’t because we have enemies in the outside world and cannot stay in the Endless Sea, we would not have continued to stay in Barren City. Life’s getting worse."

Seeing that young man was easy to talk, the waiter quickly chirped about Ming Hai and the others, gritting his teeth with an angry look as if he regretted not to be able to make those people die soon.

The young man continually nodded while listening and asking for some more details. He then waved his hand, signaling the two of them to leave.

The six Nagas came over.

"You’ve asked too many things. What’s the use?" Fei Ya frowned. "Ming Hai and the others protect the benefits of the Sea Tribes. Hence, the Sea Tribes are naturally satisfied. They can always confront us and expel us from Barren City. Life goes like that. Those who are powerful have a strong voice."

Shi Yan beamed a smile while he kept drinking. He didn’t use his Profound Qi to restore his normal state from the effect of alcohol. Drinking one jug of strong wine, his face gradually reddened.

 "Ming Hai’s group has started to take action. Don’t you want to help the Yang family? So, why do you still linger here?"

"No need to be hurried."

Shi Yan’s eyes were a little reddish, looking at the Yang family’s complex in the distance. He said calmly, "They haven’t started yet, the fighting has not yet happened. So, I don’t need to come out soon. Wait until they think that they are able to destroy the Yang family. I will show up and make them regret."

"The four of them all have the Sky Realm cultivation base. Ming Hai is at the Second Sky of Sky Realm; the other three also have mysterious martial spirits and secret treasures. They should have some supports to be able to stand out from many forces in the barren city. Do you think you alone can help the Yang family?"

Fei Ya apparently didn’t feel optimistic about him. She paused for a moment and said, "As far as I know, Jiu Lan Xin has a good relationship with the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan, Bao Wen. Actually, she’s Bao Wen’s lover, and Bao Wen seems to favor her a lot. He supports her a lot. That’s why Jiu Lan Xin dares to confront Ming Hai. Do you know the cultivation base of Bao Wen?"

Shi Yan froze for a moment and said, "How is it? Is that Bao Wen very powerful?"

"First Sky of Spirit Realm," Fei Ya spat out word by word with an extremely serious face. It looked like she was waiting for his expression.

Beyond her expectation, after Shi Yan heard about Bao Wen’s First Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base, he just exclaimed ‘oh’ without showing any fear, as if that Bao Wen was only an ordinary warrior, and couldn't cause him any impact.

"Spirit Realm!" Fei Ya repeated.

Shi Yan said impatiently, "I know. So?"

"Even if you can deal with Jiu Lan Xin, do you think you can deal with Bao Wen?" Fei Ya looked at him pitifully. "Bao Wen’s very fond of his lover. There will be a big change today, so he’s definitely observing everything from somewhere. If you really dare to deal with Jiu Lan Xin, I think Bao Wen will certainly show up."

"Then let him do that." Shi Yan lifted his face up drinking the second jug of wine. He wiped his mouth and said calmly, "No matter who dares to take action against the Yang family, I will let him suffer."

"You really don’t know life and death," Fei Ya grunted coldly.

The other five Nagas also sneered, looking at Shi Yan with despise.

"Elder, bring me another two jugs of strong wine. We have to drink a lot to feel good when killing them." Shi Yan shouted while violent aura suddenly scattered out from his body. He sat straight, looking like a sharp sword that was about to fly out of its scabbard to show its sharpness to the world.

Outside the Yang family’s complex.

A shriek arose. Ming Hai strolled to the front gate of the Yang family’s complex. Hundreds of warriors stood in line with red ribbons on their arms, coldly looking forward.

Ming Hai stood in the forefront, burst out laughing and thundered, "Yang Zhuo brother, I, Ming Hai, come to visit you. I hope you will meet me."

The big gate was still closed.

Yang Zhuo’s voice suddenly came out from the inside. "Ming Hai, the Yang family treated you well. I didn’t think that it’s you who comes here, standing in front of our door."

"Yang Zhuo brother, it’s because the Yang family had treated me well that I come here to negotiate." Ming Hai grinned, looking at a fifty-meter-high ancient coral building behind the big gate. On the terrace, the Yangs gradually appeared one by one, including Yang Zhuo.

"As long as you give us the materials, I will a.s.sure your safety. Hmm, having regard for Jiao brother, I will let you continue to stay in Barren City. You just need to pay the fees on time, and there will be no one in Barren City who will go against you. Of course, you also have to give up these buildings."

Ming Hai looked at Yang Zhuo from a far distance and shouted.

The people of Yang Zhuo’s group revealed dark faces, coldly looking at Ming Hai with rage.

These buildings in the central city had been built with a purpose. It was the symbol of the Yang family’s dominating status in Barren City. If the owner of these buildings was changed, it meant the Yangs’ power over the past years was gone entirely.

The significance of these buildings was hard to describe. The Yangs would definitely not give them up.

"Ming Hai, don’t dream," Yang Zhuo replied with a cold voice.

Ming Hai was not angry as he seemed to know it beforehand. He shook his head, sighed and continued to convince his opponent. "Brother, you’re a wise man. You certainly know that today’s situation is awful for the Yang family. You even abandoned the Kyara Sea, so why can’t you give up these things? Being alive is more important than anything else. Because I have regard for Jiao brother, I embrace this task, protecting and arranging for the Yangs. So, don’t disappoint me."

Yang Zhuo sneered coldly but didn’t say a word.

"Well, seems that you’re very persistent." Ming Hai revealed a hateful complexion, looking ahead and then said after contemplating for a moment. "In ten minutes, if you don’t give any response that satisfies us, Yang Zhuo, I have to say sorry."

Yang Zhuo and others still kept silent.

Ming Hai didn’t say anything further, looking at the warriors behind and nodding at them. Those warriors then spread out and lined up in front of the big gate, besieging the surrounding area of the gate.

The atmosphere was depressing.

Ten minutes later, Ming Hai waved his hand and order, "Kill!"

From three directions, the bustling shouts of Jiu Lan Xin, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng all rose simultaneously.

Outside the Yang family’s walls, many warriors’ figures flew back and forth, all kinds of light beams and the attacks of secret treasures were thrown out, bombarding toward the Yang family’s buildings.

At the same time, Shi Yan, who was sitting indifferently and constantly drinking wine, finally slowly stood up with a red face. He paced toward the Yang family’s complex without saying a word.

Evil, murderous aura quietly flowed out from his body, and gradually spread in all directions.

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