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Barren City suddenly quieted down.

The four areas of the city were often lively. Human vendors would sell all kinds of cultivation materials or members of the Sea Tribes would bring precious submarine treasures here to trade. In the shops along the streets, many silhouettes would walk back and forth while bargaining loudly.

But today was different.

The four major areas of the city were empty. Those who regularly came here to set up their stalls all hid in their homes, not daring to go out.

A few groups of human and Sea Tribe people gathered and discussed with each other, looking at the direction of the central city area from time to time with a cold countenance.

Many people had heard the rumors and seemed to know that there would be something big happening today, and that a shaking change would burst out in Barren City. They knew that after this war, the powerful force dominating Barren City for many years would collapse soon and could never stay safe and sound in this city.

Everyone was waiting for something in silence.

At noon, human warriors began to gather in the four major areas of the city. Four Sky Realm warriors were taking the lead, quietly approaching the central area.

Those four Sky Realm warriors quickly arranged their teams and kept walking ahead. More and more warriors joined them from other places of the city.

Gradually, these four Sky Realm warriors had already gathered almost eight hundred warriors with different realms and attires. Some had red ribbons tied on their cuffs, some wore small, black caps, and the others wore blue robes, while some had their gloves on.

Just with a glance, it was easy to see a clear distinction between those four big forces.

After an hour of gathering, the four forces already had nearly eight hundred members. All of them slowly moved to the intersection in the central area of the city.

All of a sudden, everyone halted.

Immediately, the four Sky Realm warriors walked out of their teams respectively and went to the center of the crossroad. They stopped at an open-air wine shop and sat on a table, backing four different directions.

Seeing the four of them arrive, the face of the owner of the wine shop changed instantly. He didn’t dare to say anything, just silently served good wine to the four of them and then bent down while moving back away from them, not daring to linger any longer.

"Ming Hai, the Yang family didn’t treat you bad. That year, under the pursuit of the Gu family, you had to run all the way to Kyara Sea. Thanks to Jiao Han Yi’s appearance, those pursuers finally retreated. After Jiao Han Yi suggested you join the Yang family, although you refused, he didn’t say anything else and even told you that you could come to Barren City to earn a living. Still, you’ve made up your mind on this?"

The beautiful woman with a graceful body and a gentle voice, Jiu Lan Xin, beamed a smile and glanced at Ming Hai, who was sitting opposite her.

Ming Hai had a cultivation base of Second Sky of the Sky Realm, which was the highest realm among the four of them. He had received a favor from the Asura King Jiao Han Yi and relied on the relationship with him to cause enmity in Barren City. He was a ruthless and cruel man, acting without caring about life or death.

That year, to take revenge for his family, he dared to kill a descendant of the Gu family. After that, the Gu family put all of their forces to capture him, chasing him all the way to Kyara Sea. When he was under their siege, Jiao Han Yi pa.s.sed through by chance, and after understanding the situation, decided to help him get rid of the Gu family people and protect his life.

The reason for Jiao Han Yi to do so was that he admired Ming Hai’s courage to not to be afraid of the Gu family. 

After Ming Hai entered Barren City, he often boasted about this matter, fraternizing with Jiao Han Yi, making many people in Barren City mistake him for having some relation with the Yang family. Hence, people there were scared of him.

Jiu Lan Xin mentioned this matter to ridicule him, making him embarra.s.sed.

In the past few years, Jiu Lan Xin and Ming Hai had distorted and monopolized the north area of the city, getting involved in many battles.

In the beginning, Jiu Lan Xin was always at a disadvantage, being suppressed by Ming Hai. After that, Jiu Lan Xin established a relationship with the Water Scorpion Clan, and since then, she was no longer afraid of Ming Hai, tightly controlling the north area in her hands.

When everyone united to deal with the Yangs this time, Jiu Lan Xin still remembered the hatred in the past and took this opportunity to say some mean words.

"Yes, Jiao-ge did treat me well," Ming Hai grinned. "If Jiao-ge is still alive, as long as the informant comes to send some words, I definitely will not have wicked intentions and even fight against you to protect the Yang family’s interests."

Ming Hai shook his head and said with regret, "Unfortunately, Jiao-ge’s gone. I’ve received the news that Jiao-ge’s spirit perished, and his body was occupied by Demon King Chi Yan. Hmm, such a hero could still end up with his current bad situation. Jiao has spent the essence of his whole life for the Yang family. Although he got the t.i.tle of Asura King, what else did he get? He was still just a watchdog of the Yang family. At the critical time, wasn’t he still sacrificed?"

"No matter what people say, Jiao Han Yi was still one of the Yangs. If he knew how you treat the Yang family now, he would probably have regretted saving you in the dwelling place of the dead," sneered Jiu Lan Xin coldly.

"Well," Ming Hai’s visage looked ruthless as his eyes gazed at her coldly. "I do this because of Jiao-ge. The Yan family’s done now, so I just take the things that Jiao-ge had worked hard to earn. Isn’t it better than letting others abuse them? With those materials, I can enhance my strength, and one day, I will probably enter the Spirit Realm. By that time, I will remember Jiao-ge’s favor, and I will find a way to take revenge for him."

Fu Hao and Yan Feng suddenly laughed.

These two were the leaders of the eastern and the southern areas respectively. They were both at the First Sky of Sky Realm. Hearing Ming Hai’s clumsy reason, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Ming Hai showed a gloomy face and asked, "Is it funny?"

"Very funny," FuHao nodded steadily and bluntly said, "Bo Xun exterminated Jiao Han Yi’s soul, and Chi Yan occupied his body. Ming Hai, you’re saying that you want to find the Demon Kings to take revenge. You tell me if it’s funny or not."

Ming Hai revealed a pernicious look but didn’t continue to explain.

"I have a suggestion," Jiu Lan Xin hesitated for a moment and then suddenly said. "The one who kills Yang Zhuo can have the bigger part. How does it sound?"

As soon as her words came out, the other three people were all startled.

"Do you think you can kill Yang Zhuo?" Yu Hao frowned and coldly said. "Although Yang Zhuo is only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, everyone knows that his Immortal Martial Spirit is mighty. If the Yangs desperately involve in the battles, they can have the ability to upgrade their realm. Yang Zhuo is one of the Yang family’s descendants with numerous secret treasures and top martial techniques. Hence, although he’s only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, it’s not easy for you to deal with him alone. Do you really think that with the support of the Water Scorpion Clan, your strength could be improved that much?"

"I certainly don’t think so," Jiu Lan Xin spouted. "I’m just worried that you guys will not put all of your strength to deal with Yang Zhuo. Although it will not be easy to defeat him, we still can suppress him. If the two of us unite and wholly put out all we have, he will not be able to resist. And of course, under the full attack of the three of us, he will obviously die. I’m just talking for the sake of everyone as I’m afraid that you will not try all best and waste a lot of time. That’s why I have this proposal. What do you say?"

After listening to her, Ming Hai, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng kept silent for a while and then nodded, agreeing with her suggestion.

"Although the time is plenty, we should act soon to get those materials." Yan Feng was the most urgent one. He was the first one to stand up. "The detailed plan’s unchanged. I’m responsible for the attack from the east. You guys have your own responsibilities to take care of. We will be all present in that conference hall at the time the chamber is opened. Hmm, your insiders are still good? Any problems?"

Yan Feng glared at Ming Hai.

"Absolutely fine. No problem." Ming Hai revealed a vicious smile. "Before the Yang family declined, its members were very loyal. But now, it’s easy to find some insiders. Everyone aims for a better living after all. Hence, when they have a way out, they know what to choose."

"That’s good." Yan Feng nodded and was the first one to leave, walking towards the Yang family’s building in the east.

As soon as he moved, hundreds of warriors immediately stood up and followed him.

The other three, Ming Hai, Fu Hao, and Jiu Lan Xin sat still, drinking a few mouthfuls of wine. After that, they also stood up and left, leading their people.

In the barrelhouse, the shopkeeper slowly came out from the back with a wry smile and then cleaned up the gla.s.ses on the table, shaking his head and letting out a sigh.

"Boss, why are you shaking your head? You don’t seem to like them?" A waiter came over and asked.

"Those people come here to drink and eat but never pay." The owner sighed. "They are not as good as the Yangs. Even when the Yang family was the most powerful, the Yangs always paid when they came here to eat and drink. None of the Yangs who came here to eat and drink didn’t pay. As for those people, not only don’t they pay, but their subordinates also come here to enjoy without paying. If it continues like this, we will not be able to stay longer in Barren City."

The waiter looked glumly. "They are too strong."

"The Yang family’s much stronger than them but never breaks the rules." The shopkeeper slightly raised his voice but then immediately realized that it was not good, and quickly lowered his voice again. "After those four people have taken over the control of the four major areas, they charge taxes much more than the Yang family did, always exploiting the merchants. They use flattery to treat the Sea Tribes but suppress the people in the city. They eventually call the shots in Barren City. Many people find it hard to live here."

"Yes. I’ve recently heard that a lot of people are considering leaving Barren City. Hmm, if one were without enemies in the outside world, no one would be willing to come to the bottom of the sea to reside. When the Yang family was still in their glory, the city never had wars. The Yang family protected us, not letting the Sea Tribes bully us. But now, when those four are taking control of the city, the Sea Tribes members become more arrogant. They don’t respect us at all."

The young waiter frown, looking at the beautiful complex in the central area of the city and said, "I hope that the Yang family can continue to stand firmly to maintain the order of the city and that those four can’t defeat them."

"It’s easier said than done." The shopkeeper sighed and helplessly shook his head, thinking whether or not he should leave Barren City soon.

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