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 Just with a quick look, Shi Yan immediately recognized the ident.i.ty of these pagans.

The Naga Tribe was one of the Sea Tribes. They had a human torso and a snake body, living in the seabed all year-round. But they also visited the land from time to time.

The Naga Tribe liked to cultivate in cold, miasmal places. They never had a good feeling for the human race. When they met a human on the ocean floor, they always provoked and attacked first.

As far as he had known, the Naga Tribe seemed to have a good relationship with the Yang family. The current matriarch of the Naga Tribe was a woman called Li Sha, who seemed to have an equivocal relationship with Yang Tian Emperor.

That year, when Yang Tian Emperor was still young, he had made a tour around the seabed and saved Li Sha’s life.

The fact that the Yang family could firmly set their feet in the Barren City had something related to the Naga Tribe. Even the Transfer Formation which connected the Yang family and the Barren City had been built with the strong support of the Naga Tribe.

Members of the Naga Tribe were united and extremely hostile. As long as someone offended them, they would inevitably remember in their hearts and always think about revenge.

Sea Tribes included many races, and the Naga Tribe was a powerful one among them. Their strength was intimidating, and they didn’t lack high-cla.s.s warriors. The matriarch of the Naga Tribe, Li Sha, seemed to be a Spirit Realm warrior with exceptional powers. All Naga Tribe members respected her.

A series of information related to the Naga Tribe continuously crossed his mind. He then instantly set up a plan for dealing with them.

That graceful woman led a line of six Nagas. They all were at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, holding long, silver spears with blue serpentine patterns, which had strange green fluctuations stirring up from time to time. They were like a stream flowing next to the spears and producing wonderful sounds.

The Nagas slowly approached with caution. The woman taking the lead suddenly raised the long silver spear in her hand when she was ten meters away from Shi Yan.

The five Nagas, who were at the Earth Realm, suddenly all stopped.

"Human, did you see a Silver-horned Electric Eel?" The Naga Tribe woman coldly looked at him, slightly raised the corner of her cherry mouth and spat out sound waves.

"Silver-horned Electric Eel?" Shi Yan was surprised, shaking his head, "Never met before."

Silver-horned Electric Eels were level six demonic beast in the sea. They could release a strong electric current, acting and moving quickly in the seabed, which made them harder to be captured and killed. Silver-horned Electric Eels also had a demon crystal, a useful cultivating material in refining weapons. In Barren City, the horn of a Silver-horned Electric Eel was quite precious.

"You didn’t see it?" The Naga Tribe woman suspiciously looked at him with cold eyes and grunted, "It’s clear that the Silver-horned Electric Eel came towards your direction. How come you didn’t see it? Or you did see it but don’t want to tell me?"

The Naga Tribe members were very suspicious and lacked trust in the human race, as they always believed that human race was cunning and evil. It was only because Yang Tian Emperor had saved Li Sha, the current matriarch of the Naga Tribe, that the Yang family could have a good relationship with the Nagas.

"I didn’t see it." Shi Yan smiled and said with a friendly att.i.tude. "If I saw it, I would tell you. I don’t need to deceive you."

"Fei Ya, this brat isn’t serious. He’s obviously not a good human. He must have seen that Silver-horned Electric Eel but doesn’t want to tell us." A feeble, thin and young Naga Tribe man that looked like a bamboo stick with a yellow face grunted and exposed his unfriendly att.i.tude.

The woman who led those Nagas also coldly looked at Shi Yan while her eyes slightly lit up, as she seemed to be guessing his true realm.

Since Shi Yan had come down here, he always hid his real strength and made himself look only at the Third Sky of Earth Realm.

When those Nagas realized that his realm was only at the Earth Realm, they looked down on him as they thought that with their cultivation base, they could easily capture or chop him off.

"If you don’t tell the truth, don’t blame us for having no mercy." Fei Ya's face became cold. While talking, she raised her hand, and her long silver spear suddenly emitted a bunch of cold lights. As soon as those lights burst out, the seawater instantly splashed everywhere with an extraordinary power.

Shi Yan calmly looked at her, didn’t show any fear and smiled. "I am one of the Yangs."

"The Yangs?" Fei Ya’s face loosened a little bit. She said, "How do you prove it?"

Shi Yan didn’t say anything, stretched out his hand but didn’t perform the Petrifaction Martial Spirit. Instead, he hauled out a small sword and cut his finger.

The Immortal Martial Spirit then started to exert its effect.

Blood stopped bleeding from that cut. Under the magical effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit, the wound gradually healed and disappeared without a trace.

"Immortal Martial Spirit?" The six Nagas all exclaimed simultaneously.

Fei Ya hesitated a little bit before saying, "You are the Yang family’s descendant?"

Shi Yan nodded.

"What’s your name?"

"Shi Yan."

"Shi Yan?" Fei Ya revealed a suspicious face, turned around looking at the other five behind her and then asked, "Have you ever heard whether the Yang family has someone with this name?"

Those five people shook their heads.

"If you are one of the Yangs, why is your surname Shi?" Fei Ya grunted and didn’t seem to believe him.

"I have the Immortal Martial Spirit. Do I need to prove anything else?" Shi Yan froze for a moment and couldn’t help but feel troubled. He shook his head and said, "Never mind. It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not. I’m too lazy to talk much. I just want to know the exact direction of Barren City. Can you tell me?"

He just knew that Barren City was right underneath the Kyara Sea, which was vast. Thus, without the exact direction, it was not easy to find the city.

From the seabed, it was impossible to see the sun and stars, and hence, it was hard to identify the direction. If he continued to look around, he would waste a lot of his star power.

Of course, that was not the result that he wanted to see.

"What are you going to the Barren City for?" Fei Ya asked.

"I have something to do there," Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. "Could you tell me the location of the Barren City?"

"It’s very far from here." Fei Ya thought for a while. "The Yangs are now staying in the center of Barren City. They aren’t in good condition. So, even if you go there, you will not have any support. I have heard that the Demon King trapped Yang Tian Emperor, and the Kyara Sea is also occupied by the Dark Dwellers. The Yang family has been declining; their business is worse than ever. Their role to the Sea Tribes is less important, and thus, they are not respected as much as before."

Shi Yan was very clear about this.

Until now, the Yang family had been gathered in the Kyara Sea and had transported cultivating materials from the land to Barren City through the Transfer Formation. They exchanged those cultivation materials that couldn’t be found on the seabed for precious spiritual jade stones of the Sea Tribes. That made both parties happy.

The reason why the Yang family could hold power in the Endless Sea was that they could get a significant amount of cultivation materials from the Fourth Demon Area that the Endless Sea didn’t have. On the other hand, they also relied on the trade with the Sea Tribes, making a lucrative profit from the Sea Tribes’ unique materials.

The Sea Tribes, through the Yangs, also got precious cultivation materials that had never appeared in the seabed. Because of this reason, the Yang family's position was secure in Barren City.

However, it was now different from the past. The Yang family had been evacuated from the Kyara Sea to Barren City, without bringing a lot of materials. Hence, it was difficult for the Sea Tribes to continue getting the cultivating resources on the sea surface through the Yang family. Moreover, the news that Yang Tian Emperor was being confined by the Demon King was spread out in Barren City, which made the Yang family’s position in Barren City gradually change.

It looked like because Yang Tian Emperor was captured, the att.i.tude of the Naga Tribe towards the Yang family also changed subtly.

Shi Yan pondered on the Naga Tribe’s att.i.tude.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh.

Just when he was tired of Fei Ya and the others, an intense electric current suddenly came from behind him.

Two ten-meters tall Silver-horned Electric Eels stormed out from the sea water. These two Silver-horned Electric Eels had a beautiful halo radiating from the horn on their heads, while the dazzling lightning burst out towards Shi Yan.

"How come there’re two of them?"

The thin, feeble Naga, who didn’t have a good att.i.tude towards Shi Yan earlier, couldn’t help but squeal as soon as he saw the two Silver-horned Electric Eels appear.

His cry was ear-splitting, extremely unpleasant to ears, like the sound of a saber hacking on a stone.

Shi Yan felt irritated on hearing it. He couldn’t help cover his ears, as he was repugnant to the Naga’s sharp sound.

As for the two level six sea beasts, he didn't mind of them. With his current realm, these kind of level six beasts were nothing to him.

The Naga Tribe people chased after the two Silver-horned Electric Eels. If it were only one of them, with Fei Ya’s Nirvana Realm, together with the other five who were at the Third Sky of Earth Realm, dealing with one Silver-horned Electric Eel was not very difficult.

But if there were two of them, the situation was completely different.

Fei Ya could only cope with one Silver-horned Electric Eel. Meanwhile, even if the other five had united, they would not be able to kill one Silver-horned Electric Eel. Once the two Silver-horned Electric Eels joined each other and took on Fei Ya as their target, this group of Nagas would not be able to resist.

Shi Yan didn't care about it. Seeing the two Silver-horned Electric Eels releasing the electric currents and quickly rushing towards him, he frowned slightly and actively avoided them.

As soon as his figure moved, he was like lightning, flying one hundred meters away from Fei Ya and the others.

Among the two Silver-horned Electric Eels, one had blood stains on its body. It seemed to have been injured from the attack of Fei Ya’s group. After calling for help from the other, it bluntly stared at Fei Ya’s group. They ignored Shi Yan, crossing him to rush to Fei Ya and the others.

Lightning weaved. The electric net shrouded the six of them, and they quickly fell into a difficult situation.

Shi Yan stood aside with an indifferent face. He didn’t say a word, looking at those six Nagas who were being chased by the Silver-horned Electric Eels, without any intention of intervention.

Fei Ya could deal with one Silver-horned Electric Eel only. She flung the spear on her hand. Silver lights scattered everywhere, stabbing the Silver-horned Electric Eel mercilessly.

As the other five Nagas were struck by the electric currents from the other Silver-horned Electric Eel, they constantly screamed ear-splittingly. Shi Yan’s ears were discomforted. He was considering if he should leave this place or not.

"Help us. We can take you to Barren City later." Fei Ya suddenly shouted. Her face looked worried, and it didn’t have the previous trace of arrogance anymore.

Shi Yan smiled, shaking his head.

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