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"Do you want to visit the Barren City at the bottom of the sea?"

Qu Yan Qing frowned and slightly shook her head. "The Barren City’s very complicated. There are Sea Tribes, demonic races, human race… That’s a multiracial area. Fights happen all the time, and it never seems to be peaceful. That year, when the Yang family was still strong, the Sea Tribes still had regards for them. But now, since Yang Tian Emperor has been captured and probably will not be able to come out from the confinement, the Sea Tribes will not have to continue to respect you guys anymore. I think Yang Mu and his group are not happy in Barren City. You can’t change anything even if you go down there."

Shi Yan contemplated and beamed a faint smile; he didn't care about what she said.

"You’d better stay away from the Endless Sea." Qu Yan Qing’s eyes brightened as she said with a sincere tone. "You aren't the same as the other Yangs. Even though the forces of the Endless Sea know that Yang Mu and his group are in the Barren City, they will not do anything to them. However, if they know you’re there, I’m afraid…"

"What?" Shi Yan frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Even if Yang Mu and the others are still alive, they are not able to revitalize the Yang family. They can’t make the Yang family shine again in the Endless Sea. So, they’re not a big threat to the others." Qu Yan Qing said with a solemn face. "You are different. You have made the leaders of the other forces in the Endless Sea realize that you have endless potential. Your performance even surpa.s.ses the Yang Tian Emperor when he was young. If you have more time to cultivate, I believe that one day, you will certainly replace the Yang Tian Emperor, help revitalize the Yang family and firmly stand in the Endless Sea again."

Shi Yan grinned and revealed a flattered expression. "Thank you, thank you."

"They will not let you go. Once the news of your presence in the Barren City is spread out, the people of the Endless Sea will find ways to deal with you. You’re a big threat to them. Many people are afraid of you, and thus, they will not let you grow and become another Yang Tian Emperor," Qu Yan Qing said seriously.

"How can I not go to the Barren City on the seabed?" Shi Yan ignored her advice and asked with a smile. "I have to go there. If those people want to do something to me, just let them do what they want. Let see if I can continue to live well or not."

He had arduously been cultivating in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist for a long time, and had entered the Sky Realm. Moreover, he had helped the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame regain their energy. If he could reunite these three living beings together and borrow the mysterious giant sharp sword, he was confident that n.o.body could harm him unless Cao Qiu Dao and Yan Yi Tian appeared.

As the situation of the Endless Sea was grim right now, he didn’t believe that people like Cao Qiu Dao and Yan Yi Tian would go all the way to the Barren City to kill him.

At most, those people like Gu Shao or Yu Qin would probably come. But of course, he was not scared of them.

"Do you really want to go?" Qu Yan Qing’s face became cold as she was a little angry because of his stubbornness. "Even if you go there, what will change? The situation of the Endless Sea is very complicated right now, and the Yang family cannot help you with anything. So, why do you want to go there? With your potential, after ten years, you will definitely set foot on the summit. By that time, when you come back to the Endless Sea, who can deal with you?"

"I have made up my mind." Shi Yan smiled while staring at her. "You seem to care about me a lot, eh?"

Qu Yan Qing's face stiffened. She growled, "I just don't want to see you die early. If you are alive, perhaps you can do something for the Endless Sea in the future. Maybe like Ouyang Lou Shuang and Xia Jing Hou, you can intimidate Demon Kings and the Yamas and prevent the Endless Sea from falling into the pagans’ hands."

"I don’t care what the Endless Sea will become," Shi Yan said with a cold voice. "Tell me, how can I go to the Barren City?"

Qu Yan Qing pondered a little bit, gritted her teeth, and didn’t look at him as she seemed to be in a rage.

Shi Yan was bewildered. "A woman like you really has feelings for me?" Shi Yan was confused.

Qu Yan Qing was very angry and finally said, "The Yang family has a Transfer Formation that connects with the Barren City. It’s on the Immortal Island. Currently, the Immortal Island has become the operating house of the three great Yamas. If you go there, you will die. Actually, you can dive into the sea. The Barren City’s right underneath the Kyara Sea. You just need to go to the ocean floor to find it. If you find it, it means you have to die. I don’t want to give you any more advice."

Shi Yan was not angry, but smiled instead. "That’s good. I didn’t expect to see you when I come here. Well, it seems that you’re still very kind. If I destroy the Heaven Lake Divine Land one day, I will spare your life."


"Ha ha ha, I’m always arrogant. Goodbye, beautiful lady. Either reporting or not reporting my presence here is up to you. I’m not afraid of the Heaven Lake Divine Land people sending someone to kill me."

"I’m not that bored."

"See you later then."

Shi Yan didn’t linger. He burst into laughter and then suddenly reached out to touch her face. He even gave a compliment before leaving.

Getting out of the three-story house, Shi Yan turned into a bunch of light, flying away.

Qu Yan Qing sat motionlessly on the spot. Her beautiful eyes glinted with a confused beam of light, and her face gradually reddened.

Half a day later, she shook her head while her hand caressing the cheek that Shi Yan had touched. She whispered, "Live well. I still haven’t settled things with you... Such an annoying guy!"

After leaving the Black Sea, Shi Yan went to the Kyara Sea alone. When he arrived at the border of the Kyara Sea, he saw the dark yin aura hovering in the sky, and his face became gloomy.

After he had looked for a moment, his body suddenly shone as he used the Dark Light Shield to cover his entire body. He then sneaked into the sea.

The sea water was incredibly blue. Some fish swam back and forth from time to time, and the seaweed was shining green. The submarine world was magnificently colorful and mesmerizing.

While he was diving all the way down, the water pressure continued to increase, pressing on the Dark Light Shield.

The Dark Light Shield flashed with a dark light and wasn’t deformed by the water pressure yet. Many flows of Profound Qi slowly poured into the Dark Light Shield’s halo. The halo of the Dark Light Shield gradually spread out, allowing him to move his limbs and use his various forces.

Although he was in the sea, the stars in the sky could still penetrate his body.

His body was enveloped by the Dark LIght Shield, but was still able to feel the star power’s injection. Shi Yan closed his eyes, immersing his mind in the Star Martial Spirit.

After his mind had immersed in it, it was like he had just entered the endless sea of stars and slowly ran in the star domain. There seemed to be numerous stars around, that were twinkling and releasing the immortal star power.

He seemed to turn into a minute dot of starlight that was moving in the star domain. When he realized the mystery of the stars sea, he immediately forgot his body and threw himself into them completely.

Comprehending the Star Martial Spirit was a slow process, and he should keep trying his best to be persistent in cultivating, so that he could grasp the insight of the realm.

At the Sky Realm, he had to comprehend the true meaning of Heaven and Earth to make his realm sublimate and enter the new level.

In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he had soon known that the Sky Realm warriors were very different from the Nirvana Realm warriors. It was all because of the understanding and mastering the Intent Domain.

With the three martial spirits, the Immortal Martial Spirit, the Petrifaction Martial Spirit, and the Star Martial Spirit, as long as he could get the truth from one of these three, his spirit could sublimate, facilitating him to take another step to the new level.

Understanding this, he considered these three martial spirits’ intent domains his next main goal.

Through what Cai Yi and others had told him, he knew that because his martial spirits didn’t go through an arduous cultivation, it was more difficult for him to comprehend the true meaning of the Intent Domain than ordinary people.

That was why he didn’t dare to be lazy. Whenever he had some free time, he would immediately comprehend the mystery of the Intent Domain. 

Since he came back from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he had continued to study the Immortal Martial Spirit more, often using a sharp instrument to cut his fingers, using his mind to recover his body through the comprehension of the Immortal Martial Spirit and understanding its mystery.

However, because his knowledge of the Immortal Martial Spirit was not too deep, he didn’t comprehend much, and it seemed to be difficult to grasp the key factors.

He didn’t know what the effect of the immortal blood was after all. This time, when he came back to the Endless Sea to find the predecessors of the Yang family, his main purpose was to ask for the true mystery of the Immortal Martial Spirit.

Ever since he had come back to the Endless Sea, Yang Tian Emperor seemed to have been concerned about him and also given him a lot of help.

In this difficult occasion, he felt that he should be together with the Yangs, contributing his small part to help the family. Moreover, he had admired Yang Tian Emperor for a long time, but had never seen him with his own eyes before, which was a regret.

He always felt that he needed to meet Yang Tian Emperor once to ask him about the effect of the immortal blood.

Immersing in the comprehension of the Immortal Martial Spirit and the Dark Light Shield, he didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed and continued sinking into the sea slowly.

Shi Yan suddenly woke up.

Within the Dark Light Shield, he opened his eyes and frowned. He looked ahead, revealing a surprised face.

A group of strange raced beings with humans-like upper bodies and snake tails was holding knives and forks, going back and forth on patrol to guard the sea ahead. They were approaching him.

A woman was taking the lead. Her upper body was moving gracefully, exposing mesmerizingly slender curves, emerald green eyes, and a delicate face. Her lower body was a snake tail with bluish-gray circular patterns. She was swaying her tail from side to side with a fast speed, which made her look like a bunch of green lights moving in the sea.

The five alien race men with snake bodies behind her were all warriors who knew how to use Heaven and Earth energy. They all had the cultivation base of the Earth Realm, holding forks and knives and revealing ruthless eyes.

The Naga Tribe! 

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