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Dark clouds fully capped the sky, such that sunlight could not pierce through to shine on the Wind Cloud Island. The warm island became gloomy and cold all of a sudden.

Dark clouds slowly descended above the forest on the Wind Cloud Island, and a dark aura overwhelmed everywhere.

Shi Yan frowned while looking up at the cl.u.s.ters of dark cloud in the sky. His heart was agitated, as he secretly hid his own trace of breath.

The third eye of his host soul in his Sea of Consciousness suddenly brightened, releasing the spiritual power that hindered the exploration of souls, preventing all kinds of soul consciousnesses from coming close to him.

Hiding in an ancient tree, he quietly looked through the small gap. Not long after that, three figures gradually appeared from the dark clouds.

One of them was an old man with gray hair at his temples. The second one was a young man with an outstanding appearance but an inwardly evil-hearted mind. The last one was Yi Cu Bi of the Demonic Sound Clan.

The three of them came out from the dark clouds and stood in the forest with calm expressions while discussing with a low tone.

Looking at them from a distance, Shi Yan realized that the bodies of the two men were chilly cold, with incredibly strong energy spiritual fluctuations. It was clear that they knew how to use soul energy.

The Dark Dwellers!

Just after a quick glance, he could confirm the ident.i.ty of those two men. The Dark Dwellers’ physical health was different from that of Humans and Demon Dwellers. Their physical state tended to be yin and cold. They didn’t like to waste their energy in training their bodies. Instead, they considered soul cultivating their lifelong goal. The Dark Dwellers had a feeble physique. Yet, although they looked weak, their souls were mighty.

The temperament and souls of those two men were the same as those of Yi Cu Bi. They were obviously from the same race.

The handsome young man was talking something to Yi Cu Bi, which looked like he was trying to cheer her up. However, Yi Cu Bi wore an indifferent face while responding to him perfunctorily. She then urged that young man to act faster.

The old man seemed to carefully protect the young man, releasing his soul conscious to detect and prevent any strangers from coming close.

"Cu Bi-mei, if we find the Yin Jade Crystal this time, my father will refine a Dark Yin Cold Pellet himself. It can help you expand your Sea of Consciousness twice, and soon, you’ll reach the Second Sky of Sky Realm. Your soul will enhance one step further." The young man smiled and said with a longing face. "Refining the Dark Yin Cold Pellet is extremely difficult. My father condenses this pellet with the hope of receiving your father’s favor. The Demonic Sound Clan is the main branch of the Dark Dwellers. After invading the Kyara Sea and sharing rare cultivation resources, Dark Dwellers’ forces will be obviously more powerful. Your father is the third generation leader of the Demonic Sound Clan, and he will also gain great benefits in the future."

Yi Cu Bi looked at him but didn’t say anything.

"Cu Bi-mei, tell me what my weakness is after all? Why don’t you agree to our marriage?" The young man helplessly asked with a worried face. "Doesn’t my status match yours? You should probably know how I have been treating you during the whole year. What I’ve done is not good enough for you?"

"It’s not about being good enough. It is just that I don’t like you," Yi Cu Bi finally said. "I remember that before you met me, you have had numerous relationships with beautiful women. You’ve never lacked women, so why do you have to stick with me?"

"You’re different from the other women." The young man raised his hands and vowed. "Before seeing you, the other women were just a game. I’ve never been touched. But after seeing you, everything’s changed. Because of you, I have already cut off the relationships with those women so that you can be moved and pay attention to me. Is it not enough for you?"

Yi Cu Bi continued to shake her head with a cold complexion.

That young man helplessly continued to linger with an honest face and a sincere voice. It looked like he was exposing his heart to her.

Inside the bush, Shi Yan coldly looked at them and sneered in his mind.

After only one year, the Demonic Sound Clan people had unexpectedly blended with the Dark Dwellers very well, evidently becoming one race. Their relationship was much closer.

The fact that the young man pursued Yi Cu Bi patiently was probably because of Yi Tian Mo’s status and position. He wanted to seek the marriage bond with Yi Cu Bi to tie himself with the Demonic Sound Clan, avoiding the possibility of Yi Tian Mo having wicked intentions.

Watching Yi Cu Bi leisurely walking in the forest with a graceful appearance, Shi Yan’s eyes gradually calmed down.

He remembered the time when he had first met Yi Cu Bi. In that abandoned land, this woman took advantage of her mighty soul to destroy his soul protection directly. She then controlled and took him to the Demonic Sound Clan’s City. He and this woman also hunted the demon beasts in the Sound Beast Mountain together. So, they somehow had fate for a period of time.

Time had pa.s.sed. The Demonic Sound Clan came out from the Chasm Battlefield and made a connection with the Dark Dwellers. This was something out of his expectation.

The oaths of the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan were still right next to his ears. However, they now yielded to the Dark Dwellers.

Although he had never considered Yi Tian Mo and the other two leaders his loyal right-hands, he still didn’t feel comfortable seeing this moment.

He knew that Yi Tian Mo and his people actually did it unwillingly.

The Dark Dwellers and Demon Dwellers were too powerful indeed. It was not because the warriors in the Endless Sea had the same bloodline that the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers treated them as a partner. Although Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan had an exceptional cultivation base, they still couldn’t compare with the Demon Kings and the Dark Kings.

Given the situation where they were not as excellent as the others, they had to bow their heads for the continuation of the race. Because of the future generation, they had to yield and finally followed the Demon and the Dark Dwellers.

Shi Yan was not surprised.

If he had the power to suppress the Demon Kings and protect the fellows of the Demonic Sound Clan from the Demon Dwellers’ infestation, perhaps Di Shan and his group would not have betrayed him and could have treated him as their master.

Unfortunately, although he had an extremely rapid progress in cultivating his realm, he couldn’t be compared with the Demon Kings who had been cultivating for hundreds of years. Even if he relied on the power of the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame, the three strange creatures, he could only have one fight with the Demon Masters, but could hardly have the upper hand against the Demon Kings.

Even now, although he really wanted to fight against Bo Xun or Chi Yan, he would be defeated in the end. Even the possibility of escape was hard to say.

Previously, Chi Yan had borrowed Jiao Han Yi’s body to cast out his earth-shaking power. By that time, only relying on Ye Zhang Feng had helped him escape without any remaining strength to counterattack.

Right now, he had entered the Sky Realm, and the three great living beings had regained their strength. If they could merge together, he didn’t know whether he would be able to fight against Chi Yan or not.

He was still not sure.

The old man following the young man should be the warrior of the Dark Dwellers. His spiritual fluctuations were like a strong gust. Leaves in the dense forest all shook up whenever he pa.s.sed by. This kind of surging spirit, as sharp as a knife, couldn’t be cast out unless the person who performed it was in the Spirit Realm.

The Dark Dwellers at the Spirit Realm had a terrifyingly profound understanding of souls.

Shi Yan subconsciously held his breath and released his consciousness without using any of his strength, coldly watching those three people pa.s.sing one hundred meters away with a solemn complexion.

It seemed Yi Cu Bi and the other two came here to search for some cultivating material. After walking around the Wind Cloud Island for a while, they bored into the dark clouds once again.

He didn’t know whether the three of them had harvested anything. Actually, he didn’t care. After staying on the Wind Cloud Island for a while, he hesitated a little bit and then left, flying to the Black Sea.

Inky Cloud Island.

On a small island, there were many inky cloud stone blocks of the Black Sea. The island was heavily guarded. Warriors with different levels wandered here and there. A variety of strange barriers were established all over the island to prevent the pagans’ invasion.

Even before coming closer, Shi Yan could see many silhouettes walking back and forth on the island.

This island belonged to the Heaven Lake Divine Land, and a majority of the warriors on the island were also from the Heaven Lake Divine Land. This island was more than one thousand li away from the Wind Cloud Island. The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers didn’t frequent this island.

When Shi Yan came to the periphery of the island, a Disaster Realm warrior approached and asked his ident.i.ty.

As he realized that Shi Yan was a human warrior, he didn’t really want to stop him and just carried out the regular procedure.

After Shi Yan replied with a few words, saying that he was a solitary-cultivating warrior, he was immediately allowed to enter the island. After getting onto the island, Shi Yan handed some middle-grade spiritual stones in exchange for the information of the situation on the island.

The Inky Cloud Island belonged to the Heaven Lake Divine Land. There were no civilians on the island. Only around one hundred warriors with low realms were temporarily stationed. Their duty was to visit the nearby sea territories regularly and inquire about the information about the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers. The Inky Cloud Island was currently under the control of a Heaven Lake Divine Land warrior at the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm.

In the center of the island, there was a directional Transfer Formation which directly connected to the headquarter of the Heaven Lake Divine Land.

Once the warriors on the island detected any Dark Dwellers or Demon Dwellers around, they would go into the directional Transfer Formation to leave this Inky Cloud Island immediately. Waiting after everything subsided, they would come back to the island and continued to spy on the surrounding sea territories, collecting information for the Heaven Lake Divine Land.

"Haha, our Holy Maiden comes to visit the island today. Have you ever seen our Holy Maiden?"

The man to whom Shi Yan offered a spiritual stone smiled ambiguously. "Although our Holy Maiden’s appearance is typical, she’s really a great beauty. Anyways, she always wears a mask, so no one can really see her. Our Holy Maiden’s body is graceful, and can be said to be perfect. If you give me one more spiritual stone, I will let you come close to the center of the island where the Holy Maiden is living. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to see her."

Shi Yan smiled and shook his head. "Forget about it. If it’s only being able to see the figure instead of the true appearance, it’s better not to see her at all."

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