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On the island...

Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, Li Yue, and Cai Yi were standing at the entrance, waiting for him in silence.

They had been waiting for two days.

"Why hasn’t Shi Yan come out yet? Has anything happened to him in there? Master, is it true that you encountered many dangerous things inside but are still safe and sound thanks to him?" Zuo Shi was puzzled.

Zuo Xu smiled wryly and nodded reluctantly. "If it weren’t for Shi Yan, perhaps we would have been buried in there. You didn't go down there, so you can’t imagine how dangerous it is. To be honest, Shi Yan’s decision was correct. It is fortunate that you guys didn’t go down there together, or else you couldn’t have stayed alive."

The Lao brothers revealed frightened faces.

They all understood that without Shi Yan’s help, they would have died already. They were grateful to Shi Yan from the bottom of their hearts.

"This guy Shi Yan can’t be evaluated in a normal way. Although he only has a cultivation base of Sky Realm, he still can cause rain by turning his hand over, which really surprises and puzzles other people." Chi Xiao nodded and then shook his head slightly, as he felt that he was old now and couldn’t see through Shi Yan anymore.

In the Quiet Cloud Merchant Union that year, although Shi Yan had exposed his ability and potential, his strength had not been this intimidating.

How long had pa.s.sed since then?

From the Disaster Realm that year, he had reached the Sky Realm, and even unexpectedly surpa.s.sed him. This cultivating speed could shock both the ancient and modern worlds, and had never been heard before.

Warriors of the Divine Great Land like Zhao Feng and Cai Yi now could know more about Shi Yan’s origin through Chi Xiao, Zuo Shi, and the others. The more they knew about Shi Yan, the more surprised they were, as it was nearly impossible to believe what Zou Xu and the others said. If they didn’t know Chi Xiao and the other people before, and they were certain that those people had no reason to deceive them, they would not ever believe it no matter they lived or died.

"This kid really has a potential and glorious future. I’m looking forward to seeing him shine in the Divine Great Land. I always feel that his potential doesn’t just stop there. If he goes to the Divine Great Land in the future, perhaps he can even surpa.s.s other outstanding warriors of the seven factions, becoming the most dazzling star," Zhao Feng said emotionally.

Li Yue and the other Divine Radiant Cult warriors also nodded with their complicated faces.

Shi Yan’s performance during these days had impressed them deeply and changed their thoughts. They now know that although the Divine Great Land was immense, it couldn’t include all extraordinary young warriors in the world.

It was unexpected that there existed such an extraordinary warrior like Shi Yan in the remote Endless Sea. They now came to a realization that magical and wonderful things could be seen everywhere.

"I know that he belongs in the Divine Great Land." Li Yue beamed a smile and said, "With his momentum, I’m afraid that the Endless Sea cannot nourish him or bind him for so long. Sooner or later, he will come to our Divine Great Land, and then take the wings and surf the waves to become a mighty dragon. I’m sure about it."

Zhao Feng and his fellows all agreed with it.

Cai Yi’s eyes also revealed the same thought. She was longing for a day when he could come to the Divine Great Land to develop all of his potential strength.

"Not long after that, he will come to our Divine Great Land. I’m right. We will take him to see the elders of the sect, and this will make them pleasantly startled." Zhao Feng pictured and couldn’t help but laugh with pride.

On the other side, Ye Zhang Feng, Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng didn’t leave either, still waiting on the island.

Lin Zhi was not as arrogant as before. When it came to Shi Yan, her face became obscure, and her tone a little respectful.

"Without this kid, we might have died there. That young man isn’t human." Luo Meng looked at Ye Zhang Feng with a miserable countenance. "Now, I finally believe what you’ve said. When that kid met you before, his realm was not high indeed. That kind of a person seems to have unlimited possibilities."

"That’s right." Ye Zhang Feng nodded. "Such a man will become an outstanding person. Although he hasn’t come to the Divine Great Land yet, once he shows up there, I’m afraid that no one can stop him. I’m looking forward to seeing him strike here and there in our Divine Great Land. I believe that day is not too far away."

"Lin Zhi-jie, do you still hate that brat?" Lu Xiao suddenly asked.

Lin Zhi’s face changed while she thought about him. Her cheeks still felt slightly burning, and her face wore the feeling of insecurity.

Shi Yan had cruelly taken action, which left a very profound impact on her. She had thought that she would find Shi Yan to take revenge in the future. But when Ye Zhang Feng told her what had happened as well as that Shi Yan had generously given him a drop of the Life Original Fluid, the hatred inside her heart faded away.

Ye Zhang Feng’s master had done her a favor before, so she was also very grateful to him and concerned about his situation. She voluntarily came to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist with Ye Zhang Feng with the purpose of repayment, hoping to do something for the master.

Shi Yan’s generous deed of giving out one drop of the Life Original Fluid puzzled her a lot, as she couldn’t understand how Shi Yan could be that generous. The number of the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors of the seven ancient factions was not small, and because of one drop of the Life Original Fluid, they could do whatever it took to have it. The preciousness of the Life Original Fluid was hard to describe with mere words.

The fact that Shi Yan had generously given them one drop of the Life Original Fluid somehow puzzled Lin Zhi and made her appreciate him.

"It is not easy to see through this person. He is sometimes fierce and cruel, sometimes kind and generous, which is hard for other people to imagine. I haven’t known him for a long time, but I know that he is not the kind of ruthless people. If he were a ruthless guy, he would never have done this ridiculous thing when he could easily exterminate us."

Ye Zhang Feng contemplated for a while and then said with sincere eyes. "No matter how, with this one drop of the Life Original Fluid, my master and I owe him a big favor. In the future, anytime he needs me in the Divine Great Land, I will certainly put all of my effort to do anything for him."

"Well, having relations with someone like him isn’t bad at all." Luo Xiao and Luo Meng nodded.

"When he comes out, we will bid him our farewell. As we owe him a big favor, waiting for a few days is nothing," Ye Zhang Feng said.

Lin Zhi also nodded.

After midnight, a majestic figure flew out of the entrance.

Ye Zhang Feng and the others hurriedly rushed over.

"Boy, you finally get out. You made us wait for too long." Zhao Feng burst into laughter as soon as he saw Shi Yan. "Boy, I can see that the G.o.d light in your eyes seems to be sharper than before. Have you gained something more in the swamp down there?"

Shi Yan beamed a smile, looked at everyone and nodded. "Not really a harvest. But I did cultivate a little bit, and my Profound Qi richer than before. Hey, I bothered you a lot, letting you wait until now. Sorry."

"Ha ha ha, you’re welcome." Zhao Feng laughed out loud while walking towards Shi Yan and patting his shoulder. "Can you talk about what really happened in the bog?"

"There’s nothing to say." Unfolding his two hands, Shi Yan said, "There’s nothing to say. I actually have some connection with the King of Demonic Insects, and got some useful information from it. I should use a special thing in exchange for the Life Original Fluid, but I cannot have it right now."

"You can get the Life Original Fluid from the King of Demonic Insects, really?" Zhao Feng revealed a frightened face while his eyes burned.

Shi Yan didn’t want to hide this, so he nodded with a smile. "Yes."

Everyone looked startled, showing a face with full of expectations.

"As I have said, now is not the right time. When you enter the Third Sky of the Spirit Realm, you can come and see me. A drop of the Life Original Fluid is not a big deal," Shi Yan promised.

Everyone was crazily overjoyed.

"Well, it’s time to go. I have to return to the Endless Sea first. After a period of time, I may go to the Divine Great Land and will find you there." Shi Yan looked at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng constantly nodded with a smile. "I will wait for you to come. I’m sure that the G.o.ds Sect people will welcome you when you come to the Divine Great Land. There are not many outstanding warriors in this generation of the G.o.ds Sect. Your appearance will make the elders of the G.o.ds Sect overjoyed."

"If I use the Life Original Fluid in exchange for my friend who is in the Pure Land people’s hands, is it possible?" Shi Yan pondered for a while before asking.

Zhao Feng was bewildered and hesitated a little bit, and then said, "It’s hard to say. But I think it’s possible. If your friend’s value is not too special, the elders of our G.o.ds Sect can represent you in the exchange. So, it’s possible."

"Shi Yan, if your position in the G.o.ds Sect is promoted in the future, and your cultivation base reaches a certain level, the G.o.ds Sect would be willing to invest in you," Li Yue a.s.sured him.

Shi Yan nodded.

"We should leave now and have to say thank you." Ye Zhang Feng walked over and bent down with a solemn face. "If you have any trouble in the future, remember to use the way I showed you to find us. Although my master’s realm is not at the peak, his voice is still respected in the Divine Great Land. If you have troubles, my master will definitely help you out."

"Who is your master?" Zhao Feng was surprised because of Ye Zhang Feng’s arrogant tone. Hence, he couldn’t help but ask.

"My master is an Alchemist… His surname is Li." Ye Zhang Feng smiled and replied.

Zhao Feng frowned and thought for a while. His entire body suddenly trembled as he asked in fear, "Could he be the one from the Spirit Potion Valley – the Dead Soul Mountain?"

Ye Zhang Feng nodded.

Zhao Feng was dumbstruck and couldn’t help but shout, "It’s him!

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