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After the Devouring Gold Silkworm swallowed the drop of his immortal blood, it was extremely excited. The gold silkworm’s entire body glinted with a splendid golden light, and it was spitting out a slender strand of golden silk.

Shi Yan blankly looked at the Devouring Gold Silkworm in astonishment.

This golden silk glowed with a trace of blood red color, and fluttered with the wind at the gold silkworm’s mouth. It didn’t look different from any normal silk fiber. Shi Yan immersed his mind in the silk fiber and could feel that it somehow had a delicate connection with him. Perhaps it was the effect of the immortal blood. He looked at the gold silk and scattered his soul consciousness that attached to the fiber. It was unexpected that the silk fiber could absorb the consciousness in his mind and change its movement according to his mind’s control.

This silk fiber became an extension of his hands and feet, connected with his mind.

After the Devouring Gold Silkworm spat out the silk fiber, its body slightly dimmed. It leaned against the crystal lotus and seemed to be watching him in silence.

Different from the past, the Devouring Gold Silkworm clearly had his breath this time. Thanks to a drop of the immortal blood, the Devouring Gold Silkworm and he now had a subtle contact.

Beyond his expectation, the Devouring Gold Silkworm looked at him for a while before proactively re-entering the Blood Vein Ring, staying there obediently without struggling. Seemed like the silkworm now considered the Blood Vein Ring its own shelter.

The silk fiber, with a trace of blood color in its strange light, was moving in the air according to his mind. It was like a small sword. When the golden light flashed, the giant ancient trees around were all cut down.

Shi Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened.

This silk apparently was not the same as in the past, as it seemed to have become a quenched secret treasure which he could freely control without any stagnation.

After a little hesitation, his mind controlled and slowly pulled back the golden silk fiber.

He stretched out his hand pulling the golden fiber into his palm. A blood-connection like feeling suddenly jumped into his heart.

The golden silk was like a part of his body, and his soul consciousness perfused it. The golden fiber slowly fused into his palm, as if it had become a golden silk pattern. As long as he triggered his mind, this golden silk fiber would immediately fly out from his palm, moving and dancing as he pleased.

The golden fiber was as sharp as a knife, but this silk with a touch of blood light seemed to be even more powerful, becoming a wonderful killing tool in his hand. While fighting others, he could release the golden silk fibers as a surprise, which could intimidate and directly ravage the opponents.

He was secretly joyful about this major change of the golden silk fiber

On the crystal lotus throne, the King of Demonic Insects was still observing him, seeing him take out the Devouring Gold Silkworm and shedding a drop of the immortal blood for it. The King of Demonic Insects then saw the Devouring Gold Silkworm spew out strange golden fiber, and Shi Yan use his mind to grab the gold silk in his hand and smash down all the ancient trees around.

"That fellow is powerful. If it continues to use your blood, it may also have a mutation, evolving to a higher level." The King of Demonic Insects sent him a message.

"What?" Shi Yan was excited and beamed a smile. "According to you, my blood has a unique effect on living creatures like you?"

"Of course."

"What is it specific? Can you tell me?"

"Your kind of blood has the ancient G.o.d’s bloodline inside which helps improve our evolution, so that our living beings can become more perfect. Moreover, this can be described as the blood of G.o.d. One day, with the use of your blood, we can evolve to the form which is not much different from your human form, even more perfect than yours."

"I quite don’t understand what you mean."

"There is the life mark in your blood. Even though it is not perfect, it already has enough nutrients for us. The more powerful the beasts are, the better ability they have to see the benefit of this blood with the life mark. If it is possible to absorb the life mark completely in this G.o.d blood, the benefits that we get are hard to estimate."

Shi Yan was silent.

He had heard from the Demonic Sound Clan that in the Remote Antiquity, there were three great G.o.d Kings. The blood of each G.o.d King had its own unique effect. The Immortal G.o.d King was only one of the original G.o.d Kings. The immortal blood had an extraordinary effect, and the Ice Cold Flame seemed to have mentioned it before. It had said that the immortal blood could make the damaged secret treasure recover.

The effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit was that it could heal the broken bodies. If someone cultivated it to the peak, that person’s body would be immortal. As long as the immortal blood existed, even if a skeleton was shattered, it could still re-condense and be reborn in the world.

He still didn’t know clearly about the magical effect of the immortal blood. Only Yang Tian Emperor, the head of the Yang family, seemed to know the real purpose of the immortal blood, and exerted its potential effect to the extreme.

"I’m leaving the swamp. How about you?" After frowning and contemplating for a while, he continued their conversation. "Do you still want to be here or go out with me?"

"I’m going with you, of course."

"Can you leave this place?"

"Of course. This crystal lotus throne is the control for the various barriers in this bog. There is no problem for me to leave this place. You can put me in the same place as that silkworm. As for the Life Original Liquid, it is always in my body. As long as you satisfy me, I will obviously do as we’ve agreed, giving you one drop of it. After giving all this Life Original Fluid to you, I will also have enough of your blood, and then, I will leave and return here."

Shi Yan was stunned.

"There is nothing to be worried. You will not lose anything from this agreement. You have what I want, and I have what you want. You and I are both happy. Isn’t it good?"

"Okay," Shi Yan smiled and lifted up the Blood Vein Ring. He first released a ray of consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring. He waited until it shot out the blood light and then said to the King of Demonic Insects, "You can get in now. Since it can accommodate the golden silkworm, it can contain you as well." As soon as he finished talking, the King of Demonic Insects immediately turned into a bunch of silver light beams and disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring.

After exploring, he found a new crystal lotus condensed by a strange energy emerged inside the Blood Vein Ring. The King of Demonic Insects sat on the crystal lotus and was covered with flashing silver lights. It was observing everything around curiously.

The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame were on the two sides of the crystal lotus separately. They burst out flames, vigilantly watching the strange thing which had just settled down as their neighbor.

"There are other fellows here!" The King of Demonic Insects was surprised. It observed the Blood Vein Ring for a while and then immediately realized that other than the gold silkworm, there were another two living beings even stranger than itself. They were purely living flames, but they were not ent.i.ties. Anyway, they could still release terrifying auras.

The Ice Cold Flame was chilly to the bone with dense, icy aura. Meanwhile, the Earth Flame was a scorching, bursting burning flame.

These two different, strange Heaven Flames were both safe in the Blood Vein Ring, kept at a distance from it and the gold silkworm. They just silently released their own mighty aura, as if they were warning it to be careful. Not just because it was powerful in the outside world, it could do whatever it wanted in the Blood Vein Ring.

"Well, not just you alone, so you should stay in there obediently. Don’t think that because you could control the demon insects in the swamp, you can act recklessly in there. As far as I’ve seen, after entering the Blood Vein Ring, your power is not as strong as the others; perhaps you will even suffer if you get involved in a fight with them," Shi Yan warned it calmly.

The King of Demonic Insects was a little surprised. It secretly felt the breath of the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame for a long while before sending out a message. "I will not mess with them."

Shi Yan nodded with a smile.

At this moment, another cold light suddenly shot out from a wall beneath the crystal lotus throne, entering the Blood Vein Ring, and then stayed in its own place.

The Holy Spirit G.o.d.

Strands of cold air spread out from the rich Heaven and Earth aura. After being dormant and absorbing a big amount of Heaven and Earth aura, the Holy Spirit G.o.d finally recovered sixty to seventy percent of its strength.

After it had escaped into the Blood Vein Ring, the crystal lotus throne suddenly lacked the aura. The floating silver smog gradually dissipated. Shi Yan was stunned and released his soul consciousness immediately to communicate with the Holy Spirit G.o.d. "Why did you return so late?"

"Below the crystal lotus throne is a spring of aura which has a powerful Heaven and Earth aura. After absorbing it for a long while, I had already consumed seventy or eighty percent of it. My strength has also recovered by more than half. That's why I’ve just come back now. Is there anything wrong?"

"No," Shi Yan shook his head with a complicated complexion.

When the Holy Spirit G.o.d entered the Blood Vein Ring, the King of Demonic Insects was very frightened. Before, it had been aware that the Holy Spirit G.o.d had penetrated the aura spring below the crystal lotus throne, and it had also released its spirit to check but got nothing. The Holy Spirit G.o.d was different from human warriors, as its living being was incredibly strange. It didn’t get affected by the King of Demonic Insects’ spiritual impact, not even by the slightest bit.

Knowing that there was clearly a creature in the aura spring below the crystal lotus throne but not being able to check it out, the King of Demonic Insects was worried. Currently, since the Holy Spirit G.o.d had absorbed enough aura and suddenly entered the Blood Vein Ring, the King of Demonic Insects now knew that the Holy Spirit G.o.d was also from Shi Yan.

At this moment, the King of Demonic Insects looked at Shi Yan with more caution.

It started to feel that Shi Yan was not an ordinary warrior. Daring to keep many strange creatures at the same place without being worried to have it backfire on him, this kind of person was either a bold, strong man or a crazy one.

"I want to take some time to digest your blood. So, don’t disturb me during this time unless you encounter a great danger." The King of Demonic Insects contemplated for a while and then sent out a strand of consciousness.

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