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The crystal lotus throne rose out of the swamp again. The King of Demonic Insects screeched loudly on the crystal lotus throne while a lot of demon insects rushed over the warriors in the swamp.

Shi Yan was standing above the swamp, coldly watching the warriors who had shown off their strength earlier being wrapped by the demonic insects.

As the number of the demonic insects was tens of thousands, and the swamp was their territory, these warriors had no strength to fight back this slaughter.

Under the erosion by the insects, the warriors' defensive halos and secret treasures were all chewed off completely. The demonic insects then drilled into those warriors’ bodies, ate their brain and killed them in the end.

The eyes of Chi Xiao, Zhao Feng, and the others revealed a trace of fright. Looking at the insects that were eating those warriors, they were now aware of Shi Yan's wicked heart.

The King of Demonic Insects on the crystal lotus throne slowly moved towards Shi Yan, looking at him with longing eyes.

"You have to kill all of them. Let’s discuss something else." Shi Yan frowned and released his soul consciousness.

"Good." The King of Demonic Insects answered him cleanly.

Amidst a loud scream, the demonic insects crazily submerged all of the warriors, starting the b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter.

Except for Shi Yan’s team, the other warriors were all attacked and killed.

Whenever a warrior died, Shi Yan would absorb that warrior’s scattering aura into his acupuncture points.

There were more than thirty warriors, most of whom were at the Sky Realm. So, their auras went beyond his expectation, making his acupuncture points became terribly swollen.

Shi Yan knew that absorbing the aura this time would deliver him to a crazy situation, but he was not nervous. Anyway, there were no enemies around this time. If he could have time later, he would definitely recover easily.

The corpses shriveled and slowly sank into the swamp, coming back to float on the swamp again not long after that. The demonic insects continued to erode those dead bodies and soon turned them into skeletons. It was an extremely miserable fate indeed.

Even Zhao Feng had to wear a frightened face as he also felt a bone-chilling dread.

"How did you do it after all?" Zhao Feng asked with a hoa.r.s.e voice while looking at Shi Yan. "The King of Demonic Insects is a level eight beast with intelligence. It’s not just with some demagogic words that you can make the King of Demonic Insects compromise. I’m really curious. Why does this King of Demonic Insects listen to your orders?"

This was what everyone wanted to know.

"That’s right. Not just demagogic words can make it obedient." Shi Yan beamed a faint smile but didn’t explain anything. "The King of Demonic Insects and I have an agreement, which is hard to be explained in details. So, you shouldn’t ask much about it."

Zhao Feng nodded.

"I can get the Life Original Fluid from the King of Demonic Insects. Hmm. I didn’t lie about it." After hesitating a little bit, Shi Yan continued, "However, I can’t have it immediately. It requires a process. I’m not sure if I can take all of the Life Original Fluid from the King of Demonic Insects or not."

Everyone’s eyes brightened.

"If one of you enter the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, you can find me later, and I will give you one drop of the Life Original Fluid," Shi Yan beamed a smile.

Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, Li Yue, and Cai Yi all showed shocked faces while their eyes were sparkling with dazzling lights.

"Consider it as a promise," Shi Yan said. "I promise you guys that any of you who enter the Third Sky of Spirit Realm can always find me to have one drop of the Life Original Fluid. As long as I still have it, I will not be stingy."

Zhao Feng and Li Yue's faces were both stunned; their bodies were trembling.

Chi Xiao’s eyes were wide open while nodding with a grateful face.

Cai Yi gently smiled while her eyes lit up.

"Remove the barrier." Shi Yan looked at the King of Demonic Insects on the crystal lotus throne.


An explosive sound echoed from the entrance. The blood red smog hovering around the entrance dissipated quietly.

"You guys go up first. I need to stay here for a while. Hmm, I need to spend more time with it." Pointing at the entrance, Shi Yan said firmly, "That entrance should have no barrier, so you don’t need to be worried."

After talking, he walked towards the Lao brothers and Ye Zhang Feng, while his body emitted a fiery flame.

Under the scorching heat, the ice rock around Lao Li, Luo Meng, and the others gradually melted. Their bodies were exposed little by little.

Ye Zhang Feng's eyes were in a daze. When the heat power came close, the Purgatory True Flame on his body automatically released the defensive fire net.

On the crystal lotus throne, there was no loger any vibrations that could agitate people. When the Earth Flame came close, Ye Zhang Feng suddenly woke up, and his eyes brightened.

"What happened?" Seeing dead warriors floating in the swamp, Ye Zhang Feng wore a frightened face and asked, "What happened in the swamp after all? Why did those people become like that? Only you guys are alive?"

Shi Yan nodded.

"Did you get it?"


"The Life Original Fluid."

Shi Yan looked at him with surprise. "You also know about the Life Original Fluid?"

"It’s the reason why we came here." Ye Zhang Feng revealed sad eyes and wryly smiled. "I knew that there should be the Life Original Fluid in the swamp. I came here with the hope that I could get one drop of the Life Original Fluid. However, as my cultivation base is low, not reaching the Sky Realm yet, I lost my mind in this place."

"If Shi Yan didn’t help you, I’m afraid that you would have been dead." Cai Yi frowned and told them about what had happened. She said that Shi Yan had used the Ice Cold Flame to freeze them, avoiding other warriors’ attack. She also told them about the demonic insects that flew around in the sky and ate all of the warriors in the swamp to death.

On listening to the story, the visage of the Lao brothers, Lin Zhi, and the others changed to a frightened look.

Lao Li thanked Shi Yan sincerely with grat.i.tude. Shi Yan beamed a faint smile but didn’t say anything. Lin Zhi was a little embarra.s.sed. She bowed her head, and also said ‘thank you’ in a low voice.

Shi Yan nodded with a smile and continued saying nothing.

"Shi Yan, aren’t you…?" Ye Zhang Feng was hesitant, and didn’t finish his sentence.

He looked at Zhao Feng and then Chi Xiao and Cai Yi, contemplated for a while before saying, "Shi Yan, I want to tell you something in private."

"Okay." Shi Yan proactively moved towards the crystal lotus throne, and his body suspended above it, indicating that Ye Zhang Feng should get there with him.

Ye Zhang Feng stood on a dark red lava rock, surprisingly looking at Shi Yan and revealing a hesitant face. He seemed to know the power of that crystal lotus throne as well as the existence of the King of Demonic Insects, and thus, he didn’t dare to go there.

"It’s alright." Shi Yan comforted him.

Ye Zhang Feng’s face looked less worried. He now slowly moved closer to him. Lin Zhi, Luo Meng, and Lu Xiao also wanted to go there, but Ye Zhang Feng threw them a glance to stop them from coming. They eventually flew to another lava rock.

"You guys go first." On the crystal lotus throne, Shi Yan nodded to Chi Xiao, Zhao Feng, and others. "You go up first. I will go there in two days, and we will talk later."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "Ah, bring Lin Zhi and her team with you."

Although Zhao Feng and Li Yue didn’t understand what he is doing, they didn’t ask much. They just nodded and led the team of Luo Meng, Lin Zhi, Lao Li, and the others to leave.

At the entrance, there wasn’t any barrier indeed. They went through it, flying up to the island.

In the swamp, there were only Ye Zhang Feng, and Shi Yan left.

"Did you really get the Life Original Fluid?" Looking at the crystal lotus throne below, Ye Zhang Feng asked with a longing face.

Shi Yan nodded.

"Can you give me one drop? I just need one drop." Ye Zhang Feng suddenly got excited.

Shi Yan frowned but didn’t say anything.

"I know the Life Original Fluid is very precious. I know how much value this kind of liquid has to even Spirit Realm warriors. " Ye Zhang Feng was stirred up. "I can exchange it for something. As long as you tell me what you need, I will find it for you. No matter what, I will absolutely find it. I just want one drop of the Life Original Fluid."

Shi Yan was stunned, looking at him with puzzled eyes. After a long while, he said, "You are still far away from the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. Why do you want a drop of the Life Original Fluid?"

"I’m not asking it for myself." Ye Zhang Feng let out a sigh and reluctantly said, "My master has been stuck at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm for a long time. He is an Alchemist, and has spent all of his life in refinement. He’s so close to the True G.o.d Realm, but he isn’t sure he can enter it. I’m afraid he will be depressed. That’s why I’m asking a drop of the Life Original Fluid for him."

Ye Zhang Feng shook his head and continued. "I’m the abandoned disciple of the Spirit Treasure Sect, and was almost taken to feed the beasts. If my master didn't accept me, I should have died already. I don't want to see him stay in this realm forever. I know that entering the True G.o.d Realm is the wish of his life. I just want to help him and repay him for those years of teaching me."

Shi Yan seemed to be touched.

"Please," Ye Zhang Feng begged him, "I know that I cannot get any valuable things now, but I promise you that if you need anything later, I will do my best for you. You can say your request now, and I will certainly keep it in my heart and fulfill it later."

"Let me ask." Being silent for a long while, Shi Yan looked at the King of Demonic Insects and sent out a strand of his soul consciousness. "Can you give me a drop of the Life Original Fluid?"


"Thank you."

"You have to give me one drop of your blood first."


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