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Shi Yan shouted, telling the King of Demonic Insects to stop other small insects from attacking Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and other people of Divine Radiant Cult.

Chi Xiao and Cai Yi were almost unable to resist any longer. However, at the crucial time, the demon insects suddenly flew away, not continuing to attack them.

Chi Xiao and Cai Yi let out a sigh of relief with a surprised face, looking at Shi Yan in the crystal lotus.

In the swamp, as many other warriors saw that Chi Xiao and Cai Yi were no longer besieged by those insects thanks to Shi Yan’s words, they were all stunned and revealed a jealous expression.

"That guy Shi Yan, how did he do it after all?" Zhao Feng came to Cai Yi and Chi Xiao and asked suspiciously.

Chi Xiao and Cai Yi shook their heads as they didn’t know either.

It was unexpected that the King of Demonic Insects listened to Shi Yan’s orders, which surprised everyone. They didn’t know what method he had used to make the King of Demonic Insects submit.

While Chi Xiao and Zhao Feng were still in doubt, they quietly observed Shi Yan and realized that he was discussing something with the King of Demonic Insects in the crystal lotus throne.

"Remove the barrier. I agree with your proposal." Shi Yan looked the King of Demonic Insects, contemplated for a while before making his mind up as he felt that this proposal didn’t bring him any harm.

"How about the others?"

"Is killing them good for you?"

"There's no harm. Their energy and blood can enhance the strength of our little fellows."

"If so…" Shi Yan hesitated a little bit and kept looking at the chubby warrior and his team, then said with a faint smile. "Can you wait for a while? Ask your little fellow to leave first, and you’ll go into the swamp. I need a reason to kill them."


"Listen to me."

"…" The King of Demonic Insects didn’t say anything. It didn’t seem to understand him but still, followed his orders after getting his agreement on the proposal.

The crystal lotus sank slowly. The demon insects that were hovering in the sky followed the command and plunged down from the sky, either going into the crystal lotus throne or drilling into the giant ancient tree.

Afterward, no demonic insects were seen on the swamp.

Shi Yan retrieved the Sky-breaking Shuttle, leaped up to the air and flew over to Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and Cai Yi after hesitating a little bit.

"How did you do that?" Zhao Feng ogled and asked curiously. "That is a level eight beast… It’s much more powerful than us. I didn’t expect that you could ask it to stop attacking us. Shi Yan, Shi Yan, are you human after all? How can this beast listen to your orders?"

Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and Li Yue were also very curious.

"Its power was limited by the crystal lotus throne, and can’t be utilized totally. It cannot show up in the swamp for a long time. I told it to give one drop of the Life Original Fluid and that we will immediately leave this place. It agreed with that."

Looking at the warriors around who were approaching, Shi Yan deliberately said out loud. "Because of its intelligence, this beast knows what to choose. It knows that if it fights with us for a long time, it will bear a great loss, being severely hurt by the crystal lotus throne’s power. That’s why it gave up…"

After talking, he looked at the chunky warrior, laughed and said, "It said that there is only Life Original Fluid in the swamp this time, not the G.o.d Soul. It gave me a drop and said that we should leave this place as soon as possible."

"It gave you a drop?" The chunky warrior’s eyes lit up with shock. He burst into laughter. "Kid, your realm is still far away from the Spirit Realm. It’s useless for you to keep that drop of Life Original Fluid. Can you exchange it with me?"

"Exchange it?" Shi Yan pretended to be surprised, caressed the Blood Vein Ring and shook his head. "Although I have not entered the Spirit Realm yet, I’ll enter it one day sooner or later. I can use this drop of Life Original Fluid when I want to break through the Spirit Realm. No matter what you offer to exchange for it, the value is far from enough…"

The face of the chubby warrior darkened. He beamed a faint smile and stared at Shi Yan.

The warriors of Devil Valley quietly gathered around that chubby warrior, coldly looking at him with unfriendly eyes.

Many warriors also had greed for the Life Original Fluid like this chubby warrior. They wanted to take action to take it from Shi Yan, not having any intent of leaving this place.

Some other warriors’ eyes flickered constantly. As they seemed to know this swamp was very unusual, they silently watched the changes, waiting to leave this place and then take action on the island.

"Kid, you are not qualified to have that Life Original Fluid. Give it to me." The chubby warrior sneered coldly as his face darkened even more.

Zhao Feng frowned and said, "Hey fatty, you talk too much. Shi Yan is the one who got it. If you are brave enough, go find and kill those demon insects."

"Stop talking nonsense." The chunky warrior seemed to be impatient. He looked at the other Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors of other teams and said, "Everyone here also has the same thought as me, right? We should unite to deal with this brat first and then discuss the plan together. I feel that this kid isn’t telling the truth. Perhaps, he has more than one drop of the Life Original Fluid from the King of Demonic Insects."

"Hand it."

"Take it out. Tell us the truth, and we will not hurt you."

"You cannot get away if you don’t give it to us."

In the swamp, all the Sky Realm warriors looked at Shi Yan coldly and with a ruthless manner.

Shi Yan still looked calm. He smiled and shook his head. "No."

"Do you want to die?" The chunky warrior coldly shouted.

"So, all of you want the Life Original Fluid? If I don’t hand it out, won’t you take action to kill me and take it?" Shi Yan looked at everyone and said slowly.

"Of course."

Shi Yan smiled, nodded and said, "Nothing else I can do then."

Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others on his team were a little bit surprised, before quietly coming close to him, ready to intervene.

Shi Yan didn’t say anything further, secretly guarding against Zhao Feng and the others as well. He knew how precious this Life Original Fluid was and was not sure if Zhao Feng and others also had greed for it. He was now testing the crowd.

"Be careful. With so many warriors together like this, we have to put forth all of our strength to be able to resist them." Zhao Feng said with a lower voice and a solemn face. "Kid, if you have any tricks or means, you have to use them immediately. Don’t hesitate any second. When those warriors unite, they are much stronger than us."

There seemed to be a struggle in Li Yue’s heart. She stood there with a blank face for a long while before taking a deep breath and then said with a strange look. "Shi Yan, can you deal with those Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors after all?"

"One," Shi Yan said with a wry smile.

"Forget it. Let’s fight." Li Yue shook her head gently. "I will take the risk with you this time, but everyone should be well-prepared for the worst."

"You guys really want to help me?" Shi Yan was stunned and shocked. "The Life Original Fluid is precious and is in my hands. I will not give it to you. So why do you need to help me? As long as you don’t block my way, I already appreciate it. You guys don’t need to help me." He still guarded against Zhao Feng and the people of the Divine Radiant Cult, as he always felt that they were not reliable.

In his eyes, he and Zhang Feng were not very close, so Zhang Feng didn’t need to offend everyone just because of him. He was even worried that Zhang Feng and the chubby warrior would unite to s.n.a.t.c.h the Life Original Fluid from him.

"You are also one of the Divine Radiant Cult, and you will be the future seed of the G.o.ds Sect. We can be considered to be ready to go through thick and thin along the way. If we kill you just because of the Life Original Fluid, we are really cheap." Zhang Feng stared at him and snarled, "What kind of person do you think this Zhang Feng is?"

"Frankly, I have hesitated earlier. But now, I have figured it out." Li Yue said embarra.s.sedly

"How about you?" Shi Yan looked at Cai Yi.

"We have gone through so many troubles together, and you are also the one who has saved us many times." Cai Yi smiled, pointed to the two brothers and Ye Zhang Feng, who were still frozen, "Although you look emotionless, you have your own principles. Without your help, it is unknown how many times these people would have died already."

Pausing for a while, Cai Yi then smiled. "I really can’t figure it out. I cannot think of any reason not to stand on your side."

Shi Yan nodded. "It was not a waste to ask the King of Demonic Insects to let go of you."

The only person that he didn’t ask was Chi Xiao, as he was confident that Chi Xiao would obviously be on his side.

"Such a touching friendship. Geez."

The chubby warrior laughed coldly, clapping his hands. His eyes displayed a trace of disdain.

"We shouldn’t continue to hesitate. Although this group of Divine Radiant Cult is powerful, it’s not difficult to take them down if we join forces, isn’t it?"

Everyone nodded.

Shi Yan suddenly revealed a comfortable and calm smile.

"What are you laughing at?"

"I’m laughing at the fact that you want to die."

The demonic insects that had disappeared earlier suddenly appeared again from the swamp.

The King of Demonic Insects in the crystal lotus throne, which had sunk in the swamp, also emerged from the water. Its small green eyes looked at Shi Yan, seeming to be waiting for something.

From one hundred meters far away, Shi Yan nodded with it and said, "Kill them all."

Countless demonic insects suddenly got crazy, overwhelmingly dashing forward and shrouding all of the warriors in the swamp once again.

Only Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others from their team were safe.

"I told you that I was sure you would die before me, and you didn’t believe it. Believe it now?" Shi Yan grinned and mockingly looked at the chubby warrior, who was surrounded by ten silver demonic insects. A look of horror flashed across his face. He didn’t even have time to say anything.

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