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Dark red blood, as translucent as a gem, quietly rolled into the crystal lotus throne.

The crystal lotus throne still emitted a vehemently surging energy. After this red blood’s infiltration, the crystal lotus throne suddenly released an evil consciousness, strong enough to submerge and perish all the warriors.

On the crystal lotus throne, hundreds of silver demonic insects roared crazily and flew out.

Zhao Feng and the others, who were staying above, all wore frightened faces. Seeing the silver demonic insects rush towards them, they subconsciously moved away from the crystal lotus throne as they felt something was wrong. A silver demonic insect, as big as a human face, came out from the crystal lotus throne.

The crystal lotus throne revealed a gap. This demonic insect was five or six times bigger than the regular silver demonic insects, and it had beautiful, yet mysterious patterns on the body, as if it had a magical power that could oppress people’s mind.

Seeing that mysterious pattern on the insect’s sh.e.l.l, those warriors who were observing this crystal lotus throne showed panicked eyes.

All kinds of energy beams suddenly interweaved on the crystal lotus throne.

As long as a warrior stared at this pattern for more than ten seconds, they would get crazy instantly and take action against the warriors standing next to him, daringly attacking them.

The biggest silver demonic insect came out from the crystal lotus throne. It had two shiny green oak eyes, as big as soybeans and emitting cold green lights filled with a bloodthirsty feeling.

"King of Demonic Insects! A level eight beast!" Zhao Feng suddenly screamed out loud with frightened eyes, then quickly moved away.

Hearing Zhao Feng’s ear-splitting cry, faces of warriors around all changed as if they had encountered ghosts. They subconsciously stepped away from the crystal lotus throne.

Seeing the giant insect come out from the crystal lotus throne, the corpse-eating demonic insects that were flying in the sky became crazily bloodthirsty. They seemed to have received more power as the energy absorption rate got faster and faster when biting off and devouring the crowd.

Although the number of warriors in the swamp was significant, none of them had a profound cultivation base greater than the Sky Realm. Meanwhile, the level eight beasts could be comparable to the human Spirit Realm warriors.

When this level eight corpse-eating demonic insect appeared, everyone was panic-stricken and terrified.

King of Demonic Insects was the leader of corpse-eating demonic insects. It had the characteristics of corpse-eating demonic insects as it could absorb all kinds of energy or eat humans, and also had a terrifying spiritual energy.

As soon as this demonic insect appeared, there was a kind of surging spirit on top of the entire swamp, that could explode people's heads. Under this type of spiritual fluctuation, each warrior's Sea of Consciousness shook endlessly. Those who had a low cultivation base had their Sea of Consciousness instantly attacked by these fluctuations, causing them to quickly bleed terribly.

When the King of Demonic Insects appeared, Zhao Feng and the chunky warrior didn’t dare to get closer to the crystal lotus throne. Both of them quickly moved away, as they were afraid of being seen by the King of Demonic Insects.

At this time, Zhao Feng didn’t have the time to remind Shi Yan as he needed to care for his own life first.

Under these violent fluctuations, Cai Yi and Chi Xiao’s minds were also damaged. Their faces paled as they could hardly bear it.

Those who dared to stay within fifty meters near the crystal lotus throne were getting insane because of being affected by the King of Demonic Insects. Those people had lost their minds, and lingered near the crystal lotus throne to fight against one another.

They didn’t have any consciousness or sense of pain. They kept fighting each other around the crystal lotus throne. Under everyone’s scrutinizing looks, warriors who had lost their mind continuously died in their opponents’ hands in just a short time. Their deaths were extremely miserable.

Their bodies were chopped off, or their limbs were torn down, or the insects chewed them off. Not long afterward, there were no more warriors who were still conscious.

Only one person was standing in the center of the crystal lotus throne. It was Shi Yan.

On the crystal lotus throne, the insects surprisingly no longer covered him. Unexpectedly, the insects that were surrounding him didn’t rush over him.

Under his feet, there were countless corpse-eating demonic insects, which were not the sort of silver demonic insects. However, these silver demonic insects seemed to be obedient, not dashing forward like earlier.

The King of Demonic Insects was in front of him. Its two small, dark green eyes were watching him quietly.

Shi Yan also gazed at it, which looked like he was silently exchanging something with the insect.

"Give me one more drop of your blood."


"So that I can evolve."

"Why do I have to give you?"

"With your blood in my body, I will make you my master. But, you have to give me your blood. This kind of blood can help me continue to evolve and enter a new life."

"How much do you need?"

"Give me one drop every month."

"What can you do for me?"


Shi Yan looked at it silently with strange eyes, feeling the spirit coming from it. Previously, when the King of Demonic Insects appeared from the crystal lotus throne, it had emitted vehement spiritual fluctuations. Under this kind of a terrifying, surging spirit, he had almost lost his mind and nearly gotten crazy in a short time.

Fortunately, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame played its role again at this crucial time. It burned the spirit that jumped into his Sea of Consciousness into ashes, helping him avoid falling into the insanity like the other warriors.

The King of Demonic Insects’ appearance had frightened him. He had thought that he would be finished this time by getting bitten off. However, looking at the King of Demonic Insects, he sensed a very familiar smell from its body.

That was the scent of his blood.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that this King of Demonic Insects had unexpectedly absorbed the drop of immortal blood which had rolled into the crystal lotus throne.

Immediately, the unexpected thing happened.

The King of Demonic Insects roared insanely, and the demonic insects in the sky that were crazily attacking the warriors around all stopped instantly and gathered at his feet, not continuing to attack anymore.

At that instant, he received a soul consciousness from the King of Demonic Insects.

The level eight insects already had wisdom and could use soul power. Although it would not open its mouth to talk, it could use its soul to communicate with others. This King of Demonic Insects was a rare beast.

"Is the Life Original Fluid still in that crystal lotus throne? You also come from there. How is the relationship between you and that Life Original Fluid?"

"If you fulfill my demand, the Life Original Fluid will be yours."

"Why do you have a strong desire for my blood?"

"It’s like humans want the Life Original Fluid. Your blood also has an irresistible temptation."

"The blood in my body is not normal. I don’t know how to condense it for the time being. Even if I promise you now, I can’t guarantee anything."

"If you don’t give me your blood, the agreement between you and me will be automatically null and void. Every half a year, you shall give me five drops of your blood, and I will give you one drop of the Life Original Fluid. What do you think about this agreement?"

"Let me think."

On the crystal lotus throne, Shi Yan and the King of Demonic Insects looked at each other and exchanged their communication through their souls.

Countless insects were flying around the crystal lotus throne, pursuing the other warriors.

At this time, Shi Yan was in the center of the crystal lotus throne, safe and sound, coldly looking at the King of Demonic Insects while not being attacked by the insects.

The other warriors just stared at the crystal lotus throne and exposed a visage of extreme shock.

No one knew what was going on.

They only knew that this brat dared to enter the crystal lotus throne that was filled with a lot of demonic insects to get the Life Original Fluid, and was still safe and sound over there.

Cai Yi, Zhao Feng, and Chi Xiao opened their eyes, blankly looking at that direction while still using their Profound Qi to resist the insects’ attack.

The demonic insects were getting more and more powerful, crazily attacking any warrior who dared to appear in the swamp. Some silver demonic insects also flew out from the crystal lotus throne, staring at Cai Yi, Zhao Feng, and Chi Xiao with murderous looks.

Under the attack of the silver demonic insects, only Zhao Feng and Li Yue, who had the cultivation base of Third Sky of Sky Realm, could resist it.

Chi Xiao and Cai Yi of the Divine Radiant Cult, who were only at the First Sky and Second Sky of Sky Realm, could barely resist it. Their defensive forces seemed to be completely eaten soon, and their body would be exposed.

They didn’t have a st.u.r.dy body like Shi Yan. So, once their bodies were exposed, they would definitely be dead.

Chi Xiao and Cai Yi were scared, and thus slowly moved to the entrance, wanting to find a chance to get out. They did not dare to stay here any longer.

Unfortunately, there existed a terrible barrier at the entrance. One First Sky of Sky Realm warrior, who was faster than Chi Xiao dashed forward the entrance, but then a huge pressure oppressed him instantly.

"Tell your fellows to stay away from them." Shi Yan suddenly spoke up and pointed to the group of Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and the others of the Divine Radiant Cult.

"Okay," the King of Demonic Insects replied.

"Ah," Cai Yi exclaimed pleasantly, unable to conceal the joy in her eyes. Also, she let out a sigh of relief.

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