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Ten silver insects quietly flew out from the crystal lotus throne and then drilled into Shi Yan’s Dark Light Shield.

These silver insects were obviously different from the other typical insects. They had a more powerful strength and faster energy absorption speed than the normal demonic insects.

Ten silver demonic insects showed their sharp teeth and mercilessly bit on the Dark Light Shield. The ma.s.sive Profound Qi on the Dark Light Shield disappeared quickly.

In just three seconds, the Dark Light Shield covering Shi Yan’s body was broken under the erosion caused by the ten silver demonic insects. The speed of Shi Yan’s Profound Qi injection was unable to catch up with the silver insects’ absorption.

Shi Yan felt cold in his heart. His complexion also changed as he anxiously looked for the heart-shaped utensil. He wanted to get the Life Original Fluid as soon as possible.

The warriors who were close to him were even more nervous than him. While dealing with the demonic insects, they also looked at him with sharp eyes, and were ready to intervene, revealing the intent of s.n.a.t.c.hing the heart-shaped utensil that would show up in any minute.

After tearing down the Dark Light Shield, the ten silver insects quickly bit off one layer of the Star Shield inside without the slightest hesitation.

The Star Shield was condensed from the star power, containing the profound meaning of the sidereal revolution of the stars' cycle and the eternal existence of the ancient truth. A ray of starlight formed the Star Sea pattern and released an immortal conception that would never extinguish.

The Star Shield’s defense was obviously better than the Dark Light Shield, and that too not just by one level. Under the gnawing of the silver insects, the disappearing speed of the star power on the Star Shield was much slower.

Even so, the star power that stayed hidden on the Star Shield still gradually faded. If this situation continued, the Star Shield might not be able to resist any longer after half a minute.

The heart-shaped object still hadn’t shown up yet.

Shi Yan’s eyes were serious, attentively looking at the crystal lotus. His body turned purple, preparing to resist the corpse-eating demonic insects’ attack with his own flesh.

"Shi Yan! Get out! You cannot bear it anymore!" Zhao Feng, who was above the crystal lotus throne, couldn’t help but shout in fear. "These silver insects have higher levels. Even I can’t resist them for long. If you continue to stay on the crystal lotus throne, the insects will bite and eat all of your body."

Not far from there, Chi Xiao also frowned and asked Shi Yan to leave.

It was unknown when Cai Yi had already reached here. From twenty meters away, she revealed a look of concern seeing Shi Yan anxiously look for the Life Original Fluid.

She didn’t ask Shi Yan to go out though. She didn’t know why, but she felt that Shi Yan had another secret treasure that could bring the Life Original Fluid out of the crystal lotus.

The warriors near there were all submerged under the insects, and thus, they had to put forth all of their strength to fight against them.

Although they also wanted to jump into the crystal lotus throne, they didn’t have any breaking-barrier treasure like the Sky-breaking Shuttle. They could only resist the barrier’s energy of the crystal lotus throne and slowly move closer to the crystal lotus throne.

"Kid, you really don’t know life or death. With your Sky Realm cultivation base, you still have the guts to compete for the Life Original Fluid. Even if you can get it, do you think you can bring it out?" The chunky warrior grinned and revealed ruthless look. He was secretly well-prepared. As long as Shi Yan could bring out the Life Original Fluid from the crystal lotus throne, he would not hesitate to take action, s.n.a.t.c.hing it from Shi Yan’s hand directly.

He even hoped that Shi Yan could really succeed in taking the Life Original Fluid. If Shi Yan could do so, he wouldn’t have to take the risk to enter the crystal lotus throne or deal with these insects, which were getting stronger and stronger.

In his thoughts, s.n.a.t.c.hing the Life Original Fluid from Shi Yan’s hands was much easier than taking it from those insects.

Shi Yan basically didn’t pay attention to the others’ words, but he was looking anxiously at the crystal lotus throne. When the starlight on the Star Shield died out, he suddenly let go of his soul consciousness and poured it in the crystal lotus throne.

A kind of spiritual light rippled like a sponge and spread out from the crystal lotus, like rippling waves.

Inside the crystal lotus throne, there was another spiritual barrier that also prevented the soul consciousness’ exploration. In that spiritual light, the soul consciousness that Shi Yan had released was completely blocked, unexpectedly unable to penetrate any further.

Not only that, his soul consciousness seemed to trigger some barrier on the crystal lotus throne.

A violent vibration, strong enough to explode people’s mind, came out from the crystal lotus. Under the impact of this tremor, the warriors in the swamp all trembled, as if a giant hammer strongly hit their hearts.

But Shi Yan actually bore the full brunt of the attack.

Amidst that violent shock, various mysterious forces in his body crazily struggled with each other like runaway horses.


Shi Yan spurted out a mouthful blood. His body staggered on the crystal lotus throne, standing unsteadily.

His muscles shivered in the tremor. Thousands of strands of strange powers all poured out, flooding his internal system.

As his Petrifaction Martial Spirit had reached the peak, it could produce a mutation at the crucial time and play a vital defensive role.

The violent spiritual impact from the crystal lotus could make warriors who were even far away almost stagger, as they couldn’t withstand this extremely fierce vibration.

Under the help of the martial spirit, Shi Yan was standing firmly on the crystal lotus throne, and luckily, didn’t have a mental breakdown.

The third eye of the host soul opened in his Sea of Consciousness. The soul devouring energy of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame turned into a cl.u.s.ter of small flames, running up to the Sea of Consciousness.

The violent vibration that could damage ordinary warriors’ mind was quickly surrounded by the cl.u.s.ter of small Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flames. Before the surging spirit could damage Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame already burned it into ashes, turning it into nihility.

With the help of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, his Sea of Consciousness restored instantly, and his mind was not affected.

At this moment, he finally saw the mysterious heart-shaped utensil, which had disappeared before; and then he saw the Life Original Fluid gurgling from it.

The Life Original Fluid was on the crystal lotus throne!

Inside the transparent crystal, there was a dazzling, strange spot that was emitting sparkling rays of light. It was also constantly releasing vehement surging spiritual vibrations.

The heart-shaped utensil was like the eye of the magic formation inlaid in the crystal lotus throne. It constantly circled inside the crystal lotus throne, reflecting different kinds of lights from time to time, which revealed the heart-shaped utensil occasionally.

However, that spot was shrouded by a big number of demonic insects. As long as those insects didn’t move, they would entirely cover the heart-shaped utensil, making it unable to reveal itself.

Only when the demonic insects began to move did the heart-shaped utensil flash up from time to time.

"It has appeared!" The chunky warrior was observing Shi Yan’s movement closely. When the heart-shaped utensil reappeared, he couldn’t help but scream with joy.

All of the warriors breathed rapidly, as they were quietly waiting and preparing all kinds of martial techniques and secret treasures.

Crack crack.

Gla.s.s breaking sound arose. The ten silver demonic insects pursued him closely after having chewed off his Star Shield. Shi Yan’s body was directly exposed without any defense on the crystal lotus.

Hundreds of insects suddenly rushed over him.

Dang dang dang.

Crispy metal sounds came out from Shi Yan’s body.

Under everyone’s scrutinizing looks, Shi Yan was still standing motionlessly like a rock. Unexpectedly, he was not gnawed by those insects.

But his body was in extreme pain.

A corpse-eating demonic insect bared its teeth, mercilessly stabbing in his flesh and then slowly penetrated it. The Petrification Martial Spirit, which had been cultivated to the peak, had burst out all of its potential power.

Countless strange powers in his body flowed out like a surging tide and began to form into many defensive circles to hinder those devouring insects.

The corpse-eating demonic insects could bite off ordinary secret treasures and absorbed all kinds of power. However, they could not break the defense on his flesh body in a short time.

Cai Yi’s eyes lit up and covered her mouth in surprise.

Chi Xiao was also stunned. His eyes and mouth were wide open while his face was full of astonishment.

Zhao Feng looked down and was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say at this moment.

The other warriors suddenly clamored and screamed out loud as if they were watching a terrifying scene. With only the physical defense, with the erosive attack of those demonic insects, none of them could drill into Shi Yan’s body. His st.u.r.dy figure was really amazing.

He launched a fist with a landslide-like energy, mercilessly striking the crystal lotus throne. A great explosive sound suddenly came out from it.

The crystal lotus throne slightly trembled. A small concave spot appeared at the center of the crystal lotus throne, but the transparent crystal was not broken after his attack.

The hardness of the crystal lotus throne was out of his expectation. Many demonic insects were trying to penetrate his body, while many strange powers in his body were dealing with those insects together. If he couldn't get the Life Original Fluid soon, sooner or later, he would not be able to resist any longer.

Another fist was launched.

The crystal lotus still wasn’t broken.

Shi Yan's eyes changed slightly. He was terrified inside, as he had a feeling of despair.


Another punch was struck out. This punch carried all of his strength.

Once the punch was launched, the demonic insects clutched in his fist were crushed to death. His fist was also torn. A drop of dark red blood suddenly rolled out.

This was a drop of immortal blood.

A ruby-like blood drop exuded and spread out brilliant scarlet lights that were filled with mysterious energy fluctuations.

This drop of blood rolled on the crystal lotus throne for a while before infiltrating to its center.

The crystal lotus throne suddenly had a mutation.

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