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Shi Yan’s desire for this Life Original Fluid was not particularly strong. After all, he was still far from the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. He was not really in need of this Life Original Fluid at this time. Thus, he didn’t crazily chase after it like Zhao Feng and the others.

However, after listening to Cai Yi, he gave it a second thought.

He didn’t hesitate anymore. Whether the Holy Spirit G.o.d could harvest something in the crystal lotus throne or not, he would also want to compete for that Life Original Fluid now.

"Do you want to go?" Cai Yi smiled gently and encouraged him. "This thing has a powerful attraction to those warriors. We’ll enter the True G.o.d Realm eventually. If you have this Life Original Fluid, you can use it in the future. Other than that, the Life Original Fluid also has another effect. From a certain extent, the value of it may be more precious than the Pure G.o.d Soul."

Shi Yan’s eyes were shining. He nodded without saying anything further and began to move towards the crystal lotus throne, together with Zhao Feng and the other warriors.

His muscles silently bulged while his skin turned purple. Moreover, he also condensed all of his Profound Qi into a Dark Light Shield to resist a large number of the corpse-eating demonic insects that might barge onto him.

Above the crystal lotus throne, many warriors were being covered by the demonic insects. There were tens of thousands of insects producing buzzing sounds, constantly eating the defensive forces that those warriors released.

When he came to the top of the crystal lotus, hundreds of insects covered him immediately like shooting stars. The insects rushed to the Dark Light Shield; their sharp teeth gnawed at his Profound Qi halo on the Dark Light Shield little by little.

The corpse-eating demonic insects could not only eat all kinds of protective armors, but also erode a lot of energy. The dark light on the Dark Light Shield became gloomier under the corpse-eating demonic insects’ attack.

More Profound Qi was spread out from his body and crazily poured into the Dark Light Shield. Under the perfusion of his Profound Qi and the Dark Light Shield being eaten continuously by the insects, if he didn’t release his Profound Qi, he could not keep the Dark Shield from infringement.

Zhao Feng and the three Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors were rushing towards the lotus with either a dazzling light or special defensive armors to protect their bodies.

Amidst the threat caused by the insects, they slowly descended to the center of the crystal lotus throne.

Countless demonic insects slowly showed up at the heart of the crystal lotus throne, giving people a creepy feeling. The insects on the crystal lotus throne were slightly larger. Tens of them had silver scales, as well as ancient, serpentine patterns.

These ten corpse-eating demonic insects didn’t seem to be ordinary. Their entire bodies were emitting dazzling lights and gloomy auras.

When Zhao Feng and the three Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors came close to the crystal lotus throne, those silver insects suddenly flew out from the lotus, producing an ear-splitting howl which seemed to be capable of tearing people’s eardrums.

From one hundred meters away, Cai Yi’ graceful body even trembled, as she revealed a frightened face.

The Sea of Consciousness of those warriors, who came close to the crystal lotus seemed to be pierced through by a spear-like surging spirit.

Zhao Feng and the three Third Sky of Sky Ream warriors were agitated, showing a painful expression on their faces while their bodies suddenly stagnated.

Ten silver demonic insects flew out blending with other hundreds of insects and began to chew off the defensive forces of Zhao Feng and the other three warriors.

The light beams containing sun flame power shot out like arrows from Zhao Feng’s palms, aggressively stabbing the silver insects.

Dang Dang.

When the sunlight from his body hit the silver insects’ sh.e.l.ls, the collision like sounds echoed. Those silver insects weren’t affected at all. They continued eroding the halo on his body.

Under the erosion caused by the silver insects, his halo unexpectedly ruptured open quickly, causing Zhao Feng’s face to pale instantly. He couldn’t help but haul out a dark blue cloak and put it on.

The dark blue cloak was a Spirit level Secret Treasure with surging energy of Wood cla.s.s.

As soon as Zhao Feng had put the dark blue cloak on, the rich Wood energy began to flow all over his body. Dead rattan demons around seemed to be attracted, gathering and condensing into a large wooden armor on the dark blue cloak.

To get the Life Original Fluid, Zhao Feng had taken out his Spirit level Secret treasure, covering his entire body to resist the silver insect’s attacks.

Seeing Zhao Feng use his secret treasure, the three Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors no longer hesitated, taking out the secret defensive treasures from their Storage Rings to wrap themselves up.

However, even so, the four of them still didn't seem to be able to bear the erosion caused by the insects.

The secret treasures of the four of them were completely bitten off in just a short time. Zhao Feng’s dark blue cloak and the rattan demons that covered the cloak were broken. They even made small pinholes on his cloak.

Fortunately, there was the Sun Refined Light that Zhao Feng had condensed under the cloak. Only a double-defense could prevent the silver insects from drilling into the body.

As warriors had different levels, their distance from the crystal lotus throne was not consistent.

The other top-level warriors and Zhao Feng were slowly sneaking into the crystal lotus throne and fighting against the terrifying silver insects.

Those who had lower cultivation base were still outside the crystal lotus. They were strenuously resisting hundreds of insects’ besiege. However, their eyes kept glued on the crystal lotus.

The First Sky of Sky Realm warriors like Cai Yi stayed outside, not daring to come close to the crystal lotus throne, as they were afraid of the swarm of those insects.

On the crystal lotus throne, after the insects appeared, the frequency of emergence of the heart-shaped utensil was getting higher and higher. Looking at the Life Original Fluid inside, the warriors around all revealed a crazed countenance.

At this time, Shi Yan’s entire body was now purple and covered with the Dark Light Shield outside and the Star Shield inside. He also slowly moved towards the crystal lotus throne. Hundreds of insects then rushed over him, gnawing his defense while he slowly dived into the lotus.

Only he was a First Sky of Sky Realm warrior who went into the crystal lotus, together with other Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors. He gradually moved closer to Zhao Feng. The closer he came to the crystal lotus throne, the stronger the resistance he could feel. On the top of the crystal lotus throne existed a firm layer of a barrier.

As long as he descended on the crystal lotus, the barrier would certainly affect him. The closer he got to the crystal lotus, the stronger the resistance of this barrier was.

A violent energy burst out from Shi Yan’s body while his eyes turned red. He was entering the Second Sky of the Sky Realm. He forcefully pushed the barrier and quickly came to Zhao Feng.

Seeing Shi Yan be able to come this close to the crystal lotus throne with only the First Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base, many warriors in the surroundings were startled.

"Shi Yan, you also come here?" Zhao Feng laughed. "Be careful. You are indeed extraordinary. Even Li Yue could not come here because of those insects. I didn’t expect that you could do so. Ha ha ha, I really didn’t mistake you."

"Brat, the closer you are, the faster you will die. You’d better leave soon to avoid an inexplicable death." The chunky warrior coldly looked at him and ridiculed.

"I’m sure you will die before me," Shi Yan said with a calm face. He suddenly took out the Sky-breaking Shuttle and immersed his mind in it.

"Can you break that annoying barrier to go into the crystal lotus throne?"

"Yes. But I’ll need one-third of your Profound Qi. Moreover, the creatures inside that crystal lotus throne are mighty. Once you enter there, you’ll obviously be submerged by the insects. Can you deal with them then?"

"You don’t need to worry about this. You just need to break the barrier for me."


A dazzling light beam suddenly shot out from underneath Shi Yan’s feet.

This beam of light carried the sharpness that could pierce through all kinds of barriers, and directly broke the barrier on the crystal lotus throne.

One-third of his Profound Qi was consumed. Shi Yan didn't dare to have the slightest hesitation, turning into a bunch of starlights while penetrating into the crystal lotus throne when the barrier was cracked open. He was the first one who landed in the center of the crystal lotus throne.

Thousands of insects crazily swarmed over and quickly covered the Dark Light Shield in just a short moment.

The Profound Qi on the Dark Light Shield disappeared at an incredible speed. In just three seconds, half of the Dark Light Shield had been nibbled off.

"That brat got in there already."

"What? How come? With his realm, how could he do that?"

"This guy must have a strange secret treasure. Otherwise, he absolutely couldn’t have entered the place."

Seeing him be the first one who had entered the crystal lotus throne, other warriors all screamed out loud with disbelieving faces.

Cai Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened; she beamed a smile from the corner of her mouth.

She knew that Shi Yan had a strange secret treasure that could tear down all kinds of barriers. In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, Shi Yan had used it along the way to escape many dangers, proving his real ability.

Seeing Shi Yan be the first one who had entered the crystal lotus, she was not surprised. On the contrary, she felt happy, eyeing Shi Yan and awaiting his next action.

It was unknown why Cai Yi always felt that if he put all of his strength to get the Life Original Fluid, none of the warriors in this swamp could compete against him.

Although Shi Yan had just reached the First Sky of Sky Realm, his performance along the way had convinced Cai Yi. She always felt that Shi Yan could achieve things that ordinary people couldn’t.

Facts had proved that her feeling was not wrong.

Shi Yan was the first one who fell into the crystal lotus throne. Right now, his entire body was covered with corpse-eating demonic insects, and his Dark Light Shield was also shaking, as if it would collapse in a short time.

On the crystal lotus throne, Shi Yan was crazily pouring all of his Profound Qi into the Dark Light Shield and injecting the star power of the Star Martial Spirit into the Star Shield. Moreover, he also pushed all of his strength to prepare to deal with the insects after the Star Shield was broken. Meanwhile, his eyes were anxiously looking for the heart-shaped utensil.

Surprisingly, all of a sudden, he no longer saw that heart-shaped utensil on the crystal lotus.

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