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"We should proceed as soon as possible," said a chunky Sky Realm warrior who swept over, looking at the Nirvana Realm warriors who were standing on the iceberg.

In the swamp, blood bubbles emerged from time to time. Whenever those blood bubbles ruptured, scarlet blood mist emitted everywhere, scattering above the swamp.

"You don’t have any of your fellows there?" Shi Yan was also standing on the iceberg, coldly looking at him as he asked.

"Yes." That chunky warrior grinned and said heartlessly. "Those two are our Devil Valley’s members. I do it for the sake of everyone. Once they lose their mind, they will crazily attack everyone. It’s not fun at all."

While talking, he pointed to the two Nirvana Realm warriors who were wearing dark blue clothing, that looked the same as the one on his body.

"Brother, do not have a woman’s benevolence. You can save them for now, but when they lose their minds later, you will become the one who suffers. It’s better to act decisively, taking the opportunity when they aren’t crazy to kill them." Another Sky Realm warrior proposed.

Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and the others also nodded, waiting for Shi Yan’s order to kill the Lao brothers, Ye Zhang Feng, and the other Nirvana Realm warriors without hesitation.

Chi Xiao’s face became cold.

At this moment, he suddenly felt glad that he didn’t let Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi come down here. If they were here, they would have been in the same situation of these Nirvana Realm warriors, being sacrificed for other warriors’ sake.

It was unknown whether or not it was an intrinsic indifferent nature of the warriors from the Divine Great Land that they unexpectedly didn’t care for their own people. In their hearts, as long as there was a threat from someone, they would kill those as soon as possible to avoid troubles later.

Cai Yi’s beautiful eyes flickered nonstop. She didn’t say anything, just subconsciously looked at Shi Yan, awaiting his decision.

"If you want to do it, do it with your people. As for our people, we don’t bother you to help. We will have our own way." Shi Yan frowned, looking at Lao Li, Lao Lun, and Ye Zhang Feng’s group. He hesitated a little bit before coldly raking through the Sky Realm warriors around.

"You do have a lady’s heart." The chunky warriors grunted and said with disdain. "Your deed isn’t good for them. When you have to take actions later, they might have even worse deaths. Perhaps even their corpses could not stay intact."

"We’ll solve our own matters. It will have nothing to do with you." Shi Yan was standing on the iceberg as he raised his left hand. A flow of fiery flame shot out from his fingertip, like a fire sword hacking the iceberg and splitting it in half.

The Lao brothers and the people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group stood in one-half of the iceberg, and the other warriors in the other.

Shi Yan’s Profound Qi was activated. The part of the iceberg with Lao Li, Ye Zhang Feng, and the others slowly moved away from the other part.

"You can do whatever you want to those people. But I don’t allow you to put your hands on mine." Coldly looking around, Shi Yan gradually moved his part of the iceberg to a corner of the swamp.

"Brat, you are only at the First Sky of Sky Realm, but your tone is so arrogant." The chunky warrior sneered and glared at Zhao Feng. "Divine Radiant Cult’s people come to this bog with the same purpose, that is to get the Pure G.o.d Soul. For this purpose, sacrificing some people should be an obvious matter. You are a leader but cannot control this?"

"d.a.m.n you. Stop talking nonsense. We will do whatever we want. Don’t put your nose into our business," said Zhao Feng with rage.

Despite the fact that Zhao Feng didn’t agree with Shi Yan’s decision, once Shi Yan was determined, he didn’t oppose him. Instead, he would stand on his side.

In Zhao Feng’s eyes, Shi Yan’s future would be the most brilliant in the Divine Radiant Cult. Moreover, when Shi Yan was only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, he had already been able to kill a Third Sky of Sky Ream warrior. Therefore, Zhao Feng respected him a lot, not treating him like an ordinary warrior.

"As you wish." The stout warrior grinned and flew over to the other piece of iceberg. He said to the warriors who were gathering around. "Your decision and mine should be consistent, right?"

Those warriors also nodded.

The short and stout warrior looked at Zhao Feng with a cold visage. "If it’s the case, when I take action, it shouldn’t be your business, right?"

"As you wish." Zhao Feng looked at Shi Yan and nodded after seeing no reaction from Shi Yan.

Boom Boom.

A bunch of swarthy lights suddenly flew out from the chunky warrior’s cuffs. The evil light turned into a wicked, hideous soul beast midway, jumping into the group of Nirvana Realm warriors standing on that piece of iceberg.

When the evil light hit those Nirvana Realm warriors, whose eyes were dazed, their bodies were torn apart and destroyed from the inside. Even their souls were eradicated.

In just the blink of an eye, the bodies of six Nirvana Realm warriors on the iceberg were split open, losing all their vitality.

Streams of these corpses’ aura quickly flew toward Shi Yan.

From twenty meters away, Shi Yan’s acupuncture points also spun fast, resulting in a strong suction force that attracted those streams aura into his body.

Not long after that, he had completely absorbed the aura from those dead warriors.

His seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points didn’t have any pain or swelling. Inside, the streams of aura were quickly condensed and transformed, faintly revealing the vibration that could affect people’s mood.

After entering the Sky Realm, the Mystery Martial Spirit could accommodate the aura. It seemed to have leaped up to a new level as well.

The aura of the six dead Nirvana Realm warriors inside his acupuncture points was not too much. When his acupuncture points transformed and refined the aura, his mind was still conscious, without any signs of chaos.

With the higher realm, the Mystery Martial Spirit’s capacity was increased. Even the refining speed was also much faster.

People from a distance could realize the surge of the refined aura. Looking at Lao Li, who now had crazy eyes, Shi Yan hesitated for a while before suddenly urging the Ice Cold Flame’s power.

A flow of cold air shot out from his palms like water snakes, drilling into the Lao brothers, Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng.

Under the cold air’s infiltration, these people’s bodies gradually froze up. Not long after, they looked just like ice sculptures.

Only Ye Zhang Feng was safe under the penetration of the Ice Cold Flame’s power. The Purgatory True Flame in his body proactively produced a fiery flame to offset all the ice power of the Ice Cold Flame that got into his body.

After the Ice Cold Flame had penetrated his body, Ye Zhang Feng’s eyes became evil, and his whole body emitted a vicious aura.

It was as if the blood red smog, which was still hovering around without dispersing, seemed to have realized something, that it unexpectedly surrounded Ye Zhang Fang.

Thump Thump! Thump Thump!

The vibration sounds continued to resound from the swamp. Ye Zhang Feng gradually lost his mind. In the middle of the blood red smog, he suddenly howled drearily as if some kind of an evil force had invaded his soul, making him unable to control his mind.

At the same time, waves suddenly rippled in the bog. In the center of those ripples, a giant dead tree slowly floated from the bottom of the bog, as if being driven by some strength. It then stuck out of the swamp.

This giant tree had no foliage, and had been dried for an unknown period of time. However, it was incredibly huge when it came out, gradually overwhelming the entire swamp. The giant tree was covered with thumb-sized, dark green insects, which seemed like they fed on dead creatures. They all had a very thick crustacean sh.e.l.l.

Countless dark green insects slowly crawled on the giant tree. More and more insects got out from inside the tree and then spread throughout the swamp.

"Corpse-eating demonic insects!" Zhao Feng’s face changed, and he shouted.

As soon as the other warriors in the swamp area heard his scream, their faces all changed dramatically, as if they were encountering a pandemic. They immediately showed all kinds of secret defensive treasures and martial techniques, protecting their bodies carefully as they were scared of being touched by those insects.

These insects first crawled on the giant tree and quickly covered the whole tree in just a short time, producing buzzing sounds. Those hundreds of creeping insects had flesh wings come out from their sh.e.l.ls. They flew up from the tree and circled above the swamp.

"Shi Yan, be careful. Those demon insects feast on human brains. They are extremely terrible! Once it gets into your brain, it’ll eat even the spinal fluid, and only your corpse will remain." Cai Yi’s face was cold while her beautiful eyes beamed out a trace of fear. She quietly came close to Shi Yan.

The ancient tree slowly rose from the swamp. When the giant tree covered the entire swamp, its roots suddenly emitted a milky halo. Inside that milky halo, a crystal lotus throne gradually emerged.

No one stood on this crystal lotus throne, but it was emitting an earth-shaking aura.

Rich Heaven and Earth aura spread out from the lotus throne, making the faces of the warriors in the swamp change. After taking in a breath of Heaven and Earth aura, they all felt relaxed and happy.

When the thick Heaven and Earth aura flowed out, the blood red smog, which was hovering around, suddenly flocked to the crystal petals of the lotus throne. During the process, the lotus throne’s heart flashed a beam of white light and then disappeared. A heart-shaped object emerged from the center, releasing an ivory liquid that made people’s souls tremble.

That liquid gurgled and produced thumping sounds. Many flows of surging energy shot out from it, which seemed to crack people’s souls.

"Life Original Fluid!." Zhao Feng’s eyes suddenly reddened. He grunted and revealed a greedy look.s

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