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In the swamp, as Shi Yan had captured all hollow spirits, only the rattan monsters continued fighting. To the warriors in the bog, rattan monsters were not that terrifying. After the hollow spirits’ threat disappeared, those warriors proactively began their attacks, dividing into various teams, besieging and launching their strikes.

Whenever one rattan monster died, its blood would flow into the swamp.

Blood from these rattan monsters was dark red and warm, giving people a strange feeling.

Shi Yan had soon understood that these rattan monsters sucked human blood for food. Hence, the blood that flowed out from their bodies was not their own blood, but what they had sucked from human warriors.

Killed rattan monsters were lying bloodily in the swamp.

Time pa.s.sed quietly, and soon, two days were gone.

Due to the hollow spirits’ disappearance, the light inside the bog became darker; it was just the faint green light glimmering, giving people a gloomy feeling.

Whenever a rattan monster died, the ambiance inside the swamp would get a little bit colder, giving people a chill as if they were in a Devil Abyss.

More and more rattan monsters were killed under the unity of the warriors. Also, more dark red blood was gushing into the swamp.

The bog area became gloomy. All kinds of cold, evil aura seemed to spread out gradually, hovering above the swamp, sending people a creepy feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Finally, all the rattan monsters were completely wiped out by the warriors.

After their blood had been poured into the swamp, the originally green swamp now turned dark red. However, the green light emitting from the swamp didn’t change, still floating above the dark red water area, making people feel strange.

After all the rattan monsters were cleared, the bog became tranquil. Many warriors were aware that the atmosphere was unusual. They didn’t say anything, just put up their guards and stayed vigilant secretly.

Some warriors with lower realms even wore thick coats to resist the cold, evil aura from the swamp.

Lin Zhi covered her appealing body with a leather skirt, but she seemed to be unable to bear the cold, even though she had the cultivation base of Third Sky of Nirvana Realm. She had to put on a thick velvet coat, fully covering the curves of her body. Her face even became a little pale.

Lao Li and Lao Lun were also the same. They had to put on more clothes.

As Ye Zhang Feng only had the cultivation base of First Sky of Nirvana Realm, and his Sea of Consciousness had just been formed, he was unlikely to be able to withstand the penetration of the cold air in this place. However, because he had the Purgatory True Flame, Ye Zhang Feng, on the contrary, was not affected. The flames coming out from his cuffs helped him resist the cold air.

A feeling of extreme repression spread throughout the swamp.

Everyone in the swamp had a feeling of insecurity. They looked extremely vigilant.

Gurgle gurgle!

Water in the swamp blistered the very first dark red bubble. After that bubble burst, a plume of blood red vapor quietly spread out.

Gurgle gurgle.

More and more blood red bubbles emerged from the bog.

When those bubbles blew up, they released blood red smoke. The blood red vapor gradually diffused all over the swamp and shrouded all of the remaining warriors there.

Thump Thump!

A strange noise came up from the bottom of the swamp.

The faces of the four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group changed.

"Not good," Lin Zhi couldn’t help but cry out loud with a frightened face. "The tremor this time seems to come too early. The time shouldn’t have arrived yet, right?"

The four of them seemed to know the exact principle of the vibration in the bog. Hence, after rattan monsters had been cleaned up, they weren’t in a hurry to leave.

However, the tremor of the bog this time was beyond their expectation. Since the rattan monsters had been wiped out, the vibration seemed to happen earlier than usual.

The four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group were all at the Nirvana Realm but still lingered in this swamp because they thought that the tremor would not be arising for a while, and thus, they still had some hope.

Nevertheless, as soon as the tremor had just come up this time, the four of them were immediately anxious. They nodded to Shi Yan, indicating that they wanted to leave right away to return to the ground with the fastest speed.

"Lao Li and Lao Lun, you two should go out too." Seeing the panic on the faces of the four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group, Shi Yan also felt cold inside as he decided quickly.

The two brothers were not reckless people. They looked at each other and gratefully nodded to Shi Yan. They didn’t dare to hesitate and hurriedly ran to the exit together with Ye Zhang Feng’s group.

The faces of Nirvana Realm warriors from other teams in the swamp discolored as well. It seemed they all could sense something not good was coming, so they rushed out towards the exit just like Ye Zhang Feng and his team.

The quiet swamp now suddenly clamored again.

One Nirvana Realm warrior rushed to the entrance amidst the vibrant sound. As Ye Zhang Feng was taking the lead with the fastest speed, he was the first one who dashed through the exit.


A heavy sound reverberated through the entire swamp area. The sound arose from the direction of the exit.

Thick blood smoke stuck onto the dark green shimmering exit and seemed to form a defensive barrier that prevented anyone from going out.

Ye Zhang Feng dashed forward, but not only could he not break it, but was also pressed down by a ma.s.sive force. His body was like a b.l.o.o.d.y sh.e.l.l directly falling into the swamp. He suddenly screamed out loud.

A fiery fire burst out from his body. This fire released a terrifying heat, burning the blood into smog.

A First Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior of another team also had the same consequence. When he stormed towards the exit, the same force pressed him down, making him fall into the swamp while being covered with blood.

This warrior didn’t have Heaven Flame like Ye Zhang Feng, and thus, when his body was soaked in blood, he mournfully cried in pain. His body emitted a faint blood-red smog, and under everyone’s attentive looks, his skin quickly fell off, exposing his white bones.

Extremely erosive poison!

The countenances of everyone in the swamp changed. Those warriors whose feet were in the swamp were aware of the blood’s changes, which started to erode their Profound Qi.

Even Shi Yan’s face also changed, as he also could feel this kind of erosive poison existing.

However, this erosive poison seemed to be much slower, and its toxicity was much less dangerous in other areas. Many warriors around, who were stained with blood, didn’t scream mournfully right away, as the blood didn’t dissolve their bodies.

It seemed that only those in the swamp got affected by the extreme erosive poison.

Seeing that warrior being eroded and dissolved, Ling Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng, who did want to fly up out of this place, changed their visages immediately due to the fright, not knowing if they should advance or retreat.

At this moment, if they left, they would encounter the strong defensive barrier, and probably would be pressed down by a certain force. Their bodies would then soak in that blood, be eroded and dissolved.

However, if they didn’t leave, the vibration, which had started already, would shatter their spirits, as they couldn't resist with their low cultivation base. Therefore, regardless of leaving or not, it seemed that they only had a dead end ahead of them.

Lin Zhi’s group, Lao Li and Lao Lun all wore a desperate look.

"Lao Li, Lao Lun, come back here. We’ll see." Shi Yan contemplated for a while and suddenly shouted. "Ye Zhang Feng, you guys should also get back here right now. That place isn’t safe. Maybe, it’s the most dangerous place."

Ye Zhang Feng was startled for a moment, and then reacted immediately, talking to the other three of his group, "Go! Let’s get back first."

The two Lao brothers had already left with their fastest speed. Their feet didn’t even touch the ground as they directly rushed back to Shi Yan’s location.

Ye Zhang Feng, Lin Zhi, and the other two didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. Although they could not pierce through the sky to fly, they still put all of their efforts in urging their Nirvana Realm power and gathering all of their flying ability. Finally, they could fly up and rush back.

The people of Shi Yan’s group were all at the Sky Realm, so they could fly up away from the swamp surface and hover in the air.

Seeing the Lao brothers and the members of Ye Zhang Feng’s group coming back with a frightened face, Shi Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened. A bone-chilling energy poured into the swamp beneath him.

Under the cold energy, blood in the swamp was frozen and formed an iceberg, around ten square meters large, enough for the Lao brothers and Ye Zhang Feng’s group to land.

While Lao Li and those people were worried that they couldn’t keep floating in the air for too long, they saw the iceberg that Shi Yan had just created. They were overjoyed, landing on that blood ice rock.

"Friends, please help." As other Nirvana Realm warriors also saw it, they all begged Shi Yan and rushed over at the same time, landing on that iceberg together with Lao Li, Ye Zhang Feng, and the others.

The Nirvana Realm warriors did want to leave the swamp area, but as they saw one warrior get killed bloodily, they became much more obedient and landed on the iceberg which Shi Yan had used the Ice Cold Flame to create.

Most of the other warriors gathering in other places were at the Sky Realm, so they could fly. Seeing their fellows all gather at Shi Yan’s place, those warriors hesitated for a while before flying over.

Pound pound...

The vibration sounds became dense and seemed to pierce through people’s hearts, making their souls tremble.

It was unknown when the Nirvana Realm warriors, who were standing on the iceberg, all their faces and ears red. Their eyes gradually changed from frightened to dazed, even revealing a crazy, bloodthirsty intent.

Just with a quick glance, Shi Yan knew that those warriors might not be able to bear the first tremor. They would quickly lose their mind.

"We should kill them first." Zhao Feng frowned, looking at Ye Zhang Feng and others and giving a ruthless proposal. "Those who are at the Nirvana Realm will certainly lose their minds soon. They will destroy everyone they see. We should take the opportunity to resolve them while they are still half awake."

Some members of the Divine Radiant Cult also nodded.

"That’s right." The Sky Realm warriors, who were gathering here were boisterous, seeming to agree with Zhao Feng’s suggestion.

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