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In the swamp, nearly one hundred hollow spirits floating around were attracted in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness, which were then swallowed by the Five Devils.

When all of the hollow spirits disappeared from the swamp, the Five Devils in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness had a mutation immediately.

Inside his Sea of Consciousness, the big bodies of the Five Devils gradually curled up and gathered together. Strands of soul consciousness quietly condensed on the Five Devils’ bodies, seeming to be providing them some sort of necessary nutrients.

Gradually, the Five Devils were fully wrapped, looking like a big coc.o.o.n. A string of surging spirit came out from the inside of that coc.o.o.n from time to time.

A kind of cold evil aura was released from the Five Devils’ bodies, making the soul consciousness in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness condense above, and seem to be well-prepared for the Five Devils’ mutation.

Feeling the soul consciousness receding, Shi Yan showed an emotional look on his face and halted in the swamp.

Although Chi Xiao, Zhao Feng, and others were fighting with the rattan monsters, after realizing the change in Shi Yan’s face, they all quietly came over and surrounded him.

Zhao Feng and the others didn’t know what was happening in his body. However, through his dazed appearance, they knew that he was not in a good situation at the moment. If he was careless and let the rattan monsters swath him, or be attacked by the other warriors, his life would probably be in danger.

Whether they were the Divine Radiant Cult’s disciples like Zhao Feng or others like Chi Xiao and Cai Yi, they all didn’t want anything bad happening to him. Therefore, they automatically a.s.sumed the obligation of protecting him, as they were afraid that unexpected accidents might happen at this stage.

In the beginning, his soul consciousness flowed to the Five Devils at a slow pace. Once the Five Devils had condensed into a round object and formed a thick coc.o.o.n, even his soul consciousness that flowed to the Five Devils slowed down.

At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly woke up in panic.

The changes of the Five Devils in his Sea of Consciousness were continuing, still absorbing his soul consciousness. However, he was no longer affected by the Five Devils’ changes. He now could maintain his consciousness to observe all that was happening.

"In this dangerous place, why did you suddenly become lost?" Cai Yi blamed him. Her beautiful eyes flashed a trace of concern. She was next to Shi Yan as she cheerfully smiled, no longer hating him because of being rude to her in the lake.

Shi Yan raised his eyebrows, looked at the crowd and said shamefully, "Too many hollow spirits to digest. No worries, I’m sound now. Thank you for your protection, or else I might have had troubles."

After hearing what he said, everyone else was now relieved, giving friendly smiles and nodding to him.

"There are a lot of rattan monsters. So, it’s tough to deal with them. We’ll stay here temporarily to wait and see the changes. As long as the rattan monsters are still here, this swamp will not be in peace. I always feel that this swamp should quiet down so that some changes will come."

The moving speed of Zhao Feng and Li Yue’s powers in their body slowed down gradually. They stretched their arms out from time to time to deal with the rattan monsters that dared to come close to them. Once those rattan monsters were beaten to the other areas under Zhao Feng’s impact, he grinned and looked at the warriors in the other areas with ill-intent.

Shi Yan was startled, and couldn’t help but look towards Ye Zhang Feng and Lin Zhi’s area, and then called out with a pitching tone, "Ye Zhang Feng, come here."

From a distance, the four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group didn’t have difficulties in dealing with the rattan monsters. As they had the Purgatory True Flame to protect them, the rattan monsters didn’t dare come close to these four people. This kept them safe in the swamp without being scared of the rattan monsters’ threat.

Hearing Shi Yan calling, Ye Zhang Feng’s eyes showed a strange light. He hesitated for a while before nodding to Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng, reluctantly coming to Shi Yan’s spot.

As soon as the four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group arrived, Zhao Feng and Li Yue quietly scattered. The other members of the Divine Radiant Cult also understood their intent, dispersing out and besieging the four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group, preventing them from running away.

Lin Zhi’s face changed while her heart was frightened.

After having received two slaps, Lin Zhi seemed to have been awakened, realizing Shi Yan’s cruelty. Thus, she felt a little scared of Shi Yan. However, she didn’t know if Shi Yan had an ill intention or not.

The two brothers Luo Xiao and Luo Meng were calm and didn’t say anything. Their eyes flickered nonstop while being vigilant secretly.

"Why do you need to be that cautious?" Cai Yi smiled gently, slightly shook her head and said with a soft voice, "If we did want to harm you, you think you could escape us? You should be obedient. This place is not the same as the outside. If we want to kill you, you will die undoubtedly, no matter how much cautious you are."

Lin Zhi’s face darkened, as she helplessly let down her guard.

"Shi Yan, are we friends?" Ye Zhang Feng came forward. His handsome face was solemn, and his sharp eyes looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan froze for a moment and slightly nodded, "Let it be."

"If we are friends, then why do your partners keep provoking us? Are you the same as them? Do you think we are easy to be bullied? When we were in the Hengluo Sea before, I never hurt you and also brought Xia Xinyan along as you wanted. Although she was taken by people of the Pure Land, we were actually helpless in this incident. Even if she were not with us by that time, the Pure Land’s people would still have found her," Ye Zhang Feng said calmly.

Shi Yan nodded. "Hmm, if it’s the case, then I’m wrong indeed. I am sorry. Because it’s related to her, I’m a little too emotional."

After saying that, he looked at Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and the others. "Don’t be so eyeing. He is my friend. No matter what the truth is, before I figure it out, I hope you have regards for me and don’t bully them."

After hearing Shi Yan’s words, Zhao Feng and the others grinned and nodded. Their look towards Ye Zhang Feng’s group became less fierce.

Ye Zhang Feng quietly let out a sigh of relief.

"Why are you here? Ah, since you’ve come here before us, do you know if anything is unusual in this swamp?" Shi Yan looked around with full suspicion. With many warriors gathering in the swamp like this, they clearly knew that it was not easy to mess with hollow spirits and rattan monsters. But how come no one left? After all, what were they waiting for?

There should be some strange thing in this swamp area, something that attracted the crowd here. Otherwise, why did these warriors still stay here even though they knew that this place was extremely dangerous?

Zhao Feng’s and the others’ eyes brightened; all of them looked at Ye Zhang Feng.

Shi Yan’s doubt was also what was in their mind now. They were very curious about why Ye Zhang Feng’s group also stayed back here.

"It is said that the Pure G.o.d Soul of this exotic land is in this swamp. The source of this information is absolutely reliable. However, we have been staying here for a long time, but there is no movement of any soul." Ye Zhang Feng was somehow puzzled. "According to my master, if the Pure G.o.d Soul truly exists, the most likely area should be in this swamp."

"How long have you been here?"

"Seven days, more or less. During these seven days, quite a lot of hollow spirits and rattan monsters appeared in this swamp. Some people of my team died on entering here. Many of them turned into hollow spirits after they died. It seems that after people die here, their souls do not perish, but become hollow spirits instead." Ye Zhang Feng frowned and explained. He thought seriously, shook his head and sighed. "Maybe we shouldn’t stay here for too long. If there is nothing in another three days, we must leave this place. Even if there truly is the Pure G.o.d Soul here, we don’t have the blessing to get it."

"Oh?!" Shi Yan raised his eyebrows, looking at him with puzzled eyes.

"Every few days, a strong vibration will come up from this swamp. It’s strong enough to crush people’s souls. The latter ones will be stronger than the previous ones. During the past seven days in this swamp, we have seen this sort of tremor twice. These two instances of vibrations almost made our souls collapse." Ye Zhang Feng's face remained calm and solemn, "I almost forgot this. The next tremor should happen in three days, and it will be much stronger than the previous ones. With low cultivation bases, we’re afraid that we will be unable to bear it this time. We don’t want our souls to collapse."

The three people Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng also wore a regretful face and reluctantly shook their heads.

"Tremor?" Shi Yan’s heart was agitated. He faintly understood something. "Did the last tremor just happen not long ago?"


Shi Yan immediately realized something. He expressed a horrified complexion. "Can this kind of vibration affect people’s heartbeat, making the heart beat faster, producing a kind of crazy soul fluctuation?"

The four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s group nodded.

The people of Zhao Feng’s group had a slight change on their faces.

They had realized this kind of vibration before they entered here.

This tremor could indeed cause the increase of the heartbeat and make people go insane. Before that, when they were on the island, they had already got affected. The two brothers Lao Li and Lao Lun, and Zuo Xu reddened, and somehow couldn’t control their minds.

They could feel such a huge vibration even when they were on the island. Now that they were in this swamp, when the vibration happened, it would certainly be even more terrible.

Moreover, according to Ye Zhang Feng’s words, the next vibration would be much stronger than the previous one.

"Do you think that after the tremor, this swamp might present with something peculiar?" With the strange sounds that resounded in the main city of the Four Symbols Mountain Range in his mind, Shi Yan hesitated for a while and then vaguely came to understand.

"Well, I know it. Before that tremor comes, let’s go together to see if we can find something." After thinking for a while, Shi Yan decided to stay and take a look at this swamp to see if there was anything abnormal there.

The four people of Ye Zhang Feng’s team nodded again.

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