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"Shi Yan, don’t do this, I’m convinced. Don’t be angry. Let’s talk it out." Ye Zhang Feng quickly beamed a smile to calm Shi Yan down.

Lin Zhi’s face was ashen, without a trace of blood. Under the effect of the death intent domain, she was full of fright, feeling like she had just returned from death.

Fortunately, her dragon bone whip had reduced half of the power of the Death Seal. The intent domain that got inside her head wasn't much. Otherwise, she would not have easily escaped from his death intent domain, and perhaps it would have deprived her of all of her vitality in the end.

Lin Zhi was originally about to use a secret treasure from her Storage Ring to deal with Shi Yan. However, after hearing what Zhao Feng just said, as well as seeing the ability of his team, Lin Zhi give up her attempt immediately.

No matter whether what Zhao Feng said was true or not, with the cultivation base of Zhao Feng, Li Yue, Chi Xiao, they were strong enough to kill her thousands of times.

Lin Zhi thought that these people came here with the same purpose, so why couldn’t she join them to deal with other forces in the swamp? Although she didn’t really want to submit herself, she could only bow her head and keep silent, not daring to utter a word.

Luo Xiao and Luo Meng had an odd expression, but didn’t say anything. They secretly guarded against Zhao Feng’s team, as they were afraid that those people might initiate some actions.

Luo Xiao and Luo Meng secretly made up their minds that as long as Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others showed the slightest sign that they wanted to kill the two of them, they both would immediately escape with the fastest speed.

"Shi Yan, you don’t need to be that aggressive." Ye Zhang Feng forced a smile and kept clasping his hands. "You know that I have never had any wicked intention towards you, be it in the Endless Sea or in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. We just have a small misunderstanding."

Shi Yan nodded and said, "I just don’t like that woman quacking. If she had shut her mouth up sooner, I wouldn’t have done that."

Lin Zhi bowed her head while her graceful body slightly trembled as she seemed to try to suppress her anger.

"Hey, still don’t want to submit?! Shi Yan, how about letting me give her a lesson? If she gets a few more slaps, perhaps she will be more obedient and even miss its taste." Cai Yi gently came over, laughed out loud while looking at this group of people, ridiculing them.

Seven rattan monsters saw many more warriors coming, as well as the aura spreading out from the Purgatory True Flame and the Ice Cold Flame. They were well aware that if they continued to fight with those people from Shi Yan’s team, they would possibly all die.

Therefore, when Zhao Feng and the others came to this side, the seven rattan monsters unexpectedly scattered away. Eventually, Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and the others arrived this place, where there were neither any hollow spirits nor rattan monsters. It thus became the safest place in the swamp.

"What happened to Xinyan after all?" Shi Yan kept his cold face and continued gazing Ye Zhang Feng.

"Well, it happened like this…"

After Ye Zhang Feng, Lin Ya Qi, and Xia Xinyan had left the Hengluo Sea together and went to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to avoid the chaos happening in the Endless Sea, Ye Zhang Feng and Lin Ya Qi also wanted to inform their master about the unusual situation of the Endless Sea.

However, when the three of them just arrived at the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist’s entrance, two Spirit Realm warriors, who claimed that they were from the Pure Land, suddenly appeared, directly approaching Xia Xinyan.

Ye Zhang Feng and Lin Ya Qi were puzzled, while Xia Xinyan was perturbed. The two Spirit Realm warrior of the Pure Land showed extreme respect towards Xia Xinyan, calling her Sage, and invited her to return to the Pure Land, saying that they needed her to open some kind of a Soul Seal.

Xia Xinyan was full of suspicion and rejected directly. The two G.o.d Realm warriors from the Pure Land only apologized for being rude, then captured her and left, not caring about Ye Zhang Feng and Lin Ya Qi.

Ye Zhang Feng and Lin Ya Qi were dumbfounded, helplessly watching Xia Xinyan being brought away.

After that, the two of them thought for a while without saying anything, and vaguely felt that those two Spirit Realm warriors from the Pure Land seemed to mistake Xia Xinyan with someone else.

"Is what you said true?" Shi Yan still wore a cold face. "How come I still feel weird? Why did those two Spirit Realm warriors of the Pure Land bring Xia Xinyan away without any known reason? As far as I’ve known, she has never been to the Divine Great Land. So how do those Pure Land’s warriors know her?"

"But that’s the truth," Ye Zhang Feng smiled wryly, "Shi Yan, with my wisdom, do you think I would tell you such a mythical story if I wanted to lie to you?"

Shi Yan was stunned, as he contemplated for a while. He slightly shook his head and said with a suspicious face, "Why? How come those two Spirit Realm warriors from the Pure Land could find Xinyan? Do they really know Xinyan? Impossible."

"Lin Ya Qi and I had thought for a long time and guessed that this might have something related to Xia Xinyan’s Reincarnation Martial Spirit." Ye Zhang Feng hesitated a little bit before explaining. "According to my understanding of the Xia Family, I know that the Xias all have the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, and they can use the memory and the comprehension of the previous generation’s warriors. I think it’s possible that Xia Xinyan’s last generation is some Pure Land’s Sage?

"Ah, the Pure Land does have this kind of secret technique. As long as someone has reached the G.o.d Realm, given the situation that he is about to die, he can use this secret technique to reincarnate. Before performing this secret technique, that person will retain a Divine Sense to be stored in a special container. The reincarnation will happen every fifty years. This kind of secret technique seems to be called ‘the Requiem Great Technique.’ The Divine Radiant Cult and the Pure Land are not far away, so I have heard a little bit about it." Zhao Feng suddenly interrupted.

Ye Zhang Feng screamed out loud with a shocked face. "Is that true?"

Li Yue arched her eyebrows, gazed at Shi Yan and then said, "If it’s true, that girl’s in danger…"

"Why?" Shi Yan’s face changed while his heart sank to the bottom, as he didn’t feel good about it either.

"If that girl is really a reincarnation of a Sage, once she is brought to the Pure Land, she will be fused with the Divine Sense of the last generation. That Divine Sense will wake up, and she will become that Pure Land’s Sage. Her soul and memory of this life will vanish." Li Yue took a deep breath. "I also know about this kind of secret technique of the Pure Land. I know that this reincarnation process needs a lot of preparation. I think although that girl was brought back to the Pure Land, she will still be safe for a short time. To wake her last generation's soul up, it will take at least five years to prepare. That girl needs to cultivate three kinds of secret soul techniques so that she can keep her soul in the wake-up time."

Shi Yan pondered with a grave face. His eyes were cold and sharp like a knife while he whispered, "Pure Land, Pure Land…"

"The Pure Land is one of seven factions of the Divine Great Land. They have around ten Spirit Realm warriors. Except for these warriors, there is a True G.o.d Realm warrior that guards the land. With your realm, to find the Pure Land and ask them to return a person within five years is not an easy task." Zhao Feng pitifully looked at Shi Yan, who was now wearing a murderous face. "Within five years, if you can get the true recognition of the G.o.ds Sect to make the elders of the G.o.ds Sect look at you differently, and use the G.o.ds Sect’s forces, then you may have a chance to ask for that girl."

Li Yue also nodded. "This is the only way."

"Five years…" Shi Yan coldly said, "I can’t wait that long. Who knows if the Pure Land will wake her up in advance. Hmm, wait until the Endless Sea’s thing’s over. I will find a way."

"Relying only on your own strength, it’s impossible to ask to take her back." Zhao Feng comforted him. "You should wake up. Unless you can reach the True G.o.d Realm, don’t even dream about being able to confront a faction like the Pure Land. This is a big force that has a hundred thousand years of history. It has been dominating the Divine Great Land for ages. Thus, they should have some background that you cannot imagine."

After getting the situation, Li Yue, Cai Yi, and the two brothers also persuaded him not to act recklessly and take his time to consider.

All the Divine Great Land’s warriors knew how terrible and dangerous an ancient force like the Pure Land was. Not to mention Shi Yan with only Sky Realm cultivation base, even a warrior at the peak Spirit Realm would also perish when confronting that force.

Shi Yan kept silent and didn’t say a word. No one knew what he was thinking. He looked around and then spoke up after a while, "You guys continue. I will begin my unfinished business."

Then, he left immediately, going to the area that was overwhelmed with hollow spirits.

Cold aura spread out from his body. Wherever the cold air pa.s.sed through, the swamp under his feet froze instantly. As soon as the cold aura diffused, the temperature of the whole swamp reduced sharply.

Along the way, he opened his mind and left his Sea of Consciousness empty, deliberately enticing the hollow spirits to enter.

In the area where the hollow spirits were gathering, the rattan monsters could feel the cold aura from his body and thus quickly stayed away from him, not daring to disturb him.

The hollow spirits were not scared of cold aura but the soul attack. After he had opened his Sea of Consciousness, those hollow spirits got enticed and immediately rushed toward him, turning into many beams of green light and disappearing into his Sea of Consciousness.

Every hollow spirit that fell into his Sea of Consciousness was trapped by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame and then devoured by the Five Devils.

Around one hundred hollow spirits were panicking inside his Sea of Consciousness, wanted to get out, but couldn’t break the barrier created by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. Even if they were struggling and fighting on all sides of his Sea of Consciousness, they had no way to escape.

The Five Devils slowly swallowed almost one hundred hollow spirits, and then, his mind began to change quietly.

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