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"Zhang Feng, are you kidding me?" Lin Zhi was startled and suddenly screamed out loud. She constantly shook her head, not knowing if she should laugh or cry. "Have you ever heard anyone reach the Sky Realm from the Earth Realm in only one year?"

She looked at the other two men and asked, "Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, have you ever heard of it?"

The two men shook their heads.

"Do you believe it?" Lin Zhi asked again.

Luo Xiao and Luo Meng showed a hesitant face; they frowned but didn’t reply.

Ye Zhang Feng’s face darkened, as he unhappily said, "Lin Zhi jie, you don’t believe me? You doubt that I’m lying and that I’m exaggerating his ability?"

Lin Zhi smiled and shook her head. "It’s not that I doubt you. I just feel that this guy might have cheated you. He might be actually at the Sky Realm that time but hid his real ability so well that you thought he was only at the Earth Realm. This guy seems to have a wicked heart and just wanted to be close to you. I don’t know what schemes he has for doing that." After talking, she looked at Shi Yan with ironic eyes, not seeming to be concerned about Shi Yan’s irritation.

Ye Zhang Feng harrumphed and said with discontent, "Let’s bet if you don’t believe it."

He and Shi Yan knew each other because he had taken the initiative to get close to him. It was not right saying that Shi Yan wanted to be close to him.

On that island, he had witnessed the fight between Shi Yan and Man Gu, how strained Shi Yan had been under Chi Yan's soul attacks, how helpless he was when Chi Yan had killed Lin Da and Xia Sheng Chuan.

Many signs had shown that Shi Yan’s previous realm was not high, so it was impossible that he wanted to get close to him.

However, entering the Sky Realm from the Earth Realm in just one year was hard to believe even if he saw it with his own eyes. Hence, it was understandable if Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng didn’t believe it.

If he hadn’t been sure that Shi Yan’s previous realm was only the Earth Realm, he wouldn’t have believed this was the truth either.

While these people were talking, Shi Yan still stayed near there, so he could hear their conversation.

In his Sea of Consciousness, the Five Devils crazily chased the twelve hollow spirits who had penetrated there and were now running and fleeing away in fear.

However, under the Five Devils’ pursuit, these twelve hollow spirits basically couldn’t escape.

The third eye of his host soul released a light beam, forming a barrier that prevented the hollow spirits from getting through and blocked all the entrances of the Sea of Consciousness.

After knowing that the hollow spirits had a great impact on the Five Devils, Shi Yan’s host soul began to show its power. It did not simply burn these hollow spirits into ashes, but also formed a variety of defensive barriers that only let these hollow spirits get in but prevented them from going out, so they would become the Five Devils’ nutrients.

The Five Devils soon engulfed all twelve hollow spirits.

Shi Yan’s face became cold. He now looked at Lin Zhi and then said impatiently, "Hollow Spirits were solved. So, what happened to Xinyan?"

When he was dealing with hollow spirits, his entire body emitted a cold aura. The Ice Cold Flame was still vigilant, guarding against these four people in case they had any bad intentions.

Right now, as the hollow spirits had been destroyed all, the cold aura from his body disappeared and gathered again in his eyes, making people tremble in fear.

Under Shi Yan’s cold stare, Lin Zhi felt a little embarra.s.sed. She grunted while her face slightly changed.

Under Shi Yan’s scrutinizing look, Ye Zhang Feng was a little ashamed then explained, "After the three of us left the Hengluo Sea, we pa.s.sed through the Vault of Heaven Sea Area to go to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. When we entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, two G.o.d Realm warriors of the Pure Land suddenly appeared and directly came to see her."

"Why were the Pure Land’s people looking for her?" Shi Yan coldly looked at Ye Zhang Feng with an odd face. He was full of murderous aura. "Did you and Lin Ya Qi do something so that the people of the Pure Land looked for her?"

"Hey bro, what att.i.tude is this?" Lin Zhi suddenly shouted. "My younger sister Lin Ya Qi doesn’t have any wicked intentions. She always has a good heart. You can doubt Ye Zhang Feng, but don’t get my sister involved, okay?" She was quite protective of her sister and deserved to be a good older sister.

"You shut up!" Shi Yan impatiently shouted, frowned, and grunted.

"Hey!" Lin Zhi shouted again, seeming to be ready to confront him.

Even Luo Xiao and Luo Meng looked odd as they felt that Shi Yan’s att.i.tude was too aggressive. Luo Xiao hesitated for a moment and said, "Friend, although you just helped us, still, you should mind the way you talk. Lin Zhi is our big sister, and Ya Qi is our younger sister. Your att.i.tude is unacceptable."

"Even though you have a Sky Realm cultivations base, we are not scared of you." Luo Meng was quite hot-tempered. "Fighting with warriors who have higher realm than ours is not something that we have never done before. Don’t think because of your Sky Realm cultivation base that you can do whatever you want and a.s.sume everyone has to be scared of you."

"Ye Zhang Feng and I are talking. Why are you talking so much nonsense?" Shi Yan suddenly stood up with a dark face, coldly looked at Lin Zhi and the other two. "If you don’t shut your mouth, I will make you obedient."

"Stinky brat!" Lin Zhi’s eyes became cold. The dragon bone whip in her hand shook violently and burst out with thunder sounds, releasing many shadows all over the sky like lightning.

"Want to die?" As Shi Yan was too worried for Xinyan, he was now furious and thus launched his blow emotionlessly. He raised his left hand and the Death Seal that contained death intent domain suddenly pressed on those whip shadows in the sky like a small mountain.

The death intent domain in that Seal was augmenting infinitely. The demise of lives took place inside that Death Seal.

The Death Seal pressed down, giving people a strange illusion that all creatures in existence would be destroyed. A deadly force also quickly spread out.

Under the attack of the death intent domain, the illusionary shadows in the sky all dispersed and soon faded away.

Her dragon bone whip was now exposed, as lightning was interweaving on the whip, striking toward Shi Yan’s shoulders.

The Death Seal pressed down, and all whips were penetrated by the intent domain of the Death Seal. The death intent domain ran along the dragon bone whip and then infiltrated into Lin Zhi’s wrist and her graceful body.

Lin Zhi’s face went cold while her eyes showed her fear. Her face paled without a trace of blood, which gave people a bone-chilling feeling.

"What did you do?" Luo Xiao and Luo Meng shouted at the same time. Their skeletons suddenly expanded, and their original hefty body now grew up to two meters. They angrily rushed to Shi Yan.

"Stop!" Ye Zhang Feng finally shouted out loud. Cl.u.s.ters of burning fires of Purgatory True Flame diffused and turned into burning flames, staying between Shi Yan and the other three, preventing them from getting close to each other.

Seeing the Purgatory True Flame coming, Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng stopped immediately. As they knew the Purgatory True Flame was really powerful, they didn’t dare to touch it and just stood motionlessly.

However, Shi Yan didn’t stop.

He leisurely walked through the Purgatory True Flame without any hindrance, coldly smiled and rushed to Lin Zhi.

Cold aura spread out from his body. The swamp was frozen under each of his steps. The cold aura diffused and contacted with the Purgatory True Flame, canceling each other out.

The Purgatory True Flame didn’t harm him.

"You are not the only one who has a Heaven Flame." Shi Yan grunted, turned his head to look at Ye Zhang Feng and then dashed towards Lin Zhi like a rainbow.


Shi Yan raised his hand and slapped Lin Zhi’s glowing face.

Lin Zhi was stunned, holding her cheek while looking at Shi Yan in fear. "You, you dare to slap me?"


Another slap fell on her face. Shi Yan sneered, "It’s to make you shut up. Don’t you know that?"


Ye Zhang Feng shouted angrily, "Shi Yan, what do you want to do! Why are you hurting my people?"

"Hurt your people?" Shi Yan laughed fiercely. "If you don’t tell me clearly about Xinyan, not only will I hurt your people, but I will also kill each of you one by one here."

Those people’s faces suddenly discolored.

By now, they knew how vicious Shi Yan was.

Luo Xiao and Luo Meng were originally about to take action, but after seeing Shi Yan still safe after walking through the Purgatory True Flame, the two of them realized that Shi Yan was not just an ordinary Sky Realm warrior.

Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, and Lin Zhi could provoke a fight with other Sky Realm warriors. However, Shi Yan was different.

The ability that he had shown basically wasn’t something that an ordinary Sky Realm warrior could have, which Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, and others had clearly seen with their own eyes.

"Shi Yan, what are you doing?" At this moment, voices of the people of Zhao Feng’s group came up from a distance. Zhao Feng, Li Yue, Chi Xiao, and others were coming over here.

"Hey, why did you take action against them?" Zhao Feng asked from afar. "Just some Nirvana Realm warriors, why do you need to waste your time? In the former exotic land, you already killed two Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors. So, why did you need much time to bother with these Nirvana Realm warriors?"

Ye Zhang Feng, Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng looked panicked, with tremendously frightened faces.

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