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Shi Yan and Cai Yi had plunged down side by side for around ten minutes before they finally got to the center of the underground.

This place looked like a fantasy land, with a huge swamp area in the center.

Many bizarre trees like rattan grew in the swamp. Those trees were strangely humanoid; each of them was ten meters high, slowly moving in the swamp. Gloomy ghosts were wandering around, scattering out cold evil thoughts which could affect people’s Sea of Consciousness.

These gloomy ghosts emitted green light while the swamp water was dark green, making the swamp look more eccentric and gloomy like a world of ghosts.

More than ten Nirvana Realm and Sky Realm warriors were scattered in all directions around the swamp. Everyone’s faces were solemn while fighting with the gloomy ghosts and the humanoid monsters.

When a warrior died, his blood would be sucked completely, and his immortal soul would quickly be a.s.similated by the gloomy ghost. It then also turned him into a ghost, staring at other warriors with human auras and releasing terrible spirit fluctuations.

In the swamp, warriors were battling everywhere. Among them was Zhao Feng’s team, who were ten meters away from Shi Yan’s left side. They were fighting against those rattan trees and the ghosts, their faces looking quite serious.

After arriving, Shi Yan and Cai Yi didn’t have time to stop, as they immediately came to aid Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others.

"Shi Yan, be careful. Those rattan monsters and the hollow spirits are extremely tough to deal with. Swords and a variety of attacking forces are ineffective on these hollow spirits. Only soul attacks with intent domains can destroy them. These rattan monsters are some sort of strange creature, an organic combination of flora and fauna. They can absorb human blood and use it to grow their power. Don’t let them wrap you."

Seeing Shi Yan coming over, Zhao Feng immediately raised his voice to remind him to pay attention to those rattan monsters and hollow spirits.

"You can use your force to bombard the rattan monsters. These things are malicious. They have sharp thorns; once they pierce through someone’s body, they will target the blood vessels and suck all of the warrior’s blood. At any cost, don’t let them wrap you. As for the hollow spirits, they have a terrible soul corrosion force. Once the hollow spirits drill into your Sea of Consciousness, they will control your it." Chi Xiao was dealing with a rattan tree. His entire body was filled with thick smoke, and he seemed to flash on and off in that smoke. Once the rattan tree came, he would hide inside the smoke, making the rattan tree unable to identify his location.

The two brothers Lao Lun and Lao Li were fighting against hollow spirits, and thus, didn’t have spare time to remind Shi Yan. Now, when Shi Yan came, they had a little bit free time to tell him about the strengths and weaknesses of the rattan trees and hollow spirits.

Three rattan monsters had their roots extended into the swamp, but they still could move dexterously, as if they had legs.

Ten hollow spirits shrouded Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and the others, as they seemed to understand the rules. They launched attacks together, releasing violent soul vibrations towards the Divine Radiant Cult’s disciples and Chi Xiao.

Facing these soul fluctuations, Zhao Feng and Li Yue could deal with them easily. However, the two brothers were strained in fighting them. The two of them wore strange faces and kept moving backward while guarding their Sea of Consciousness, as they were afraid that these hollow spirits would occupy their minds.

After observing everything for a while, Shi Yan realized that there were many warriors with empty eyes and green pupils. They were attacking other warriors together with the hollow spirits.

Those people were obviously warriors as well. However, their Sea of Consciousnesses seemed to have been occupied by the hollow spirits, thus getting completely under the hollow spirits’ control. They had no sense of their own, and just automatically attacked the other warriors.

After coming here, Shi Yan and Cai Yi joined the battle immediately together with Chi Xiao, Zhao Feng, and the others, attacking the rattan monsters.

With a quick glance, Shi Yan realized that there were many warriors in the swamp fighting the rattan monsters and the hollow spirits. With a rough count, he guessed there were at least seven or eight teams of warriors.

It seemed that there was also fighting in the place further than here. However, because of the far distance, Shi Yan could hardly see clearly. Before coming to this island, his Profound Qi had been recovered through the Demon Crystals. The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame had also restored seven or eight parts of their power. They were now hibernating in the Blood Vein Ring and could always correspond to his call to come out.

With many battles like this, he was not worried, easily dealing with those rattan trees as well as observing the situation around.

"Watch out!" Cai Yi shouted to Shi Yan. "Behind you!"

A shinning green hollow spirit turned into a green light column that pa.s.sed by Lao Li and rushed towards Shi Yan.

This hollow spirit was formed from a soul, didn’t have a body and just some extremely violent soul fluctuations. Evil thoughts pierced into his mind first, and the hollow spirit immediately caught up with it, directly flying straight into his Sea of Consciousness.

Before Shi Yan could turn his head, he was immediately aware of his brain tingling, as if countless steel needles piercing through his head, becoming extremely painful.

He had been just negligent for one moment, and that had given the hollow spirit the opportunity to penetrate his mind.

The green light suddenly disappeared into his head.

The complexions of Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others changed dramatically. Cai Yi was also worried. She shouted, "Shi Yan, quiet down your mind. Don’t let the hollow spirit control it."

With this kind of hollow spirits’ penetration, it was difficult for other people to help him. Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others could only stare at the hollow spirit jumping into his Sea of Consciousness.

Each warrior’s Sea of Consciousness was the place where the host soul dwelled. The penetration of others’ soul consciousness into someone’s Sea of Consciousness would make it chaotic and raging, which helped the hollow spirit accelerate its control.

Therefore, seeing the hollow spirit jumping into Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness, Zhao Feng and the others didn’t dare to send their soul consciousness into it, because they knew that once they did it, it would make Shi Yan even more tempestuous.

To deal with the hollow spirit, he could only rely on his own spirit as well as his mighty will. If he couldn’t stop the hollow spirit from controlling his mind, he would become its slave forever, and could never escape.

Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and others, who were fighting with rattan trees, were still distracted by looking at him, as they didn’t know whether he could resist the hollow spirit or not.

Inside Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness…

The hollow spirit’s invasion caused a mutation of his Sea of Consciousness. Countless streams of soul consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness seemed to be unable to rise. A kind of intimidating soul fluctuation spread out from the hollow spirit, filling his entire Sea of Consciousness.

His eyes suddenly became dazed and empty.

When Chi Xiao and the others saw Shi Yan’s empty eyes, they felt chilled in their hearts and knew that things were going bad.

Cai Yi’s face changed as she showed a trace of worry. She shouted again, "Protect your mind."

However, at this moment, Shi Yan suddenly grinned and said, "No worries. I’m fine."

The Five Devils that hid in his Sea of Consciousness suddenly turned into five huge hollow shadows attacking that hollow spirit. The hollow spirit panicked and did not dare to stay in his Sea of Consciousness, quickly flying out of his mind.

The Five Devils swarmed over, entangling that hollow spirit. They opened their mouths full of fangs to devour that hollow spirit.

Inside his Sea of Consciousness, his host soul also opened the third eye, and the evil aura of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame spread out as well.

Just in a moment, he had already regained his consciousness, not getting affected by the impact of that hollow spirit. This terrified Zhao Feng and the others.

"Leave these hollow spirits to me."

When everyone was still horrified, Shi Yan wore a surprised face and then excitedly said, "You guys don’t need to deal with the hollow spirits. I alone am enough."

After the Five Devils swallowed the hollow spirit, Shi Yan was clearly aware that they had become stronger and were still craving for more. The hollow spirits seemed to be great nutrients to enhance their power.

With this finding, Shi Yan removed his spirit defense and stood still, waiting for the hollow spirits to fall into his trap.

The hollow spirits’ wisdom was not high, and basically, they couldn’t comprehend a lesson for themselves. Seeing Shi Yan standing without any defense, all hollow spirits turned into many green light beams, directly storming into his Sea of Consciousness. In his Sea of Consciousness right now, the Five Devils were floating around as well as his host soul, which was releasing an earth-destructive aura. Any hollow spirit that went into his Sea of Consciousness, desperately wanted to flee outside as fast as possible under the impact of the Five Devils and his host soul.

During that time, the Five Devils would scatter and search for hollow spirits inside his Sea of Consciousness. When a hollow spirit touched the Five Devils, it was like they got stuck to the rubber glue, not being able to move at all.

The Five Devils were extremely excited, clinging to those hollow spirits and engulfing all of them.

When a hollow spirit would be about to escape his Sea of Consciousness, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame would release an evil light, and that hollow spirit would be immediately annihilated and disappear without leaving any trace.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame could destroy all evil creatures. The hollow spirits that had entered Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness simply looked for death. None of them could escape.

Seeing those hollow spirits drill into Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness, but him still smiling and leisurely looking around here and there to look for more hollow spirits, Zhao Feng and the others were speechless. They shook their heads and let out a sigh. They were terrified because of Shi Yan’s strange power.

In a short moment, a group of hollow spirits wandering around Zhao Feng and the others were all swallowed by the Five Devils in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness.

After absorbing the hollow spirits, the Five Devils grew significantly. Their images were getting clearer, and even their faces became livelier.

But Shi Yan was not satisfied yet. With such delicious snacks in front of him, it would be a waste if he didn’t enjoy.

"I’ll go to find more hollow spirits. You guys should be careful dealing with those rattan trees." After informing Cai Yi, Shi Yan burst into laughter and strolled to the swamp.

When the hollow spirits, which were fighting with the other warriors, realized that Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness had no defense, all of them rushed to him and penetrated his Sea of Consciousness.

Those hollow spirits that fell into his Sea of Consciousness had no way to come out, becoming nutrients for the Five Devils. The Five Devils in his Sea of Consciousness had engulfed all of them.

Those warriors quickly realized the abnormal situation, and thus, they all had a terrified look. They couldn’t help but take a glance at Shi Yan secretly.

"Shi Yan, I'm Ye Zhang Feng. Come here and give me a hand."

A familiar voice arose from the left, behind a group of rattan monsters, sounding a little anxious.

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