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"If that place is so dangerous, why do you still want to go back?" Zuo Shi was puzzled. She gently asked, "Shi Yan, you can temporarily return to the Quiet Cloud. I think if your family knows that you have broken through the Sky Realm, they will be delighted. If you go back to the Merchant Union, the Shi family and the Zuo family will unite and perhaps can dominate the G.o.d-blessed Empire and the Fire Empire."

"The Quiet Cloud is too small…," Shi Yan shook his head. "If the time comes, I will let you go to the Merchant Union so that you can find a more suitable place to cultivate."

"Found it!" Lao Li screamed from a distance.

Shi Yan was startled. He then said to Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi, "Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s go over there to see what mystery lies in the underground of this island."

When Shi Yan, Zuo Xu, and Zuo Shi came, Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and Cai Yi already stood in front of a dark hole. Some other warriors of the Divine Radiant Cult quickly rushed over as well.

This was not a big hole where cold aura flew out continuously. Standing in front of the cave entrance, they could sense fresh breeze blowing onto their bodies, making them feel a bone-deep chill and give them a feeling that some kind of danger was hiding inside that cave, which terrified everyone.

Not long after that, Li Yue also arrived with the remaining disciples of the Divine Radiant Cult, looking at the entrance of the cave.

"This is it." Zhao Feng c.o.c.ked his head to look a bit and then shook it. "I can’t see anything. Perhaps there’s also something blocking the soul consciousness."

While they were talking, a silhouette suddenly rushed out and shouted, "RUN!"

An arm-sized rattan like a ghost hand thrust out from the cave and trapped that man instantly. As it had wound around the man, it released a strong suction force all of a sudden. The man’s blood flowed towards the rattan, and in just a short amount of time, all of his blood had completely been drained.

Everyone’s eyes were wide opened. That man died even before he could have exited the cave.

Everyone’s face was frozen.

"Zuo Shi and grandpa Zuo, don’t get in. Find a safe place outside and wait." Shi Yan acted decisively and told the two of them hurriedly, "It’s very dangerous in there. You will not be able to help with anything, but you can get us bothered."

His words were rude.

Zuo Xu's eyes flashed a trace of sadness as he knew his cultivation base was too low. He reluctantly nodded, held Zuo Shi’s hand and said, "Zuo Shi, don’t go there. Shi Yan’s right. We really can’t help with anything."

Although Zuo Shi wanted to try, she still followed her grandfather’s advice. She looked at Chi Xiao and Shi Yan worriedly, and said with a low tone, "You should be careful. It’s strange in there. If it’s too dangerous, come out immediately. Don’t take anything. Only if you’re alive can you enjoy the benefits. If you’re dead, then there is nothing left."

"Ok." Shi Yan smiled and nodded, "I know. I will consider staying alive as the primary task. If I realize that it’s something I can’t handle, I will come out immediately."

"Can we go now?" Zhao Feng was excited, rubbing his hands and said with a smile, "The more dangerous the place is, the more chances that secret treasures will be there. Everyone should be careful. Don’t let the rattan entangle you."

Everyone nodded with solemn faces.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything else, laughed out loud and jumped down first.

Li Yue and the others from the Divine Radiant Cult didn’t hesitate either; they all followed Zhao Feng, plunging down into the cave.

Chi Xiao and the two brothers also followed him.

"You leave first." Shi Yan looked at Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi.

The two of them were a little hesitant but didn’t say anything. They then left the cave and disappeared into the jungle.

Only Cai Yi and Shi Yan were left.

Cai Yi didn’t hurry to jump down but looked at him with a longing face.

She was wearing green clothes; her face was white, and her eyes were like they could speak. She kept looking at Shi Yan with a begging att.i.tude.

"Are you anxious?" Shi Yan calmly asked.

"After the battle in the previous exotic land, I think that you have trusted me." Cai Yi said with a serious face. "I’m different from Ai Ya. I will not be shameless like her. I know that you have helped us a lot all the way. I will not return evil for good, I promise."

"This reason is not enough," said Shi Yan with an emotionless face.

"It is certainly dangerous down there. As my soul has your formation technique, I can’t utilize all of my power." Cai Yi angrily stared at him. "What’s wrong with you? I have begged you like this. Although I did something bad in that lake, didn't you do the same? Cai Yi’s face reddened as she was shy.

Shi Yan sneered and said, "Yes, I also did something wrong in that place. But it was just because I saw you wanted to harm me. I was so angry that I did it. If you guys didn’t do that to me, I definitely would not have done anything."

Speaking of the charming scene at the bottom of that lake, he couldn’t help but remember Cai Yi’s beautiful body, while his eyes also changed slightly, becoming burning.

Under Shi Yan’s scrutinizing eyes, Cai Yi was very embarra.s.sed. She fiercely stared at him and growled, "Leave it then."

After talking, she was about to jump down into the cave.

"Alright, let me remove it for you," blurted Shi Yan.

Cai Yi’s beautiful eyes suddenly brightened. She halted, burst into laughter, turned around to look at him and gently said, "I knew it. It’s not like you don’t have any feelings. You’re actually very nice. As long as the others have good intentions toward you, you will not harm them. Otherwise, you would not care for Zuo Shi that much."

After Zuo Shi appeared, Shi Yan always cared for Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi on the way.

Cai Yi secretly observed him for a while then realized that the care didn’t come from love, it was just because they knew each other before. He didn’t mind encountering dangers, and instead, always helped the two of them.

After a long time of observation, Cai Yi finally realized that Shi Yan was not cold and ruthless as she’d imagined. She was actually envious of Zuo Shi, as Shi Yan cared for her a lot.

After understanding more about Shi Yan, her hatred towards Shi Yan gradually faded, and moreover, she wanted to have a good relationship with him.

"If I was really ruthless, you and the two brothers should already be dead." Shi Yan slightly harrumphed and said, "If I didn’t save you and help you go to the corpse bridge, you think that you could have survived?"

"I know you are kind." Cai Yi smiled. She looked thrilled and fresh as her mood was good. "Can you remove the formation technique for me now?"

Shi Yan nodded, closed his eyes and used a soul connection to enter her mind to remove the formation technique that he had left in her soul before.

Cai Yi suddenly let out a sigh of relief, grinned like flowers blossoming, which could mesmerize other people.

She nodded to Shi Yan and said with a low voice. "You aren’t bad indeed. If I knew about it soon, I definitely would not have done it in that lake. However, you already saw my body, and I will remember it carefully. Hmm."

After talking, Cai Yi moved to the cave, released a colorful band of five-colored light and slowly went into the cave.

Shi Yan was bewildered.

Quietly watching Cai Yi’s graceful body slowly diving, Shi Yan shook his head after a long while, grinned and went into the cave.

In the dark cave, Shi Yan could only see the colorful light from Cai Yi’s body. He accelerated and appeared next to her in only three seconds.

This cave seemed to be very deep. The two of them had been plunging down for a while, but still didn’t see anything. No light came up from the cave either.

"Shi Yan, honestly, do you like Zuo Shi? Although that girl doesn’t have a high realm, she’s very charming. It’s normal if you like her." While flying down, Cai Yi suddenly turned her head to look at him and asked curiously.

"Why does it matter to you?" Shi Yan harrumphed and said, "You should care about yourself. Don’t let the rattan here shackle you. If it happens, I’ll just ignore you."

"You will not," Cai Yi said with a smile. After the formation technique in her mind was removed, she seemed to have solved the knot. She seemed to no longer hate Shi Yan. Her face glowed. "Although you look cold, you are not like that. I know it."

"Did you fall in love with me?" Shi Yan pouted and coldly looked at her. "Although I did touch you, I will not take responsibility. Don’t think I will love you because of this. I’m very ruthless. I’m only interested in your body, not you. I don’t like a woman who is too cunning."

"Right. Perhaps I love you already." Cai Yi was half real, half joking, but she was not angry either. "I have heard that if a man is interested in a woman’s body, then loving her is not too distant a thing. Anyway, you have seen and touched my body already. Well, you can just forget that girl Zuo Shi and be my man."

"If you want to flirt with me, you should consider the time and situation." Shi Yan rubbed his nose and said reluctantly, "If I knew this, I would not have removed the formation technique for you. I just realized that since your mind is free from the formation technique, your brain seems to have had some problem. If you want to die, I don’t care. But don’t talk nonsense to me. It affects my vigilance."

"Such an emotionless guy." Cai Yi glanced at him with enchanting eyes.

The two of them flew down shoulder to shoulder. Her body emitted a flashing light. Shi Yan could see every change on her face, smell the fragrance from her body, and hear her sulky words. He calmed down again and felt that this subterranean trip didn’t seem so terrible as he’d imagined.

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