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Chapter 41 The Third Sky of Nascent Level
It was silent outside the valley.
The demon beasts had left a long time ago.
It was already daytime, as the sunlight filtered into the cave through thick bushes like fire.
The three were training cross-legged on the ground with steady breaths.
Not knowing how much time had pa.s.sed, Shi Yan woke up from the serenity. He stood up, stretched his neck and tried to move his body.
The Third Sky of Nascent Level!
With a deep breath, Shi Yan felt refreshed and his fatigue disappeared at once, while his senses became much more accurate.
With the help of the magical power, Shi Yan’s training speed advanced as fast as a shooting arrow, and he increased to the Third Sky of Nascent Level at once!
Standing at the entrance of the cave, he was dimly able to perceive the spiritual scent between the sky and the earth.
He couldn’t smell the spiritual scent in the air before. But now, it was all so clear to him that he could sense it easily.
To perceive the spiritual scent in the air was something only Third Sky of Nascent Level warriors could manage. Once he perceived the spiritual scent, he could train his martial skills faster with its help.
As soon as he willed it, his body turned as hard as iron immediately, while his skin turned dark brown and was covered with a vague black light which was similar to the state when he operated his Black Light Shield.
Shi Yan was a little surprised. After a careful examination, he was certain that he wasn’t even utilizing his Black Light Shield with Profound Qi.
This was to say, the dark light covering the skin was merely the reaction to reaching the second stage of Petrification Martial Spirit.
He smiled after further examination, knowing that the magical change to his skin must have something to do with his Martial Spirit.
It was rather bright in the cave now. Shi Yan’s black eyes blinked and began to wander to Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan’s bodies.
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan were still sitting on the ground cross-legged with tightly closed eyes. There was a vague light moving around their bodies, as their Profound Qi operated in their bodies along specific paths.
He had injected part of the magical power into Mu Yu Die’s body, because he wanted to know if this magical power could be pa.s.sed on to others without s.e.xual intercourse.
And also, he wanted more help. He was not sure how many foes he would meet during the upcoming journey. It would affect their travel if Mu Yu Die still needed protection.
As Di Yalan had said, Mu Yu Die was also a warrior before her tendons broke. If Mu Yu Die recovered, it would be very beneficial for their journey ahead.
Because of those thoughts, he gave that small part of the magical power to her.
Holding his breath, Shi Yan focused his attention on Mu Yu Die. Suddenly, he felt a strong Profound Qi circulating in her body.

A little surprised, he couldn’t help but take several glances at her. After a further thought, he got even more confused...
To his amazement, Mu Yu Die’s Profound Qi was more refined than Di Yalan’s, which meant… Mu Yu Die was a higher level than Di Yalan!
Shi Yan was really shocked. He knew Mu Yu Die was a warrior too, but he thought she was no more than Nascent Level.
After all, Mu Yu Die was much younger than Di Yalan, thus there was no way she could be a higher-leveled warrior than Di Yalan.
But it turned out to be quite the opposite. Shi Yan finally realized that Mu Yu Die was already a Human-Level warrior at such young age. It was an entire level higher than Di Yalan!
As he was standing there stunned, he acutely felt that Mu Yu Die’s Profound Qi was calming down gradually.
He knew that Mu Yu Die was about to wake up...
As expected, before long, Mu Yu Die’s eyelashes shook and she opened her eyes slowly.
Two clean and bright eyes suddenly observed the cave, and Mu Yu Die’s delicate little face lit up. She looked like an extremely beautiful and attractive angel in the wood.
Shi Yan was dumbstruck as he gazed at such a beautiful creature. He couldn’t even think straight.
“Done staring?” Mu Yu Die looked indifferent as she stood up slowly. After stretching herself, she chuckled, “From now on, I’m not your burden anymore.”
Streams of thin white light flew out from her arms as she was stretching her body. The light soon disappeared in the air...
As Mu Yu Die moved her fingers slowly in the air, the light showed up again little by little, and began to shuttle between her smooth fingers.
“I haven’t played my zither for so long. Need a practice now.” Mu Yu Die smiled. That smile was like a clean brook in a valley, serene, empty and intoxicating.
“You are much prettier than before.” Gazing at her for a long while, Shi Yan uttered.
With her veins connected and the Profound Qi of the top of Human Level flowing in the body, her skin became extremely translucent, while her face turned rosy and her eyes brightened. Mu Yu Die looked so confident that nothing in the world could terrify her.
With her strength regained, Mu Yu Die seemed to have turned into another person that she was much more attractive than before.
At this moment, in Shi Yan eyes, Mu Yu Die was literally far prettier than Di Yalan and Mo Yanyu. Both her level and temperament transcended those two girls.
“Thanks.” Mu Yu Die smiled casually, “How long has it been?”
“Two days, I guess.” Shi Yan hesitated, “I’m not sure either. I just feel that we have stayed in the cave for more than one day. You recovered?”
“Yes.” Mu Yu Die nodded confidently, “Let’s leave this cave and set off after Sister Lan wake up.”
“Ok.” Shi Yan replied casually, and felt a little bitter.
Before, though Mu Yu Die was too naive and too kind, she was quite adorable, just like a lovely little sister.
Though Mu Yu Die became more attractive after regaining her energy, her cuteness disappeared, and on the contrary, she made Shi Yan feel some holiness from her, which made Shi Yan a little disappointed.
Disappointed, Shi Yan didn’t bother to say anything. Instead, he walked out of the cave and began to wander in the valley.
Taking out the book “Gravitational Field” on Spirit Level Martial Skills out of his bag, he turned the pages randomly. Without reading it carefully, he put the book into the bag scrupulously, he was now sure that there were letters in the book.

Spirit Level Martial Skills could only be trained by warriors of at least Earth Level. But he was just a Nascent Level warrior now, which was a long way from Earth Level. Without advancing, to train with the Spirit Level Martial at a low warrior level would only disturb one’s mind.
Because of that reason, Shi Yan put the book away after he was a.s.sured it was authentic.
A half day later, Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die walked out of the cave together. They were clean, dressed and high spirited, ready to set off.
“Kid, thank you. I’ve stabilised my level now.” Di Yalan said loudly after she got out.
It was rather dangerous a short time after one reached a new level. The warrior needed strengthen his Profound Qi as soon as possible, or he would be hurt in fights and training while his level was still unstable.
The essence from Shi Yan took effect again in Mu Yu Die’s body, which stabilised her level, and enabled her to fight without any fear of backlash.
“Well then, let’s set off.” Not intending to boast, Shi Yan smiled naturally, and guided them out of the valley.
Seven days later.
The three of them finally stepped out of the enormous Dark Forest.
Looking at the huge ancient trees behind them, they all felt themselves lucky survivors of a disaster.
In those seven days, they never got into any danger.
The warriors and mercenaries in the Dark Forest had either died or were wounded, not daring to stay in that dangerous area. The demon beasts led by the Silver Thunder Wolf had also calmed down and didn’t show up again.
Since the demon beasts and mercenaries were quiet, their journey became magically smooth. Without meeting any obstacles, they went through the most dangerous area and stepped out of the Dark Forest.
They need to pa.s.s Silent Town if they were going to the Merchant Union, and they must cross the wide Stone Woods to get to the Silent Woods.
The stones in the Stone Woods were all grotesque in shape, which were either as big as a mountain, or as small as a human. In addition, there were also many stone caves, which were natural shelters.
There were always brutal warriors lurking in the Stone Woods, killing and trading.
Those walking out of the Dark Forest were trade caravans, or warriors and mercenaries who were seeking adventure.
Merchants from foreign countries must have goods with them, while those adventurous warriors and mercenaries, who could get out of the Dark Forest alive, must have medicines and materials from demon beasts.
These people all had something valuable with them...
Therefore, there were people hiding in the Stone Woods for years, who would show up if they found their prey was weak and harvest their goods after a nasty slaughter.
Thus, sometimes the Stone Woods were more dangerous than the Dark Forest. A single man who stepped into it, unless he was a Disaster Level warrior, would always get into trouble.
“The Stone woods is very dangerous. Maybe the people from the Dark World are lurking there...” Di Yalan thought for a while and reminded Mu Yu Die.
“Someone will come to our aid in the Stone Woods, no worries.”Mu Yu Die smiled and looked back at Shi Yan, “You are going into the Stone Woods?”
“Yup. I’m from the Merchant Union, of course I will go back there. ” Shi Yan replied.
“Good. Then let’s go there together. You will be safe with us in the Stone Woods.” Mu Yu Die looked confident, and before Shi Yan replied, she added, “let’s go into the Stone Woods. Don’t worry, we are safe now.”
“Ok.” Shi Yan replied. Though he didn’t relax. Once they stepped into the Stone Woods, he was always on alert.
From the memories of the other Shi Yan, he knew it was chaos in the Stone Woods. All the powerful parties were involved in it, including the big families from the Merchant Union.
He didn’t know what Mu Yu Die had that made her so confident. But he knew they would be killed in an instant if they weren’t cautious.
Shi Yan kept calm as he looked around in the woods. Every five steps, he would turn back and examine carefully.

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