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Shi Yan didn’t say anything, but just smiled and stretched out his hand. The Blood Vein Ring shot out blood light, and the incoming Earth Flame disappeared into his Blood Vein Ring.

At the same time, the Ice Cold Flame also went into the Blood Vein Ring.

"That’s the burning power of the Sun Refined Spirit!" Zhao Feng’s eyes reflected the hot flames, looking at Shi Yan with surprise. "Kid, didn’t I feel it wrong?"

"Yes, it does have the burning power of the Sun Refined Spirit," Shi Yan nodded.

"For those who use the sun power to cultivate, the power of the Sun Refined Spirit is the most precious treasure. If I can use the Sun Refined Spirit to cultivate, I think my martial technique will have a great breakthrough." Zhao Feng shot out a sharp look. "If I can use the Sun Refined Spirit, my comprehension will be more profound, and perhaps I will enter the Spirit Realm."

Shi Yan slightly smiled and shook his head. "It belongs to me."

"If possible, I want to borrow it to cultivate later. I don’t need the Sun Refined Spirit energy. I only need to observe it a bit closer to find the traits of the power being released from the Sun Refined Spirit, and how the fiery flame burns. Is it okay?" Zhao Feng laid his eyes on Shi Yan with a begging look and a longing face.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows, hesitated a little bit and then said, "If only that’s the deal, then no problem."

Zhao Feng was overjoyed and burst into laughter.

"What is that bunch of burning fire after all?" Li Yue couldn’t help but ask.

"Well, just see it as a new Heaven Flame which comes from a ten-thousand-year-old volcano, that was lucky enough to absorb the Sun Refined Spirit. Right now, I don’t know how great its potential is, but if we say the Heaven Flames are required to have consciousness, then it should be a Heaven Flame," Shi Yan explained.

"Heaven Flame?" Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and even Cai Yi looked at him with astonished faces.

"I have heard that there are a total of nine Heaven Flames existing in this world. Adding this one would make it ten." Zhao Feng sighed, "The legend about the Heaven Flames has been circulated in the Divine Great Land, but people who have a Heaven Flame are extremely rare. Each type of Heaven Flames has its unique effect and its own mysterious force, that makes people envy. You’re very lucky to have it."

"Do you know what the nine types are?" Shi Yan’s heart moved slightly while he pretended to ask.

He had also heard rumors about the Heaven Flames. It was said that, in this world, there were a total of nine types of Heaven Flames, and there were also rankings among them.

However, be it in the Quiet Cloud or the Endless Sea, no one seemed to know what types these nine Heaven Flames were.

Zhao Feng and Li Yue came from the Divine Great Land, which was the gathering center of all warriors. Warriors who knew about these nine types of Heaven Flames could only come from the Divine Great Land.

"Primal Chaos Sacred Fire, World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, Immemorial Demonic Flame, Purgatory True Flame, Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, Vermillion Bird True Flame, Ice Cold Flame and, and Vanishing Corpse Flame." Zhao Feng’s eyes brightened while speaking. "These nine types of Heaven Flame are the names we already know. The mysteries of these nine Heaven Flames have been spread in our Divine Great Land. However, we still don’t know what magical effects these nine Heaven Flames have. Perhaps, only those who possess the Heaven Flames can know their magical effects as well as their threats."

"Primal Chaos Sacred Fire, World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, Immemorial Demonic Flame, Purgatory True Flame, Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, Vermillion Bird True Flame, Ice Cold Flame and, and Vanishing Corpse Flame." Shi Yan murmured while his eyes also slowly lit up.

"Primal Chaos Sacred Flame is ranked first, and the Vanishing Corpses Flame is ranked last. Each type of Heaven Flame seems to be able to integrate with the warriors. Once warriors can fuse with the Heaven Flames, they are able to obtain much more than just their power." Zhao Feng looked at him enviously.

Previously, the Ice Cold Flame had been on Shi Yan's chest. When the Earth Flame entered the Blood Vein Ring, because its burning power was too strong and also the fact that the Ice Cold Flame had been trying to reduce its power, other people didn’t know that the icy light column was actually the Ice Cold Flame, one of the nine Heaven Flames.

If they knew the Ice Cold Flame and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame were both here, Shi Yan wondered how surprised they would be.

Shi Yan already got what he wanted to know, so he stopped asking about the Heaven Flames. He smiled and looked at Zhao Feng and the others, "How was your harvest up there?"

Zhao Feng held a happy face and excitedly said, "We have four secret treasures which are all sacred level ones. Three of them are of the first grade of the Sacred level, and the remaining one is of the third grade of the Sacred level. Ha ha ha, this is really a good harvest. Even in the Divine Great Land, secret treasures are very rare. Only a few important people of the powerful parties can have the third grade of Sacred Level Secret Treasures. Ha ha ha."

Getting to the exciting part, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

The secret treasures that blacksmiths created were divided into five levels - mortal level, mystery level, profound level, sacred level, and G.o.d level. Each level was divided into seven grades; the first grade was the lowest and the seventh grade was the best. As Zhao Feng got a third grade Sacred level Secret Treasure this time, no wonder he was so excited.

"How about you?" Shi Yan looked as Chi Xiao and Cai Yi.

"Two pieces of first-grade Sacred level Secret Treasures." Chi Xiao smiled, took out a silver dagger, raised it up and said, "I have this."

Although Chi Xiao looked calm, his eyes were extremely excited. Since he could get the secret treasures in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time, once his mind connected with it, his strength would be greatly improved.

With this Sacred level Secret Treasure, Chi Xiao could become the strongest member of the Fire Empire, the G.o.d-blessed Empire, and the supreme warrior in the Quiet Cloud. Thus, he was obviously very happy.

"Not bad, not bad," Shi Yan constantly nodded. "Where is the other one?"

"In my hand." Cai Yi chuckled, but didn’t take out the secret treasure from her Storage Ring. However, she also looked very satisfied. "I’m quite lucky. It was unexpected that I could harvest something in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time."

Lao Li and Lao Lun both revealed a trace of envy and complained that their luck was not good, as they couldn’t harvest anything.

"Kid, should we leave here or not?"

Zhao Feng realized that there was no one left in the ancient city, and thus, he was a little anxious. "The others have left already, probably to go to the other exotic lands. We should also go soon. Hopefully, we can harvest the G.o.d Soul. If we are too late, we will not get anything."

"You know the direction?" Shi Yan asked in astonishment.

Zhao Feng hauled out a compa.s.s which was similar to the one Ai Ya had and raised it up. "The Spirit Treasure Sect has forged this stuff. It can identify the direction of any area, so we will not be lost if we have it."

"That’s good." Shi Yan’s eyes brightened while he beamed a smile. "If so, we can go now."

"How about you?" Zhao Feng looked at Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and the others, "Are you going with us?"

As Chi Xiao and Cai Yi got the secret treasures, their confidence had been increased significantly. Thus, they nodded readily.

The two brothers hadn’t harvested anything, but still hoped to be able to get something in another exotic land. Obviously, they would not give up midway. Therefore, they nodded, indicating that they would also go with them.

Zhao Feng actually didn’t want to be on the same team with them. However, in consideration for Shi Yan, he didn’t say anything. He took out the compa.s.s to identify the direction, and then said to Shi Yan, "You guys follow us. The other exotic land is quite far from here. It will take a maximum of two days to get there."

"Good," Shi Yan nodded.

Zhao Feng and Li Yue exchanged glances, a.s.signing something for their warriors who kept up with them. After that, they led the way, flying out.

Since the Heaven Gate had exploded, everything here restored to its normal state. Even the divine thunder which had covered outside also disappeared.

Shi Yan used to worry about the divine thunder before. Anyway, his Profound Qi had been consumed by half, and if the divine thunder were still outside, he would have to use the power of the Sky-breaking Shuttle to break through. By that time, his Profound Qi would be drained completely, and if he encountered danger, it would be difficult for him. Although Chi Xiao and Cai Yi had a profound cultivation base, he didn’t want to lay his life in someone else’s hands. Therefore, he would have to spend some time first to use the Demon crystals to restore his Profound Qi before leaving.

Without the divine thunder outside, he didn’t have to be that cautious. He flew up to the sky together with Chi Xiao and the others, catching up with Zhao Feng’s group.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng’s group encountered a flock of level six beasts above a mountain. However, it didn’t take them long to wipe those beasts out.

Since the warriors in Zhao Feng’s team had quite low realms, their Profound Qi had been consumed significantly. Zhao Feng had to stop to let them rest for a while, using the Demon Crystals to restore their Profound Qi.

Shi Yan took this opportunity to haul out the Demon crystals inside his Storage Ring and restored his Profound Qi together with Chi Xiao, Zuo Xu, and Zuo Shi.

The three people of Chi Xiao’s group were quite poor before. With Shi Yan’s support, they could now have enough Demon Crystals to restore their Profound Qi.

These three people had drained a lot of their Profound Qi on the way, and were in a situation where they had no more Demon Crystals.

However, after the fight in the ancient city, they had got some Demon Crystals from some dead warriors, and Shi Yan had also given them some more. Therefore, they now had enough demon crystals to use.

Entering the Sky Realm, Shi Yan’s ancient Profound Qi tree seemed to grow double or so. As he was restoring the Profound Qi, his progress speed was apparently slowed down. When he and Chi Xiao restored the Profound Qi, it would take quite a lot of time. Even after the warriors in Zhao Feng’s team had fully restored their Profound Qi, Shi Yan and Chi Xiao were still using Demon Crystals to restore their Profound Qi.

As Zhao Feng knew that he would rely on Shi Yan a lot in the future, he didn’t urge him to hurry. Instead, together with Li Yue and the others, he waited for Shi Yan and Chi Xiao to stand up and then continued the trip, going to another strange land.

Their trip was much easier as they didn’t encounter any beast this time.

Two days later, they finally arrived at another exotic land.

The outskirts of this exotic land had thick, gray smoke hovering. However, there was no divine thunder inside that smoke to rock Shi Yan’s mind.

Following Zhao Feng’s team, Shi Yan, Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and the others also descended in this strange land.

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