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That s.p.a.ce was shattered.

All four kinds of disaster in the ancient city - the storms, flames, lightning, frost, seemed to be attracted by that Heaven Gate, crazily rushed into the Heaven Gate, which was about to break in pieces.

Shi Yan stood below, looking at the disaster blowing into the Heaven Gate, and then watching the s.p.a.ce rifts in the sky. His face looked shocked.

Heaven and Earth had a mutation. The sky revealed a beam of dazzling light, in which s.p.a.ce's chaotic movements could be seen.

In the burst of violent roars, that Heaven Gate bulged, finally turned into a small spot of light and disappeared above the ancient city.

The ancient city suddenly restored its quietness.

Even the beasts that had been gathering also seemed to know that there was no more meaning to continue the guard, and so, they all left the ancient city.

The four surrounding mountains collapsed in an instant and razed to the ground.

The weaving galaxies in the sky slowly faded like the river drying out; and thus, it also quickly lost its previous mystery look.

A graceful figure had a glimpse down from the sky and then turned into a beam of light flying away.

Shi Yan frowned, stared at that beautiful figure for a moment while he was wearing a grave look.

Although he was far apart, he could still recognize that figure was Ai Ya who had gone missing.

He didn’t know why this woman was in the sky or what had happened to her. Her leaving made Shi Yan felt that this ancient city had nothing else to be attached to.

Sure enough, at the weaving point, many warriors also began to fly away, did not continue lingering in the ancient city for any longer.

These people seemed to know that the ancient city no longer had secret treasures, and thus, they would harvest nothing if continuing to stay.

The book Blacksmith's Secrets of Success in the ancient mummy’s hand seemed to be the reason of this ancient city’s existence. Since Shi Yan took the book, all of the strange treasures of this place also disappeared, which meant that this ancient city had no more mystery.

The beast’s bones also exploded into pieces in the Heaven Gate, scattering in every corner of the ancient city.

Several figures in the sky seemed to overlook Shi Yan who was standing below, and thus, they slowly descended near Shi Yan.

Shi Yan frowned, looked at the sky, and realized that they were Zhao Feng, Chi Xiao, and the others. Shi Yan let out a sigh of relief and put down his guard.

When having jumped into the Heaven Gate, he had consumed much of his spirit. Therefore, his current state was not very good. If the warriors in the sky considered him their target to kill, he would be in danger given his situation now.

Zhao Feng and the others slowly landed.

"Kid, why did you come here?" Zhao Feng shouted with an astonished face. "Kid, what the h.e.l.l are you doing here? Why has this strange place restored its normal state? Even the galaxy and the ancient corpses in the sky also disappeared. What did you do?"

Li Yue, Chi Xiao, and the others also looked at him with puzzled faces.

When they were still fighting with the ancient corpses in the sky, they realized that the ancient city had a big change. The ancient corpses went into the s.p.a.ce rifts one by one without leaving a trace.

After observing everything around, they realized that the ancient city’s mutation seemed to be related to Shi Yan’s deeds. They were all astonished and immediately came down here.

The warriors from other forces saw the change of this ancient city; they knew that it was no longer necessary for them to continue staying here, and thus, they all left and went to another exotic land.

"I don’t know what happened." Shi Yan shook his head, didn’t want to tell them about what really happened to him.

The Blacksmith's Secrets of Success of the blacksmith there might be the most precious treasure in the ancient city. Although he didn’t know how valuable this book was, since this Blacksmith's Secrets of Success was kept in his Storage Ring, the ancient city immediately had such a big change like this, he could already know how crucial it was.

In the Grace Mainland, blacksmiths were extremely rare, and so, this secret treasure was even more precious.

If people knew that he had taken this Blacksmith's Secrets of Success of the blacksmiths, perhaps he would encounter a lot of troubles and might arouse some high-cla.s.s blacksmiths of the Grace Mainland, who still maintained a good relationship with G.o.d Realm warriors.

If those blacksmiths knew that he had this precious refining method, they would come and find him at any cost and would deprive this Blacksmith's Secrets of Success from him.

After spending a long time in the Grace Mainland, he had realized the cruelty of this world. He knew that as long as he had a powerful strength, he could do whatever he wanted in this world. No legal morality could control him.

"You didn’t find anything unusual?" Zhao Feng asked while his eyes flashed a trace of surprise. He seemed to be very curious as he always felt that this ancient city’s mutation certainly had something to do with Shi Yan.

Cai Yi was also puzzled. Her beautiful eyes glinted with a beam of strange light. She hesitated a bit before speaking softly, "I always have a feeling that we have all been too focused on fighting above, but the things we got there are far less than the harvest here. Although I don’t know what you got, since this strange land suddenly lost all of its mysteries, it is certain that the most precious treasure here has been taken."

Zhao Feng’s and Li Yue’s eyes brightened as they both felt that Cai Yi was right. They looked at Shi Yan with complicated faces.

"Kid, tell us. We are really curious." Zhao Feng grinned. "Curiosity can get people killed. I know that. But I still want to know what you have harvested after all. I want to know what the most precious treasure in this exotic land is."

Shi Yan still shook his head while his face remained cold, "Nothing."

Everyone knew that Shi Yan didn’t want to say about it.

Zhao Feng and Li Yue looked at him for a long while. As seeing his determined att.i.tude, they then helplessly stopped asking.

Both of them considered Shi Yan the brightest star of the Divine Radiant Cult in the future. As they still hoped to rely on Shi Yan to enhance their positions in the Divine Radiant Cult, they obviously didn’t want to offend him at this point of time, and so, they didn’t continue to ask him.

As for Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, and Zuo Xu, they all had to rely on Shi Yan to be safe all the way of the trip.

When facing Shi Yan, they always felt that they owed him many favors. Therefore, seeing Shi Yan unwillingly to say, they naturally stopped asking.

"Hmm, I don’t think it’s necessary for us to continue staying here any longer." Shi Yan smiled and looked up at the sky. "Should we leave this place?"

"I just saw Ai Ya," CaiYi said with a dark face. "That b.i.t.c.h has had her calculations against us all the way. At the critical point of time, she wanted us dead to get more precious treasures. If I have a chance, I’ll give her a lesson."

The two brothers Lao Li flashed a hateful look as they also resented Ai Ya.

"She’s the first one who left this place. If I am right, she will go to another exotic place. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to see her again." Shi Yan nodded and said with a cold voice, "This woman has a wicked heart. She has never considered us her companions. If I have a chance, I’ll handle her."

"If so, let’s go together?!" Zhao Feng burst into laughing. "Kid, I still want to ask you many things. Hmm, I think that you also need to know more about the Divine Radiant Cult. Our Divine Radiant Cult in the Divine Great Land dominates the entire area, and we are the oldest sect in the Divine Great Land. You are that outstanding, if you go to the Divine Great Land, the Divine Radiant Cult will obviously invite you to our sect’s Holy Land."

The Divine Radiant Cult?

Shi Yan was agitated at heart while his face slightly changed.

According to Zhao Feng, the Divine Radiant Cult was the place that could protect him as they highly respected young outstanding warriors. Moreover, it was one of the most powerful ancient factions in the Divine Great Land.

This sect had secret methods, which related to various types of mysterious martial arts, also different techniques to use martial arts. This sect’s secret methods were much improved than those of the other three divine Sects.

If he had the opportunity to come to the Divine Great Land, he could use the Divine Radiant Cult’s power. Therefore, it seemed that if he stayed in the Divine Great Land, he would have a lot of convenience and benefits.

If it was possible to use the power of Divine Radiant Cult to enhance his cultivation base, expand his knowledge, and help him understand the Upanishads more, it was not bad at all.

"Uh, I think I will go to the Divine Great Land, but not now." Shi Yan contemplated for a while then talked to Zhao Feng with a smile. "In the Endless Sea, I still have one thing to do. After I have done the business here in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, I will go back to Endless Sea. Then when everything there is settled, I will visit the Divine Great Land."

"There is nothing interesting there," Zhao Feng muttered, "Compared to the Divine Great Land, either the level of warriors or martial techniques or martial spirits are all far behind than ours. Our Divine Great Land is the gathering center of all warriors in the Grace Mainland. We have all kinds of wonderful things that you could never believe. You can have everything you want."

Shi Yan nodded. "You don’t need to persuade me. After I settle down the matter in the Endless Sea, I will certainly travel to Divine Great Land."

"We will talk more. I will tell you about the Divine Radiant Cult, and how you find us when you go there in the future." Seeing Shi Yan want to go to the Endless Sea, Zhao Feng didn’t continue to talk him into it. "I can be your guide there."

"Alright," Shi Yan nodded with a smile.

Zhao Feng looked very joyful; his att.i.tude was also friendly.

At this time, a bunch of burning fires suddenly flew over from afar, aiming at Shi Yan.

The fires were extremely hot, covering the entire area. Under that scorching heat, warriors beside Shi Yan all felt uncomfortable and hastily gathered their strength to resist.

Zhao Feng’s eyes shot out a light, staring at that Earth Flame and suddenly shouted, "That is the burning power of the Sun Refined Spirit!"

Li Yue’s eyes lit up while she expressed a frightened look.

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