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"Where is Shi Yan?" Chi Xiao killed the ancient corpse opposite him and hurriedly shouted as he realized that Shi Yan had disappeared.

Zuo Xu pointed to the corpse bridge not far from there. "He went down there."

"What?" Chi Xiao’s face changed. He asked with a puzzled look, "Why did he go down?"

At this time, everyone was fighting for the secret treasures on the ancient corpses. It was strenuous for everyone coming here with the target of finding secret treasures. However, right at the time of harvesting, Shi Yan suddenly went back down.

Not only did he not understand, all the warriors who realized this unusual thing also showed suspicious faces.

Zhao Feng and Li Yue didn’t understand it either. Everyone was fighting for the secret treasures now. If they also went down to look for Shi Yan, they might be shrouded by the four kinds of disaster. Even if they could luckily survive, they were afraid that they could not find the secret treasures here.

Therefore, although Zhao Feng and Li Yue had a doubtful look, they didn’t go down to find Shi Yan.

Seeing that Shi Yan had gone, the warriors here let out a sigh of relief as they thought that they could relax a little bit.

In their eyes, Shi Yan’s threat was greater than anyone else’s.

Having such a dangerous compet.i.tor as Shi Yan absent obviously made them happy, and they didn’t care why Shi Yan went back down.

"Grandpa, will Shi Yan be alright? Why did he go back down? Zuo Shi stood on the stone ladder looking down, but her sight was blocked, and she couldn’t see anything.

"He definitely has his own plan. We cannot use common sense to evaluate this kid. If there weren’t anything important, he wouldn’t have gone down at this time." Zuo Xu calmed her down. "Don't worry. That kid will be okay. He is smarter than anyone else. I think that if he has decided to go down, he should have detected something."

Hearing Zuo Xu’s words, Zuo Shi felt less worried. However, she still stood there, looking down.

At the small silver lake, four kinds of disasters were covering the whole area. Shi Yan had his entire body shrouded with starlight while his face was solemn. He could feel the power of the Star Shield. He took a deep breath and walked over the silver lake.

Frost, lightning, flames, and storms, the four kinds of disaster raged in the ancient city and enclosed everything.

Looking ahead, he realized that under the influence of these four kinds of disaster, the ancient city’s walls had collapsed. Many one-hundred-meter-high stone fortresses had fallen, turning into piles of stones.

Hundreds of thousands of different beasts gathered outside the silver lake. All of them opened their mouths which looked like basins of blood, shooting icy lights from their eyes, looking at the weaving points of light in the sky.

As soon as Shi Yan appeared, those beasts immediately wanted to jump over and rip him off.

Shi Yan’s face became colder. He looked at the flock of beasts, not daring to act rashly. He only continued to use the Star Shield to resist the impact of the four kinds of disasters.

With so many beasts like this, even if he were arrogant, he didn’t dare to do anything reckless.

Once he was submerged by those beasts, he would definitely not be able to escape death given the situation that he could not use the Gravitational Field.

The Ice Cold Flame’s cry still came from the north. It seemed to know that Shi Yan was down here, and thus, it left that place in the north and quietly approached him.

As Shi Yan felt the Ice Cold Flame’s movement, his mind then relaxed a little bit. He continued to retreat in the lake, using the Star Shield to resist the disasters.

These four kinds of disasters had a terribly destructive power. Under the destruction of this power, the Star Shield was draining its star power fast.

"That will not last long." Shi Yan frowned, thinking of a solution.

It was not easy to gather star power, let alone absorb the starlight. He had to gather this star power little by little every time, unlike the Profound Qi which could also be restored through absorbing heaven and earth aura or crystal stones.

Once the star power was drained out, even if he had many fanciful tricks, he would hardly be able to use them, which would weaken his strength.

As the trip in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist had not ended yet, if the star power was soon depleted, the remaining journey would be difficult.

With that thought, Shi Yan decided to risk his body and the Dark Shield to fight against the disasters.

He immediately used his Profound Qi as the energy source for the Dark Shield. As soon as the Dark Shield appeared, his body also turned purple while the magical power burst out from his muscle fibers.

He retrieved the Star Shield.

The strange power of the four kinds of disasters quickly reduced the defense energy of the Dark Shield. The Profound Qi crazily infused the Dark Shield with more energy.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh.

A strange sound came from the Dark Shield. Under the influence of the four kinds of disaster, the power of the Dark Shield reduced quickly. In only half a minute, one-third of Shi Yan’s Profound Qi that was injected into the Dark Shield was already consumed.

"These kinds of disaster are really powerful. I am not sure my body can withstand them or not."

Shi Yan suddenly wanted to fight with them to see if his Petrifaction Martial Spirit could withstand this level of disasters.

He suddenly retrieved the Dark Shield. The four kinds of disasters including flames, frost, lightning, and storms instantly covered his entire body and then seeped into his pores, penetrating his body.

So painful!

Pain spread out in his whole body. When flames, frost, lightning, and storms infiltrated his body, a terrible pain expanded all over his body.

This pain was unbearable to ordinary people. It would probably be too painful, and they would go unconscious and lose all means of defense.

However, Shi Yan always wanted to try his limit, and also his willpower. Thus, under this pain, he just gritted his teeth and resisted, not fainting immediately.

The strange power in his muscle fibers was like countless threads that quickly gathered in his body. Every single fiber of his muscles seemed to be convulsing and releasing its energy.

The power of his muscles resisted the invasion of the four kinds of disaster. His purple skin seemed to have a tremendous defensive force. Under the four kinds of disasters, his body suffered no split or crack.

The Ice Cold Flame turned into a bunch of cold lights, flying over from the north, crossing the beasts and hovering above Shi Yan’s head.

"I will take you to a place where there seems to be something. However, that place has horrifying barriers, and even I couldn’t enter. But, maybe you can." The Ice Cold Flame sent out a message and turned into a snowflake right in front of Shi Yan’s chest.

With Shi Yan as the center, an extremely cold air spread out.

In a short instant, Shi Yan became a huge ice sculpture. His whole body emitted terrifying cold air. The ice block helped Shi Yan resist the impact of the four kinds of disasters.

"Your strength has been restored?" Shi Yan asked with surprise.

"Not completely yet. I have recovered seventy percent, so it is actually enough," The Ice Cold Flame sent out a message. When it released the chill, even the beasts had to be scared. When the chill diffused, those gathering beasts immediately moved backward.

The Ice Cold Flame was still constrained by the Blood Vein Ring, and thus couldn’t release its real power.

Right now, it was out of the Blood Vein Ring, turning into a snowflake attached to Shi Yan’s body. The cold air that it released could freeze the whole ancient city.

Shi Yan suddenly remembered the scene when he had first met the Ice Cold Flame.

At that time, the Ice Cold Flame, with its cold aura, had frozen an island. Moreover, it had condensed an Ice Cold Beast. The icy power that the Ice Cold Flame had displayed at that time was earth-shaking, and even G.o.d Realm warriors could hardly deal with it.

The Ice Cold Flame, after all, was the ancient Heavenly Flame. After ages of absorbing the heaven and earth's cold aura, it was the coldest thing and the most mysterious living being in the world.

It was different from the Earth Flame. As for the Earth Flame, the time it had become a Heavenly Flame was too short. So, in the comparison to the Ice Cold Flame, even if it could absorb the Sun Refined Spirit, the Earth Flame was still far behind the former.

At this time, the Ice Cold Flame had been releasing its real power. With Shi Yan as the center, the cold air spread out and began to freeze everything.

The frost power coming from the mountain from the north also seemed to be controlled by the Ice Cold Flame. A flow of frost power started to become a terrifying one among the four kinds of disaster. Under the growth of the Ice Cold Flame’s energy, the frost power also burst out more heavily.

The beasts that were accidentally hit by this cold air would be frozen immediately.

However, Shi Yan was different.

There was an icy power of the Ice Cold Flame in his body. His bones and tendons had soon been tempered by the Ice Cold Flame, which allowed him to adapt to the icy power here.

Furthermore, the Ice Cod Flame was very careful to not spread the icy power all over his body. Therefore, although he was frozen, under his body’s surging force, he could still move comfortably. But of course, it wouldn’t be as fast as normal.

"That direction!" The Ice Cold Flame communicated with Shi Yan, pointing forward.

Shi Yan didn’t say any word and urged his power to move towards that direction, dragging along a thick ice rock.

Along the way, the Ice Cold Flame continued to release the cold air which tightly attached to the icy power of the ice rock to reduce the impact of the four kinds of disaster to the minimum. Hence, Shi Yan’s body wasn't being affected much by those kinds of disaster.

The cold air spread out wherever Shi Yan pa.s.sed by. Although the beasts wanted to attack him, they couldn’t bear the invasion of the icy power and thus had to retreat immediately.

Without the Gravitational Field, but with the use of the mysterious icy power of the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan was still unharmed in the middle of those beasts.

Moving towards the direction that the Ice Cold Flame indicated, Shi Yan went all the way back to the collapsed ancient city. Inside an old temple in the southwest of the city, he saw the dead body of a huge beast.

That beast had only one eye. Inside the eyes, lights interweaved, and the four kinds of disasters were condensing and acc.u.mulating, vaguely forming a mysterious Heavenly Gate that led to another mysterious place.

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