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"Kid, you’re indeed powerful. You will definitely become a brilliant talent of the Divine Radiant Cult," Xiao Ling grinned. "This is certainly not what I want to see. Killing you is to weaken the future power of the Divine Radiant Cult. I will not let you grow."

Xiao Ling’s entire body had been metalized, dashing towards Shi Yan while launching an all-conquering metal Intent Domain to strike him.

Shi Yan didn’t seem to know that Xiao Ling had been metalized. His whole body’s muscles were convulsing, but he still started to fight back.

Since both of them didn’t use any secret techniques or any secret treasures, they looked like two barbarians fighting each other.

When the mutated Petrifaction Martial Spirit collided with Xiao Ling’s Diamond Martial Spirit, it was like stone against stone. It was unexpected that the Petrifaction Martial Spirit did not have the lower hand.

Dang dang dang!

The ear-splitting metal sounds resounded from the bodies of the two of them.

When Xiao Ling engaged in close combat, his metalized body, which should supposedly be not at all inferior, got hit unexpectedly under Shi Yan’s bombardment and produced c.h.i.n.king sounds. This kind of violent energy impacted his 'body' and agitated his blood and flesh, making his 'body' that was made from dozens of different kinds of strange metals became unbearable.

In the battle, although Xiao Ling’s body was unharmed, it was severely shocking that the seven holes on his face were bleeding. His face looked even more ferocious.

On the contrary, under the bedevilment state, Shi Yan didn’t seem to be facing anything unusual. His face didn’t have any blood stain, as if he wasn’t suffering from tiredness or pain. He instinctively used his fists to contend with Xiao Ling’s attack and his metalized body.

In the bedevilment state, Shi Yan had a l.u.s.t for endless destruction. This l.u.s.t unlimitedly expanded, making him insane and become someone who only knew killing and destroying instinctively.

This was another kind of completely giving vent.

Xiao Lings’s head-on attack just gave Shi Yan a goal to give vent to. With the crazy bombardment, Shi Yan kept releasing his desire for destruction, which seemed like he had just entered a mysterious Intent Domain.

While Shi Yan was fighting with Xiao Ling, seven hundred twenty acupuncture points in his body continued to purify the negative energy and transform it into a kind of strange power that was useful for his body.

It was unknown how long this fight went for, but the negative energy that was running in his acupuncture points finally started being washed away.

A lump of mysterious power leaked out, and in just a short time, Shi Yan became conscious for a moment while his eyes glinted with a divine light from his moment of enlightenment.

Mysterious force flowed all over his body, and together with the Profound Qi, it crashed into the Blood Vein Ring. A barrier inside the Blood Vein Ring was broken, and A memory directly flew out from the Blood Vein Ring, drilling into his head.

In an instant, in this mysterious realm, his whole body trembled. His mind sublimated, his Sea of Consciousness churned up, and a flow of Soul Consciousness suddenly grew up.

The size of his Sea of Consciousness expanded three times in such a short moment.

The transformation of his Sea of Consciousness was a sign of his realm breakthrough, which was inexplicable. Shi Yan had directly entered the First Sky of Sky Realm, and the ancient Profound Qi tree inside the Profound Qi’s halo was doubled.

An instinctive insight suddenly shone into his heart. Shi Yan went insane again. The blood of his whole body quickly condensed together with the negative energy.

His body, which had originally expanded because of the mutated Petrifaction Martial Spirit, now shriveled. His formerly purple body turned into a horrible blood red.

Many drops of bright red blood blended with the negative forces unexpectedly dripped out through his pores. However, they didn’t fall but covered his body instead.

It looked like a blood coc.o.o.n.

From afar, Shi Yan looked like he was being covered fully with blood. The blood scent gave people a wicked feeling.

Xiao Ling’s face changed suddenly.

Anyone who saw the fight between Xiao Ling and Shi Yan would realize that the changes in Shi Yan’s body were faster. At this moment, the aura from Shi Yan’s body was already doubled.

Violently overbearing energy surged up. A kind of evil energy, which could even destroy heaven and earth, ma.s.sively flowed out from Shi Yan’s body.


Shi Yan launched a blow on Xiao Ling’s chest, which had been metalized and thus made it concave.

The sound of broken bones arose from Xiao Ling's chest. His bones, which were tempered by dozens of exotic metals, didn’t seem to be able to withstand this level of bombardment and thus directly burst out.

Xiao Ling couldn’t help but scream in agony, subconsciously wanting to dodge.

But it was too late.

Shi Yan’s power skyrocketed like a ferocious beast. He rushed over and s.n.a.t.c.hed Xiao Ling while bombarding violent, brutal fists on his body.

Xiao Ling’s metalized body was distorted. It looked like a piece of metal that had been hammered until it deformed.

Xiao Ling kept screaming in pain but couldn’t avoid his attack. He was. .h.i.t until blood splashed everywhere, and his body was being deformed, gradually becoming shaped like a long strip. He looked like a secret treasure being forged into a sword by a blacksmith.

Other warriors who were still dealing with the surrounding ancient corpses were all dumbstruck, looking at Shi Yan with disbelieving eyes, as if they were looking at a ferocious ghost.

Everyone’s backbones were chilled; they looked at Shi Yan in fear. Each of them could see his evil power bursting out right now.

Xiao Ling’s body had been knocked out. Diamond Martial Spirit, which was known as a rare defensive force, could not bear his beating, and finally got distorted.

The divine light in Xiao Ling’s eyes gradually dimmed. One gold eye and the other silver one also restored their original state.

"He was killed."

"Yes, Xiao Ling was dead."

"Is that kid a human? Xiao Ling’s Diamond Martial Spirit is known as the strongest defense of the Martial Spirit Palace. Isn’t it true that when the warriors at the same level relied only on their body strength, they basically couldn’t break the Diamond Martial Spirit’s defensive power?"

"Same level warriors? That kid clearly was at the Nirvana Realm only."

"Is Xiao Ling too weak, or is that brat too strong?"

"What do you think?"

"I believe that kid is exceptional."

All the warriors were boisterously discussing. They all wore bitter faces and had a feeling that they could barely defeat Shi Yan.

Xiao Ling was dead, but Shi Yan didn’t seem to know it. He kept staring at Xiao Ling’s dead body and constantly punching it like he was making noodles.

"Da-ge!" Xiao Hai’s eyes were cracking open while his face showed extreme misery. He rushed over to Xiao Ling and raised his face up while roaring.

"It serves you right." Zhao Feng sneered coldly and felt overjoyed as his judgments were right. This kid Shi Yan was absolutely a talent, probably the brightest star of the Divine Radiant Cult in the future. As long as he got attached to this infinitely talented Shi Yan, his position in the Divine Radiant Cult would definitely rise in the future.


Xiao Ling’s body directly burst out into two parts from his abdomen. Blood and flesh splashed everywhere.

Shi Yan only stopped when Xiao Ling was totally smashed. He stood in a daze, not seemed to be knowing what was going on. He looked like he was thinking and wondering by himself.

No one dared to disturb him.

Everyone looked at him from a distance Even if he was in a daze, no one dared to take this opportunity to ambush him.

They were all shocked by his performance.

Tu Ke’s head had been blown off. Xiao Ling’s Diamond Martial Spirit was broken into two parts by his brutal punches. Shi Yan’s cruelty made people feel chilled to their bones and terrified.

Many people stopped their fights with the ancient corpses and looked at Shi Yan from afar with cautious faces, as they were afraid that even a tiny move could arouse the fierceness inside him.

Anyone who was his target ended up with a miserable fate. This was proved by the deaths of Tu Ke and Xiao Ling.

No one dared to make any move.

Zuo Shi struggled a little bit as she wanted to see the situation. However, Zuo Xu dragged her back tightly, not allowing her to come close to Shi Yan.

Cai Yi, who had killed a First Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior, was also staring at him while wearing a complicated countenance.

Forget it.

Cai Yi had been ready to find a chance to kill this malicious Shi Yan. However, after this incident, she decided to give up this stupid thought and forget what had happened to her at the bottom of the lake before.

"Da-ge, Shi Yan this young man is too strong. He seems to be even more terrible than our bloodline."

Lao Lun was startled and then spoke to Lao Li.

Lao Li nodded with a grave face. "He has helped us a lot. Without him, we should have died several times. Although there is no real friendship in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, we should still treat him honestly and pay back his favor. This is the most basic moral standing. When other people help us, we must bear it in mind."

"I understand."

"Hahaha, good boy. I’m not wrong taking you with me." Zhao Feng burst into laughter, not caring about Xiao Hai crazily screaming over there, and then shouted to Shi Yan, "Wait until the trip in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist ends. I will definitely report to our predecessors, telling them that there is a seed of our G.o.ds Sect in the Endless Sea."

The Divine Radiant Cult’s disciples were agitated and revealed a trace of joy.

Shi Yan’s body slightly shocked. After giving vent, it seemed that he had gradually restored his mind. The trace of daze in his eyes also diluted a little bit.

Half a day later, Shi Yan suddenly turned his head around; his two eyes had already been restored to their normal state. The evil and ruthless aura also vanished into thin air.

"Where is that b.i.t.c.h Ai Ya?" He looked at Cai Yi and asked.

Under his scrutinizing look, she gently shook her head and said, "After I came here, I don’t know where she headed to."

"If I find that b.i.t.c.h, I will teach her a lesson," Lao Lun said with a cold voice.

"Shi Yan," Zuo Shi finally cried out in joy, "Are you alright? Are you really awake? Do you know who I am?" She waved her arm hard and showed a cheerful face with an excited look.

Shi Yan grinned and nodded to her, "It's good that you guys are okay. I was afraid that I would harm you. Even I myself cannot control that state earlier."

"Don’t worry. We are all fine," Zuo Xu embarra.s.sedly smiled, wiped off his sweat, and secretly let out a sigh of relief.

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