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Just taking a glance at Shi Yan immediately startled that man. His Sea of Consciousness violently trembled. A murderous desire rebelliously surged up in his heart, generating a crazy desire of killing all creatures.

Not good!

Shuddering inside, he quickly stopped smiling and started to condense his strength, ready to deal with Shi Yan’s attack.

The person who was under his bedevilment state hardly had his consciousness. As long as he considered someone a target, the external environment could barely change it. The only thing that one could do was kill the person who was in the bedevilment state, or else, he would pursue and kill the other person.

That warrior’s mind was as bright as snow. That was why when he realized Shi Yan’s state, he knew what he should do.

"Stop. Let us handle this guy first. This guy's existence can only disturb us and is a threat to everybody." That warrior turned his head and coldly harrumphed, stopping the other fellows of his team from attacking the ancient corpses and asking them to divert the target.

This team came from the Martial Spirit Palace in the Divine Great Land, which was one of the seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land. They all had a long history. This sect was the one who had dominated the Divine Great Land for tens of thousands of years. In this Sect, all kinds of martial spirits were multiplied to the extreme; almost all of their warriors had a special martial spirit.

Speaking of Xiao Ling, who was the leader of this team, he was a protector outside the Martial Spirit Palace and was nominated to be the elder in the future.

As long as Xiao Ling could enter the Spirit Realm and pa.s.s the Martial Spirit Palace’s a.s.sessment, he would be qualified to be ordained as one of the Elders of the Martial Spirit Palace. Regardless of his position in the Martial Spirit Palace or the access to wealth, it was far better than his current position as a protector.

He came to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to find some Sacred level secret treasures to prepare for the Martial Spirit Palace’s a.s.sessment.

The seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land didn’t really get along well. They still harshly fought with each other. Xiao Ling had also killed quite a lot of warriors from other forces in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time. All along the way on his journey, he nearly hadn’t encountered any setbacks.

Even if Shi Yan didn’t find him, maybe because of the secret treasures Shi Yan’s team possessed, he would find and kill Shi Yan’s team in the end.

The fact that Zhao Feng and Li Yue fought with Tu Ke was exactly what he wanted. Therefore, when the people of Zhao Feng’s group and Chi Xiao’s group united to fight against Tu Ke’s team from the Pure Land, he didn’t partic.i.p.ate, and just stared at the ancient corpses and killed them, taking this opportunity to harvest more secret treasures.

He actually had his own calculations. He wanted to wait for Zhao Feng, Li Yue, and Tu Ke to fight until both sides were all severely injured, and then he would jump in and clean up the mess by defeating Zhao Feng and Tu Ke, and swooping the leftover benefits.

When Shi Yan rushed towards him, he observed around a little and realized that Tu Ke had died. The people of Zhao Feng and Li Yue’s group had a significant advantage.

This was obviously not what he wanted to see.

Therefore, the fact that Shi Yan came to him suited his purpose. After a loud roar, other warriors from the Martial Spirit Palace understood his mind. They all coldly sneered and looked at Shi Yan, wanting to take the opportunity to exterminate him who was under the bedevilment state.

There were seven warriors from the Martial Spirit Palace, including Xiao Ling. Among them, Xiao Ling and another warrior, Xiao Hai, were both at the Third Sky of Sky Ream. As for the remaining five warriors, three of them were at the Second Sky of Sky Realm. This team was the strongest one in the small lake. These seven people all made Shi Yan their target. They had absolute confidence.

"Not good!" Zuo Shi couldn’t help but scream anxiously, "Grandpa, Shi Yan’s in danger. Those seven people are very dangerous. I am afraid that Shi Yan won't be able to withstand."

Zuo Xu’s face also changed and became grave. He nodded and said, "Two Third Sky of Sky Ream, three Second Sky of Sky Ream, and another two First Sky of Sky Realm warriors… This unit is much stronger than the Divine Radiant Cult’s team and the Pure Land’s team. Shi Yan’s only on his own; he will apparently suffer a great loss."

"What should we do, Grandpa?" Zuo Shi anxiously and helplessly said, "I am only at the Earth Realm; I am afraid I cannot help him."

"Don’t think about giving him a hand." Zuo Xu shook his head and grabbed her. "If you go there, you will instantly be killed. Even if I go there, I cannot change anything."

Zuo Shi showed a worried face and then turned towards Zhao Feng and Li Yue, shouting, "Shi Yan’s in danger."

While Zhao Feng and Li Yue were dealing with the remaining Nirvana Realm warriors, they heard Zuo Shi. They both turned their head to throw a quick glance over. Zhao Feng suddenly shouted, "Xiao Ling you sc.u.m, you guys are such shameless. You deal with only one kid of ours when you have that many people. Don’t you feel any shame?"

"He comes here to die himself. Don’t blame us." Xiao Ling grinned while his left arm turned slightly golden, performing his Diamond Martial Spirit. His entire body had an invincible ardor that nothing could defeat. It seemed that with only his left arm, he could break all the barriers of the world.

The Holy Land of the Martial Spirit Palace discovered the Metal s.p.a.ce of the Five Elements s.p.a.ce in the Divine Great Land. For Xiao Ling to cultivate his Diamond Martial Spirit to the peak, he had arduously cultivated in that metal s.p.a.ce for thirty years. This helped his Diamond Martial Spirit absorb more than ten different functional metals from that metal s.p.a.ce. His entire body could be instantly metalized, turning same as metal-cla.s.s secret treasures.

Diamond Spirit Martial was the Sacred level Martial Spirit which had been spread for more than hundred thousand years. Once it was activated, the user’s whole body would be metalized. Not only would the body have a solid defense like diamonds, but the arms and legs would also turn into powerful weapons, which were extremely terrifying. The intimidation was also incredibly shocking.

At this moment, Xiao Ling only metalized his left arm. He looked at Shi Yan and rushed over, directly condensing ten kinds of strange metal powers in his body without using any other means, and just simply launched a punch towards Shi Yan.

Strange metal lights burst out.

His metalized arm suddenly became like a shining golden sword, directly stabbing on Shi Yan’s chest with a loud bang.

Shi Yan crazily rushed forward as metal-collision sounds came up from his chest. While dashing forward, he was held back a little bit by this blow, halting in the midst of the strange void.

Ten kinds of strange metal powers pierced through his chest through this punch.

The mysterious power in front of his chest immediately gathered and turned into countless fine beams of energy lights, wrapping around those ten kinds of metal power and preventing them from harming his body.

Safe and sound!

He was stagnant in the air for a while, and then suddenly let out a roar. A bunch of b.l.o.o.d.y red lights shot out from his eyes.

The two beams of blood light, which were full of brutal, horrible, and negative feelings, instantly dashed toward Xiao Ling, piercing through Xiao Ling’s neck and quickly penetrating his body.

"d.a.m.n! Freak!" Xiao Ling cursed. His body immediately turned into a gold hue. Gold and silver lights were both radiated from his body skin and quickly covered his entire body.

In a split second, a strange metal power in Xiao Ling’s blood came out from his body and then covered his whole body, making him turn into a metal prodigy.

Shi Yan’s surging spirit went inside Xiao Ling’s body through his neck and then ran all the way along his nerves to his head.

Xiao Ling sneered coldly. His eyes turned gold and silver respectively, and so did his cheeks. That made his body look very strange, which gave people a feeling of watching something inhuman.

The negative madness which flowed inside Xiao Ling's body was blocked by the strange metal power, and thus it couldn’t penetrate his head.

"That kid has some tricks, indeed. No wonder why even Tu Ke died in his hands. But don’t think that killing Tu Ke also means you can kill me as well." Xiao Ling grinned and said, "Tu Ke isn’t my opponent. Once I’m metalized, among the warriors who have the same realm as me, who can break my body?"

Xiao Ling was extremely arrogant and simply didn’t lay his eyes on Shi Yan.

When the other six warriors of the Martial Spirit Palace saw Shi Yan unable to harm Xiao Ling, they were not in a hurry but scattered to stop the other warriors who were following Shi Yan.

Those warriors who were affected by Shi Yan’s surging spirit were all at the First Sky of Sky Realm. They all had red eyes and seemed to be enslaved by Shi Yan. As soon as they saw him fight with someone else, they immediately rushed up and didn’t even care about their lives.

As the six Martial Spirit Palace’s warriors saw that those warriors were only at the First Sky of Sky Realm, they looked even more relaxed, laughed and firmly launched their strikes. All kinds of rare martial spirits were cast out from their bodies.

Either it was the soul fluctuations, or an earthy figure or a watery corporeal body.

These Martial Spirit Palace’s warriors had the understanding of martial spirits which was much more profound than a majority of other warriors. When they activated their martial spirits, they seemed to turn into another state, halting the warriors who were affected by the impact of Shi Yan’s negative emotions.

"You deal with this guy. I’ll go help that stinky kid." Zhao Feng told Li Yue with a solemn face. "This kid is exceptional. If we introduce him to the G.o.ds Sect, they will definitely reward us. As what I’ve seen, this kid is not just a thing in a small pond. If we help him now, he will bring us unimaginable benefits."

Li Yue’s eyes brightened, as she understood immediately. She nodded and said, "Don’t worry. I will handle this guy and then come over to help you."

The Divine Radiant Cult had a rigorous reward doctrine. If someone introduced a talented person to the Sect, the recommender’s position would be promoted. Seeing Shi Yan kill Tu Ke even though he was only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, Zhao Feng now treated him as the most potentially powerful warrior of the G.o.ds Sect in the future.

Although Zhao Feng seemed to be generous, he was actually tendentious. He knew that if he could make Shi Yan join the G.o.ds Sect and become their most brilliant star, he would also be promoted accordingly, having more rights and wealth.

Through Shi Yan, perhaps he could learn some mysterious inherited techniques of the G.o.ds Sect, and thus enter the Spirit Realm.

Therefore, as soon as Xiao Ling wanted to destroy Shi Yan, he immediately felt anxious. He didn’t care about himself almost defeating his current opponents to rush over to Shi Yan.

"Xiao Hai, deal with Zhao Feng." Seeing Zhao Feng coming over, Xiao Ling revealed a cold smile and spoke to his fellow.

Xiao Hai nodded, indicating that he understood. He then turned into a blurry silhouette, which was actually a meandering figure, dashing towards Zhao Feng.

Xiao Hai had already blocked Zhao Feng even before the latter could come close to Shi Yan. As both were at the Third Sky of Sky Realm, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to be careless, and quickly refined his power to deal with Xiao Hai.

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