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"Little kid, you are one of the G.o.ds Sect’s people."

The middle-aged warrior whose face was dry and yellow looked at ShiYan, shouted out loud as he seemed to be excited.

ShiYan was startled for a while. As he was deep in the thought about how to defend these disasters, he didn’t understand what that man meant, so he casually asked 'What?'.

"Are you one of the Divine Radiant Cult’s people, little rascal?"

That big man grunted. His att.i.tude was much better than before. Before, when he had looked at ShiYan, he had resented that he couldn’t kill him. However, right now, although he still cursed him ‘little rascal’, he didn’t seem to have any wicked intentions.

ShiYan suddenly understood.

"I come from the Endless Sea, and I have the Star Martial Spirit. The Three G.o.ds Sect in the Endless Sea is one branch of the G.o.ds Sect, I…"

"So that’s right." Without waiting for ShiYan to finish his sentence, the man hurriedly screamed, "Come here. We need your Star Power. As long as you condense the Northern Dipper Arrows, and then integrate with my Great Sun Power and Moon Power of LiYue, we will be able to break the Mountain and River Seal's barrier."

Beside him, a female warrior at the Third Sky of Sky Realm also nodded her head.

This warrior, named LiYue, of the Divine Radiant Cult looked ordinary. Her body was extremely skinny; her face was a little pale as if she hadn’t been exposed to the sun for a very long time.

At the moment when she saw ShiYan cast out the Star Shield, she was also a little startled. After realizing it was the Star Shield, she considered ShiYan her own family and also showed a better att.i.tude on her face.

Before seeing ShiYan display the Star Shield, she looked at ShiYan with extreme, cold eyes.

"A person of the Divine Radiant Cult," CaiYi muttered with a low voice.

ShiYan was stunned. He thought for a while before he gently nodded. Walking over to ZuoShi, he held her hand and took her to the center of the lake.

ZuoShi's eyes looked panicked; her face was puzzled while ShiYan was pulling her to the center of the lake.

After a quick glance, ChiXiao and ZuoXu looked very cheerful as they seemed to see through ShiYan’s mind.

ZuoShi was only in the Disaster Realm; she had the lowest cultivation base here. If she stayed at the edge of the lake, she might not be able to withstand those disasters. Although the magnetic field around the silver lake slowed down the disasters a lot, according to what was going on right now, the disasters would soon come over.

ShiYan took ZuoShi to the center of the lake so that she could be the last to face those disasters. Perhaps by that time, the barrier that AiYa had created might have been broken already. Thus, she could have a chance to climb to the sky, avoiding those disasters.

"Who is this girl?" The warrior with a yellow face frowned and asked when he saw Shiyan bringing ZuoShi over.

"My wife," ShiYan revealed a faint smile, kept his normal face, and secretly held ZuoShi’s hand tightly.

ZuoShi originally had some resistance and secretly blamed ShiYan. However, when she glanced at ChiXiao and ZuoXu, seeing them let out a sigh of relief, she then understood what was going on.

ShiYan wanted to protect her.

ZuoShi was moved a little bit and stopped struggling. Instead, she became well-behaved and obediently followed ShiYan.

After hearing ShiYan say that ZuoShi was his wife, those warriors from the Divine Radiant Cult didn’t say anything else. Five of them even took the initiative to move to the side, leaving ShiYan and ZuoShi a small s.p.a.ce.

"Do you know how to perform the Northern Dipper Arrows?" LiYue asked.

"No, I don’t," ShiYan shook his head.

"How about using the Star Power to create Star Formation? Do you know them?" LiYue asked again.

"Star Formation?" ShiYan’s eyes brightened up. He nodded, "I know how to perform it."

"Very good. Release it quick. ZhaoFeng and I will take care of the rest."

"Hurry up," The warrior with a yellow face named ZhaoFeng also hastily urged ShiYan.

In the center of the lake, the two strongest teams seemed to know the secret technique of the Divine Radiant Cult. After hearing the Northern Dipper Arrows and the Star Formation, their eyes all brightened up, and no one scolded ShiYan anymore. They looked at ShiYan with shining eyes.

Under other people’s scrutinizing looks, ShiYan triggered his mind to activate the Star Martial Spirit, gathering a bunch of starlight dots. Seven groups of lights were formed above his head and then displayed themselves according to the formation of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper.

"Is this right?" ShiYan asked with uncertainty.

"That’s it." ZhaoFeng displayed a cheerful face and burst into laughter. A surge of scorching flame energy flowed out from his body in the radiant lights.

A beam of scorching sunlight flew out and drilled into the Seven Star Formation.

At the same time, moonlight also spread out from LiYue’s body. This beam of light, which was like the shining moonlight, also flew out from her hands, infiltrating the Seven Stars’ formation.

"Don’t worry. We will take care of the rest." LiYue told him with little worries.

ShiYan nodded.

A group of sunlight, a group of moonlight, and seven groups of stars gathered in the Seven Stars’ formation.

Suddenly, a strong energy fluctuation stirred up, spreading out from the sunlight and the stars. This fluctuation and the seven groups of stars that ShiYan had released abruptly resonated.

Under everyone’s attentive looks, odd changes suddenly appeared on the seven groups of stars that ShiYan had released, turning them into a set of a bow and arrows.

The sunlight from ZhaoFeng and the moonlight of LiYue merged to form a powerful arrow. That light arrow rode on the bow which had been created from the condensation of the starlight.

The bow was elongated. A violent energy fluctuation suddenly flowed out from the bow.

The Starlight instantly integrated with the light arrow. This light arrow, which brought along the starlight, terrifyingly shot out toward the ancient corpses at the bottom.


When the light arrow hit a corpse at the bottom, the purple lights which were wrapped around the ancient corpse broke instantly.

The Mountain and River Seal suspended above everyone’s head. Its power seemed to have been struck and scattered. The Mountain and River Seal darkened and couldn’t maintain its purple river to overflow.

All kinds of secret treasures flew out and collided with that Mountain and River Seal. The Mountain and River Seal slightly shook in the air. Its spiritual aura was empty, and it finally fell.

"We're good." ZhaoFeng laughed out loud and shouted, "We broke the barrier, so we must go first."

LiYue’s face became cold. She looked at the warriors next to her and said, "You should understand the rule."

"Go up!" ZhaoFeng stared at a Divine Radiant Cult’s warrior next to him as he shouted to urge him.

Under ZhaoFeng’s gaze, this warrior suddenly woke up and hurriedly rushed toward the stone ladder.

ShiYan was startled and then quickly gave her a push. She staggeringly walked toward the corpse bridge and strenuously climbed on the corpse bridge while being shoved by the Divine Radiant Cult’s disciples.

When ZhaoFeng and LiYue saw what ShiYan did, they just slightly knitted their eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

In their hearts, since ShiYan belonged to the Divine Radiant Cult, he was like family. As his wife had a low cultivation base, and moreover, staying in the lake was the most dangerous thing right now, they didn’t oppose to what he did.

"ShiYan, they…"

When ZuoShi climbed half-way onto the corpse bridge, she suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but shout while looking at ZuoXu and ChiXiao in the distance.

The disaster currently submerged ChiXiao and the other people; their entire bodies were now shining with dazzling lights. They were desperately struggling with miserable faces.

ZuoShi couldn’t just abandon her master and her grandfather.

"Don’t worry too much. You go up first then we will talk later," ShiYan shouted.

The Divine Radiant Cult behind ZuoShi also frowned and urged her. She then reluctantly continued to climb toward the top.

Not long after that, all of the Divine Radiant Cult warriors had climbed up. ZhaoFeng and LiYue simultaneously looked at ShiYan and shouted together, "Hurry up. Little kid, don’t waste others’ time."


"What? Others are waiting for you." ZhaoFeng stared at him, "If it were somebody else, he would go right away. You have the chance now, why are you hesitating?"

The warriors of the other two teams had come close to the center of the lake.

From a distance, ChiXiao and the others were now submerged in the disasters. Cold sweat beaded on their foreheads as they seemed to resist strenuously. If he went up now, perhaps ChiXiao and ZuoXu would stay here forever.

"I can wait for a while longer." ShiYa sneered, moved backward, looked at ZhaoFeng and LiYue, and said, "You guys go first. I will catch up later."

ZhaoFeng and LiYue were astonished and immediately scolded ShiYan for not being wise. While muttering, the two of them stepped forward and then climbed on the stone ladder.

"You two!" ShiYan shouted.

"What else do you want? How troublesome," ZhaoFeng angrily asked.

"Please take care of my wife. We all come from the G.o.ds Sect. I will remember this favor." ShiYan begged.

ZuoShi had gone up, but he didn’t know what was waiting for them up there. He couldn’t be together with ZuoShi and was afraid that ZuoShi would encounter some danger up there, so he could only beg ZhaoFeng and LiYue to help him take care of her.

ZhaoFeng coldly snorted and displayed an unhappy face, "Stinky little rascal, you are nonsense. If you don’t come up here soon, you deserve to die because of your stupidity. There aren't many secret treasures, and if you are late, nothing will be left for you."

While talking, ZhaoFeng suddenly accelerated and gradually disappeared into the clouds.

In the center of the lake, the other two powerful teams took advantage of this time and also went up to the corpse bridge, moving up along the bridge.

ShiYan suddenly turned his head and released the Star Shield. His entire body reddened. He then drilled into the center of the disasters.

Lightning, flames, storms, and frost all swept over, covering the entire lake. These four strange forces which came from the Four Mountains seemed to have a terrifying destructive power that could break a variety of defense halos. The Star Shield produced crisp sounds under the effect of these four kinds of disasters as if it could explode at any time.

Under these four kinds of disasters, it was like Shiyan was stuck in a deep pond of mud, walking staggeringly.

At this time, he knew what ChiXiao and the others were facing.


A crazy roar came up as different strange powers burst out from his body. ShiYan was now like a mighty tiger rushing toward ZuoXu and pulling him by one of his hands.

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