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"Little girl, since you are asking for death, I will fulfill it for you."

In the center of the lake, the scarred face of a Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior darkened as he suddenly launched a blow.

A huge palm which was formed by the condensation of Profound Qi emerged in the sky, covering AiYa. The palm center transmitted a strong suction force.

Standing together with him was another Third Sky of Sky Ream warrior who revealed a trace of disdain on his face. He slowly walked over with his left hand outstretched from his sleeve. With the speed which was as fast as lightning, he began releasing streams of light which condensed into a huge crystal python, dashing toward ShiYan’s group in an attempt to tear them apart.

The corpse bridge in the sky finally fell to a climbable height.

The faces of people of ShiYan’s group suddenly changed. They anxiously told AiYa to pay attention to this warrior. Seeing the warrior coming and forming a crystal python, ShiYan and CaiYi didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately started to take defense.

"ShiYan, take good care of my little Shi for me."

ChiXiao suddenly shouted out loud, and a gray ball flew out from his cuff. The thick fog inside of it also quickly spread out then instantly gathered, forming a mist of gray smoke that blocked the incoming crystal python.

CaiYi’s face was cold. She also discharged the round rings on her arm. A bunch of rings spanned in the air in dazzling lights, shooting sharp blades toward that crystal python.

ZuoXu, LaoLi, and LaoLun were motionless while wearing solemn faces. They didn’t dare to relax.

The crystal python twisted its body and shook its head satisfactorily. It was around ten meters long; the serpentine pattern on its body was very obvious. When this Python flew over, it instantly spurted out a bunch of lights.

Crystal light was like an all-conquering sword which pierced and destroyed the fog barrier that ChiXiao had put out and hit the rings that CaiYi had discharged.

The edge of the rings had many blades. When those rings. .h.i.t the crystal light, their tracks were all changed, and they burst out in every direction.

CaiYi’s face was pale as she was affected by the strike. Her entire body trembled as she moved back three steps. Her eyes suddenly darkened.

At the same time.

The other two teams of warriors in the lake also fought with each other and started to s.n.a.t.c.h the opportunity to climb onto the corpse bridge.

AiYa released the Mountain and River Seal. Purple lights were constantly blinking on and off between her eyebrows. That bunch of purple lights and the Mountain and River Seal connected, making this Mountain and River Seal turn into a purple stream that extended broadly and covered the entire lake in just a short time.

A heavy momentum from that purple stream oppressed those under it down. All of the warriors in the lake, under this strong pressure, were all agitated and affected, which brought them the feeling that it was impossible to destroy this stream.

ShiYan was no exception.

That purple stream also had a big influence on the Sea of Consciousness. The mentality fluctuations from the Mountain and River Seal came out and spread through the purple stream, affecting all warriors in the lake.

All of the warriors in the lake were under the influence of the Mountain and River Seal, making their Sea of Consciousness affected as well. Within a second of being distracted, their eyes looked dazed.

AiYa suddenly flew away.

She was as fast as lightning. While people were still in a daze, she was the first one who was able to come close to the stone ladder. Before others could react, she had already gotten on the stone ladder and quickly climbed onto the corpse bridge toward the weaving point.

The five Devils in ShiYan’s Sea of Consciousness suddenly woke up.

In the edge of life and death, ShiYan instantly restored his consciousness and saw AiYa, who was now the first one climbing on the corpse bridge toward the weaving point in the sky.

"d.a.m.n it!" ShiYan couldn’t help but curse.

AiYa had set them up.

She didn’t intend to go with other people in ShiYan’s group to the stone ladder. She had released the Mountain and River Seal that had attracted other teams to let ChiXiao and CaiYi take action. She made use of ChiXiao and CaiYi to give herself more time to release the power of the Mountain and River Seal.

When the great hand seal of the warrior with the scarred face was released, it was instantly affected by the Mountain and River Seal and thus couldn’t discharge all of its power.

At the moment when everyone’s eyes looked dazed, AiYa had spotted the opportunity and released the greatest strength of the Mountain and River Seal, affecting everyone’s Sea of Consciousness. She then took advantage of this moment to be the first one to climb the stone ladder.

AiYa clearly didn’t consider the other people of ShiYan’s group her friends. In the past few days, she probably stayed with ShiYan’s group just to wait for this moment. She made use of ShiYan to attract the attention of other warriors and thus borrowed them to deal with ShiYan’s group. She then took the opportunity to rush to the corpse bridge.

And she did it.

AiYa quickly climbed the stone ladder. Below the Mountain and River Seal, a purple stream was formed and instantly condensed into a heavy defense barrier.

Under the sky, the Mountain and River Seal formed a purple river which became a new barrier that contained a large number of purple lights. When she rushed to the corpse bridge, the purple lights gathered with the ancient corpses at the bottom of the bridge.

She didn’t want anyone else to catch up with her.

"Such a malicious girl!"

The Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior with the scarred face secretly cursed her. When the great hand seal grabbed an ancient corpse which was nearest to everyone, it was smacked away, and thus the great hand seal couldn’t s.n.a.t.c.h the ancient corpse nor crush the purple lights of the Mountain and River Seal.

"I didn’t expect that you could think of such a way. Young generations like you guys are really cunning." The warrior who had condensed the crystal python looked at ShiYan, ChiXiao, and CaiYi with his cold eyes. "That girl has already gone first. You guys are better off being buried with her. You should think a bit before deciding to take things for yourselves."

In the small lake, some warriors were trying to destroy the purple stream barrier that the Mountain and River Seal had condensed; the others looked at ShiYan’s group with an unfriendly att.i.tude.

"That cheap girl."

"You wh.o.r.e."


CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun gritted their teeth and cursed while their faces looked extremely odd.

AiYa had taken advantage of them without caring about their lives. She had spotted the opportunity and rushed to the corpse bridge, making them the target of other warriors. That was extremely vicious.

The surrounding area couldn’t destroy the purple stream that the Mountain and River Seal had created, and thus their rage was growing while their eyes shot out dazzling lights. The light seemed to resent that it couldn’t devour and swallow them alive. The three people of CaiYi’s group and the others pulled out AiYa’s ancestors and cursed all of them.

ChiXiao’s and ZuoXu’s faces changed dramatically. They subconsciously moved backward next to ZuoShi while their eyes looked very serious.

A miserable scream suddenly came up.

A Nirvana Realm warrior at the edge of the lake, who was cruelly looking at ShiYan’s group, was inadvertently blown away by the storm.

In the storm, the warrior’s body was broken into pieces while his internal organs were all torn apart. His death was extremely miserable.

Scourge had arrived.

Everyone’s faces changed dramatically.

Those warriors who were at the edges of the lake increased the power of their defense light to their peak. They moved toward the center of the lake to gather while continuing to concentrate their strength at the same time.

The scene suddenly became chaotic.

The warriors in this lake gritted their teeth and cursed, constantly striking the barrier that had been created by the Mountain and River Seal. Under the continuous impact of different kinds of secret treasures, that purple river seemed to be no longer able to resist as a crack started to gradually appear.

Those secret treasures with extraordinary power continuously flew out from the Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors. Splendid lights in those secret treasures shot out toward the purple stream, drilled into the first ancient corpse, and struck away the purple lights which were hovering around on that corpse.

If it continued like this, the barrier that the Mountain and River Seal had created would soon be destroyed.

Under the abundant power of those secret treasures, even if it was the sacred level Mountain and River Seal, its spiritual aura would be drained and would become a piece of wasted rock.

AiYa had risked one of her sacred level secret treasure to block everyone else so that the upcoming disasters would engulf and killed them all. If her plan worked, then she could get the secret treasure, which vaguely appeared in the sky, for herself.

She gave up the Mountain and River Seal, but she was still able to get more secret treasures; this girl AiYa had calculated everything very well.

"The Mountain and River Seal had AiYa’s Intent domain and power. Her father was the Second Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. Hence, it’s not that easy to destroy the Mountain and River Seal." CaiYi gritted her teeth resentfully, "This b.i.t.c.h is vicious indeed. If I knew it, I would have killed her earlier."

The faces of LaoLi and LaoLu darkened.

"We have also been deceived." At this time, ShiYan suddenly looked at other warriors in the center of the lake, frowned, and explained, "As you have seen it, that girl has fooled us. Right now, everyone should not continue disputing anymore, but we should find a way to destroy this Mountain and River Seal."

ShiYan could see that these warriors were in a rage and had murderous intentions in their minds.

If these warriors started to act crazy, even if he could protect himself, ChiXiao, ZuoShi, and others wouldn’t be able to escape. Therefore, in order to avoid the case where those warriors decided to start a frenzy, he had to speak out.

"I will not fight against you for now. Wait until I am out of danger, then I will settle this with you." The warrior with the scarred face shouted and then, with a cold face, put his strength on the Mountain and River Seal, bombarding it.

"Prepare to cope with the incoming disasters." ShiYan softly let out a sigh, nodded toward ChiXiao and CaiYi, and reluctantly used the Star Shield. Countless spots of starlight burst out and covered his entire body.

"What? Star Shield?"

In the small lake, a middle-aged man with a dry, yellow face, and a rugged beard looked at ShiYan in surprise while his eyes flashed up with strange lights. He screamed out loud, "Little kid, you also belong to our G.o.ds Sect?!"

ShiYan was stunned. In a short moment, he didn’t know what to say and just casually uttered, "What?"

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