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"Be careful!"

ChiXiao’s face slightly changed. He subconsciously gathered his strength, his five fingers contracted and a flow of hazy smoke like a spiritual snake gently flew out from his fingernails.

AiYa and CaiYi tensed up. From a distance, they were observing the storm, lightning, flames, and frost gradually approaching. They were also watching out for the other teams of warriors in the small lake as they were afraid that they would take any explosive action to obtain the secret treasures.

The energy fluctuations at the point where the two galaxies interweaved above everyone’s heads were getting more and more violent. It seemed like countless different energy traits at that weaving point had begun to have some unusual changes.

The floating ancient corpses were affected by the energy from that center weaving point and started to sink slowly.

These corpses formed a ladder which started from the sky and gradually fell closer to everyone’s heads.

"The ladder that these ancient corpses had piled up should have reached that energy weaving point. Wait until that ladder descends, then these three teams of warriors will compete for the opportunity to go up."AiYa took out a dark purple stone on which a mysterious pattern that looked like a network of mountains and rivers was engraved. The breath of the Intent Domain had fully covered those crisscrossing rivers.

The stone seal in her white hand vaguely scattered purple lights. The pattern engraved on the stone was very lively. In those purple lights, mountains and rivers looked like they were being revived as they slowly started flowing on the stone.

AiYa immersed her mind in the stone. Her whole body suddenly brought out a thorough Intent Domain. She poured her Profound Qi from her body into the stone to form a connection and then gently said, "This Mountain and River Seal is a Sacred level Secret Treasure. When the disasters come closer, and the other three teams of warrior take action, I will immediately release this Mountain and River Seal. It can certainly hinder them for a while, while we take the opportunity to climb onto that corpse bridge and go to the sky."

As soon as CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun saw AiYa take out the Mountain and River Seal, their eyes all lit up. It seemed that they also knew the use of this Mountain and River Seal as their faces were clearly startled.

ShiYan glanced at AiYa and secretly nodded as he knew that this girl, at this moment, seemed to understand the great picture and finally used her hidden means.

AiYa came from the White Emperor City and was said to be the daughter of the castellan of the White Emperor City. From CaiYi and LaoLi, ShiYan knew that the castellan of the White Emperor City had an extremely profound cultivation base. AiYa was his daughter, so the fact that she had strong secret treasures didn’t surprise ShiYan at all.

During this journey, since he had started to lead this team, AiYa had become more relaxed than before. She had deliberately hidden her real power in many fights, as well as used many secret treasures to deal with enemies. The fact that she decided to use the Mountain and River Seal this time meant its power was strong.

"Hmm, everyone must be careful. If AiYa releases the Mountain and River Seal, as long as you spot the opportunity, do not hesitate." ShiYan looked at ChiXiao, ZuoShi, and ZuoXu.

The three people of AiYa’s group also came from the White Emperor City, so they knew the magical effect of this Mountain and River Seal. However, ChiXiao’s group didn’t. ShiYan was worried that they didn’t know the situation well enough to grasp the opportunity later. Therefore, he had to tell them in advance.

ChiXiao’s group slightly nodded with solemn faces, indicating that they clearly understood what he said.

"Little Shi, stick to your master and do not stray away from him at any cost." ZuoXu lowered his voice and told ZuoShi seriously. "If you are separated from your master, you have to rely on ShiYan. You are the weakest, so no need to try your hardest. Your most important task is to keep your own life."

ChiXiao had Second Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base and was considered the strongest one among them. ZuoXu and ChiXiao had known each other for many years, and ZuoXu also knew ChiXiao’s ability. He was confident that ChiXiao would be able to protect ZuoShi at the crucial time.

As for ShiYan…

Although it seemed that he was only in the Nirvana Realm at first glance, when he performed his strength, ZuoXu couldn’t help but secretly praise him. ZuoXu was only in the Nirvana Realm as well, and he knew that he could hardly protect anyone else at the critical point of time. He couldn’t entrust ZuoShi’s safety to AiYa, CaiYi, or any of the others. That was why he had spoken these words.

"Don’t worry grandpa. I will take good care of myself." ZuoShi gently replied while her brightened eyes blinked. She continued to worry a little, "Grandpa, you also have to be careful. The Secret Treasures are obviously precious, but you shouldn’t risk your life. Although your cultivation is the top in the Deep Clouds Place, your strength here is…"

ZuoXu revealed a wry smile, nodded, and didn’t say anything.

Actually, there was no excuse. The situation in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist was totally different than that of the Deep Clouds Place. All of the warriors here had at least Nirvana Realm cultivation base, and most of them were very young and outstanding. After coming here, ZuoXu was somehow a little bit sad, and for the first time, he was aware of the fact that living in the Deep Clouds Place was actually pitiable.

He had a feeling like ‘a frog sitting on the bottom of the well’. Moreover, he had secretly made up his mind that once he got out of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist alive, he would certainly reconsider the future of the Zuo family. He would open his eyes wider and no longer limit himself to a small place like the Deep Clouds Place.

While the people of ZuoXu’s group and AiYa’s group were talking, the corpse bridge was getting closer to everyone’s heads, only about a few dozen meters away.

At this moment, the three teams in the center of the lake couldn’t control themselves anymore. Their eyes flashed up with fierce lights, and they started to launch their attacks toward the opponent next to them.

First, the three teams had only focused their powers on other teams who had Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors as they considered them their main threats. However, when they subconsciously looked at the disasters which were slowly coming, they began to pay attention to ShiYan’s group.

The faces of ShiYan, ChiXiao, AiYa and the others became cold. Everyone tensed up. The distance between them and those disasters was getting closer. ShiYan’s group would probably be the ones who got hit first by the flames and storm. In case they had to resist the disasters and other warriors’ attacks at the same time, their situation would be extremely dangerous.

"Remember, pay attention to my actions."AiYa used the tone which only the people next to her could hear to inform her team. She was holding the Mountain and River Seal which had turned to a strange dark purple hue. The blood vessels in her hand had a thin strand of purple light which flowed slowly into the Mountain and River Seal.


The sound of the storm was like the growl of a ferocious ghost, which came slowly and suddenly resonated. The first disaster to arrive was the storm. In the violent wind, the energy was like a surging tide that came along with the storm and quickly spread out over the lake. In the storm, strange lights flashed up like dazzling swords. That light carried a gleam of sharp cold with it.

Seeing the invasion of the storm, the faces of the people on the six teams next to the lake darkened. They all hauled out their secret treasures and released their own defensive halos. Those warriors no longer hid their secret defensive treasures as they put on their colorful armor that had special effects.

ZuoShi also put on her Dragon Turtle Armor. This strange armor, which was made of a tortoise sh.e.l.l, covered more than half of her tall body. Except for her two long legs, her entire body was covered. Her look was ridiculous as the armor was as motionless and heavy as a mountain.

ShiYan was somehow surprised. He stared at her for a moment, nodded and said, "It looks like in these years you have had a deeper understanding of this Dragon Turtle Armor. Hmm, that’s good. Although it doesn’t look very nice, its defense should be helpful."

ZuoShi’s face reddened; she embarra.s.sedly said, "Don’t say anymore. I know this armor is ugly. I don’t need you to remind me. Hmm."

ShiYan was dumbfounded and then immediately turned his head, looking at the area above the Gravitational Field which was ahead of him. He began paying attention to the impact of that storm on the Gravitational Field.

The storm ma.s.sively covered the sky as rain poured down; it violently poured a kind of strange, twisting power into the Gravitational Field.

When a part of the Gravitational Field came in contact with the storm, different mixed forces suddenly became unbearably chaotic. They seemed to be affected by the storm, which made the rotation speed decrease and even gradually slow down.

Feeling cold at heart, ShiYan immediately realized that this moving storm could destroy the Gravitational Field.

His face slightly changed. He didn’t hesitate too much, taking the opportunity when the storm wasn’t completely in the Gravitational Field yet to swing up his two hands in the air. Bursts of energy fluctuations discharged from his hands.

The Golden Silks that mixed with the Gravitational Field were affected by the strange power from his two hands, turning into golden lights and disappearing into the Storage Ring on his finger.

Within three short seconds, all the Golden Silks had been collected into the Storage Ring again.

After the disappearance of the Golden Silks, the Gravitational Field, which he had built and had been working well, finally was filled with the power of the storm.

In a blink, different kinds of energy that had condensed in the Gravitational Field were all stirred up by the storm’s movement.

The Gravitational Field then disappeared without a trace.


In the center of the lake, a Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior coldly looked at ShiYan for a short while before pouting his lips and saying, "One threat less."

The fact that some of the strongest warriors in the lake had guarded against ShiYan’s group was because of the Gravitational Field. The strange power of the Gravitational Field and the existence of the Golden Silks had terrified those warriors and made them consider ShiYan their greatest threat.

Now that the Gravitational Field had disappeared and ShiYan was only in the Nirvana Realm, in their eyes, ShiYan’s group was not strong enough to affect them. Their faces loosened as they no longer felt threatened by ShiYan’s group.

At this moment, the purple lights of the Mountain and River Seal in AiYa’s hand suddenly rose to her head.

Streams of purple lights scattered from the Mountain and River Seal like small springs overflowing and spreading out like a network, quickly filling the s.p.a.ce above everyone’s heads.

"Don’t be hasty!"

ShiYan’s face suddenly changed. He couldn’t help but shout.

The purple lights of the Mountain and River Seal were like a small spring extending outward above the crowd’s heads and overwhelming the s.p.a.ce above the lake in a very short time. AiYa took advantage of the Mountain and River Seal’s change and screamed, "Everyone gets ready!"

Other warriors in the lake coldly looked at AiYa, grunted, and focused their attention on her.

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