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The beasts outside the ancient city rushed into the lake’s area. The warriors who were still outside of the lake saw the beasts coming and knew that the situation now was critical. They didn’t wait any longer and dashed toward the teams of warriors in the lake to launch their final attacks.

Instantly, all kinds of secret treasures were rampant over the lake. Dazzling lights interweaved and formed a network of various violent bursting tyrannical energy fluctuations.

ShiYan was sitting in the lake with the Gravitational Field in front of his people, making other warriors scared. No one was daring enough to pick ShiYan’s group as their target.

AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun, relied on ShiYan’s power so that they could have some more time to breathe and take out their Demon Crystals to use the power inside to restore their Profound Qi.

ChiXiao, ZuoXu, and ZuoShi were somehow having the same feeling of embarra.s.sment. However, thanks to ShiYan, the three of them now also had Demon Crystals in their hands to restore their strength and didn’t need to worry about becoming the target for attack by any other warriors in front of them.

Seeing ShiYan’s group settled in the lake, the three most powerful teams in the center of the lake had no reaction. They gradually loosened their vigilance and then sat down again.

These three most powerful teams in the center of the lake had Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors who were sitting in front to protect them. Therefore, other warriors could only surround outside of the lake, didn’t dare to mess with them, and just tried to deal with the other five teams.

Sitting in the lake, ShiYan frowned and observed with a cold face. He watched other warriors fighting and killing each other while he quietly controlled the Gravitational Field. The Gravitational Field was originally huge but then silently separated into another smaller Gravitational Field. This small Gravitational Field slowly collected all the dead warriors from the battle.

More than ten dead warriors were pulled into the small Gravitational Field. The abundant aura from those bodies ma.s.sively overflowed and all poured into ShiYan’s acupuncture points.

While others were desperately fighting, he took the opportunity to collect the dead warriors’ bodies to enhance his own strength.

So many people were fighting aggressively. New warriors were killed every second. In the meantime, ShiYan could leisurely sit in the lake and not need to waste any of his strength, yet could still obtain a huge harvest.

This trip to Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist was indeed the right choice.

ShiYan coldly sneered inside his heart as he felt the influx of Heaven and Earth auras that suppressed his state of mind. He then began to notice the pain in his acupunctures and somehow couldn’t bear so many auras. He thus retrieved the Gravitational Field.

It was not that he didn’t want to continue collecting more auras, but he knew his own situation and that he shouldn’t be too greedy. This place was abnormally dangerous, and if he fell into the ‘Possessed by the Devil’ state because of his greed, the consequences would not be worth it.

Giving up on collecting more auras of the dead bodies, he still vigilantly looked around only to see a bunch of warriors tragically dying and more beasts rushing over.

Finally, hundreds of beasts stormed in like locusts. These beasts were like tigers stalking their prey, immediately starting to kill those warriors who were gathered outside the lake.

At this moment, the fight outside the lake became brutal.

The warriors did not only have to face the other warriors in the lake, but they also had to cope with the influx of the beasts.

More and more warriors outside the lake were attacked. Many of them were bitten and torn apart; even their bones were swallowed.

Although this small lake had a special effect in resisting the beasts, the warriors in the lake were still a little bit worried that the defense power of this lake would suddenly disappear.

With so many beast gathering outside it, once the lake's defense was off, those warriors who were meditating would be bitten and swallowed in a short time. No one dared to take risks, and thus they all looked like they were encountering a pandemic.

The brutal fight with a significant number of warriors and beasts finally ended after around ten minutes.

The Heavenly Palace’s warriors also had the same result as NingZe. They couldn’t enter the lake in the end and were then replaced by other teams. They were all bitten and crushed into pieces and swallowed into the beasts’ bellies.

Soon, there was no one alive outside of the lake, leaving behind only pieces of bodies and almost a thousand different types of beasts.

Those beasts opened their b.l.o.o.d.y mouths, emitting a stingy, b.l.o.o.d.y smell from their sharp fangs. Their eyes coldly looked at the warriors in the lake but didn’t dare to rush them. They just surrounded the lake without leaving.

"It seems that this small, silver lake is indeed the only way to survive." AiYa frowned and softly let out a sigh, "Poor warriors who couldn’t come in here. All of them have suffered a tragic death. This Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist is really cruel. If we want to get the secret treasures, we have to exchange them for our lives."

CaiYi and LaoLi nodded simultaneously and displayed fearful faces.

"ShiYan, we have disturbed you this time. Without your gray tornado, we wouldn’t have been able to take this position from the hand of the Heavenly Palace’s people." LaoLi sincerely expressed his gratefulness and said, "In that stone fortress, without you, we two brothers would have already…"

LaoLi and LaoLun clearly understood that if it weren’t for ShiYan’s orders, the two girls, AiYa and CaiYi, definitely wouldn’t have brought them here. If they just relied on their feet, they wouldn’t have made it to this small, silver lake. On the way, the two brothers LaoLi gradually considered ShiYan their true leader and began to admire as well as respect him. After this battle, the two of them honestly recognized him, not like AiYa and CaiYi who had unkind thoughts.

"I knew what to do so that all of us could make it here," ShiYan revealed a faint smile. "You and I have also experienced many things, and I thus have considered you guys my friends. I cannot betray my friends."

While speaking, ShiYan glanced at AiYa and CaiYi.

The eyes of the two brothers LaoLi flashed up, and they secretly nodded.

AiYa’s and CaiYi’s faces looked unhappy. They both grunted.

"Don’t be so happy. This is just those beasts’ first attack. Storms, flames, wind, frost, and lightning are still here. This small lake can prevent the beasts, but it doesn’t mean that it can block those disasters that come from the four mountains as well," ShiYan contemplated a little bit while his face didn’t relax. "We should all be careful. When those disasters get here, we should be well-prepared. First thing is defense so that these disasters cannot destroy us."

AiYa and the others now looked tense again.

"ShiYan, how did you suddenly reach the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm?" ZuoShi quietly stood up and laughed while gently walking to his side. "I clearly remember that when we were in Deep Clouds Place, you were only in the Disaster Realm. Now, you are already in the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm after only seven or eight years. Your cultivation is really fast!"

ChiXiao and ZuoXu both looked at him.

"What?" CaiYi’s graceful face slightly changed. Her eyes brightened up and looked at ShiYan sharply. "You have reached Nirvana Realm from Disaster Realm in only seven to eight years?"

The faces of AiYa and the two brothers LaoLi also lost their color. They looked at him like they were watching a monster.

ShiYan knitted his eyebrows and indifferently said, "I was just lucky."

"ShiYan, why did you come here? Didn’t you go to the Endless Sea to see the Yang family?" ZuoXu was stunned for a moment and suddenly remembered something, "That’s right. Your great grandfather told us that if we met you, we should encourage you to cultivate harder and not to let the Yang family’s people look down on you. How was it in the Yang family? How did they treat you? Did you encounter anything unpleasant?"

"The Yang family…" ShiYan muttered a sentence, shook his head, and revealed a wry smile, "I don’t want to talk about this now as it’s impossible to tell you everything in just a short time. How is my great grandfather?"

"He is good. Currently, our Zuo family and Shi family are now dominating the Merchant Union. The BeiMing family, Mo family, and Ling family have almost been destroyed; the warriors of these three great families have cleared out. Their strengths have significantly decreased in the Merchant Union. Thus, all the new warriors have joined either the Zuo family or the Shi family." ZuoXu smiled, "Thanks to you, the two families could become the dominators in the Merchant Union."

"You didn’t encounter any difficulties? ShiYan asked casually.

The smile on ZuoXu’s face stiffened while his eyes showed a trace of sadness. He said, "We didn’t encounter big troubles. However, the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire gave us a lot of pressure. The fight between these two countries was spreading and affecting the Merchant Union. They wanted to borrow our forces and didn’t want us to be neutral. Evidently, they most likely won’t let us live in peace."

In Deep Clouds Place, there were the Fire Empire, the G.o.d-blessed Empire, and the Merchant Union. Among them, the Merchant Union was considered the weakest. After BeiMing family, Mo family and Ling family were whipped out, the number of Merchant Union warriors were not enough, and thus they were not able to face the intimidation from these two Empires and let them harbor wicked intentions.

Listening to what ZuoXu had said, ShiYan raised his eyebrows, nodded calmly and said, "When we have time, I will find a way to help you deal with the threat of the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. However, this has to wait until after we leave this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Hmm, the Endless Sea also has many troubles…"

Listening to ShiYan’s words, ZuoXu and the other people displayed a curious look. However, since ShiYan didn’t say anything further, they didn’t pry for more information.

"You guys shouldn’t keep talking about old stories. Trouble is coming again." AiYa suddenly spoke up, interfering with their conversation. She pointed to the intensive lightning area ahead and said, "The lightning over there will come here first. We should think about how to deal with the incoming lightning."

A bunch of lightning like electric snakes were meandering and twisting in the air. In the dazzling electric lights, the lightning was coming closer and closer. Whatever the lightning pa.s.sed through, stone fortresses below all exploded, and stone rubble splashed everywhere.

"Look at the sky!"

A Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior in the center of the lake suddenly screamed out in surprise.

ShiYan subconsciously raised his head up to look at the sky.

In the area where the two rivers interweaved, ancient corpses piled up, vaguely forming a bridge which extended to the small lake and gradually descended into the lake.

Violent fluctuations came in from those dazzling lights. Many colorful beams of lights, which looked as if there was fish inside, were twisting and meandering. With a closer look, people realized that the light were actually swords, armor, jade hairpins, jade stones… All kinds of secret treasures.

"Those are the secret treasures.

The warriors in the lake screamed boisterously with excitement. All of them were ready to grab the secret treasures.

In the center of the lake, six of the Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors stood up one by one, raised their heads up as they threw a quick look at the movement above, and then immediately stared at ShiYan’s group with cold eyes. They obviously didn’t have good intentions.

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