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Most of the warriors looked at NingZe, quietly shook their heads and let out a sigh. They seemed to know that NingZe’s life was going to end in tragedy.

"Poor you. You obviously have First Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base but lost to the hands of a Nirvana Realm warrior. Hmm, it is said that you are a rare talented warrior of the Ning family in the Heavenly Palace, but since you couldn’t bear this kind of blow, how did you break through the Sky Realm? Hahaha, or maybe you have taken spiritual pellets? Using a significant number of spiritual pellets to pave the way to reach this realm based on the stroke of luck? How nice."

He was such a ruthless guy.

In the center of the lake, a group of Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors was watching ShiYan approaching. ShiYan seemed not in a hurry to take action, but instead, he continued urging NingZe. They all revealed odd faces and were secretly vigilant.

ShiYan kept ridiculing NingZe while NingZe’s face was getting even paler; his eyes expressed a trace of confusion. At this moment, he didn’t have any more self-confidence left. He kept thinking about how to escape from this cruel person.

It was over…

Seeing NingZe’s eyes change, the surrounding warriors realized that his death was inevitable and let out a long sigh.

The fact that a warrior didn’t even dare to continue to fight and just wanted to escape meant that he had lost his spirit and couldn’t run away.


ShiYan immediately released the Life and Death Seal.

The Life Seal and the Death Seal, which contained the Life and Death Intent Domain, overlapped in the air and fully covered NingZe, bombarding all of his escapes.

When all of his escapes were blocked, NingZe became desperate, and his will of survival was affected by the Life and Death Intent Domain, giving him the fear of his imminent death.

NingZe died.

When the Life and Death Seal covered him, NingZe barely condensed the defense force, and thus couldn’t stop the Life and Death Seal’s impact.


The Life and Death Seal drilled into NingZe’s body which then produced an Earth-shaking explosive sound. His whole body burst out, exposing bones and flesh and was finally crushed into small pieces.

Slowly walking toward NingZe, feeling his aura pa.s.sing, ShiYan grumbled with a cruel grin and was secretly proud of his actions although he knew that NingZe had died innocently.

If NingZe wasn’t scared and he hadn’t lost his self-confidence, ShiYan would have had to urge more power, enhancing from the First Sky to the Second Sky to be able to kill NingZe.

However, because of NingZe’s own reasons, which were losing his will and being unable to display his full strength, ShiYan had an opportunity to kill NingZe easily.

This battle made ShiYan aware of the importance of a warrior’s momentum. Not only that, he now had had a deep understanding of one's willpower and the Intent Domain.

After this battle, he knew why it was difficult to challenge a stronger opponent. The gap between their realms was too far, and thus, the weak side would have a feeling of being inferior to the other side. With this mentality, it was even harder for the weak side to perform their full power.

People with higher realm naturally had stronger self-confidence. This self-confidence would let their power reach the supreme state. If it continued like that, the strong would be stronger, and the weak would be weaker. Thus, nothing unexpected would happen.

If the weak wanted to challenge the strong, they first had to overcome their own mentality. Only if they had absolute confidence could they win the battle without being affected by the opponent and display their full power.

With this mentality and a strong will, a warrior could even reach out of his comfort zone and handle the stronger opponent.

ShiYan had benefited a lot from ordinary battles before. However, this was the first time he understood that in combat, it was not only about strength in fighting, but it was also about the battle of wits. Sometimes, the fearless momentum could make up for the lack of strength.

With this understanding, ShiYan looked at the Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors in the small lake, and a subtle change suddenly lit up in his eyes.

When those guys had given him a warning before, he had secretly been alert and had a thought of not irritating those people. Because of that concern, his momentum had been weakened a little bit as if he actually was much weaker than them.

However, after the battle with NingZe, his understanding had reached another totally new realm. He suddenly felt cheerful as his wisdom seemed to have risen to another level.

With his tenacious nerves, through this insight, ShiYan now had an extremely arrogant self-confidence.

At this moment, even if a G.o.d Realm came, he would not be scared nor let his momentum weaken just because of his opponent’s mightiness. Even the idea of rebellion was not born yet.

The warriors in the small lake quietly watched him and realized that his eyes were changing. ShiYan’s eyes now didn’t show any fear but a trace of arrogance instead.

These warriors slightly knitted their eyebrows. Compared to ShiYan who was only in the Nirvana Realm, they were one level higher. However, in the fight with them, Shi Yan would not be scared now just because of their higher realm.

"NingZe is dead. If you leave me outside, I will not be nice to you either." ShiYan turned around toward ChiXiao’s direction, shouted, and move to ZuoShi’s position, "Let’s get in." ZuoShi was the only one who wasn’t involved in the battle.

She knew that she couldn’t help and could also become c.u.mbersome for others. Thus, she had quietly hidden in the crowd, not letting NingZe and the other Heavenly Palace’s warriors draw their attention to her. Her move was undoubtedly smart. It was because of her cleverness, ShiYan, AiYa, and the others could freely take action without worrying about her to be attacked by the two Heavenly Palace’s warriors.

In the crowd, ZuoShi hadn’t watched her master ChiXiao and her grandfather fight in the battle. Instead, she stared at ShiYan when he had calmly killed NingZe.

Many warriors were surrounding them and had observed the battle. As for ZuoShi, through this battle, she also understood a lot about momentum and the role of the mind.

Hearing ShiYan’s shouts, ZuoShi gently smiled while her eyes were full of aura, displaying an amazing spirit. "You are such a bad guy. Your mouth is harsh as well. Otherwise, that guy wouldn’t have died as soon as he did."

ShiYan grinned and said, "It is just because that guy hasn't experienced too many brutal tribulations. If he couldn’t even bear my provoking words, he deserved to die."

While talking, ShiYan stepped into the small lake. At the same time, the Gravitational Field began to move again, slowly backing out of the lake, moving aside and creating a channel for ShiYan.

Beside the lake, many warriors were silently watching them. They saw the channel revealing but didn’t dare to enter first as they could only helplessly watch ShiYan, together with ZuoShi, walk into it. They even actively gave him the way because they were afraid of accidentally making ShiYan misunderstand their motives.

ShiYan took ZuoShi to enter the lake while hauling out some Demon Crystals, giving them to her and saying with a smile, "You shouldn’t worry too much. Use those Demon Crystals to restore your strength."

He had soon realized that the three people of ZuoShi’s group hadn’t restored their Profound Qi yet. Since they had left the stone fortress and come here, their body strength was not at their peak states.

When the three Demon Crystals emerged, ZuoXu and ChiXiao felt very jealous as they wanted to grasp those three Demon Crystals. They must have experienced many difficulties in the Gravitational Field but didn't have any Demon Crystals in their hands. Otherwise, since they had been staying in the stone fortress for such a long time, they should have restored their Profound Qi to its peak.

Sure enough, when ZuoShi received those Demon Crystals, her eyes suddenly lit up while she exclaimed in shock, "So many Demon Crystals."

ShiYan smiled and shook his head, knowing that his guess was right, "Recover yourself nicely. When your grandfather and predecessor ChiXiao come here, you can give them these Demon Crystals so that they can reach their peak as well."

"Thank you. You are really loyal; you don’t forget your old friends." ZuoShi threw a glance at him while her small face was beaming with a beautiful smile. "Since you left the Merchant Union, we didn’t hear any news from you and even thought that you have already forgotten us. Hmm, grandfather Shi was still asking us if we had any news from you. In fact, I thought that you were ungrateful. Well, I forgive you now."

ZuoShi seemed to resent him a little bit. She took this opportunity to pour out everything that was on her mind.

ShiYan looked stunned and then suddenly whined, "I am really ruthless. I have disappointed the Shi family…"

After having entered the Endless Sea, he had rarely thought about the Merchant Union and the Shi family’s ‘relatives’.

After having come to this Grace Mainland, he had experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people, but the person who was sincerely nice to him and considered him a loved one was only the Shi family’s elder – ShiJian.

The Shi family had been much help to him. After having realized that he had potential traits, they had even persuaded him to leave the Merchant Union, advising him to go to the Endless Sea to pursue his own future.

Right now, hearing ZuoShi’s words, he felt ashamed at heart and couldn’t stop thinking about the experiences he had in the Merchant Union.

He then determined that one day when he had enough strength he would help the Shi family so that they would become a ruling force and have a broad future, not just a small force in the Merchant Union anymore.

"We give up. I will give you this position."

At this time, the voice of the Heavenly Palace’s Second Sky of Sky Realm warrior came up from that thick smoke. After seeing other people around him perishing one after another, he knew that it was difficult to defeat ShiYan’s group. Thus, he finally decided to give up.

Once he gave up, those Heavenly Palace warriors who were fighting with AiYa and the others hurriedly stopped and gathered to his side.

"We still have a chance." That man looked solemn as he pointed to some other teams in the lake and said, "We can’t keep this position, but we can still take from someone else’s. It’s not only them in the lake."

At the edge of the lake, there were five teams of warriors remaining. Hearing that man speak, their faces suddenly changed and they all put up their guards.

"That’s very good," ShiYan said and then nodded toward ChiXiao and the others. "Since they are smart, we should not cruelly kill them all. Hmm, no need to waste our strength. Let’s get in and rest. It’s good to watch them fight and die while we are still alive."

Hearing ShiYan’s words, ChiXiao, AiYa, and CaiYi simultaneously nodded and came together.

As soon as they got into the lake, ShiYan suddenly controlled his mind to divert the Gravitational Field and put it in front of them.

Therefore, if any warrior wanted to kill them, they had to face the Gravitational Field first.

The Gravitational Field was indeed a barrier that prevented the warriors from making them fearful and thus stopping them from considering ShiYan’s group as their target.

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