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Outside the stone castle, the beasts were aggressively showing their fangs and claws. They let out terrifying roars, gathered next to ShiYan’s group, and were ready to rush over at any moment.

The Three Gravitational Fields flew around in front of the stone castle. Golden Silks emitted gold lights and spanned like sharp blades inside the Gravitational Fields.

Ten Green Armored Scale Falcons and three Single-horned Dragon Pythons seemed to know that the Gravitational Fields were not easy to deal with as they ruthlessly stared at ShiYan’s group but didn’t dare to move toward the Gravitational Fields to attack. They could only stay outside the Gravitational Fields without scattering, seeming to wait for something. When ZuoShi, ZuoXu, and ChiXiao entered ShiYan’s stone castle, they also dragged along nine beasts. These beasts were the giant sixth level Three-headed Crocodiles and giant seventh level Eight-horn Giant Spiders.

There were three giant Eight-horn Giant Spiders, each of which was as big as a millstone. Their legs were shining with brilliant icy lights. They were very flexible and active in the air, letting out strange ear-splitting sounds.

One Gravitational Field strangled a Three-headed Crocodile and hung it in the direction where ZuoShi and the other two were coming from. The Three-headed Crocodile died instantly. That prevented the remaining Three-headed Crocodiles and the Eight-horn Giant Spider from recklessly acting as they were afraid of following in the footsteps of that dead Three-headed Crocodile. They could only keep a distance from the Gravitational Field and stare at the three people of ZuoShi.

As ShiYan’s group was approaching, only with a glance, ZuoXu could immediately realize ShiYan’s cultivation base. His face was shocked while he subconsciously cried out in fear.

ChiXiao and ZuoShi were exceedingly astonished as well, looking at ShiYan with eyes of disbelief. They didn’t know what ShiYan had done in just a few years to be able to reach the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm.

"Let’s talk later. Now is not a good time to reminisce." ShiYan’s face was solemn as he concentrated on controlling the Gravitational Fields, constantly moving them to prevent those beasts from having a chance to get closer.

The stone castle was one hundred meters high, but ShiYan’s group was only about thirty meters from the ground.

This distance was not out of the beasts' reach. Even if they couldn’t fly, using a violent force was enough for them to be able to leap up. Without the Gravitational Fields, those beasts would certainly sprint up and penetrate the castle.

A Single-horn Dragon Python and three Green Armored Scale Falcons that had come before were staring at them, waiting for an opportunity behind the stone fortress.

When the nine beasts which had been following ZuoXu all came together, they quickly blocked all directions without leaving any gap for ShiYan’s people to escape.

AiYa and CaiYi coldly looked at ZuoShi with annoyed faces.

ChiXiao was at the Second Sky of Sky Realm. Meanwhile, ZuoShi was just in the Earth Realm, and ZuoXu was only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm. To AiYa and CaiYi, that kind of ability was only c.u.mbersome for them.

If it were AiYa calling the shots, even if she knew Shiyan, she would not hesitate to kick them out and let them fend for themselves.

However, ShiYan had used his strength to prove his position in the team. Even though AiYa and CaiYi were not happy, they didn’t want to have any conflicts with ShiYan and could only accept ShiYan’s arrangement.

"ZuoShi, you should not move. Hide behind us. The rest of us should be ready to cope with the beast’s sneaky attacks." ShiYan coldly looked at AiYa and CaiYi and said with a cold face, "These three are my friends. If you two dare to cause any mischief, don’t blame me for not having mercy."

AiYa’s and CaiYi’s beautiful faces changed. They grunted but did not refuse.

When hearing ShiYan’s words, the three people of ChiXiao’s group shuddered at heart. They were secretly vigilant and prepared to guard against AiYa and CaiYi.

ChiXiao and ZuoXu were old foxes. Through ShiYan’s words, they could see that AiYa, CaiYi, and ShiYan were not really intimate.

Facing the rampant beasts in the ancient city, everyone felt insecure. At this point in time, the scariest thing was people’s wicked hearts.

The three of them who came here from the Merchant Union had gone through many hardships and encountered a lot of warriors who had wanted to kill them. They soon knew that there wasn’t any good person in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist and that they had to rely on themselves to s.n.a.t.c.h the privilege of having 'eternal' life.

"Little Shi, don’t worry about the beasts. Listen to ShiYan. Protect yourself." ChiXiao whispered.

ZuoShi blinked, nodded obediently. Her pretty eyes brightened, looking at ShiYan.

Beasts from every direction were wandering around. ShiYan was standing in front of the stone fortress with a cold face and resolute eyes. He looked like a ten-thousand-year old rock which seemed unwavering while emitting a mighty temperament that only a man could possess.

At this moment, Shiyan undoubtedly carried a mesmerizing male charm.

After not seeing him for ages, in her most dangerous time, she unexpectedly ran into ShiYan who had gone missing for a long while. ZuoShi’s heart was involuntarily agitated a little bit. She subconsciously wondered if this was G.o.d’s predestined would or not.

Previously, in the Merchant Union, ShiYan had a special personality. He was cold and ruthless and thus had left a deep impression in ZuoShi’s heart. After he had left the Merchant Union, ZuoShi always thought of him. She couldn’t control her mind as she often compared ShiYan with the so-called young outstanding talents of Merchant Union, the Fire Empire.

The more comparison she made, the more she felt that those outstanding youths of Merchant Union, the Fire Empire, and G.o.d-blessed Empire seemed to be much inferior to ShiYan. Regardless of their realm or their mind, they were not as prominent as ShiYan.

ShiYan had been gone for a few years. ZuoXu used to make arrangements for her to meet young men from different powerful forces of the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. However, it was unknown why she had always been dissatisfied with those men and had secretly compared them with ShiYan. The more she had compared, the more she felt that those people were not as good as ShiYan.

ZuoShi a.s.sumed that she would hardly see ShiYan again. However, she now suddenly met him in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. This unexpected encounter made her both happy and scared at the same time. Watching ShiYan’s fearless manners when facing numerous beasts, the nervous tension she had been suffering from all along seemed to relax all of a sudden.

"Elder ChiXiao, you stand over there and be ready to deal with the giant Eight-horn Giant Spiders. Hmm, Zuo grandfather, you and ChiXiao stay in one place to guard that side." Shi Yan pointed out a direction and then suddenly looked at CaiYi and the two brothers, "You stay on the left. Be ready to cope with the Single-horn Dragon Pythons below. AiYa, you pay attention to our back."

Under the beasts’ gaze, ShiYan calmed down, coldly looked ahead, and said, "Once those beasts rush over, we must use our full power to kill them. We shouldn’t consume too much of our strength either. There are also flames, lightning, tornados, and ice outside the castle. Not only must we kill all of these beasts, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to suffer a great loss." AiYa and the others nodded at the same time.

ChiXiao and ZuoXu exchanged glances.

In the Merchant Union, ShiYan had only had Disaster Realm cultivation base. Although he had displayed an outstanding performance, he was just an arrogant young generation of the Shi family. Compared to ZuoXu’s and ChiXiao’s status by that time, ShiYan had apparently been far less than them.

Through the times, not only had ShiYan reached the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm but he could also instigate the two Sky Realm female warriors. Looking at these two girls’ att.i.tudes, they seemed to actually listen to his orders.

Witnessing it with their own eyes, ZuoXu and ChiXiao were secretly scared and somehow could hardly accept this for the moment.

After all, in the Merchant Union, when having dealt with the BeiMing family, ShiYan had to listen to their commands, show his respect toward them, and consider them his elders.

Suddenly, the situation had changed significantly. They naturally felt a bit strange. ZuoXu and ChiXiao hesitated but didn’t say anything. They just reluctantly let out a sigh and finally obeyed ShiYan’s commands as well.

"Those beasts are waiting for flames and lightning to overflow from the Four Symbols mountains. They want to wait for those dangers to come and then take actions altogether." CaiYi was standing next to ShiYan, carefully observing the changes, in the edge of the ancient city. Her beautiful face slightly changed, and he then said with a terrified voice, "The flames, lightning, tornados, and ice don’t seem to be aimed at the beasts. Look!"

After hearing that, everyone looked toward the outskirts of the ancient city.


Those dangers from the four mountains gradually enveloped and began to ravage the ancient city.

However, the beasts were still safe under the dangers of flames, lightning, tornados, and ice. Those threats could severely injure none of the beasts.

Those dangers couldn’t even shake the beasts’ bodies, but on the contrary, they seemed to enhance their power.

After some human warriors had been shrouded by the flames, lightning, tornados, and ice, they were either burned up by the flames or frozen by the ice and then blown away by the storm.

While the beasts were unharmed, human warriors seemed to be unable to bear those dangers. The human warriors let out ear-splitting screams and quickly avoided the severe weather in panic when those dangers were gradually approaching.

Seeing the situation was not going well, the warriors in the peripheral fortressed all ran out of those stone fortresses and rushed toward the center of the ancient city.

The flames, tornados, lightning, and ice slowly approached the ancient city. The center of the city would be the last area to be affected. Thus, moving toward the center of the ancient city would allow them to encounter those disasters much later. Although they were not sure doing this would help them escape from this fatal incident or not, it still helped them delay the time of encountering those disasters and delay their deaths.

Therefore, those warriors outside, who were under the chase and slaughter of the beasts, were desperately running toward the center of the ancient city.

Hundreds of figures were speeding on the streets of the ancient city. They didn’t dare to fight against the beasts, but instead, quickly moved toward the center of the ancient city.

The stone fortress that ShiYan’s group was staying in was not in the center of the ancient city either. There was a big road between their fortress and the center. Those warriors flew over and thus dragged along the beasts that were chasing them. Those beasts were like surging tides running into the ancient city, getting closer and closer to ShiYan’s group.

"Not good. We need to get to the center of the ancient city. Otherwise, those beasts will exterminate us on their way."

After ShiYan thoroughly understood the situation, his face lost color while his hair rose up. He didn’t dare to waste a second, shouting out loud, "Rush out at once."

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