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ShiYan was standing at a castle window with the two brothers looking out towards the surrounding Four Symbols mountain range. He could clearly see the four mountains exploding and seeming to have some terrible changes.

Waves of beasts’ roars came up from the four mountains. It seemed that countless dormant beasts in the Four Symbols mountain range were about to rush into the ancient city and crush all warriors into powder.

As the beasts roared, lightning gradually flashed from the Azure Dragon mount in the east and then slowly flew over. From the White Tiger mount in the west, violent tornados raged and churned up, slaughtering and destroying anything in its path. The tornados pulled huge lava rocks up to the sky. Each block of lava rock contained horrendous power.

From the Vermillion Bird Mount in the south, cl.u.s.ters of fires started to rage, dyeing the entire sky dark red as if the sky were also being burned by scorching fires.

The Black Turtle Mount in the north was flooded with ice and extremely falling thick snowflakes. In just one breath, the Black Turtle Mount was covered with dense white snow.

Changes continuously happened in the four mountains of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Turtle probably affecting ancient formations. Lightning, tornados, flames, and snow continued spreading toward the ancient city, getting closer.

The four mountains constantly changed, which made the hiding beasts suddenly become crazy.

In those ear-piercing roars, hundreds of sixth or seventh level beasts scattered out from the mountains. Their eyes were filled with brutality while they rushed toward the ancient city in a craze.

Giant three-headed alligators, silver demon wolves, and single-horned dragon pythons, those who were rarely seen, now showed up one by one. Groups of beasts stormed out like a surging tide, quickly invading the ancient city.

Seeing the changes of the Four Symbols mountain range, many warriors inside the ancient city’s stone fortresses were quite horrified and instantly went out of the castles wearing solemn faces as they watched the beasts attacking aggressively. They all stayed on alert.

"Be careful. It seems that the peculiar change of this miasma place is about to begin." AiYa tightly knitted her eyebrows, "The beasts will outnumber the warriors. If we are careless, those beasts will immediately besiege us and it will be difficult for us to escape."

CaiYi, Lao Li, and LaoLun watched the influx of the beasts with serious faces while taking out secret treasures from their Storage rings, preparing to deal with these beasts.

Other groups of warriors were still hiding inside the castles, standing firmly at the entrance, watching the beasts from the ground and the sky rushing over. Everyone was wearing heavy faces.

These beasts seemed to know the ancient city’s situation. As soon as they rushed into the ancient city, they immediately spread out to all the places the warriors could have been hiding in the castle.

The stone castles had many windows but simply couldn’t stop the beasts that could fly. Those flying beasts used their brutal force to tear down the fence of windows and then drilled into the castle to search for warriors. Beasts had an extreme hostility toward the invasion of human warriors. Their mission seemed to be to kill all human warriors.

Ten sixth-level Green Armored Scale Falcons and three seventh-level Single-horned Pythons drilled through the windows toward the stone castle of ShiYan’s group. The Green Armored Scale Falcons had the ability to fly with a pointy beak, thick skin, and sharp claws like swords that emitted dense, icy lights.

This Green Armored Scale Falcon had many scales on its body. Those scales couldn't be damaged by the majority of hacking weapons, and thus, it was challenging to cope with.

The seventh level Single-horned Dragon Python was even more terrible. The horn of a Single-horned Dragon Python was all-conquering, which could be compared to divine weapons which had been forged and refined hundreds of times. The Dragon Python’s saliva was highly toxic and could utilize the power of frost. Once the Single-horned Dragon Python got close to a person, its saliva and the power of frost would be spurted out together. Even the defensive halos released by Sky Realm warriors couldn’t stop that highly toxic saliva which could dissolve many kinds of defenses. The power of frost could greatly weaken the defensive halos.

When the defensive halos disappeared after a blink, a Single-horned Dragon Python would dash over, tearing apart and destroying the warriors.

Unless warriors had gone through a special body refining cultivation, Single-horned Dragon Pythons would strike them and pierce through their bodies.

Ten Green Armored Scale Falcons and three Single-horn Dragon Pythons spread out and quickly rushed toward ShiYan’s group. It only took them a short while to find the whereabouts of the five people of ShiYan’s group. They immediately aggregated and rushed toward them.

"Three Single-horned Dragon Pythons and ten Green Armored Scale Falcons!" AiYa couldn’t help but scream out loud while her face changed dramatically. "Not good. These beasts are coming all together. I am afraid that we are not able to beat them in batches. Everyone must cast out your full-power shots to kill all of these beasts in the shortest possible time at all cost. The more beasts come, the less chance we have to get out alive. Lightning, flames, tornados, and ice are slowly moving towards the ancient city. If we can’t handle all of these beasts in a short time, it will be more difficult for us when they come from the four mountains and envelope the ancient city." CaiYi’s face stiffened. Three silhouettes suddenly flashed up in another stone castle which was a few hundred meters away on the left. After those three people had gone outside, they worriedly looked around and immediately dashed toward ShiYan’s group.

The three of them were two males and one female. The two men were seventy-year-old warriors and dressed in flower-blouses. Their faces now looked odd as the beasts were chasing them. They looked miserable.

The girl was in the front of the two men. She was long-limbed, wearing a light yellow skirt with white teeth and shining eyes. She was incredibly beautiful.

These three people seemed to have realized that the beasts that had jumped into their stone castle were too strong and had known that if they stayed, they would have been killed. Hence, they ran out of the stone castle to find someone that they could join forces with to deal with these beasts.

Behind the three of them, ten beasts rushed out of the stone castle, showing fangs and claws, letting out crazy roars and staring at them.

"Grandpa, hurry up!" The girl anxiously called out. Her body suddenly changed and separated into five phantoms, escaping in four directions.

Her true body hovered and swayed in the air. A vigorous flow of aura burst out from her body and then suddenly rushed toward ShiYan.

When seeing those three people rushing over, the faces of LaoLi and AiYa instantly changed at the same time. They couldn’t help but curse.

The three of them, who couldn’t cope with the beasts, brought the beasts into ShiYan’s castle and borrowed the strength of ShiYan’s group to deal with them.

It was already difficult for the five people of ShiYan’s group to deal with the ten Green Armored Scale Falcons and three Single-horned Dragon Pythons. If they added the beasts behind those three people, they would become more pa.s.sive, and perhaps they would be killed.

LaoLi and CaiYi exchanged glances; cold lights flowed out from their eyes. They were ready to cast a fatal strike, rushing toward the girl to exterminate her.

This girl only had the Earth Realm cultivation base. Although she was mysterious, as long as LaoLi and CaiYi released their full shots, that girl would certainly not be able to stop them and would be beheaded by LaoLi and CaiYi.

ShiYan turned his back to LaoLi and CaiYi, consistently releasing his power into the Gravitational Field. Hearing the girl’s shout, he suddenly showed a very puzzled look.

After completing the Gravitational Field, ShiYan turned around and saw CaiYi and LaoLi ready to kill the girl.

"Stop!" ShiYan threw a quick glance at that girl, and his face immediately changed. He hastily shouted which stopped CaiYi and LaoLi.

CaiYi and LaoLi were stunned. The energy waves on their hands were getting more vibrant. They were still urging their power to be ready to cast out their strikes. As long as they pushed out those energy waves, that girl would hardly stand a chance.

ShiYan shouted out loud, making CaiYi and LaoLi freeze. They both displayed a puzzled look on their faces, not understanding why he stopped them at the crucial time.


The girl exclaimed; her eyes flashed up with strange lights. She looked at ShiYan, seemed to remember someone, and then pointed to ShiYan and unsurely said, " You, you are…?"

"ZuoShi, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you," ShiYan revealed a faint smile. "How did you get here?"

"You are ShiYan? Are you really ShiYan?" ZuoShi was overjoyed with an expression of disbelief. "Didn’t you already return to the Endless Sea? Why did you come back here?" The two elderly men behind ZuoShi were grandfather Zuo of the Zuo family and that misty mountain range ChiXiao.

When seeing ZuoShi surprisingly shout, the two men also looked at ShiYan and showed a very surprised expression.

"Come here first, and then we can talk later." ShiYan shouted, nodded toward CaiYi and LaoLi, and said, "I know them. Let them come in."

CaiYi’s and LaoLi’s faces looked reluctant, but they still followed ShiYan’s command without any defiance. They frowned while stepping aside, giving way to ZuoShi to enter the stone castle first.

ShiYan’s mind was slightly triggered. The Gravitational Field, which had been ama.s.sed for a long time, suddenly flew toward ZuoXu and ChiXiao. The five huge three-headed alligators, which were closely chasing ZuoXu and ChiXiao, were suddenly sucked into the Golden Silks inside that crazily spinning Gravitational Field. Those Golden Silks were extremely sharp. As soon as the three-headed alligators were pulled into the Gravitational Field, they were soon cut up and crushed into powder.

"Demon Crystals!"

ChiXiao and ZuoXu were both surprised and cheerfully shouted together. They looked at the Demon Crystals, revealing a look of desire.

These three people should have gone through unwanted situations in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. When the five Demon Crystals appeared, ChiXiao and ZuoXu obviously couldn’t keep calm and even stopped, wanting to go into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to take the Demon Crystals.

"Do not touch those Demon Crystals. Come here first!" ShiYan shouted out loud.

ZuoXu and ChiXia were startled. They immediately reacted and rushed over.

"How did you get here?" ShiYan shouted.

"There’s a nautical chart on the Little Shi's Dragon Turtle Armor. We based our directions on the chart to get here all the way from the Merchant Union. On the way here, we’ve lost a lot of people. After entering this place, there’s only three of us left." ChiXiao’s face was sad. He shouted, and together with ChiXiao, he walked toward the platform where ShiYan’s group was standing.

"ShiYan, how come you are here? Oh, your cultivation base is now in the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm. The same as mine?" The head of the Zuo family ZuoXu suddenly screamed out while his eyes glimmered with a trace of incredibility.

ChiXiao and ZuoShi were also startled.

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