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Standing in a stone fortress, Ai Ya, Cai Yi, Lao Li, and Lao Lun frequently looked into the distance, waiting for something in silence.

"Can he find us and come here? It has been a long time. If he doesn’t come and we encounter Ning Ze, we will surely be very pa.s.sive." Lao Lun took out a handkerchief to wipe his gloves as he sometimes raised his head, looking ahead, frowning, and muttering.

Ai Ya’s jade-like hand played with her Great Pervaded Money as the small coin rolled back and forth between her slender fingers. Some golden lights occasionally blossomed out of the hole in the coin.

"He should be able to find us." After hearing Lao Lun mumble, Ai Ya threw a glance at Cai Yi and then asked, "Is it so Cai Yi?"

The two brothers looked at Cai Yi with an astonished expression.

Cai Yi hummed while her beautiful eyes turned pale. She gritted her teeth but didn’t say anything.

"Is there something that happened between you and Shi Yan? If not, how come when he said he could find us, he gave you a look?" Ai Ya didn’t notice her face changing while the coin in her hand suddenly stopped rolling. "He did something to your body, didn’t he?" Cai Yi’s face changed.

The pupils of the two brothers shrank. Their eyes bloomed out a bunch of light with a look of shock.

"Don’t put your nose into my business." Cai Yi pouted, her red lips shivered as she said coldly, "In short, he will be able to find us. You don’t need to worry about it."

"I know," nodded Ai Ya.

"You know what?" Right at that time, Shi Yan’s chuckle suddenly came up from outside. At the corner of the road, Shi Yan appeared with stars circling his body and then flew up, coming to the side of the group.

"Hahaha, you finally came in. I was worried that you wouldn’t have been able to go through that gray, foggy area outside." Lao Li was very happy when he saw him coming. He burst into laughter and said, "Without you, I don’t know why I feel insecure in my heart. It’s good that you came. My mind is at ease seeing you here."

Lao Lun also nodded with a smile.

Only Cai Yi frowned slightly. She couldn’t help but feel irritated when she remembered the barrier that Shi Yan had left inside her head. "Why did you come here so late? With your ability, you should have found us very fast. Had you encountered something?"

"No," Shi Yan shook his head, "After I had got in here, I observed around a little bit and realized that this ancient city is pretty bizarre. Its surroundings are four imposing mountains, and two intertwined galaxies are hanging in the sky. I don’t know who could create such a strange and enormous place in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist."

"I have heard that it was a G.o.d-level blacksmith." Ai Ya slightly slammed her eyebrows together. "Everything, including this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, is that G.o.d level blacksmith’s autograph."

"I have also heard about this," Lao Li nodded. "The two great miasma places in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist only open once every sixty years. Normally, outside these two miasma places, there is not only the Soul Perishing Thunderbolt, but also other powerful barriers. The Soul Perishing Thunderbolt aims for the Three G.o.ds Sect’s warriors. However, the other barriers are against us, Nirvana Realm and Sky Realm warriors. We don’t daringly break into the places when it’s not the time for them to open yet. Almost no one can bear those barriers’ bombardment, and they will end up with their souls perished."

Shi Yan was stunned. "That’s right. There was this argument indeed."

Cai Yi nodded and continued, "We have calculated the time precisely when we must come here this time. Otherwise, we would not have dared to penetrate this place."

"What kind of situation are the four mountains and those two galaxies?" Shi Yan was startled and suddenly asked, "Have your predecessors talked about the environment here and how dangerous it is?"

"The corpses on the galaxy should be the warriors who entered here before. It has been said that sacred level secret treasures of this miasma place come from the galaxy. Regarding the four mountains, it seems to protect the ancient city. I have heard some people say that once the galaxy mutates, the four mountains will also change accordingly, and many kinds of dangers will appear."

Ai Ya looked solemn while she talked to everyone, "Always pay attention to the galaxy above your heads. Be careful with the four mountains around. This ancient city seems to be a G.o.d level place where that blacksmith used to stay. That guy stayed inside here, establishing his own sect and recruiting a lot of disciples. It is unknown why everyone in here is dead, and that blacksmith also disappeared without leaving a trace, except for some secret treasures in the galaxy above. This place is quite mysterious. That galaxy certainly has a great danger, and the Four Symbols mountain range surrounding us will not be motionless like that forever." Everyone nodded at the same time and got gradually more attentive.

"Have you seen any other groups of warriors on your way here?" Cai Yi looked at Shi Yan.

"Hmm, those warriors are hiding in the center of the castle. Only one or two people paid attention to the surroundings. On the way here, I met some who were all at least in the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm." Shi Yan contemplated. "It seems that it is not just us who have entered here. Those people surely had to overcome many obstacles and dangers to come here, so they must not be easy to deal with."

"It is certain," Ai Ya confirmed. "Every time the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist opens, it attracts a lot of forces and sects of the Divine Land; the Pure Land, the Divine Radiant Cult, Martial Spirit Palace, Heavenly Palace, Spirit Treasure Sect, the Devil Valley, and the Fighting Union. These seven great ancient factions, together with other emerging city powers, will send their warriors over with the same purpose, which is to collect the secret treasure and the Pure G.o.d Soul of the miasma places."

On the way here, through Ai Ya’s group, Shi Yan knew that there were a variety of warrior schools, many powerful city powers, as well as a lot of secret places in the Divine Land.

Among them, the seven great ancient factions, The Pure Land, the Divine Radiant Cult, Martial Spirit Palace, Heavenly Palace, Spirit Treasure Sect, the Devil Valley, and the Fighting Union could be described as the most ancient and powerful forces of the Divine Land. Each of these seven great ancient factions had tens of thousands of years of history. Talented people had firmly occupied this fertile Divine Land, which had the best resources for cultivation.

Besides the seven great ancient factions, Divine Land also had a lot of other large countries. Some of them were secluded families that had lasted for thousands of years, and some were secret, fearful lands, which were not to seen or found easily.

The relationship of Divine Land’s warriors was much more complicated than that of the Endless Sea. The territory of Divine Land was immense and almost boundless.

According to Ai Ya and Cai Yi, they were from White Emperor City, which was just a city controlled by the Fighting Union.

White Emperor City was a big city of the Fighting Union, with a population of millions of people. It covered an area which was much bigger than the Kyara Sea of Endless Sea, and had more than hundreds of warriors with all kinds of levels. There were dozens of small countries, which were under White Emperor City’s control. In each of those small countries were all kinds of precious cultivation resources.

White Emperor City was only one city of the Fighting Union, and the Fighting Union was only one of the seven great ancient factions. So, it seemed that this Divine Land was indeed extremely prosperous, and its warriors were naturally countless. Powerful masters like him, who were called geniuses, could be easily found.

Although Ai Ya’s talent was exceptional in White Emperor City, she was not considered a real genius if she was in the Divine Land. Many young people who were younger than her already had profound cultivation bases.

Seven great ancient factions had been dominating the place for tens of thousands of years, with countless cultivation resources, holding a complete collection of martial arts as well as secret cultivation methods, many secret treasures, numerous spiritual medicines, and the population of hundreds of millions of people. With such a huge population, even if the existence probability of brilliant warriors was tiny, at least they could still have roughly ten marvelous warriors.

In the territory of the Divine Land, the kinds of secretly dangerous, odd areas were countless, and they were not much different from this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Almost every month or every day, those seven ancient factions and other forces would command their warriors to travel to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

On one hand, it was to sharpen the cultivation base of their warriors, and on the other, it was for them to collect all kinds of scarce materials, to find and kill some strange wicked beasts, or to kill enemy’s masters.

Divine Land’s forces were everywhere, creating a huge network in this vast land. Their power spread out in every corner. A large number of warriors were in several strange miasma places, reporting daily changes of the Divine Land to their Sects, so that their leaders could always be updated about the changes in this Land.

Although hundreds of thousands of warriors came into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time, it was nothing compared to those forces’ total number of warriors. Those who could enter this miasma place were a little bit mightier than ordinary warriors, but it didn’t mean that they belonged to the group of the most outstanding warriors of those factions.

"In the Divine Land, are warriors like Ning Ze powerful?" Shi Yan thought of the enormous population of Divine Land and had contemplated a little bit before asking.

"Ning Ze’s grandfather is just an elder of the Heavenly Palace. The Nings are only a small force of the Heavenly Place. Ning Ze himself is considered a good seedling, but the not the strongest one in the new generation. If one counted the whole Heavenly Palace, Ning Ze is not ranked on any list. Hence, don’t think that having taken Ning Ze’s golden silkworm is a big harvest." Ai Ya explained with an indifferent face. "Ning Ze is only thirty-two years old and in the First Sky of Sky Realm. It seems pretty good. However, not to mention the Divine Land, only the Heavenly Palace can have more than one hundred guys who are around thirty years old and already more dangerous than Ning Ze."

"It is indeed the truth." Cai Yi slightly sighed and said, "We are all from White Emperor City. Even though White Emperor City is pretty good already, we are not the top among the peers of White Emperor City. Among the seven big cities of the Fighting Union, White Emperor City is ranked last. Among the peers, those who are stronger than us are too many. In the Divine Land, the so-called exceptionality is simply too common."

"I understand." Shi Yan was secretly scared and displayed shining lights in his eyes.

Through Ai Ya’s and Cai Yi’s explanation, he finally had an intuitive understanding of Divine Land’s situation. At this moment, he knew why the Divine Land’s warriors felt that Endless Sea was only a barbarian place.

That land was indeed worthy of being the center of the Grace Mainland, the source of all forces.

Shi Yan’s heart longed for that place.

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